To Be Or Not To Be

That is the question.

Are the Terps going to be a Tournament team or not? Tournament don’t lose must-win games against also-ran opponents.  Even if it is a road game.  The Terps need this one (and Wake too, but let’s focus on tonight). The good news is that we will likely know within five minutes whether we will win or lose the game.



  1. I just hope you aren’t relying upon ACC Select to watch the game.

  2. Unfortunately I am. What’s the word on ACC Select for tonights game? This service is so screwed up. Not only do they not show the games they said, but they don’t recognize my user name or password from time to time. They say they are emailing me the password, but it never happens.

  3. Is it just me or would Packer rather take a red hot poker up his ass than give the Terps a nod?

  4. There are four minutes left in this game. It is the dark night of the soul.

  5. After having a WEEK off to prepare the Terps come out and play like this it’s ridiculous. You have to assume Gary Williams and his staff spent days going over film and getting ready for this game but it looked like the Terps would rather be sitting home which they probably will be in a few weeks. They played well offensively in the first half which of COURSE means they play terrible defense, and in the second half when their shots weren’t falling it looked like they gave up. Anyone care to guess what the excuses will be tonight from Gary, DJ, etc.? Let’s see its tough to win in the ACC on the road, ummm we had too much time off, we knew that the Wake game seems winnable so this one doesn’t matter seem to be likely choices. After beating a terrible GT team at home Gary talked about proving people wrong, I wonder what he will say after this latest bad loss? Someone has to take the blame!

  6. Looks like the NIT for sure. These are ugly loses to the bottom feeders of the ACC. Double digit ACC loses for sure. These seniors are losers.

  7. John – Could not agree with you more about preparation defense.

    Jones, DJ and Ebekwe have been non factors since ACC play started.
    Gist is coming into his own and his shooting range has expanded more than I knew. He needed more touches in the 2nd half and needs more touches the rest of the season.
    Osby needs more time although his free throw shooting sucks.
    The guards were obviously over matched. Vasquez and Hayes picked up their dribbles way to much.
    Defense was putrid.
    2-5 now? Forgetaboutit!!

  8. Floaters, Fouls & Freak shots.
    This is but another game we could have won. Going
    into the game I knew we had to keep Thornton from having a big game. You would have thought the terps would have a plan to contain him. Why is it
    that opponents “stars” have career games against us? Doesn’t it make sense to make the “other guys” have to make shots…not just their star player.
    What about two 4 pt plays from the same player
    (FSU) in the same game. Why are we fouling
    3 pt shooters?

    We are not a bad team. We really are a good to
    very good team playing bad or worse stupid.
    No doubt everyone has their observations. You should all have this one…… MD doesn’t have a leaderor go to guy. GV and Hayes coming alone fine but if I were them I’d quickly stop all this dribbling bullsh.t and start firing away realizing thatGist (maybe Osby too) are only low post players to go to. What the hell are the coaches doing with Osby. You can’t throw line-drive foul shots and make them. Where’s the free throw coaching for Osby. He really could be better. Ebekwe can block shots but he can’t defend and certainly can’t hit a turn around “J”…nor can any other terp for that matter..
    Gist’s back to back 20 pt games doesn’t make him a leader either. The reason we won ACC tournament a few years ago was because Gilchrist “appointed” himself the leader and got the job done when no one else would.

    Therein lies our roadmap back to the dance.

    Someone’s got to take charge and this team needs
    to learn to play defense ….the whole game.

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts/analysis as well.
    All is not lost……yet.

  9. If it comes down to it, that home loss to Miami will keep us from the NCAAs. I could see this team winning out at home and losing out on the road, which means 7-9 and hello NIT. I didn’t see the game, only the box score. Gist tries to carry the team, DJ is a no show, as is MJ, and it’s all over. So…DJ, Ibekwe, and MJ score 26 points and Gist, Hayes, and Vasquez score 44. Once again, a great night for the seniors.

    Now we’ll get to hear all about the DJ bounce back game…because he can’t string together 2 consecutive good outings against ACC teams. What an ass whipping. BooVA breaks 100 and FSU nearly does, too. Geez this could get ugly against Dook and UNC.

