Embracing Defeat

I’m not pissed that Jones did not take the three. I’m not pissed that the Terps fought valiantly and still came up short in OT. I’m not pissed the Gary Williams refused to call time out with the clock running down in regulation (actually I’m pretty damn pissed about that). What I am really pissed about is the damn mediocrity!

Five years after the once unthinkable National Championship and the program is mediorce at best. The only thing consistent thing about them is their inconsistency. Blame it on the freshman if you must. Personally, I think Vasquez is the only one out there who really knows what he is doing. He commands the ball. He knows where it is supposed to go and he is not afraid to take the big shot. Sure, he might miss it, but I look at him and I see a kid who understands the game of basketball.

I look at DJ Strawberry, and I wonder what I did to deserve this. He knows not of basketball. He does not possess a deep fundamental understanding of the game and how it is supposed to be played. He tries to make up for it with athletic talent and hustle, but we have seen the limit as to how far that can take us. I used to think “well, he might not have a clue on the offensive end, but at least he plays shut down defense.” Not true anymore. Va Tech guards drove past him all game long. He is a baseball player masquerading as shooting guard. Give the kid a bat and a glove and be done with it.

There are many reasons why the Terps lost tonight and care not to run through them all. We all saw the same game and we all felt like ass when Jones foolish lay-up attempt failed.

Here are three things that I do know:

– In a year, when this is Vasquez’ team, we will be better than we are now.

– Eric Hayes is scared to be out there. He needs to get some confidence. When he is out there, our opponents do not have to guard him. He is the best shooter on the team supposedly. Prove it to us. Son, no one will be mad if you miss it. Just look for your shot and take it.

– The season is on life support. At 1-4, the situation is grim. All is not lost, the Terps actually have some winnable games ahead, but if they don’t get within ear shot of .500, it’s over. We need to win the next two games or we can forget about the rest of the season. 1-1 over this stretch won’t do. We need to win both contests.



  1. .No balls or brains. This has got to be the dumbest fuckin bunch of ball less losers I have ever seen. Does anyone want to take a shot down the stretch? Are we running a special kids camp by letting Bowers embarrass what’s left of the Universities pride? Does anyone know how to play defense against guards that aren’t ball less losers? This group of pathetic excuses for D1 basketball players has no basketball sense and has no chance of winning more than 4 games in the ACC. When was their last ACC road win of any significance? Can they ever win a game they shouldn’t? Wait, every game from now on will be games they shouldn’t win. Congratulations Terps you are now officially the cupcakes of the ACC. Need a win? Schedule Maryland. Fuck all of them.

  2. This team is dumb and everyone is to afraid to miss a shot. You know your team is in bad shape when you are shouting at the TV when a senior guard has the ball with the game on the line. No one wants to miss on the outside, but on the inside we can’t seem to shoot enough. This team never goes inside out with the ball. I would not say this team is a cupcake yet. Not many cupcakes take a team to overtime on the road, but for christ sake let Jones find a rythm and maybe he sinks a three or two down down the stretch. Strawberry hasn’t improved but Jones has actually gotten worse, when can we give this team completely to Vasquez.

  3. They actually played pretty well. Sure, they are not the smartest team in the world, but when have they ever been smart, no matter who is on the team. You combine a bunch of missed 2 footers, some questionable fouls, and a horrible technical foul call on Ibekwe that put him out of the game and there is your difference. The defense was pretty good all night long.
    I will disagree with Jeremy when it comes to Mike Jones driving on the last possesion. That was horrible. What happens if he makes it. Then the Terps have all of 5 seconds to rush down the entire length of the floor for a tie or win. You MUST take that 3. End of story.
    The season is on life support, but I was encouraged with the way they played. They played much better than at Virginia and the next 4 games are all games they should win. Win 3 of 4 and you are right back in the thick of things at 4-5.
    Keep the faith and hope they smarten up.

  4. Vazquez should come off the bench. He brings energy as a 6th man (his role this year) and Hayes is more of a pure point guard. Maryland played better with Hayes starting at the beginning of the year. Strawberry is taking terrible shots now. And why is Jones always the first player subbed with 4 mins elapsing in each half? Gary better realize that Jones is his best offensive player and not enough of a liability on defense to sit on the bench half the game.

