Carmelo, Gay, and Durant

Former Maryland high school standout, Kevin Durant had 37 points and 23 rebounds tonight for the University of TEXAS!

Gary Williams has done a tremendous job building a program without getting guys like that.  It truly is amazing.  However,  wouldn’t it be nice if just once, a blue-chipper came to College Park?

I’m not so cynical that I believe that it is only about money.  I have to believe that if Gary really recruited these kids, hung out at their high school gyms, and made them feel that he cared about nothing else but getting them in a Maryland uniform; then one of these kids would have come here over the years.

College Park has enough to offer that you can’t blame the campus.  I think it is beautiful (although PG County sucks). Last I checked, there were tons of hot co-eds there.  It’s not that.  Seriously, where would you rather spend 4 years, the DC area or Storrs, CT?

I’m glad we got Hayes and Vasquez (he attended a local prep school), but how were not even in the running for Durant?



  1. Gary doesn’t recruit one and dones, which, in my opinion, is actually a good thing.

  2. I disagree, Wheels. He recruited Steve Francis and we got to the Sweet Sixteen and challenged for the ACC crown. Gary needs to get a one-and-done every now and again, at least. His record of developing players stopped about three years ago. Let me say it straight out: There’s no substitute for talent. Even in the college game. Syracuse borrowed Carmelo for one year and look what happened. Texas is a threat simply because they have Durant. There’s no way you can tell me it’s “a good thing” we don’t have Durant. That’s insane.

  3. You overlooked the fact that Vasquez and Durant played on the same team in HS – Montrose Christian. So, obviously Gary or his staff were around enough to convince Vasquez, but didn’t get across to Durant. Maybe it was the fact that the NBA didn’t change the rule until late in the process for the current frosh class. Obviously, Durant is good enough to start for most NBA teams right now – and would have gone straight from HS if he was afforded the opportunity.

    Feinstein speculates that Gary doesn’t like to get involved with the AAU circuit and this is a big reason why he doesn’t get these players. For example, UCONN gave Gay’s AAU coach some kind of a hook up to help convince him (I believe it was a several hundred thousand dollar guarantee to play a pre-season exhibition game in Storrs).

    So, you can look at this two ways. First, Gary is ethical and prefers to do things above the board and this is why he loses out. Second, Gary is not as agressive as some of these other coaches, and the terps don’t have the same status as the traditional blue-chip college basketball programs so he doesn’t make up the difference. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

  4. I replied to a post on yesterday’s page about recruiting, so appologize for any redundancies.
    Check out this link –

    It is depressing to see all these local guys going to other schools instead of MD.

    A side note on next year’s class, I am concerned that we are not going to Jai Lucas since we have two pg’s that you would expect will log serious minutes over the next three years. That would mean he will either have to count on beating one or both of them out for the starting spot (I think Vasquez will move to SG next year) or live with that fact that he may be a back up for three years. We are also waiting to hear from Cliff Tucker from Texas. He was supposed to commit in the fall to MD, but backed out to wait for the spring. He is only a three star guy, but still you hate to see the waffling.

  5. Sorry, but the link won’t work for some reason. In short, I counted ten regional players that are 4 star or better that Maryland recruited (according to the site). We went zero for four with the five star group and got two four stars that are respectively twelfth and thirtieth at their positions. That’s abysmal.

  6. I watched a bit of the BooVA-Dook game last night, and as much as it pains me to say this, I actually respected Dook for their competitiveness. You never see Dook lay an egg. They are tough and they compete. We used to be like that, too. We’ve seen glimpses of it this year (Illinois, Michigan State, VT), but by and large we’re not a tough team. We just don’t compete. That’s why our D sucks. You’d think with so many seniors playing that we’d be tougher. That’s what it takes to win on the road, and for some reason toughness seems to have left us shortly after the ACC Tournament Championship team.

  7. From today’s Diamondback:

    “You kinda need a couple of road games — whether it’s one or two,” Jones said. “We still have games left. Every game we play most likely is gonna be a must-win, but we can’t win every game.”

