We’re Back– Almost

That was a wonderful win. First of all let me thank my fiance Ms. Turtle Soup (I got engaged last weekend) for allowing me to watch the Terp game during our Valentine’s Day dinner.

What I saw was a team that played to their strengths (strong guard play, Straw and MJ taking what the defense gives them, and aggressive shot blocking). Say what you want about a crappy NC State team, but a road win is a road win. The second half was great.

So the Terps have one of the three “must wins” under their belt. Next up is a suddenly reeling Clemson. As strange as it sounds, I almost wish they had the Tigers had won tonight. Clemson will be in desperate need of a win on Sunday, which means they may be “hungrier” than the Terps. The Terps have been playing with their backs against wall the last two games and the results speak for themselves.

(Speaking of playing with your back against the wall, Duke is destroying BC right now. Urgency is a great substitute for talent, when one team plays with it and the other team does not).

So when the Terps head to Clemson, they will be playing a team that will have that urgency. Will the Terps have lost theirs after two straight wins? I sure hope not. A win on Sunday and the Terps will have to play themselves OUT of the NCAA Tournament (hard to believe but it is true).

Earlier in the season, I would have penciled this in as a loss; but I just get the feeling that something has turned with this team. They hit rock bottom with the home loss against UVa and while they were at the bottom, they found themselves. I’m reminded of the Florida State loss in 2001. Those Terps were run out of Cole to chants of “NIT” that night.  Somehow they fixed whatever it was that needed fixing and they wound up in the Final Four.  What is reminiscent to me is that in both cases, the problem for both Terp squads is/was mental.

I think it is safe to say that the Final Four is not in the cards for this team, but I do think that have experienced a similar metamorphosis. They believe in themselves again and after the last two performances, I think Terp Nation is starting to as well.

Envision a win at Clemson. Seize it boys. Now is the time to take control of your destiny.



  1. Terps new and old alike are playing well these days — Steve Blake with 18 assists tonight.

  2. Jeremy I am with you on Clemson. The worst thing for the Terps was Clemson losing tonight, now they are in a must win situation. Playing the Tigers at their home and coming off a bad loss makes getting a win that much tougher. Not impossible but much tougher.

    The last part of the season shapes up to be extremely difficult for the Terps. Clemson will be desperate for a win, UNC may lose to BC and at the least will be fighting for top billing in the ACC when we play them, FSU is fighting for their tourney lives, Duke will be straightened out by the time we play them and will be out for revenge.

    The way the schedule plays out if the Terps get in the NCAA’s they will definitely deserve it with the tough games coming up.

  3. We have a great chance to eliminate some competition in the ACC when we play Clemson and FSU. We can knock both out if we win. We at least need to take one of the next two, if we get both you can punch our ticket. It would be nice not to have to sweat it out in the ACC tourney and on Selection Sunday for once.

  4. A. Congrats on getting engaged Jeremy.

    B. The second half was marvelous to watch/listen to/obsess about on ESPN game tracker fanatically.

    I still like our chances against Clemson even though they lost to Wake tonight. Sad to think we’d be 20-6 tonight if we had beat Miami at home earlier in the season. But, I’m not gonna dwell on games lost, I could be typing forever.

    We obviously showed that we are a much deeper team than NC State tonight. They have a couple nice players, but lack the depth and overall atheletes to run with us for 40 minutes, that showed in the second half.

    Watching the UNC-Va Tech game two nights ago showed me that every one of the following five games is winnable. Let’s hope that these guys decide to stay on the momentum train instead of hopping off at the next stop! Have a great night y’all!

  5. Tell Cara (AKA Mrs Soup) that I said congrats. I think you owe it to the readers to let them know how you met!

  6. Hartz, stop making things up. For the record, my fiance could care less about sports. For those unaware, Cara was a frequent contributor last year who had a quasi-obsession with Nik Caner-Medley. She is strangely absent from the message board this season. We have never met.