  5. Gregg, I was not trying to say that I was OK with Jones taking that shot. It was horrible. I was just saying even though I should be pissed at that, I’m not because the game was lost before that. It was monumentally stupid all the same.

  6. I have to agree with many of the comments in here today.

    Dumb team (MD Fan, I hate the Terps). The silly shots and turnovers are just difficult to watch.

    Vasquez off the bench (Eric). He does bring a lot of energy. I also think he is their best player, but Hayes is a natural point. Seems like Gary is having Vasquez handle the ball more.

    Played pretty well (Gregg). They took a team into OT that beat Duke @ Cameron and UNC at home. The call on Ebekwe was bad and the refs also missed at back court violation. Bottom line is that the Terps never get any respect from the refs. Might that be Gary?

    No post player and no one that can create is just killing them. They are a middle of the road team. Hopefully, they can beat GT at home. Then FSU and WF on the road, but I don’t have much faith at this point in the season.

  7. All the comments on this game are on the mark.
    Here’s a few more.
    Do you suppose our players ever read this stuff we
    spew on this site? Think about the diatribes of frustration we all have “spent”. Maybe they ought to
    read this stuff. It will make the stronger and more determined players better and the weaker ones worse. Then the cream can rise to the top i.e. those
    that are going to get us back to the dance. I believe it can be done….still. History on our side (not counting on it) but even if we wound up 6-9 we could still win the ACC tourney and get in.
    Maybe we should be posting our comments as though they were reading this stuff. Maybe it would help.

    I agree: MJ should have taken the trey.
    DJ not as bad as most of you think
    Hayes doesn’t look scared to me when late in the
    game and he grabs a steal from behind a streaking Hokie.
    Why can we suddenly not make point blank shots?
    If Bowers takes another Turn-Around “J” someone
    ought to break his knees. On that note have you ever seen any terp in low post make a turn around
    Suddently VA and VT both spotted a glaring weakness….drive the middle and put up floaters or
    layups. Don’t worry Gisit and Ebekwe won’t leave
    their man, our guards will follow – from behind- or
    Bowers will foul them. Glaring.

    I don’t buy the “Gary’s fault” BS.During the game a coach can only tell them what to do and when they don’t he can pull them off the court. That’s it.

    Gary’s a hell of a coach but he’s not infallible either.
    He’s done pretty well with the “bunch of cry babies and hapless wonders” you all speak of.

    Write as though our guys are reading this. You be the coach.

  8. Actually, I thought it was good that Gary did not call a timeout at the end of regulation. There were only about seven seconds left, and VT did not have their defense set up. Gist had a good shot, but whiffed.

    Va Tech played one of their worst games of the season. They looked kind of dead, like we did against Miami. And yet we still couldn’t beat them.

    The question at this point is if Gary will be able to keep the guys motivated now that it’s obvious they won’t be going back to the NCAAs anytime soon. The talent and the basketball IQ quotient just isn’t quite there. We’re good enough to compete, but not polished and confident enough to win. I think we’ll be able to pull some upsets, as we did in beating Clemson, but it’s obvious from all the games I’ve seen around the league that we’re still a mediocre team which was seriously overrated because we beat a few overrated Big Ten teams. Our seniors have almost no basketball IQ and the freshmen are not polished enough.

    Gary needs to start recruiting better. You would think that when you win a national title it would help your recruiting, but it seemed to have had the opposite effect. This is the worst team we’ve had since the year before Joe Smith arrived.

    One thing which struck another poster and has struck me, too, is how little respect this team gets from the refs.

    I’m surprised Osby doesn’t get more playing time. Every time he’s in there, he makes good things happen.

    I agree with J.G. that Hayes needs to be more assertive. He is the most consistent shooter on the team, yet he seldom looks to score.
    Vasquez, on the other hand, sometimes tries to do too much. He sometimes takes wild shots or shoots when he’s not properly set. He is a punk and pisses off the other teams and their fans which is rather amusing. I am a little bit troubled, though, that perhaps he is pissing off the refs, too, since he is getting hacked and pushed around all the time now when he drives or shoots, but the refs rarely call a foul.

