Out of Sync, But We’re Dancing

This was just one of those games that you kept looking at the clock and the hoping the game would end sooner. Every one in Terp Nation just wanted the “W” and you could just feel that the players played that way too.

That was a brutal final eight minutes of the first half wasn’t it? In January, that meant a loss. The stupid fouls and overagressiveness killed us. Even when Maryland took a 29-21 lead, I knew we were in trouble. We had 18 points from three pointers. That is not our game. With our starting frontcourt on the bench with foul trouble, the Terps were in trouble. But, we held on.

The second half started with an impeccable four minutes. 12 unanswered points keyed mostly by turnovers and fastbreaks and Comcast was rocking again. But somehow, the game didn’t feel like it was over. The Terps just weren’t playing their game. The offense was out of sync and the halfcourt offense was not working. The 12 minute timeout came and we just couldn’t stay out of foul trouble. Gist, DJ, Ibekwe all had 3 fouls. I thought, “if we could just make it through the next 4 minutes with none them picking up their 4th”, we’ll be home free.

For the most part, that happened (except Ibekwe); yet somehow I’m left uneasy. The optimist would say, “we played poorly and still won by 18!”. If you are reading this, then you know by now that I am not an optimist. Florida State really frustrated the Terps in the halfcourt and forced us into countless bad decisions. Is this a roadmap for how to beat Maryland? Stop the penetration and get our bigs in foul trouble and the Terps will struggle mightily.

All of this is reason for concern, but guess what? The good teams have off-nights and still win. Can we play this way and expect to win on Sunday? No way and the players know it too. How excited are you for Sunday? The Terps have a chance for a signature victory. An exlcamation point on this remarkable resurrection. 11 days ago who could have imagined this?

The resume has us dancing. 21-7 overall, 7-6 in the ACC, RPI in the teens and rising. So why is it that Duke is ranked #18 and the Terps are unranked again?

Can they make a Tournament run? Absolutely, if they continue to pound the ball inside and let Vasquez and Hayes make the decisions.

The seniors have finally accepted their roles. Strawberry is a slasher, and with able passers in the half court, he can get to the hole and use his athletic ability to finish or get to the stripe. Jones is our shooter and remarkably not a whole lot of anything else. He knows it now and so do we. Ibekwe rebounds and plays defense. His offense should come off putbacks and the occasional low post move if there is a mismatch situation.

With Gist and the freshman leading the way and playing consistently, the Terps can make a run. The NCAA is pretty mediocre this year. No team outside of the Top 5 or 6 teams have demonstrated consistency. That helps to explain our high RPI ranking.

MD could rise as high as #2 seen in the NCAAs should they finish 10-6 in the ACC and win the ACC Tournament. Granted that is extremely unlikely. What is more likely, is a 9-7 conference record and a run to the semis of the ACC Tournament (if the draw works in our favor). If that is the case, we are 25-9 and I think that warrants #5 seed in the NCAAs. From that position, I think we make the Sweet 16 and depending on the matchup, an elite 8 is possible.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.



  1. Loving it. And yes, things have changed from scouting or NIT opponent to seeing how far this team can go in the big boy event.

    Jeremy, you and I should chat it up one day. I often find our takes are similar, at least based on our writings (http://terptalk.blogspot.com/) and our fear of collapse is comprable as well. Still not buying this squad yet as a true contender but the Duke and UNC game will tell us a lot on that end. For now, go to sleep with turtles dancing in your dreams, something they will likely be doing for real in a few weeks.

  2. Our depth is really a key to the recent success. While none of our bigs are great, they all do some things well and even when they pick up fouls there is always another one ready to come in and bang. They are not as skilled as the opponents at times, but they play very hard and that’s been the difference.

    I’ll continue to ignore some posts that still look at all the negatives and not accept the fact that college basketball teams consistently make mistakes because the players are young and some just don’t learn (Ibekwe). This team has done a fantastic job of improving their defense, rebounding, playing to an individual’s strength (Straw’s slashing), and just all around hard work.

