One Win. Four To Go.

OK. We all know that beating Duke is more than just one win.  It feels so good.  Doesn’t it? Seeing that disapproving skowl on Coach K’s face brings me soo much joy.  I find it difficult to express it in words.  I believe the phrase in German is schadenfruede.  Helping to ruin Duke’s season is a great way to boost team morale.

However as the headline suggests,  there is much work to be done.  Can the Terps string together a series of wins?  Two winnable road games loom. Can we display some consistency?

Tonight was beautiful.  Vasquez and Hayes were fun to watch.  These guys are going to be good together for a long time.   Vasquez thrives in pressure situations.  After watching this game, it is clear to me that these Terps are at their best when the seniors are defering to the freshman.

Of course, we have been saying this all season long, but it seems that tonight the seniors realized it too.  Sure DJ played well (finally), but MJ was terrible and Ibekwe had a quiet 13 points.  As is typical with these seniors, we count on one of them to not show up each night.

I can live with that if the fresman can step up like they did tonight.  Hayes’ numbers are not gaudy but the offense just runs better with him at the helm.  And Vasquez, what can you say?  He’s is our leader.  He takes the big shots when we really need a bucket.  He stops runs. He fires up the crowd.  I love this Venezuelan kid.

As for Duke, this is going to be fun.  They are rudderless.  No consistent guard play and a center who has is supposed to be a lottery pick but has no offensive skills and can’t play defense.  They are a bubble team.  Make no mistake.  They have no quality wins.  Even we have some of those.

I will leave you with this: if we can sweep Duke it is likely that we could knock them out of the Tournament while simultaneously vaulting ourselves into the field.  Reason enough to keep watching, eh?

Let’s enjoy this one because the season is on the line this Wednesday with another must-win game at NC State.



  1. I’ll open up the forum with a WHOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  2. Jeremy,

    Jones and Ibekwe were a huge part of this win. What are you watching?

  3. I’m like a beaten spouse when it comes to this team. The nice moments really make me forget all of the emotional beatings. I want to believe that they will win in Raliegh. Please Lord, let them play with intesity.

    I’m going to show my age here and open up some probably justified mocking for referencing the following movie, but here goes.

    If anyone recalls the movie Romancing the Stone (what happened to Kathleen Turner by the way?), the main character flies to Caracas, Venezuela to save her sister. Her sister gets kidnapped by this kid, who throws some boomerang-type devise at her to knock her out. Vasquez is that little kid. Don’t mess with Venezuelans who can throw shit at people and move at hyper speed.

    The great thing is that Vasquez is only going to get better. Imagine when he develops a lethal 3 point shot to add to his slashing game. He and Hayes together…forget about it, ACC.

  4. I do have some bad news about Vasquez that could possibly hurt his career. Recently, university administration thwarted his plans to nationalize the Adele H Stamp Student Union. He had planned to run his new regime out of UMbertos. . . No word on whether this is in violation of NCAA rules. . . developing. . .

  5. HARTZ: That’s just lame.
    JEREMY: Mike Jones’ floor game was excellent today. He helped shut down Scheyer in the second half and had four assists. He didn’t hurt the team at all, despite rimming out on his 3’s.

  6. Yes, it feels good to beat dook. But they aren’t the same team this year. What I really enjoyed was Gary’s coaching. He knew dook has no shooters and lacked depth inside. We took only seven 3-point shots all game. Gary told them to attack the basket at all costs. We didn’t need to score a ton of points against this dook team. We just needed to get them in foul trouble.

    Coaching! What a novel concept!

  7. two factoids that i learned yesterday. one, the winthrop golden eagle (or whatever the hell their mascot is) currently possess one of the longest win streaks in the nation. since we spanked winthrop badly earlier this season, this can only reflect positively on us come selection sunday. also, during the game last night they posted that maryland has the 2nd highest home attendance in the acc. i know, i know, comcast is a lot bigger than camron and several other arenas, but i still found this interesting considering all of the complaints that have recently been posted regarding fan support and attendance at home games.