    Strawberry has become a defensive liability, somehow. People blow by him all the time. He then makes silly fouls out of frustration. He goes for steals he can’t make and ends up out of position, usually leading to easy scores for the other team. On the other hand, his offensive game has definitely improved. He can actually create a shot for himself on occasion, which is a rare Terp talent. Vasquez is probably the only other Terp who can create his own shot.

    We’re committing too many stupid fouls and getting into too much foul trouble. It is not just the lack of respect by the refs, but poor defensive positioning. The pressure defense has not worked very well, because this team is not that athletic. They’re getting beat off the dribble, and pushed off the interior blocks, and have to foul to compensate.

    I feel sorry for Will Bowers. He tries really hard and occasionally does something nice.

    Gist has been a total dud. He is just a shot blocker and nothing else. Dude has hands of stone, and cannot shoot or rebound well enough for the ACC.
    He and Ibekwe are always getting pushed out of position for rebounds. Every game we’re being outrebounded.

    I am praying the team will be better next year. Vasquez and Hayes will be better and hopefully some more intelligent new guys will be recruited who actually have an understanding of how basketball works, and aren’t just merely raw athletes that Gary thinks he can magically turn into great players.

  9. 3 additional comments:

    Gist has played pretty well this season. He has made a lot of strides. I think he’s by far our best interior player and I have no problems with his play, though if he wouldn’t have shot a 6 footer when we needed a 7 footer, we would have won the game in regulation.

    I agree that Hayes should start again. We all love Vazquez and I’m not saying he should lose his minutes, but Hayes seems to run the offense much better and he’s beginning to take some shots and make some shots. I think Hayes does not get into the flow of the game by coming off the bench.

    Finally, Mr. Mike Jones. The guy drives me crazy. HE DOES NOT MOVE. EVER. He does not try and get open, he does not run around screens, he just stands in the corner or one the wing and waits for a pass or waits for his defender to double someone so he can get a shot. He has shown the ability to drive, so why not make an effort to get open and be more to the offense than a gunner.

  10. If MD makes a 3rd straight NIT, this will be longest stretch of missed NCAAs since when? I believe that Gary made the NCAAs his 3rd year at MD, didn’t he? Can anyone believe that the NCAA champion from 5 years ago is now on a tournament-less streak rivalling MD teams ravaged by probation? This is astonishing.

    The lack of the post play is killing us. I almost fell out of my recliner (I must relax while watching MD games; otherwise, I will have a heart attack) when the announcers said that Gist has a 43 inch vertical leap, breaking Lenny Bias’s team record. If Gist really can jump that high, how can anyone block his shot? 43 inches…that’s 3.5 feet. He’s 6-8…for christ’s sake.

    I personally thought that MD should go for the quick 2 at the end and then foul VT. VT is worst FT shooting team in the league. The end of regulation, though, killed me. That’s the best we could do?

    I have not seen a NCAA champion fall this far this fast since UNLV. Gary is already whining in the Post about expanding the NCAAs to let more teams in. The fact that he’s already lobbying pretty much tells us what he thinks about MD’s chances of getting into the NCAAs. What a joke.

  11. Wheels, you are hopeless.

    Worst since UNLV?? That is insane. They followed the championship with a sweet 16 and then a second round tournament game against a very good Syracuse team and an ACC tournament championship. 2 or 3 down years hurt, but you are ridiculous to say the program is a joke now.

    It’s the coaches job to lobby and fight for respect. If he stayed silent, I’m sure you would have found fault with that. You seem to find fault with everything. Why not just renounce the team and become a Duke fan.

  12. Let’s see two years ago it was John Gilchrists’ fault and last year it was Chris McCrays’ according to Gary Williams. This year the team has no injuries, veteran leadership, great chemistry and still stinks. When they score they play no defense, when they play defense they can’t score. It struck me as funny that Gary’s quote after the game was that if the team plays against Georgia Tech the same way they will be fine. Since when did 35% percent shooting while running an outdated flex offense qualify as fine? Five years ago the Terps were on the verge of being an elite program now they are also rans. All Gary does each year is make excuses and whine about not getting in the tourney with borderline teams. What happened to the team that could win on the road in the ACC and was only worried about how high of a seed they would get in the NCAA’s not whether they would even make it. With the lack of great recruiting the past few years and dim prospects for the future this program is in serious trouble. I wonder what Gary Williams’ excuses are going to be for his teams poor play this year?