  7. Congrats on the engagement…that supersedes all hoops talk.

    MD dominated the game tonight. Even when State pulled even it never felt like MD had lost control of the game. 18 assists to 12 turnovers, 50% FG shooting, 63% 3 pt shooting, and even on the boards.

    Watch out for Ebekwe this weekend. He is a lot like DJ. When he has a poor game, he comes out strong the next game. Gist has been so solid the past 10 games. Hayes is looking for his shot, but he also knows how to protect the ball.

    Big Uncle Mo…please fly down to Clemson this weekend. The boys need you.

    By the way, f-Dook and D-Bag Vitale. Here we go with the “Dook clawed their way back” stories. Played out story.

  8. Thanks E-money. That Miami loss haunts me. If we had won that game we would be having a nice season and might have even snuck into the top 25 this week. A win against UNC will cure it though.

  9. First, Mazel Tov.

    Second, I’m really happy the last two games were on national TV and I actually got to watch two straight wins.

    Third, the team is really starting to mesh well and I can only imagine how much we would have won by if Ibekwe and Gist weren’t in foul trouble. Side note: someone has to teach Ibekwe how to not get those cheap fouls.

    Fourth, I know this is going to be controversial on this board because everyone is in love with Vasquez, BUT when Blake….I mean Hayes, is on the floor, he HAS to be our PG. Vasquez can be erratic at times and drive to the basket when he shouldn’t. Hayes is a smarter player with the ball and we need to get Ibekwe and Gist the ball down low (Side note: Gist has also developed a nice little outside shot). No team can defend both Ibekwe and Gist. If they have good games, the Terps will have a much better chance of winning. Hayes will be smart enough to get Vasquez the ball when needed. I just think Hayes is the better player to handle the ball from the start.

  10. That was a must win last night. I now think the Terps can go 7-9 and make the tournament provided they win 1 game in the ACC tournament. It seems like many announcers and sports analysts think the ACC will have 8 teams this year. Since the Terps have a pretty strong RPI index and have some good wins, going 7-9 in the nations toughest conference would probably get them into the dance. They could get bumped out if many bad teams in the country get automatic bids by winning league conferences.

    The FSU game seems winable now since their point guard is out. I agree with Jeremy that the Clemson game will be tougher now since Clemson is desperate. The Terps have always had a hard time winning at Clemson. If they beat Clemson, they have a great shot at going 8-8. Then they would probably go to the dance even if they lose in the 1st round of the ACC.

  11. Gist and shooting threes is a bad idea. It looks nice but he is needed closer to the paint. Well unless GW decides to play him at SF with Bowers and Ibekwe at C and PF. LOL sorry couldn’t help but giggle at my own suggestion. It was a good win but Clemson is hungrier now. Only question is will this team play through these tough upcoming games or will a losing streak doom the season.

  12. I hear you, Jeremy. After a quick Valentine’s dinner at home, my wife let me watch the Terps and Duke v. BC last night. Props to wives who appreciate college basketball obsessions.

    Speaking of BC, they shit the bed against Duke. An absolutely pathetic performance. And did anyone see Coach K hopping up and down hysterically during the time out in the first half? Highly entertaining.

    Re the Terps — Obviously a huge win. It’s easy to overlook how well NC State has played at home this year. To go down there and win big was a big accomplishment, and it (hopefully) shows that the team is serious about making a run for the Tournament.

    Vasquez and Hayes continue to impress. They will make mistakes, as freshmen do, and both struggled to guard Atsur at times last night. But they are a solid back court and will only get better.

    I continue to marvel at the stupid mistakes our seniors commit on a regular basis. The techical foul against DJ was questionable, but regardless, you have to be smarter than that. The ref was standing right there. And I swear Ibekwe plays like he’s got 10 fouls to give. Of course, DJ had a strong offensive game to make up for the T, and the bench stepped up big in Ibekwe’s absence, so the mistakes didn’t have a lasting effect. Still, I often feel that I’m watching a team that starts five freshmen playing non-conference games in December vs. one of the most experienced teams in the ACC playing must-win conference games in February. The kinks should have been worked out a long time ago.