  8. oh, 2 more things i forgot to mention. one, i’m VERY glad that the fans opted not to rush the court after we won last night! i was really worried about that as the buzzer sounded, but luckily it never happened. granted it’s definitely a big win, but duke doesn’t deserve that level of respect (at least not this year). and 2nd….is it just me or does dave neal actually look like he’s improving his game??????

  9. Dave Neal is having a positive impact and still gets only 7 minutes. MJ is fine as long as he is not counted on and Vasquez is about 3 or 4 bad shots away from being extremely dangerous. I only ask will this energy and fire be there for any team not called Dook. Are we to believe that this potential has been there the whole time? I think I saw Gary smile at halftime. Did anyone else see the large penis picture besides someones head in the section with all the swirly basket confusion things. How could they miss that one.

  10. Ibekwe might not have done much but that one-handed thunder dunk with about 3:30 left was just brilliant. That was the door slamming shut on the dookies right there, game/set/match, check-mate!! Did anyone else see Vasquez blowing the kiss at (Paulus I think) late in the game after a foul or some sort of stop in play? I about fell out of my chair laughing, that kid’s a gamer and undoubtedly gets under his opponent’s skin as the game wears on. Let’s hope this “W” will be the springboard to a great run these last six games!

  11. Beating Duke. So Easy A Caveman Could Do It!

    Nice sign.

  12. Even though the Terps won this one, I kept having the sinking feeling they were about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The defense is what worries me. Not the effort from time to time, but the mental part of it. I can’t tell you how many times Mike Jones was pump faked into a 40 inch vertical jump, only to have his man go around him. And all those attempted steals. They are great when they deflect the ball. They are lethal when they fail. Against quick guards they usually fail. Bottom line: intensity is great, but it is no substitute for court smarts. I hope this erratic team makes me eat my words the next two games.

  13. Me too frustrated fan.

    If they can sweep NC State (who got blown out by Miami and Georgia Tech their last two games) tough but do-able.

    And then win two of four between (Clemson, FSU, UNC, Duke) tough but do-able. I think they miraculously get in the tourney.

    Some people agree with me.

    I like that blog. Not as spot-on as Lunardi, but I’m not the biggest Lunardi fan in the world, though he does have an excellent track record.

  14. Last night marked my fifth year in a row of attending the MD vs. Duke home game and I have a few things to share from the perspective of someone inside the Comcast Center.

    The crowd definitely showed up and the emotion level was up through pretty much the whole game. Maybe it wasn’t quite as crazy as a few years back, but it was still awesome. Second, I was impressed with MJ’s game. He had a solid defensive effort, couple of good rebounds, an awesome steal and he made some mid-range shots. I’ll take all bets right now that if he can find confidence in his slashing and mid-range shots, his three point percentage is going to go way up and he will become the the kind of workhorse shooting gaurd we need to get deep in the post season. I understand that he doesn’t have much time to do it, but I see signs that its coming.

    Hayes, Vasquez, and even DJ looked great out there. Vasquez is a fire cracker and Hayes had a great handle and dealt with the Paulus’ pressure very well (his crossover late in the second half had the crowd going).

    I don’t believe this team’s problem is lack of talent, it is or, hopefully, was mental. What impressed me most about the start of the year, was the poise and patience I saw from the team when an easy opening didn’t present itself. Last years team would just duck their heads down, barrel towards the basket and throw the ball off the backboard, but we seemed to have enough confidence in our half-court game to pull it back, work the ball around and take a shot. Yesterday they showed that discipline and won. And oh yeah, we made our free throw shots!!!

    Go Terps!!!

  15. Are Coach K’s Best Day’s Behind Him?

    Yoni Cohen is one of the better college roundball writers IMOHO. Check it out.

  16. Great game. If only our guys could muster up enough enthusiasm for other opponents, like Miami.

    Dook has really gone into the toilet. They did not play with their usual intensity on defense. They have a tough schedule left. I wonder if they’d accept going to the NIT. Actually, Jeremy is wrong about one thing. They did have some quality wins heading into ACC play: Air Force, Indiana, Georgetown, and Gonzaga. They would probably get in with a 7-9 conference record. We, on the other hand, probably need at least an 8-8 record and a first-round ACC tourney win. We still have a long way to go.