    How reassuring.

  8. This group will not win a road game. They get a few points down and freak out. The UVA/Duke game had everything that the Terps do not have, UVA seniors rising to the moment, Duke players playing with guts on the road. These terp seniors are a burden. There will be no NCAA this year. Good bye losers.
    Gary better get his head out of his ass and start getting some better players. This is not acceptable to be losing all the great local players elsewhere.

  9. 4.5 Hours to game time, and Maryland’s best shot at winning a game on the road.

  10. Wake by 10. Williams slams on the boys and they freak, crowd going crazy.

  11. I know this point has been made before in the past (can’t remember by who…probably Gregg), but I just find it amazing the discrepancy in posts following a win vs. a loss. After our last loss there were probably 20 comments posted within 30 min of the final buzzer sounding. Last night we win our first road ACC game and there isn’t one comment about it….and it’s 10 am the next morning!

  12. I can’t wait to hear the comments.

    This is a game they should have won easily. Not judging by the game, but by the talent. WF is really bad. At least they are 3-5.

    To many stupid plays. Ebekwe’s over the back foul while Gist had four. Gist’s technical was lame (did you read Gary’s lips after that play?). Jones has regressed beyond belief. Looking forward to other posts.

  13. Let’s relax a little bit on the posting criticism. Not everyone can be on this site at all hours. I’ve actually refrained from posting much about the losses, cuz I’ve been too angry and disappointed.

    That being said…a big win for them last night. Though Wake is weak and we squandered a big lead (twice), a road win was crucial and could give them some bounce in their step. It’s nice that our schedule gives us some key games at home down the stretch.

    Gist is playing so well the past three games. You can just see his confidence rising. It’s been fun to watch, minus the stupid technical he picked up. Got to be smarter than that.

    Ibekwe has got to use his brain. His bad decisions are getting harder and harder to watch. His stat lines have been consistently solid. Last night he was excellent, minus the 4 turnover. And that is the problem. He plays well, but makes poor poor decisions that often cost us big. Then again it’s hard to argue with a double double of 16 & 10.

  14. I realize that not everyone is a web/blog-junkie, but I’m only making the point that people ARE on this site at all hours following a loss and are conspiculously absent following a win. I highly doubt that it’s pure coincidence. At the risk of being considered a hypocrite, I’ll give my thoughts. I can understand why the comments have been so sparse….they didn’t play bad enough to trash them, but they didn’t really play well enough to praise them. It was sort of an uninspiring win. That being said, any road win in the ACC is tough (even against the worst team in the league) and I’m certainly happy with the W. I agree with KV regarding Jones….it seems as if he’s lost all of his confidence and completely regressed. Something’s definitely out of wack when your senior guard goes on the road in the ACC and posts a big fat 0 in the points column. I’m not sure what Gary can do to get him sparked….maybe start Hayes? On that note I think Hayes has been playing solid over the past 6-7 games. Better than his first 6-7 games which is what you want to see from the freshmen. He’s been looking for his 3 pt shot more….if he can only get to the free throw line more often, he’s automatic at the stripe so it’s guaranteed points. I also agree with PT regarding Gist. Watching him emerge this season has been a lot of fun. If he can only take the same jump between his junior and senior seasons then he’ll be one of the dominant big men in the ACC next year. Looking forward to the UVA game….hope this win sparked some momentum!

  15. Was Jones even there? I can’t remember him being around the ball offensively or defensively. Just taking up a roster spot at this point. What a wierd career.

    It was not good, but GREAT to get a win on the road. Any type, shape or variety is good. That being said, Wake is terrible. Haven’t watched them this year, but they have very little talent. If not for Drum getting hot for 5 + minutes when the game was almost out of reach we would have had a laugher.

    The support for Wake down here in God’s country is odd. They are almost an after thought. Very few people outside of grads and residents of Winston-Salem really pull for them. Everyone else, beides me, are Carolina, Duke and a few fans of the Wolfpack. But, people admire their pluck to compete so well for such a small school.

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