    But enough negatives . . . The Terps look like they want to win. The remaining schedule is tough, but I think we’re in good shape to make a run. Thank goodness for the freshmen. We’d be doomed without their leadership.

  13. Hayes last night: 6 As, 0 TOs. Steve Blake who?

  14. dobby the FSU guard should be back by the 15th and the Terps play them on the 22nd. FSU is just so athletic that they are dangerous every game. And as much as Ibekwe and Bowers like to foul it could be a long night unless the refs make it a choice to be part of the game then who knows. Did anyone else read Roy Willimas comments about how bad he coached that VT game. A coach taking the blame, thats different.

  15. First off, congrats to Jeremy on your engagement.

    I imagine Dukie V was swooning over his team’s win last night. Of course, it helps when your opponent goes to sleep on transition defense. That was absurd how many easy layups BC gave up. Unfortunately, it looks like the Dukies are in no danger now of missing the tourney… but on the bright side, this solidifies Duke as a quality win for the Terps.

    Good road win to build some confidence. Hayes had a sick drive down the baseline to get a +1 opportunity. Vasquez was great, as usual. The great thing about Vasquez is despite all of that energy, he’s not selfish with the ball and still looks to dish. DJ is starting to finally play like the senior he is (despite the stupid technical he got). Gist is the man in the post and can even hit the three (!) if open.

    Still a little worried about how Gist and Ibekwe always get into foul trouble (Bowers, too, but that’s expected). Terps were far enough ahead that it didn’t matter in this game, but I don’t know if Osby and Neal can handle the home stretch of a big game.

    The situation in the ACC:

    Locks – UNC, BC, UVA, VT
    Duke – Duke
    Bubble – MD, Clemson, GT, Fl St.
    No hope (not even for the NIT) – NC St., WF, Miami

    Prediction: ACC gets seven teams in (MD, GT)

    The Clemson-MD game is the last time ACC bubble teams play each other. Georgia Tech has the toughest remaining schedule (@Duke, WF, @UVA, UNC, BC), but have been on a roll recently. Florida State has the most favorable remaining schedule (@UVA, @MD, NC St., @Miami), but are a ridiculous 4-9 against RPI Top 50. Time to see which teams play their way in or play their way out.

  16. Adam, Ibekwe has been getting those cheap fouls for four years now. Short of a brain transplant, I don’t think anybody can teach him to stop. I would guess that Gary has had a few screamathons with him on the issue.

    I feel like I’m watching the Redskins again…another win, optimism, maybe playoff run in the offing…oops. More crushing disappointment. I like the 2001 analogy — after that home loss to FSU, run to Final 4. Maybe the loss to UVA (took my daughter to first ever ACC game and Terps stunk it up) has got us going.

    Truth be told, everybody seems beatable this year. Who would have predicted Carolina to lose twice to VT?

    Although each senior has serious flaws, I also think most of their problems are mental. If they can shake those off, maybe March will bring some pleasure.

    I like that MJ is more active near the basket, rather than waiting outside the arc to shoot threes. It gets him more involved on offense and I think that has helped him some (just some) on defense. He seems to be more involved on both ends of the court.

  17. Congrats on your engagement! Finally another witness to the craziness that occurs in any room where Jer is watching a MD game. Lucky me – another person will be around to try and calm you down.

  18. MarkinVA – Redskins analogy totally hit home.

    All – At this point there is not hope for Ebekwe with the cheap fouls.

    Al – I don’t mind Gist taking that open three. He can now shoot turnaround jumpers from 5-10 feet, face up and blow past guys and shoot the three. He’s developing like crazy.

  19. Gist is most effective in the post, and he’s not blowing by anybody (except Bowers in practice). If he’s consistently open to shoot threes, then the team isn’t running the offense correctly. He shouldn’t be hanging out back there.