  17. Gonzaga is vastly over-rated. I hate that people consider that a quality win. They are 18-8 in the WCC of all conferences and just lost their best player Heytvelt because he decided smoking pot and tripping the magical mushrooms was more important than playing basketball. I think Santa Clara comes out of that conference instead. Maybe then it won’t be viewed a quality win.

  18. All of this Dook is dead stuff is crap. When they make the NCAAs and the ACC finals, every media story will focus on what a great job they did in righting the ship. Blah, blah, blah. They’ll still flame out in the Round of 16 (like they seem to do every year since the great Final 4 shafting by the refs of MD), and they’ll be ranked in next pre-season’s top 5. Blah, blah, blah.

    Coach Krap has sold himself to the devil that he looks like. He gave up on the balanced offense that led Dook to so many great heights. He only recruits 6-5 shooting guards with his 1 big man du juor (someone help me with my French). Gary was the first to expose this, and every other coach in the nation with comparable talent has used Gary’s road map to beat Dook when it counts.

    Gary out coaches Coach Krap. He’s got a better game plan than Coach Krap. When the talent gap between MD and Dook is too great, Dook will win. If the gap is at all close, at home or on the road MD will win. Gary’s got Coach Krap’s number (much like Miami seems to have MD’s number).

    If MD can just rebound or even stay close on rebounds, they’ll win. NCST is a very bad team. They have maybe the worst talent in the league. MD can’t come into that game with their entitlement attitude.

  19. I think the Terps need 5 wins total to feel secure — either get to 8-8 in the conference plus make the ACC quarters, or finish 7-9 and get to the ACC semis. One less win than that and it’ll be a nervewracking Sunday (unless they manage to win at Cameron or vs UNC…I assume those will both be losses).

  20. New Lunardi Bracketology is out. Has the Terps as an 11 seed playing BYU out west. Granted these projections mean absolutely dick, but he has the ACC getting a ridiculous 9 bids, with Georgia Tech also making the dance as a 12 seed.

    It’s amazing what a win against Puke (all be it a much lessear Puke team than past ones) will do for your national image in the eyes of the media.

  21. Great win!!!!

    We own Duke!!

  22. Good job sweet spot the Terps can barely beat WFU on the road and you want to proclaim ownership of Duke. Though it be a good win it is just one. NCSU and Clemson on the road will not be easy follwoed by UNC and FSU at home before going to Duke and then the only should be easy win with NCSU at home. Now that is going to be a tough road to hoe. Whcih manic team will show up on the road. NCSU beat UNC at home. They are healthy and full strength even though they sucked at Miami. But that was at Miami. So this could be the start of a good run or a plea to win the ACC tournament or see what city the NIT would want the Terps to play in.

  23. From:

    Frustrated fan — February 12, 2007 @ 9:05 am

    I can’t tell you how many times Mike Jones was pump faked into a 40 inch vertical jump, only to have his man go around him. And all those attempted steals.

    The pump fakes were killing me. How many time Jones left his feet? Had to be six. The steals are like treys. great if you get them. Terrible if you don’t.

    Nice to see positive comments. I am taking it game by game. I’ll be watching Wednesday.

  24. Great win. enough said.

    Jeremy, btw, duke has one quality win – indiana at home.

  25. Georgetown is a quality win too, especially after watching them demolish Marquette the other day.

  26. terper I guess you don’t see BC, Georgetown, and Air Force as quality wins? MSU and Illinois are not doing so great either so the Terps have Clemson who is struggling and Duke as the quality wins. I am looking forward and realizing that the next game counts not what other programs have/will do. Maryland controls its future. If it plays every game like it is Duke then 8-8 if not 6-10. All up to the team.

  27. re: E$ — February 12, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

    Georgetown is a quality win too, especially after watching them demolish Marquette the other day.

    Am I missing something. When did we play Georgetown? Do you mean Georgia Tech?

  28. oops. I see you were referring to Duke. My bad.

  29. We’re talking about DUKE!

  30. E$ was referring to Duke’s win over Georgetown.

  31. Al Vinchent is right. Maryland would be wise to take the attitude that they control their own future. Not wise to sit around hoping other teams will lose, esp. at this point. Just go out and win more games.