    The entire program deserves credit. They are not and will not be a top 10 team this year, but that is not the point. They have improved as the season has gone on and regardless of what happens in the next 2 games, they have earned their way to the tournament.

    Go Terps!

  3. #2 seed? Win the ACC Tournament? I can’t wait to read your next article. Some advice? Don’t Jump.

  4. Kaze, where is the “we win out” post? I’m loving those.

  5. Agreed, Kanner. I can harp on the negative usually, but I’m keeping it all positive tonight. The last four games have been great to watch. We’re seeing a team develop together over the course of a season. Our expectations were sky high after the start, but conference play (as usual) has a way of tempering expectations, esp. in the ACC. The effort from the team is there and that’s one of the things Gary is known for. I’m pumped.

  6. Did anyone take note of the disparity in assists? MD 23; FSU 8. Vasquez and Hayes accounted for 15 dishes between them, Hayes equalling the entire FSU team output. These freshmen, despite Vasquez’s careless haste, are already upperclassmen. The next few weeks could be fun.

  7. What game were you watching? Maryland was fantastic the entire 2nd half. The only reason FSU got back in the game is the refs put Md’s entire starting 5 in early foul trouble – when DJ, Gist and Ibekwe were sitting on the bench.

    FSU scored 24 2nd half points. That’s pretty good defense, don’t you think?

    Md assisted on 23 of their 27 baskets. That’s pretty good offense, don’t you think?

    Get an editor or a proofreader or a fact checker or a game watcher. Something/Anything

  8. Wow all of what I predicted except the outcome. Thorton owned all 4 big men and got them all in trouble. FSU missed a point gurard and a back up for Thorton who looked drained with about 5 minutes to go. Fresh legs do matter and though the bench for the Terps is not awesome it can eat up a few minutes. Good showing, now to see what kind of energy the Terps can sustain against the Heels who wore NCSU out last night.

  9. Oh I forgot that Ibekwe should fake a knee injury and sit out instead of GW thinking he will show uip against any team with a 220 lbs of a PF or C. Is he fragile or scared or what.

  10. It’s not Ibekwe’s game to bang with a big man. The guy is a stick who tries to use his quickness to get by his man. Either that or he thinks his wacky shooting style will make the defender fall down laughing so he can dunk it! Ibekwe is what he is. He is no Baxter and never will be.

  11. Great comments only a few missing.

    How about ……we were wrong with all that negative
    diatribe about DJ, MJ, Gary W. and others.

    How about…..we were wrong to be calling for Gary’s exit.

    How about…..Gary’s too old and can’t coach (anymore) and can’t recruit.

    Ebekwe—still too much criticism. He’s half of the
    #4 shot blocking team in the country and #1 in the ACC. Yes, he’s been making some stupid fouls but not because he doesn’t know better or has bad BB IQ. He gives the effort and his mistakes are his mistakes and he will learn from them. I have been hard on him but don’t know where we would be without him. Hey, to consecutive FT from the line…not bad huh? They were big ones too.

    This team and their (slow but steady) progress points more to our frustrations than our insight and patience with a team made up of great role players
    and a coach wise enough to develop the entire team
    and not just 7 or eight players. Parrish Brown has
    been dumped on (big) but many of you . But, how big was it when he comes off the bench not having played much the last few games and hits a big three and turns around and gets a huge steal.
    Even Bowers, who I have said, “I cringe when he gets in the game” has made some progress and contributed key points. He has and will continue to be a liability out there, but in stretches, he has a developing key role. If only the refs would stop “assuming he must have fouled”.
    Don’t take this as harsh criticism because we all have let our feelings speak for us and not our “beliefs”. I often said, “what if this team were also visiting this site (and many probably were) how would they feel reading our post game obituaries”?
    We don’t know how far they are going to go this season and they may falter at times but as long as
    they don’t get blown out …..they are still improving….and that’s a big message to whoever is opposite them on the court.

    Let’s be (better) fans. This is now a memorable team to the good. We didn’t believe they would get
    this far. We were gathering at the burial site. Jeremy was right (again) they ‘rose from the ashes’.

    We need to do the same.

