ACC Select Sucks and so do the Terps.

Great Job ACC Select. You get free PR with an article in the Wall Street Journal. You spend the entire first two months promoting your service. What happens when the ACC season starts? The server overloads. How could they not address their server capacity? Now I have to listen to the game on the radio instead of watching it.

Maybe I am being spared. 20 minutes in to the game, we are getting outrebounded 25-11. Ugggghhhh. The Terps can’t shoot and Miami is getting every defensive rebound. Hence the differential. We need to be blowing these teams lower division teams out. This is a horrific start. No one besides Mike Jones can score. Miami has 12 offensive rebounds. I would write more hideous statistics but I just vomited all over the keyboard.



  1. Worst. Game. Ever. Maryland played worse than a bad high school team.

    Bear with my overreaction here, but barring a miracle, the season is over…

  2. Gonna be a long season. At least Duke sucks too.

    13 for 58 shooting is just pathetic. And 1 gift basket at the end helped pad the stats. That’s sad shooting 22.4% in a college basketball game. The Terps at best will be a bubble team again. Let’s face it, the Terps don’t have a goto guy when it comes to scoring. Strawberry is not it. Mike Jones is too inconsistent. I thought Gist would be the guy, but he hasn’t panned out. At least the Terps played tough defense, but it doesn’t help to play good defense if you can’t rebound the ball.

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