    That said, I have seen Gist hit a handful of 3’s this year. Every once and a while doesn’t hurt. As long as we’re up by at least 10 . . .

  20. I like Gist taking the three when he is trailing on the delayed fastbreak. If it isn’t there, time to head down low. It seems to me he really only takes the three in that situation or off the high screen when his man leaves him. Those are open shots that he should take every time when given the chance. When teams realize he can hit it, they will start covering him there which should open up things elsewhere (pick and roll) etc.

  21. CT – I saw him face up twice last night and blow by a State guy. Maybe they were slow, but it is still another facet of his game. I agree with you that they need to punch it inside to him. Seems like Hayes looks to do that a lot more that anyone.

    I agree with Jeremy. He is not forcing his treys. They are open and he seems to be hitting most of them. His shooting range has expanded dramatically since last year.

  22. If a drop step or strong post move to the basket is a blow by, then sure. And I don’t mind the occassional three (you guys are right re Gist using good judgment in deciding when to shoot). But we need Gist inside. Same with Ibekwe. Like all 6-8/6-9 athletes of this generation, they tend to think that they actually have a perimeter game, which leads to poor shots and turnovers off the dribble. The Terps are most effective when those guys are battling in the post . . . out jumping larger, less athletic big men, blocking shots, etc. Gist has a nice 10-foot jumper, and if teams are gonna leave him open to shoot, by all means, shoot. I just cringe when he and Ibekwe try and do too much outside of five feet from the basket. Leave the playmaking to the guards.

  23. Does anyone else notice how the Sun and Times are the first to call for GW’s head when they lose and first to find some way to exhault GW when they win. I read NC and MD papers daily and man the MD papers grill the Terps while the NC papers find a positive or at least bland spin on every game. I understand it some but dang they should be a little more consistent. Wait if you can’t get the Terps to be consistent I guess the papers will not change either.

  24. Well Heather Dinich, the Sun beat writer is a hack. She went to Penn State and clearly doesn’t know basketball and her lack of passion for Maryland athletics is both understandable and obvious. I do not understand how the Sun can’t find an alum who actually enjoys covering the team as well as reporting on it. Her lack of understanding of the history of the program is really frustrating. My advice: stick to the Post. Eric Prisbell is good.

  25. Agreed. GW also despises Dinich with a passion. Almost to the point that he refuses to acknowledge her. It’s beautiful.

  26. I listened to Dinich yesterday on the Anita Marks show. Did not know she was a PSU alum. She had some valid and obvious points. It was clear that Gary does not like her. I read the post and they are mostly right on.

  27. Good win by the Terps. It was nice to surprise to see the game on national tv.

    I thought it interesting that the announcers said repeatedly that MD would be in the tournament today. Almost as if the ACC has the PR machine working to avoid another 4-team year like last year.

    For what its worth both Lunardi and http://bracketology101.blogspot.com/ have the Terps in right now.

    Big game on Sunday. A win gets us that much closer to the Big Dance again.

  28. Gist did face up and blow by his man. The announcer likened it to Bernard King’s patented move.

    He’s gonna explode the next few weeks. Defenders are flying out at him because they know he’s likely going to hit the open J (Grant blocked one of his attempts).

    With that in mind, Gist’s ability to put the ball on the floor will open up his game in a huge way. All he needs is a little up fake to send his man flying past him, one dribble and swish.

    Mark it, dude.

  29. We win out.

  30. Kaze good call and have another drink why don’tcha. Why would they hire a PSU grad for a Bmore rag. That would be like NCSU hiring a UNC person LOL. Not quite Duke UNC but close. Anyway whose idea was it on the Diamondbackonline to give the Tigers some bulletin board material calling them Paper Tigers. Come one the game is tough enough without extra incentives being given out in the media. Almost as bad as Gilbert A. predicting 50 against the Blazers who shut him down to 9. It is always easier to call it afterward and offers less incentive to the opponent.