    You guys are the best. Take this in the spirit it is

    Oh yes, PUKE at 18 is BS. There oughtt to be an investigation.

  12. Puke at 18 means about as much now as BC at 21. Nothing. Gary is a voter so why doesn’t he get the Terps ranked. Vote them at number 1 and then the rest of number 25 votes will get them in the 25. This team is exactly what we thought it was/is. Now it has performed a few times up to its ability. FSU was without its PG last night so don’t count that as an easy win. Clemson is what everyone thought as well they just didn’t play anyone good until the ACC. Duke is a one guard team and if Paulus is off then they are in trouble. No surprises yet, except for let downs that happen. Number 2 seed is smoking crack right now. Tough games are ahead and then you will know what is what. Much as it hurts to say Duke is better when they are on, UNC is better a little off, and the Terps have to play with intelligence and intensity to match up close. Now as far as GW being fired that is still in contention and you see the local talent walking away from this program. Who wouldn’t want to see the local kids play on local TV. The program is still not where is could/should be and it falls solely on GW.

  13. Gerry — February 22, 2007 @ 7:24 am

    Great comments only a few missing.

    How about ……we were wrong with all that negative
    diatribe about DJ, MJ, Gary W. and others.

    How about…..we were wrong to be calling for Gary’s exit.

    How about…..Gary’s too old and can’t coach (anymore) and can’t recruit.

    Well, we weren’t that wrong. Frustrated, yes. Wrong, not entirely. GW doesn’t like to recruit, which often take’s a young man’s energy and a young man’s touch, and he doesn’t always develop the talent he does land. Can anyone name a MD BB player of recent or even vintage memory with more upside potential and downside development than MJ? I can’t think of one. OK, enough. The team is developing nicely because of Gary–front court bench, defensive intensity (read: conditioning), shot selection, rebounding–so he gets my kudos.

    I love it that Duke is ranked 18th and we’re slighted as we prepare to invade Cameron. As last night shows, this edition of the Terps play better when they have a chip on their shoulder.

  14. I’m with Alex re the Terps’ second half play and overall control of the game. Although going into halftime knotted at 31 was a bit nerve racking, I never doubted the outcome, and the only reason Florida St. kept it close was because this was one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t usually harp on the refs, but the Terps were at 10 team fouls with at least 7 minutes left in both the first and second half, AT HOME. It was insane. Even the Comcast security detail were in the refs’ ears during timeouts (I’m not joking). We definitely committed several stupid, ticky tack fouls, particularly in the first half. But the timing of the calls and the disparity between the Terps’ and Seminoles’ foul totals was ridiculous. Thornton is a monster, period — he’s even more of a monster when being guarded by Osby and, at times, Bowers. He probably gets a double double regardless, but having Gist and Ibekwe on him for more of the game, without the fear of fouling out, would have helped. Gary hasn’t been T’ed up since March 2005. His barking was more than justified. Okay, enough . . .

    Gerry, couldn’t disagree more. I love the Terps and always will, but when they’re playing poorly, they deserve to be criticized. I have a friend who refuses to boo college athletes, period. I appreciate his intentions, and I respect his opinion. But if I’m dragging my ass to Comcast on a week night at 9:00 to watch the team play in a game that has major post-season implications, and they show no effort, they’re gonna hear it from me. Not because it’s all about me, or because I somehow “deserve” a strong showing. But the stakes are high when it comes to college athletics, and these guys are given free tuition and a lot of nice perks to, at the least, play with effort. I don’t doubt that college kids make mistakes; of course they do, and they always will. But that’s not the point. MD’s program is what it is because of guys who have come here and played with a ton of heart, learned from their mistakes, vastly improved their games, etc., not to mention Gary’s hall of fame caliber coaching. That’s the standard. The team should be criticized when that standard isn’t met, just as much as they should be praised when they’re playing well.

    Now, the positives:

    23 assists to 9 turnovers. That’s a sick ratio. Absolutely sick.

    8-14 (57%) from 3. I don’t think that’ll happen very often with this team, but I’ll take it. And yes, when Mike Jones is feeling it, get the guy some looks.