  32. Maryland has to win these two games on the road and hope for some home magic. If they drop these two road games the season will be very dim very fast. This is the second half there should be no surprises with any team, they all have shown what they have and the Terps would be in good shape if they play it one at a time and don’t look at what other teams are doing.

  33. I’d rather augur from entrails than predict which game this team will bring to the floor on any given night. There’s a lack of maturity here that is hard to fathom. Games, especially close ones such as lie ahead for the Terps, aren’t won by intensity alone but by calm leadership and coolness under pressure–and by doing the little things, like boxing out, playing good weakside defense, the stuff that doesn’t show up in the box score. I’m not sure the current MD team has reached these quiet heights. Again, I’m willing to drench my words in hot sauce and eat every last one of them if they prove me wrong from hereonout. But I’ve been conditioned to expecting the worst.

  34. Make sure you print out this comment trail and buy a bottle of Dave’s Insanity, just in case your wrong!

  35. E$ — February 12, 2007 @ 1:59 pm

    Make sure you print out this comment trail and buy a bottle of Dave’s Insanity, just in case your wrong!
    Will do, with pleasure. Scout’s honor.

  36. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… dook…Ha Ha…lost… Ha Ha… I can’t stop laughing… Ha Ha….4.. Ha…in a row!!! It means more to me that dook lost than Md won. I guess thats because I still don’t think Md will pull this off. Also, I am tired of the dook dynasty.

    That was very enjoyable. I wish they would always play like that. I think maybe they played better because they were more relaxed (because they had nothing to lose). They have pretty much been counted out by many and were mostly expected to lose. The players probably came out feeling that they could lose and that would be OK because that is what many people expect. Maybe this took some of the pressure off, and they were able to play looser. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my As… like that ESPN commercial.

    4 more wins… sorry… I am doubtful….. but would love to be wrong.

  37. New AP Top 25 out, and Duke is not included. Although they are the top team in the Others Receiving Votes Category. Oddly enough, Winthrop and Vermont, two teams that Maryland squarely pummeled also received votes towards the Top 25 while Maryland received none.

  38. What I am really excited about is that four of their last six games are on national TV. Hopefully they will bring some intensity knowing everyone is watching.

    Lets remember that is only an average team. In the eyes of the Committee, this is a good win, not a great one. Greg Paulus is trash, we have two guards that are better than him. Speaking of which, I would love to see at least two more years of these two together, assuming they can gel their games.

    Against UNC is HUGE. A humongous opportunity with nothing to lose barring an ugly loss. Now that I think of it, the Thursday game of the ACC tourney can be an advantage because you play a weaker opponent to add a W. If you lose that game you are screwed and it is near impossible to win four straight games on four straight days. I’ll be watching eagerly on Wednesday.

  39. I don’t see them winning 4 more games. They might win 3. They could sweep NC State and beat Clemson. I don’t see them beating FSU, UNC or Duke at Duke. I also don’t think going 7 and 9 will get them into the tournament. I still think they’ll only win 1 more game, since they play so poorly on the road. It is encouraging to watch Vasquez and Hayes develop. Why doesn’t Milbourne play? Is he a bust? Can he play at all?

  40. It’s nice to see everyone hasn’t gone overboard after a nice win at home over a struggling team. This win doesn’t mean much unless the Terps follow it up with a win at NC State. The team has put themselves in a position where pretty much every game is a must win. At least they showed that they can play defense, decent offense and actually rebound in the same game. This win was great but it’s only a start, the real test will be Wednesday night. That game will show whether the win over Duke was a springboard to greater things or just a win to delay another disappointing trip to the NIT.

  41. I am skeptical as anyone, but I don’t understand all the comments regarding the Terps poor road play. As I see it, the two-worst performances of the year came at home (Miami and UVA).

    We have two non-conference road wins and one in the ACC. Most teams don’t get three road wins in a season regardless of the quality of the opponent. The Terps played VA Tech and BC really tough on the road.

    Our problems have nothing to do with the venue and everything to do with mental preparedness. If the Terps come to play, they should beat NC State and give Clemson a run for the money.