  31. Yeah I remember Jarrett Jack saying, “That’s like a dude telling you he’s gonna punch you in the face.” with regards to Gil stating he was gonna score 50 on the Blazers. I appreciate his phenomenal swag, but you know it’s gotta piss other players off to the point of further motivating them with the sole mission of wanting to shut him down.

  32. Sundays game against Clemson will be the real test to see if the Terps have turned their season around. They don’t absolutely have to win this game so will they come out focus and determined, or be uninspired and lazy as they have many times over the past three seasons. This game will show if they are once again a force to be reckoned with or just another NIT team.

  33. Correction: Dinich went to Indiana but worked at Penn State, for whatever that is worth.
    In a radio interview Gary said that Gist is the second best three point shooter on the team and nails them all in practice. Didn’t say who the first was but we can rule out DJ, Ibekwe or Bowers.
    Just killin time until Sunday at 4:00

  34. Clemson’s going to be desperate. After all, they’re probably STILL smarting from Maryland dealing them their first loss of the season and knocking them from the ranks of the unbeatens. Add to that the fact they’re going to be desperate to defend their house against a Maryland team that’s suddenly feeling itself again.

    Having said that, if this Maryland team can weather that storm and win, it’ll go a long way toward establishing its NCAA tournament pedigree as long as they can win at least two of the other games on their schedule. If they can win all but one of those games, they’ll be in the tournament no doubt about it with a 9-7 ACC record.

    And congratulations on your engagement Jeremy! Sounds like Valentine’s Day was good for you all around!

  35. Best 3-point shooter on the team is probably Hayes. I understand he’s money from long distance in practice. Still think Gist should stay within 10 feet.

    Speaking of practice, does anyone have inside info re Milbourne’s lack of playing time? I hear he’s been playing really well in practice for the last month. Maybe Gary doesn’t want to interrupt the flow, which at this point in the season is probably wise. And practice certainly doesn’t always translate to games. Just curious as to whether anyone knows anything.

    Amazing what a game or two in February will do for your NCAA status. Duke was no lower than a 4 seed in most brackets as of early Feb., the Terps bitch slap them and people start talking about Duke missing the Tourney, then they beat VA Tech and they’re completely resurrected. The “Duke is dead” talk was premature, I suppose, but the back and forth is interesting nonetheless.

    Not sure why ESPN has Clemson as a “should be in” and the Terps “still needing to do work.” Their RPI is a bit higher, but our SOS is better and we have more impressive non-conference wins. Not to mention we beat Clemson earlier in the season. Their remaining schedule isn’t as difficult, so there’s a chance they’ll end up an ACC game or two ahead. Otherwise, Clemson hasn’t shown me enough to warrant them being included in the Tourney as of right now. Much has changed since the 17-0 start.

  36. A couple questions and responses regarding our beloved Terrapins in Joe Lunardi’s 2pm chat on http://www.espn.com one of them even addresses CT’s questions about Clemson almost as if he had asked Joe himself.

    Shane (College Park, MD): What is Maryland’s status at the moment? If they go 7-9 in the ACC how many wins will they need in the conference tournament to make the big dance?

    Joe Lunardi: (2:17 PM ET ) The number of wins any team needs in any conference or conference tournament depends much more on who the wins come against than any hard number. Maryland is in decent shape, but probably needs one more NCAA level win (ideally on the road) before we feel more certain of their tourney chances.

    Joe Lunardi: (2:18 PM ET ) Overall, due to the depth in this year’s ACC, 7-9 would probably be enough as long as the first round of the conference tournament isn’t a loss to a bottom feeder from the league.

    College Park, Maryland: Why is Clemson seeded three spots higher(7) then Maryland(10) in your latest Bracketology? They’ve been horrible as of late with their most impressive W seeming to be the “Clock Mistake” loss @ Duke. What makes them as good, let alone that much better then the Terps to get the 7 seed?