    Our bench contributed 22 points. When called upon, they’re stepping up, big. Bowers will never be a great player, but he’s contributing solid minutes. Parrish gave the team nice energy off the bench. And Osby played like a man last night.

    The seniors are playing much better, and within themselves as opposed to forcing the issue. I think they realize that, to be good, this team has to run through Vasquez and Gist. Props to DJ in particular. He’s playing so hard right now, and really picking his spots on offense.

    Speaking of Vasquez and Gist, their play over the last two weeks has been fantastic. Hayes as well, who ended up with 8 assists and only one turnover last night (Vasquez: 7 assists, 2 turnovers).

    Sunday’s gonna be really fun. I think we’ll play UNC tough, and I won’t be surprised if we squeak out a win. The Terps believe in themselves; you can see it in their eyes. They’re ready to make a statement in the post-season.

  15. That was a great game and to all of you that are still finding negatives, I agree with Greg. This is college ball, the players are still kids and will make mistakes.

    As I said in the past, if you look at MD’s season as a whole, they have played stellar ball. Last night, MD could have won by much more if the refs weren’t treating Thorton like Dwayne Wade (I guess if you play in Florida, you are entitled to five phantom fouls a game). They held even in the first half when four of their starters were on the BENCH!!! That is fricking amazing and the experience the reserves have now will be invaluable down the stretch.

    If you look at our recent games, all of our opponents have had seemingly “off” nights. There is a reason for that, MD has brought great intensity and defensive energy and made these teams play poorly. By the way, I don’t care if we played “our” game last night or not, we won. To my memory, there were tons of people on this same board two or three weeks ago slamming Gary for not being able to adjust his game plan? Now he does and we win, and we complain about it?!?

    I also disagree with people that say MJ is just a shooter and now he knows it. His game is twice what it was last year and though he didn’t do it as much last night, he has been going to the hoop and pulling up with better consistency and results. He will be a major part of our run, write it down.

    To Al, what’s up with all the negativity? I don’t think I have seen one positive comment from you since I started reading this board. Also, can you please explain how you come to the conclusion that Duke is better than MD?

  16. I’m with CT and Alex on the 2nd half play. The reason the game was tied up at half was because of the foul trouble (the refs). I kept yelling how could this be happening at home. It was like we were playing Duke. They clamped down in the 2nd half and still were in foul trouble.

    I thought Ebekwe did a good job on Thornton in the 2nd half. He did not go for the pump fakes and made him work for his shots. That is one of the reasons Thornton got tired in the end.

    DJ shot selection has gotten so much better in the last four games. He is not forcing as much and letting the game come to him. Like many of you said slashing to the hoop.

    I also think Hayes played his best game of the year. His court vision is excellent. He got the ball to Osby in perfect spots.

    And Osby did a fantastic job off the bench.

    So I guess Vegas knew what they were talking about when they made the line 9.5. If the refs were neutral, Terps would have won by 25.

    Sunday is going to be tough. They are probably ripe for a let down, but at least they get them at home. The fans should be fired up as will I. I think Gary should try and get Hansborough in foul trouble. He killed us last year.

  17. Sorry didn’t hink I was negative. I like big man play and well the terps dissapoint me. Ibekwe plays scared, he is better than that, Gist is floating further out, he is better than that, Bowers is well gotten worse all 4 years. I think he would have developed into a Kyle Visser at any other school. I am negative because the Terps under the tutiledge of GW should be better. I like the team game to played as such. Yelling like a fool at kids obviously doesn’t work, thinking Maryland will come to your school because you won a championship is obviously wrong. I don’t want Duke to be better than anyone. I want the Terps to have quality young student atheletes that win 25 games every year, don’t get arrested, drop out, fail out, embarass the school, and any other negative thing. MJ should be a top 5 pick in the draft, what happened? Strawberry went from a defensice stopper to a reacher. I want to much for the program and like most people who care it hurts to see a great performance and then a half hearted one. I want the Terps to be at 85% or better every game. Not 100% one game and 50% the next with energy and effort. Sorry if I offended you.