  42. Jeremy – I think the road comments date back the last two seasons. Not just this season. Time will tell.

  43. I thought we would match up well with Duke, but not this good. Too many big men and McRoberts had no help underneath. Although he did show that we had more moves than I thought.

    But, the really cool thing to see was Vas taking Paulus to the hoop over and over and then dishing off when they had to respect him up the middle. It was just a couple of weeks ago when the guards from Va Tech were doing the same thing to Hayes and Vas. Vas looked like he learned a lot from his season in the ACC and is turning the tables on shmucks like Paulus. Paulus had no answer for him all night long.

  44. Some people are saying that Vasquez should become a shooting guard, and for a while I agreed with them. But after Sunday I realized his ability to slash and dish does not belong at the 2 guard. It will be interested to see what G.W. will do with these two freshmen next year and beyond.

  45. “I don’t see them winning 4 more games. They might win 3. They could sweep NC State and beat Clemson. I don’t see them beating FSU, UNC or Duke at Duke.”
    Dobby may be right, but one can only hope for some rare consistency and a little luck. Toney’s injury may make the difference vs FSU.

  46. I see the Terps game in NCSU decided by 5 or less blown out at Clemson routed by UNC and close with FSU 3 or less and then when it really doesn’t matter beating NCSU by 15 at home to close out a NIT run. This team is a unpredictable as the weather. Snowed a foot or a Terp win. Which is more likely?

  47. Dam you guys make more predictions than Joey Porter, T.O. and the entire ESPN staff combined. Al Vinchent, you also forgot to predict Duke at Cameron, might as well try and cover them all.

  48. Terps lose a close one a Cameron 66-63

  49. And besides we have as much inside knowledge as any ESPN analyst and we often think a whole lot more about it. Other than wishing the Terps would play good what else is there to do. Burn GW’s in effigy every ACC loss like they did Dean Smith in a loss to WFU?

  50. We win out.

  51. To all prognosticators: if the Terps beat NC State tomorrow, they are 5-6 and essentially back in control of their own destiny. Sure Clemson will be tough (but we beat them soundly already), so will Duke (but again, we beat them soundly). Florida State and UNC are at home. Who knows. UNC is beatable.

    I am witholding any predictions until I see which team shows up against the Wolfpack. I think tomorrow’s game will define their season. If they win, they are back on track and on pace to finish .500 in the conference (5-6 with 3 homes games left). If they lose, it is definitely over.

  52. If MD beats NCST tomorrow night, they have Big Uncle Mo riding with them. A win at State portends a strong close (much like the spurt MD put together after beating another “State” team ealier this season). If they lose at State, Al might be right about the remainder of the season. Lunardi at ESPN seems to think that MD has Big Uncle Mo riding along with them, as he has MD in the tourney and does not list them among the last 4 in. Everytime I make predictions about this team, I am wrong. Again, battered spouse syndrome. Quoting Ivan Drago “If he dies, he dies.”

  53. One correction Wheels Lunardi does have Maryland currently as one of his last four in. The reason so many “experts” still believe in the Terps is because they are talented and can play well when properly motivated. It’s hard to fathom how a team that started the season so well has put themselves in such a precarious position. Tomorrow night at NC State will tell everything. Will the Terps come out strong, finally realizing that they must play hard for an entire game to win, or will they come out thinking they are great, fall behind by 20, then come back and lose by 5 as they usually do. The season rides on this game Gary better have this team ready to play!

  54. I cannot hold my breath to see which team shows up. It is valentines day and I fear the only love I have will not be on TV. I at least want the rest of the season to be up in the air not decided with such a loss to one of worst teams in the ACC especially after beating Dook.

  55. UNC might be beatable, but not by the Terps. Remember this is still the team that shot 22% at home against a terrible Miami team. UNC wins by double digits when they play us. UNC beat Miami 105 to 64.

  56. Looking at tonight, there’s some interesting games in the ACC:

    Va Tech @ UNC — UNC has had only two lapses in ACC play. This is their chance to payback the first of them… or the Hokies could solidify their position in the top 4 of the ACC.