  10. all is lost. these guys fucking blow. and it starts w/ jones and strawberry, who both decided to not show up tonight and were outplayed by our 2 freshman guards. thornton made ibekwe his bitch. gist is the only bright spot on this team.

  11. Back to Thornton comment again.
    What the hell are these guys going to do with
    Hansbrough a & Mc Roberts etc? Stop these guys
    and we have a chance. If I were Hansborough (sp?) and McRoberts I’d be calling NBA scouts to come to game when they play MD and say “watch this”.

    By the way since Gist knocking down 20 a game
    his defense sucks.

    Can’t these guys learn to play both ends of the court?

  12. giving credit where credit is due, thornton is an animal. i’d take him over hansborough or mcroberts any day of the week.

  13. I can’t believe I actually believed in Gary and his staff tonight. I think this team does not care about winning, and I think its clear it maybe time to talk about Gary leaving college park with the seniors. It is painful to sit around and watch as our so called most experienced team in the acc falls once again. Gary said this game was not a must win situation and his players sure did reflect that attitude in there play tonight. I personally say (2and5) in acc play and a loss to Miami at home is another precursor to a first round nit loss this season. All thanks to seniors who don’t show up in acc games and coaches who seem to think one national championship is enough.

  14. We need to take a serious look at this program. Strawberry has not gotten any better even though this was supposed to be his “breakout” year after not having to play point, Mike Jones still can’t dribble or play defense, and Ebekwe can only block shots but can’t shoot. It would seem that there should be some improvement for these guys after being tutored by Gary Williams everyday in practice but it doesn’t show on the court.

  15. As I said in an earlier post, two years ago it was John Gilchrists’ fault, last year it was Chris McCray. This year the team has no injuries, senior leadership, great chemistry but they aren’t any better. Gary Williams has led fans to believe that the past two years weren’t his fault but this year would be different. He and the team talk about how much better things are this year but where are the results. How can they lose game after game and play with such inconsistency. Hard to believe that just 5 short years ago the Terps were on the verge of being an elite program. In these last 3 years they have proven to be on the worst teams in the ACC. Great job Gary!

  16. John’s pinning it on Gary but here’s another view.
    Gary runs them in practice, tells them what to do and picks the top 7-8 players that seem to follow instructions to play. Gary’s coaching from the sidelines is not much different from his peers. Clearly, he is “in” the game and his actions reflect it. What happens on the floor during games is what makes a great coach. What doesn’t happen can only roll up just so far. Are there bad coaches in all sports. Sure
    but Gary’s not one of them. Most of you have taken shots at the player’s basketball IQ and maybe some of
    those have merit.
    Gary’s basketball IQ is better than most coaches. Wouldn’t you agree? The answer, and thus the solution is in the type and quality of recruits a coach can attract. Vasquez is improving rapidly. Hayes is
    going to be a big time scorer. Hate to say it, but next year is Gary’s (and the teams) “defining moment”. By
    all accounts this team doesn’t present the “litmus test”
    for Gary. We are “leaderless” during the game. We have no go-to guy down low (Gist is close and so is Osby). Ebekwe looks lost out there just like Bowers.
    Until someone takes over this team (it’s not DJ) and
    gets MJ (and others) involved we are going to lose some games we should win and win some we should lose.
    The starting five should be Hayes, Vasques, Osby, Gist and MJ. That’s a no brainer.
    I’ll continue to cut Gary some slack because he can’t do it for them. They keep making the same mistakes.
    “If you keep doing what you are doing; you keep getting what you are getting”.

    When you are leaderless, you are also rudderless.

    I’ll say it again… much as I disliked Gilchrist….he simply took over (leader) during the ACC tourney.

    We need that ……again….

  17. They still have a slight chance at being 8 and 8. But they have to play much better. If they lose at Wake though, they might finish the season with their worse record in a long time. They probably have to win their next 3 to finish 8 and 8. That will be very difficult to do the way they are currently playing. Even if they make it to the NCAA tourney, they probably would only play 1 game. This team just doesn’t have the talent to go far.

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