  18. Suggesting that Bowers would have developed into a Kyle Visser at any other school is crazy. The expectations were never very high with him, and he doesn’t have half the ability of Visser. Bowers was a 7-1 project from the start, plain and simple.

    They only way Mike Jones even has a chance to play in the NBA, let alone become a lottery pick, is if Gary scraps the offense and lets him shoot 30 times a game, and then subs for him at every dead ball when the Terps are on defense. He was overhyped in high school because he played against poor competition in the Boston burbs where he could get by on his athletic ability and didn’t have to guard anybody. Maybe Gary and the assistants could have done a better job with him. But I’m more inclined to believe that, in terms of his overall game (which requires more than a nice outside shot and silly jumping ability), he wasn’t a star to begin with.

  19. We win out.

  20. MJ was a star, he has crazy ability that was lost if the Strawberry, Gilchrist, McCray, and every other problem that took away from GW developing him. Bowers and Visser were the same kids as freshman. 7 footers with one or two moves, weakish, and goofy. Visser has gotten a lot more muscular and quicker with 4 or 5 moves. They are predicting Visser to be a NBA center possibly starting in a year or two. Bowers is the same, weak, goofy, 2 move 7 footer. So CT I believe that GW lost a few recruits by not putting out a better product. Garrison was a beast to the least. Gist is heading that way. He should not shoot beyond 15 foot for this team. He is a monster in the paint when he chooses to. The post play will get him to the next level, not 3’s. The clay is not being molded very well which in turn leads tot he clay going elsewhere. If my kid is an average kid at 7 foot he is not going to GW to become no better. I would send him to WFU first. I have seen them make a post player better. Even Eric Williams got better, though he washed out.

  21. Al,

    Ibekwe doesn’t play scared, he plays dumb. I’m not going to spend a lot of time defending him, but he isn’t scared, he just takes stupid risks when he’s on the floor, in terms of fouls. Great shot blocker, but that’s partially because he doesn’t body up on his guy.

    Gist is good at hitting the shots away from the bucket, it draws his man out to allow the other post guy a better chance for a rebound, and this is the way the Flex works. Gist has become a better scorer for us since he’s been freed up to step away from the basket at times. He’s got a very good inside/outside game. Open your mind.

    Bowers has gotten better every year, he just hasn’t gotten good. He has a good fundamental understanding of the game, plays fairly well by now on defense, and passes the ball well. I hate seeing him take shots, but he is what he is, and he gives us some solid minutes so we can rest better players.

    Being hyped out of high school does not mean that a player will become a pro. Mike Jones had an incomplete game. He was a great shooter who did almost nothing else. Now he’s a great shooter who does nothing else particularly well. That’s not backward development, it’s a lack of basketball IQ. Gary has developed enough players by now that you shouldn’t doubt his ability to do so in general, and if it’s not Gary, it’s the player.

    As to the effort aspect, I agree, to some extent, but remember these are kids. There’s only so much that coaching can do.

    Duke is not better than us this year, not the way we’re playing right now. Duke has one of its worst teams in memory, and the voters are just in denial about it because they keep getting highly touted recruiting classes. I’ve been saying “they’re vulnerable and will be exposed” since the beginning of the year, and it’s showing.

    In short, you’re ignorant and pessimistic. If you’re going to be a Maryland fan, yeah, be pessimistic, but be better informed about it.


  22. Al V., please stop posting. You make no sense. Never have, never will. Thanks.

    You are a negative, whining, dingbat. Aren’t you the same person who said the loss to NC St in the 2002 ACC Trnmnt. ruined the Terps season? It had to be you, right? It couldn’t have been anyone else.

    You have serious issues, Al. Get help today.

    Kaze, keep posting. Excelllent mantra.

  23. You didn’t offend me, and I appreciate the importance of drive and pushing to reach a goal. However, of late the Terps have been playing well (certainly better than they were the last time they played FSU):

    Bowers – Has Bowers gotten better since he was freshman – sure he has. He isn’t great, but I don’t know any coach that can teach reaction time and quickness. Still, he has played with a ton of heart and its plausible to say that Gary was part of that.

