Bears Highlights vs. A Real Basketball Game

How many times does the local yocal Comcast Chicago studio guys need to review Bears highlights?  The Terps are playing a real game, I don’t need to see Jerry Azumah break down the highlights AGAIN.  The schedule is saying Terps v. Virginia Tech.  Go to the game, already.  It’s halftime!

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for Bears fans and Chicago in general, but cut me a break, please.  My team is struggling and we are in a game on the road.  Give me the second half, that is all I can ask for.



  1. I could live with the outcome of this game if we hadn’t lost to Miami at home. Sure, mistakes were made — DJ had a handful of costly turnovers, Ibekwe has the basketball IQ of a doorknob, Mike Jones missed a wide open layup when it mattered most (he’s so used to chucking up threes, he doesn’t know what to do with the ball when he’s that close to the basket), etc. But we played tough defense, hit the glass hard, and took a solid conference opponent to OT on their home court. This is a game where, during the course of any other season, you it suck up and move on. But losing to Miami changed everything. There’s a world of difference between 2-3 and 1-4. Just one game, but a world of difference.

  2. Be careful for what you ask. You’d think with 8 or 9 seconds left in regulation with the ball in a scattered halfcourt that maybe we’d get a better shot off than Gist’s lame half hook. Then again, we are Maryland hoops. Those last waning seconds looked like a CYO league clash between St. Bernadette’s and St. Jude’s.

    Logically, you’d think that MD could win the next 3 games to even their conference record up at 4-4. Realistically, they will lose another game they shouldn’t. DJ and MJ have progressed so little over their 4 years that it is amazing. You’d think after spending a year at the point that DJ could dribble, but at the end of the each half he demonstrated pretty clearly that he can’t have the ball in his hands.

    I don’t know fellas, but I think there are 2 big questions out there right now. One, will Gary accept a 3rd straight NIT bid? Two, has anyone purchased the domain rights to

  3. It could be worse, you could live in the Philly area and get subjected to the worst 1-2 sports combination ever in the Sixers and the Flyers.

  4. At least Philly has good college hoops. Drexel is nasty this year. And I think Villanova and Penn could beat Maryland.

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