    Ga Tech @ Fl St. — Bubble elimination game. Both teams are in the same boat as the Terps. Tech (4-6) barring a small miracle with their remaining schedule (@Duke, WF, @UVA, UNC, BC) is done with a loss. Seminoles (5-6) on the other hand (@UVA, @MD, NC St., @Miami) will have one finger left on the ledge.

    Oh, and UVA is playing a team they should’ve played back in November.

  57. Dobby…the transitive property rarely works in athletics.

  58. here is some news – FSU’s starting PG is out for a while. definitely out when we play them.

  59. I hope Gary Williams was watching the ACC games tonight — it is possible to win on the road against a good team in the ACC. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech both picked up a win when they needed it. Those two teams surely had a tougher task than the Terps face in beating an NC State team with nothing left to play for….

  60. John — February 14, 2007 @ 12:19 am

    I hope Gary Williams was watching the ACC games tonight — it is possible to win on the road against a good team in the ACC. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech both picked up a win when they needed it. Those two teams surely had a tougher task than the Terps face in beating an NC State team with nothing left to play for….
    Except MD; the Pack loves to slurp turtle soup. Let’s hope there isn’t a letdown.

  61. Actually, I’m not sure that’s really a fair statement to make. Knock on wood, but Maryland has won 10 of the last 15 against NC State. That’s not exactly slurping turtle soup.

  62. I’ve been following the NCST-MD rivalry for more winters than I care to admit, and believe me, State likes to feast on Terrapins. They won the last three games before this one–with inferior talent. At least we didn’t have a letdown in Raleigh tonight, which was my fear. This was a good win tonight. Possibly a character and confidence-building win.

  63. I was just quoting straight numbers brotha. Terps are 10-5 in their last 15 against State. Say all you want about following a rivalry, the numbers don’t change. Going 5-10 against the Terps in your last 15 games is not slurping on Turtle Soup, as you said! Some people have a hard time admitting that they are wrong.

  64. To further my point, Gary is 27-11 all time against NC State and in Raleigh the Terps are 10-7 under him. Having a losing record at HOME against a team over the past decade definitely does not constitute slurping turtle soup.

  65. was just quoting straight numbers brotha. Terps are 10-5 in their last 15 against State. Say all you want about following a rivalry, the numbers don’t change. Going 5-10 against the Terps in your last 15 games is not slurping on Turtle Soup, as you said! Some people have a hard time admitting that they are wrong.
    Give me a break. My slurping turtle soup comment was in the context of “Let’s hope there isn’t a letdown.” (See #60) Numbers are meaningless where the psychology of rivalries are concerned. It’s all about the grudge memories respective teams and their coaches bring to a game. Sidney Lowe and his assistant, Monte Towe, have long memories of tooth-and-claw games with the Terps when they both were players, Towe on the championship ’74 team, Lowe on the ’83 team. You can bet they wanted to motivate their team for this game. Fortunately, their bench was thin and their players, after a long and wearisome season, were run down. Fortunately as well, we played them in mid-February instead of mid-January, when their legs would have been fresher. If Gary has a numerical edge in the series, it is largely because he has had the superior talent–though his coaching deserves recognition, too. Further, if State didn’t care squat about the game, why was RBC packed to the rafters with rowdy fans? Finally, why pick a fight about a play on words? I don’ t get it.

  66. Numbers are meaningless? An most interesting yet totally worthless comment. My most sincere apologies for wanting to base an argument upon facts. It’s just that its always been construed to me that basing your argument upon facts is the most compelling and simple way to make a point succinctly, and concisely. It’s hard to argue with numbers despite your frequent attempts to try to. One must rely upon emotional latency to argue against numbers and frankly there is just no strong foot hold against clear-cut straight facts. 10-5 is 10-5.

    Your comment about slurping turtle soup implies NC State dominancy which is simply not there any way you wanna slice and dice it man. Though, I do appreciate your attempt.

    As you admit, superior talent and superior coaching is just that, and would lend itself to the decisive edge that the Terps do have in the RECENT series, which I clearly document in my comments, despite being consumed in liquid form, as you insist by the Wolfpack.