    MJ – I agree with you that MJ’s time at MD has been a bit of a let down, but in high school you can be a great scorer, play no defense and still be an all star. At this level, you need to play D or you are a liability on the floor and Mike didn’t bring that initially. I don’t think the prognosticators did a good job of reading that weakness when he was leaving high school. Having said that, I still think he is enormously talented and can be a big part of a winning push this year.

    Gist – Gist may be floating out, but he is knocking down three’s like they are layups. I don’t know if you played in the past or play now, but after I hit a couple of long range shots, the guy gaurding me has to come out which opens up the inside for my teammates, makes him more likely to bite on pump fakes and gives me a lot more room to cut to the basket looking for the ball. Gist is very athletic, can move without the ball and has Hayes and Vasquez dishing out assists, so I would say that it seems to be working for him.

    Ibekwe – Hmmm… while I think he has great athletic ability, I will concede the point to you. I hope to have to eat my words in March.

    Dj – I criticized DJ this year just like you, but you have to give it to him for his performance over the last few games. For crying out loud, the kid won ACC player of the week, doesn’t that at least get him an at-a-boy?

    Gary – Look I coach myself, albeit at a much lesser and younger level than he does, and I do not yell at my players and don’t think it is the way to communicate or teach. However, I think the yelling we see on the court is reserved mostly for on the court. It has been said here before, the media loves to talk about what a hot head Gary is while ignoring many other prominent coaches who yell. Do I wish that GW was more like Tony Dungy, sure, but your statement that it “doesn’t work” is ridiculous, look at Gary’s resume as a coach.

    Recruiting/Athlete Behavior – You are right, we should all expect better from this program both academically and socially. I will look to the future and hope they right the ship. I think they are on the right path though, in that if you look at the write ups on the incoming class, there are a lot of “good student” and “solid all around” type comments.

    So while in general I agree that it is normal and acceptable to vent and chastise when the team, the coach or an individual isn’t performing to their capacity, when they do, you should offer AT LEAST as much praise, congratulation, and cheering.

  24. The Kyle Visser to Will Bowers comparison is absolutely laughable. If you look at them coming out of high school and wanted to project out how they would develop you’ve got to take lots of variables into account. You can’t place the responsiblity solely upon GW. He’s actually has quite a record at developing big men with less athletic body types; i.e. Lonny Baxter, Ryan Randle, Tahj Holden, Obinna Ekezie, etc. Thus, saying you wouldn’t send a big man to Gary Williams to improve has no merit.

    First of all according to Rivals.com Visser was a three star recruit, Bowers, a two star. Granted, these recruiting services don’t have the most validity as we’ve seen by high ranking recruits turning out to be busts, and lower lever recruits turning out to be great. Projecting how a high school player, especially one of such size at 18 years old is going to turn out is close to impossible. Some people mature into their bodies and gain the coordination that was lacking as their body was developing. This is not something that GW can fix. As a coach, you can’t personally, improve a player’s coordination, or foot speed, or lateral movement, or strength. You are not responsible for how men grow into their bodies.

    Also, Wake Forest is so depleted this year that a majority of the offense is run through Visser. Obviously, it would be hysterical and horrendously sad, if Maryland was in such a state of affairs that the offense needed to be run through Bowers.

    Visser is listed as 6-11 240lbs, Bowers at 7-1 270. Obviously that extra 30 lbs has an affect in overall quickness that should be more than apparent. The comparison is simply unjust.

  25. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother to reply to your posts though, and seemingly I’m not the only one here.

  26. Oh wow have an opinion and want a better product and I am ignorant. Flex whatever you want Gist is better in the paint. Bowers is not better and if you can’t coach and make kids better then you are not coaching. Alex I didn’t ever say anything about NC State and 2002. Matter of fact the only hurtful loss is Miami. The Virginia loss at home is offset by the Huge Duke win. This is where this team should be talent wise, the last four games that it. I believe if the Terps played GW, G’Town, and maybe even Mason that the Terps would know early how to get up for a game instead of waiting for the ACC to start. There wasn’t a ranked team on the sked until January and as we have seen that was Hype for Clemson. Maryland and Clemson played a bunch of nobodies until they met. Vermont, and Winthrop, with Illinois and MSU having off years was not preparation for ACC play. Call me ignorant if you want now but GW is admittedly looking for small conference foes. What about some big time teams that will toughen up the kids? Is playing a tough sked that gets you on National TV only for Tobacco Road?