    Joe Lunardi: (2:31 PM ET ) Overall, Clemson has a slightly better profile than Maryland. Today. But the gap is clearly closing and I actually believe the Tigers are more at risk than the Terps for missing the tournament.

  37. Thx E$.

    Lunardi punted, completely. Compare the profiles, of which Clemson’s is, allegedly, “slightly better”:

    ACC record:
    Terps — 5-6
    Clemson — 5-6

    Terps — 31
    Clemson — 27

    Terps — 19
    Clemson — 52

    Terps — 1-0
    Clemson — 0-1

    Non-conference wins:

    Terps — Illinois (RPI: 39, at Illinois), Michigan St. (RPI: 37), Winthrop (RPI: 83, undefeated in conference and best team in Big South), Vermont (RPI: 80s, arguably best team in America East)

    Clemson — Georgia (RPI: 54), ODU (RPI: 52), Appalachian St. (RPI: 60), S. Carolina (RPI: 93, SEC bottom feeder, not Tourney bound), Miss. St. (RPI: 75, ditto)

    Notable ACC wins:

    Terps — Duke, CLEMSON (when Clemson was undefeated)

    Clemson — BC, swept Florida St. (almost beating Duke doesn’t count, even if they should’ve won)

    Notable ACC losses:
    Terps — Miami at home
    Clemson — Wake

    Re non-conference schedules, Clemson gets credit for beating a handful of big conference teams, as compared to MD only beating two power conference teams. But MD beat better non-conference teams, and it’s overall schedule, all non-conference teams included, is much stronger. Clemson’s RPI is a tad lower, but MD beat Clemson head to head. All of this suggests that, best case scenario, as of right now, these teams are neck and neck. Clemson earns the slight edge if they beat MD this weekend, but only then.

    I guess you could make an argument that Clemson has a “slight better profile”; I’m quibbling over semantics. But these details will be REALLY important come next month.

  38. Nice work CT, but as you allude to, the point is moot if sweep them on Sunday. We beat them in just about every scenario unless we lose all of the rest of our games. We must beat them.

  39. A sweep of Clemson tomorrow afternoon and beating 3 of the last final opponents will pull our beloved Terps closer to 25 overall wins and well-over .500 (10-7 in ACC). Clearly a signature victory over #4 NC, who’s in a heated contest now w/ host BC, will pull us head of Clemson and GT – possibly Duke. 6-6 Dook is a tail-spin downward – there must be a God – despite its Valetine’s Day victory at BC. If we sweep Duke, it won’t mean anything but bragging rights for us. If this overall situation happens and we make a run in the ACC, we’re in the Big Dance – 6th or 7th seed. Then who knows?

    If GW and staff have guided and shaped this group of heterogenous, at times immature (i.e. misunderstanding key situtaions of the game), players into a cohesive, unified team, as it was in Nov. during the Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament – a championship victory, we may see a very interesting March for our Terps.

    Could this team’s misfortunates of past two seasons be gone? If yes , anything can be possible – if you believe! By winning 4 out of the final 5 plus 2 ACC tourney games, it will ensure a NCAA at-large bid.

    If not, NIT again – OUCH! 3 straight years, especially if a bottom dweller mid-major comes out of no-where to its conference’s title and Terps’ RPI drops. Right now, there’s MO – to say if it’s Championship MO it’s too early to tell – a win at Clemson and Duke, coupled with a major home win vs. Carolina and 2 wins in ACC, it will be hard to deny Maryland a chance in NCAA tourney. That’s what’s at stake now – and I believe this team knows it.

  40. I can only “watch” the MD-Clemson game on ESPN Gametracker, but me likes what me reads. Up 8 at halftime (with Ibekwe fouling someone with 4 seconds left in the half) and shooting 60% from the field. If MD holds on here (they are near locks for the win when leading at half), this will be a huge win. If they continue this good play, no one in the country will want to play this team in the NCAAs. I’m getting too giddy about this team. I better hunker down for the second half.