    For the record, wearisome is not a word. At least consult a lexicon before trying to make a point, especially if you’re gonna go support the “grudge match emotional” slant, with out using any facts to make your point. And I do distinctly remember Johnny Holliday mentioning that there were many empty seats at the RBC Center to welcome the Wolfpack home from a two game roadtrip consisting of blow out loses to Georgia Tech and Miami, of all teams. In fact, lists the game attendance as short of 15,000, which would imply there were over 4,000 empty seats at the game, and one would have to think that a NC State website would beef up the attendance numbers for appearance purposes. My apologies once again for using facts to contradict your statements. I’ll try to stray from this in the future.

    Wasn’t trying to pick a fight, was merely displaying FACT that did not jive with your play on words, which I found to be quite incorrect.

  67. This is getting semantically silly. The “slurping” comment was a reference to the Pack loving to beat the Terps, by way of expressing the hope the team came to Raleigh ready to play. I never said, nor meant to say, that State has dominated the series in recent years. I think we are arguing past each other.

    The color commentators at the game mentioned a large and spirited crowd. I stand corrected on the sell-out statement, but not re: the rowdiness.

    For the record, wearisome is a word, with a trail of synonyms as long as your arm.

    wearisome |ˈwi(ə)rēsəm| adjective causing one to feel tired or bored. DERIVATIVES wearisomely adverb wearisomeness noun

    wearisome adjective the wearisome job of shingling the roof tiring, exhausting, wearying, fatiguing, enervating, draining, sapping, stressful, wearing, crushing; demanding, exacting, taxing, trying, challenging, burdensome, arduous, grueling, punishing, grinding, onerous, difficult, hard, tough, heavy, laborious, back-breaking, crippling, strenuous, rigorous, uphill; tiresome, irksome, weary, boring, dull, tedious, monotonous, humdrum, prosaic, unexciting, uninteresting.

  68. I checked

    Here is the attendance (under the boxscore), so I guess I did have my facts straight:

    Officials: Reggie Greenwood, Tim Nestor, Bernard Clinton
    Technical fouls: Maryland-STRAWBERRY, D.J.. NC State-None.
    Attendance: 16384

  69. Even if that is the attendace that you want to quote the capactiy of the RBC Center is just short of 20,000. Something like 19,700, which would still leave 3,500 empty seats. And you stated a packed house. A packed house does not constitue 3500 empty seats. It must suck to be wrong so often.


    19,447 is the capacity. With a packed house of 16,384. Riiiight.

  71. It must be a wearisome job to refute your mistakes.

  72. And I do stand corrected, perhaps I should consult more frequently. If you really want to refute the grammar/insipid word choice.

    FRESHER is not a word. i.e. Fortunately as well, we played them in mid-February instead of mid-January, when their legs would have been fresher.

  73. And agreed. This has been reduced strictly to semantics. Luckily for me, I find arguing semantics to be quite entertaining.

  74. Fresher is a word: it’s an inflected form of fresh, as in fresh, fresher, freshest. See the American Heritage Dictionary. (It’s also a word for a young frog, but I wasn’t trying to be cute with that usage.)

    As for being factually challenged, you said you had checked and found only 15,000 were in attendance. There were actually over 16,000. So we both erred on this one.

    I was clarifying the remark that started this thread, not correcting myself.

    Let’s give it a break and move on to musings as to how or whether we can take down Clemson in their place.

  75. Fair enough. I’d like to think about how, and not consider whether, because I’m confident we have the ability to beat Clemson.

    But seriously, it should be more fresh, not fresher. Ok, I’m done. Kidding, kidding. Thanks for taking it all in stride man.

  76. I admit, you had me going. I’m not used to being accused of leading with my lexical chin. Anyway, I probably should have said “were still fresh.”

    Kidding aside, the fresh factor is one way to handicap the Clemson game. Who has the deeper bench in terms of playing time? At this point in the season, after months of pounding and banging, many college BB games reduce to wars of attrition, decided by whose legs are fresher (that word again) late in the second half. Whether at the charity stripe or behind the arc, you shoot with your legs. NC State’s legs could have been remaindered to Goodyear toward the end of the MD game. Their bench is that thin, which is one reason Gary kept up the pressure. Any idea how Clemson’s bench measures up to MD along these lines? Maybe I should post the question on the “We’re Back Thread–Almost.”

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