  13. Wow GAK…what’s next? I’ll retort with “I’m rubber and you’re glue…” I thought Gary’s whining last year was pretty shabby, but at least he waited until the end of the regular season to start griping. So, um, you think his whining now is what all good coaches should be doing? How about winning some f-ing games?! He sounds like he’s the coach of a mid-major team.

    As for the UNLV analogy, I don’t think it’s too far off. Wouldn’t you call a possible 3rd straight NIT bid “sliding into oblivion”? Name a single NCAA champion from the last 25 years to fall off of the national radar like MD has. Maybe Villanova in 1985, but they never had such a precipitous drop like MD has if MD goes NITing again. Are you even kidding me with this? Do you wear red-white-black-yellow tinted glasses? I guess you’re a better fan than I am because you live in some sort of Bizzarro world, where bells and whistles don’t sound when a team drops off of the map. As fans and alumni, we should demand more. There are no blank checks anymore in big time college athletics.

    If this isn’t Gary’s doing, whose fault is it then? Like John posted, it must all be the players. Oh, except Gary recruited them and supposedly coached them. I say supposedly because, wow, he sure has coached them up. Yeah…NCAA Title, Sweet 16 appearance, and ACC Tourney Champion…followed by what? Basically all preceded by 10 years of building up. Normally that much winning leads to improved recruiting and more winning, not the opposite. All of that so Gary can now complain that the NCAA tournament isn’t inclusive enough?! You’ve made my point for me. Isn’t it a bit alarming that MD’s level of success has eroded so quickly? Have you checked the ACC standings lately? We’re tied for last place. We still have Dook and UNC to play.

    They need to win and win now. They need to get to .500 in the ACC. Plain and simple. If they don’t, they’re headed for the NIT and more of GAK’s unexplainable ruminations.

  14. Wheels, if you’ve watched basketball throughout your life, can you actually tell me that this team sucks?? Are they horrible? Hell no.
    They aren’t a championship team for sure, but they have won big games this year and took a pretty good team, who beat Duke and UNC, to overtime in their building despite not getting some pretty obvious calls in the second half.

    How can you say they are sliding to oblivion? Have they put together a 20 loss season like UNC did in 2002? The Tar Heels follwed that up with an NIT Quarterfinal loss then struggled to go 8-8 in the ACC the following year in 2004 even with Roy Williams as coach.

    I know they won the title the year after, but that’s not the point you are making.

    I’m not blind to the problems of the team, but to come on a site day after day and see the hate spewed on how the program is garbage after 2 bad years is ridiculous. This conference season isn’t even half over yet. And if they do miss out again, I’m still confident that Gary will lead them back.

    He’s not the best coach that ever lived, but you can’t forget 12 years of success with a couple years of unlucky recruiting and uninspired play. You can’t tell me the team was uninspired the past 2 years because of Gary. He is as intense as they come and you know it. So the players didn’t buy in. Was that bad recruiting or just unlucky recruiting? As lucky as they got with getting Joes Smith and Juan Dixon under the radar is as unlucky as they were when Gilchrist, Caner-Medley, McCray, Garrison, and Mike Jones underachieved. Almost any other program would have taken those guys.

    And the Terps are hardly under the radar. They are still on national TV plenty and were ranked as recently as…. yesterday! That is respect from voters in the press and coaches.

    I will admit it’s a very important time in the program. If they struggle again this year then next year will be a turning point. But again, I’m confident in the future of the program with the freshmen who are playing well this year, and improved Gist, and the new guys coming in, not to mention Burney who will have redshirted. They’ll be young and hungry.

    To demand more just because we are frustrated fans is as ludicrous as thinking a magic wand can make this team a champion. It’s hard as hell to put together a great college team but if Gary could do it before, he can certainly do it again.

  15. Maryland used all their time outs and so they couldn’t call one at the end of the game.

    The problem for the Terps is they have no goto guy. Nobody wants to shoot the ball when it counts. I thought Gist would step up this year and be the goto guy, but that hasn’t happened. Vasquez will make lots of mistakes this year, but at least he’s not afraid of being the star. I hope he keeps on trying, cause I cringe when anybody else has to make a key basket during the game.