  41. I can watch the game on Raycom. It was a totally unintentional foul on Ibekwe’s part, and kind of an awkward call. Regardless, Clemson only hit one of two. The 5 second call prior to that on Vasquez with 20 seconds left in the helf was bullshit.

    Overall, a good first half. Clemson is a ‘different’ sorta team, and that probably makes them a difficult opponent. They press quite a bit, but not with much success. Their offense really should revolve around penetration and kick outs, mostly to Rivers, but it doesn’t.

    Here’s hoping we finish them off with a solid second half. 20-7 would be awesome, and would bring us back to .500 in ACC Play. After starting out 1-4, that would be HUGE.

  42. Don’t do this to me…

  43. Seriously. That got downright scary for a minute.

  44. Sweet win! Now if the lady Terps can just knock off the dook bitches!

  45. Big win, people. Back to .500. We’ve still got a ways to go to make the tourney. But we’re certainly “playing our way in” right now. These consecutive road wins are a big positive.

  46. Man, I’m pumped. This was a huge win, on the road, against a team that we’re battling with for a spot in the Tournament. The Terps understood the stakes and they came to play.

    Can’t say enough about Vasquez. He just keeps getting better, and he’s fearless around the basket. Fantastic game for DJ and Gist as well. The team ran the offense to perfection.

    And how ’bout Bowers dunking in traffic in the first half? Unprecedented.

  47. The telling statistic during this 3 game win streak is that MD has not been out-rebounded. Rebounding is a “want” indicator. Clearly, the Terps have wanted these games more than their opponents. They’ve been dominating…forcing more TOs than committing, getting more assists, and shooting unbelievably well. Vasquez and Hayes make up for MJ’s mediocre play and then some. Bowers…CT summed it…he’s Chris Kerwin reincarnated! Huge win. I’m starting to believe again. Split the next 4, win 1 in the ACCs, and we’re no less than 7 seed. Dancin’ into the Sweet 16.

    (GW…can we talk? Now that I have said all of this, please, please, please don’t have the team crush my hopes again…better yet, pretend I didn’t say any of this at all. I know I’ve said bad things, Gary…and maybe you’ve said some bad things, too. I was hurting and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You understand, don’t you? Can’t we start over? I swear I’ll never say another bad thing again…I promise…unless you all miss the NCAAs.)

  48. Nice work everyone. Way to stay in it when it got tough.

  49. Wheels, Gary will never forgive you for your disloyalty . . . Just kidding dude.

    So true re the play of Vasquez and Hayes. The seniors have officially passed the torch, and the team is playing better as a result. Amazing how things change when you have a confident, skilled point guard (or two) running the team. DJ, Mike Jones and Ibekwe don’t need to force the issue. Just play solid defense, run the offense, and the points will come. I think the team is finally figuring that out.

  50. Excellent win. I hope they can keep in going. Straw played well although he had no outside shot today. Gist was money in the first half. Vasquez knew he could take anyone covering him to the rim and how about the 11 dishes and 5 steals?. Bowers played well and never gets any calls. He got fouled on the dunk and another short hoop. The refs always call him for shit like that. I guess it’s because he is so slow. I can’t believe they are 6-6 now. When they were 1-2, I said it they would not win 5 ACC games. I guess I was wrong.

    Wheels – The Terps did get out rebounded this game (28-26). The one negative I saw was that Clemson had to many offensive rebounds (9) and they seemed to happen in the 2nd half.

    The ACC continues to baffle me with NCS crushing VT.

    It’s FSU Wed night for the Terps. Go Terps.

  51. I loved the way the Terps attacked the basket. Hayes and Vasquez made great passes. The big guys finished too. It was a much needed win. They have a great shot at 8 and 8 now.

  52. KV…final stats…MD = 33 rebounds, CU = 31.

  53. We win out..

  54. Was it just me or did Vasquez sit for way too long in the second half? And perhaps was that correlated to the run that Clemson made to make things scary, even if only for a second?

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