  16. For the record, they had 1 timeout remaining in regulation as the clock wound down. They chose to go for the win to try and keep Va Tech off balance defensively and it worked. We had a 7 footer for the win. Unfortunately, Gist shot it 6 feet.

  17. I’m a big Wheels fan, but it’s Gerry’s and GAK’s turn today to be the grown-ups. Let me ask you this, Wheels (along with some guy who actually calls himself “I hate the terps”–thanks for coming): When the Terps won it all 5 years ago, I assume that was one of the great sports moments of your life. Now the guy who gave you that moment is going through tough times, so all of a sudden you think he’s shit. Exactly what constitutes a fan, you guys? You’re a fan the way the French are our allies.

  18. I still can’t count out an NCAA birth. One thing about the selection comittee is that they look at how you are playing going into conference tournaments. The ACC season isn’t half over and if they turn it on we may get some recognition from the comittee. that being said, someone needs to step up, Strawberry is a vocal leader but can’t get it done on the court. Someone needs to grow a pair and ask for the ball with the game on the line. Its unfortunate that right now that guy is a freshmen in Vasquez, but the bottom line is we’ve still only lost one home game and still have some winnable road games left. I don’t doubt that this team can beat Dook and UNC at home because past MD teams always show up for the big game, and sometimes all a team needs is one win to hang your hat on to go dancing with a .500 record.

  19. Had there been a Turtle Soup 10 years ago I would have been on there saying that Gary isn’t the man. When he took them to the mountain top, I gave him his due and reconsidered my opinion of him. I have said on this blog that I think he is now a HOF coach. What I find so maddening about some of the posters on this site is their inability to hold Gary accountable. If he gets credit for their ascendency, he should get credit for their descent, too. You can’t have it both ways. So many people on here blame the players first (they have low hoops IQ, Gary’s not out there playing…all he can do is prepare them, they’re not as talented, etc.), but who is running the ship?

    In the past, Gary ate all of the naysaying up. He thrived on it. If he heard someone like me doubting him, it would have been coal in his furnace. Well, now he’s won the big game, and all of his doubters acknowledge his ability, and what has happened?

    I grew up on the Terps. My mom took me to football, basketball, and lacrosse games when I was a youngster. I root like hell for Ralphie and the footballers (ask my wife about that WVU game and my near destruction of our flatscreen TV); and I love it when the hoops team beats Dook and UNC. Yet, GAK tells me that I might as well root for Dook because I point out some facts…yes facts.

    To compare Dook’s 1 season swoon in the mid-1990s and UNC’s downturn in between the Smith-Guthredge-Dougherty-Williams 4 year span to MD’s current downward trend is apples and oranges. It’s a false comparison. Coach K was hurting and UNC had a lack of coaching stability. MD has had none of that. In fact, they’ve been the model of coaching (at the head coach level) stability. Maybe Gary isn’t the coach with Billy Hahn or Dave Dickerson.

    I posted on this site that MD would go 4-1 on this 5 game swing. I really thought they would. The fact is that this team isn’t really good, probably not NCAA good…and that is the yardstick. The previous 3 seasons have been toxic. Where does accountability reside for all of this? It has to reside with the coach. He’ll make the HOF, but if he fails to LEAD this team to the NCAA this year, Yow might force him out. If that occurs, he’ll be the cautionary tale of the coach who held on too long.

  20. Wheels, vous parlez grand, mon ami, mais vous êtes déloyal. Regarder dans le miroir. C’est le visage de Jacques Chirac.

  21. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one Wheels. It seems to me you’ve never been a fan of Gary, so there’s nothing I can say to change your mind of him. He is accountable, but that doesn’t mean he’s “holding on too long” or can’t coach. It means he’s having a hard time with the past two big recruiting classes. Like Kaze said, he’s going through a tough time, so give him the benefit of the doubt with the 12 years of success and not 2 years of struggles.

    Also, how can you say the Terps have had coaching stability??? Maybe they’ve had HEAD coaching stability, but the exodus of assistants took its toll on this team in a big way. We all know Gary is not the best recruiter and depends on his assistants a lot, so how can he be totally to blame when 4 of his assistants left in a 5 year span. It wasn’t easy to replace those guys. Now he has relatively inexperienced assistants who need some time to learn the aspects of teaching and recruiting. Don’t forget that.

    One last thing Wheels, I’m sure you are a true Terps fan and you’re not the only one who gets edgy and frustrated when they lose. I’m living in Michigan with a “TERPFAN” license plate. Everytime the Terps lose, I get a ton of crap from my co-workers and friends. It sucks, but I still have to keep the faith and to me, it’s better to keep that faith than to blame and put down those players and coaches representing my university.

  22. Name one player in the last four years that got better each year. The reason we get so excited over a good looking freshman is that most would assume they would only get better with age. At most programs you would be right. At Maryland we take diamonds and turn them into coal. Gist, NCM, Garrison, Strawberry, and on and on. Get your fill of Vasquez and Hayes; it’s the best their going to look. Once this program grinds them into mediocrity they will look like every other sad case of unfulfilled talent. I see a pattern, do you? By the way, what is this offense trying to do? I watched it very closely and have no idea what the goal is. It’s like spending 30 seconds aiming a gun and never pulling the trigger.

  23. You can find out the purpose of this offense by taking one possession and just watching Mike Jones. This offense consists of everyone looking at everyone else and hoping that they will make the play. its like its the bottom of the ninth and your team is down by one with a man on third, and you just take the walk and hope the next guy will make something happen.

  24. Thanks Md Fan, I thought I was the only one that noticed the offense. I guess if nobody is willing to step up we could have Phil Jackson as coach and still lose. Record at end of year will be?

  25. I still think they’ll probably go 8 – 8 barring no injuries. But if they play most of the games like they did with Miami, it could easily be double digit losses for them in conference play. They won’t beat UNC. They could sweep Duke though. Duke’s not that good this year. UNC’s bench could beat the Terps. The way it looks now is that they have to win every home ACC game except UNC and steal 2 wins on the road to go 8 and 8.

    Best chances for road wins are at FSU, N.C. State or Wake Forest. They might have to win all 3 because I think they might lose 1 of these home games(Duke, GaTech or UVA) besides losing to UNC.

    Their NCAA bid hasn’t popped yet. It would help if they beat GA Tech tomorrow(that will be a good test). If they play like they did against Clemson and VA Tech, I think they could probably win the next 4 games. They would be 5 -5 and would play a tough home game with Duke.

    I think they need to go 8 – 8 to go to the dance.

  26. If they finish the season 7-4 as you say and win a game in the conference tourney there is no doubt to me that they get in. However, I believe they will go 7-9 or even 6-10 so they will have to go deep or maybe win the tournament to get in. Hopefully, dobby, you are right.

  27. Puke is better than people here are saying. Their defense is extremely tough. Paulus seems to have recovered his form. Scheyer is another J.J. Redick. McRoberts and DeMarcus Nelson are better than anybody we’ve got. Like all Puke teams, they play with excellent basketball IQ. They will exploit our sloppy play. And they will have the refs in their pocket. I would not count on getting a victory against them. Tonight’s game will be very important. If they lose, it’s definitely back to the NIT. GTech is pretty tough. Their RPI is now higher than ours. On a neutral floor, I’d pick them over us, but we’re on our home floor and we should have a good crowd tonight.

  28. We’re losing 6 guys after this season (Ebekwe, Strawberry, Jones, Bowers, Brown and Chukura.)
    I have read about the incoming freshmen, DuPree and Gregory, but does anybody know of other recruits? I need some hope for the future.

  29. Ask Soupy. He’s our recruiting guy.

  30. So, I know the season isn’t truly over, although I’m of the opinion that for all intents and purposes it is…but I really find it encouraging that the last remnants of the ACC tournament title are leaving after this season. Because their freshman year was truly the first year of mediocrity (7-9 regular season are you kidding me???).

    Even if they turn this season around, I think next year looks really bright as it’s almost a fresh start.

  31. Samster:
    We also get two guys from Montrose Christian in Rockville: Adrian Bowie, an undersized wing (6’2″) who is an excellent defensive guy and slashing scorer; and Shane Walker, a 6’10” project from England. His skills are so limited that a redshirt or prep year looks probable.


  32. Tonight’s game will be no gimme. The Terps could easily lose if they don’t play at a high level.

    Duke is not a bad team. But they are not close to the talent of previous Duke teams(even with the refs on their side). UNC is the cream of the crop in the ACC. Their bench could finish 1st in the league.

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