  27. You obviously didn’t watch the MSU-Wisconsin game the other night, did you?

  28. I don’t even read Al’s posts anymore.

    You know the saying, “Play every game like it’s Dook.” The refs were calling that game as if it was Dook we were playing. If not for the refs, we would have totally blown FSU out. The constant calls also kept the game from having any sort of flow and rhythm. It was an ugly game except for the beginning of the second half when we took control.

    You have to credit our defense for keeping us in it when most of our starters were stuck on the bench for much of the first half. Losing MJ only 2 minutes in was bad because he’d hit a couple of 3’s right off the bat. The second foul on him was outrageous because he was just lying on the ground when the FSU guy fell over him. I don’t care if Jeremy is irritated we scored our first 18 points off 3-pointers. If they’re going down, keep shooting them. 3 points is better than 2 any day. You win any way you can.

    Bowers was alright, except for missing all his shots. He played hard. He bangs well, defensively, and passes well on the offensive end.

    Hayes was very impressive. He made some sick passes and a real nice inside move for a bucket. He has such incredible upside. Vas was kind of out of control, but he made some 3’s and some real nice passes. Os played real well, with more authority.

    I am really looking forward to the next few games. We can take UNC and then Dook on their own floor. We get up for these games and play our best. UNC is beatable. NC State hung with them for a half until they tired out. But we have good depth and can hang with UNC’s constant substitution of fresh bodies.

    Dook is severely overrated. Like the one person was saying, if Paulus is having a bad game, they are toast. We’re going to take them down again. Gary is already severely pissed off that they’re ranked again and we’re still unranked. I hope we continue to be unranked. Gary coaches better and the team always plays better when they feel disrespected.

  29. I just wanted to add that Gist, if he makes the NBA, will do so as a SF and not a PF. For that position, being able to shoot the three is tremendously important, and that IS what will get him to the next level.

  30. Yes I watched some of the MSU Wis game and that would not happen 3 out 4 times. But let downs occur. And yes Bowers phsyical conditiona dn coordination can be devloped by a coach. Baxter was the only talent out of thar group that got better. The rest were just big bodies that did nothing. And the best thing Baxter did since leaving is make the papers carrying a gun in DC. I am a realist and I realize that GW has a lot more talent that given credit for and seems to be a lazy recruiter and lacks devlopement with players. The title team had a bunch of motivated kids that wanted to be better and I think that spoiled GW. The rest have been waiting for th magic to happen.

  31. okay, now after reading your last diatribe, JUST LAST YEAR we had the 10th ranked schedule and because we won only 19 games, we were kept out of the NCAA Tournament. Last year we played against plenty of tough competition in our non-conference games, and were jobbed by the selection committee. This year, we played teams that would be good for our RPI, and it’s showing. We need 20 or more wins, a good RPI, and a .500 or better ACC record in order to make the Dance. That’s the way it works, and Gary did a great job of constructing this year’s schedule.

  32. I’m recommending a boycott of all future Al V posts. There is nothing factual about what you are saying. You make no compelling arguments that you use actual facts to try to convey a point. It is merely the ramblings of a delusional fan with atrocious grammar.

    To quote Billy Madison: “Mr. Vinchent, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

  33. Just so I don’t waste too much more time on this, Al can you please tell us what it is at this point that would make you happy? It obviously is not, a surging team with two outstanding freshman guards who are playing like upperclassmen, a group of seniors who appear to have figured out who to work and thrive in a system, a pogo stick, athletic jr. forward who can stroke it from three, at 12 feet and also finish with highlight reel dunks, a bench that has been carrying the load when called upon and an overall intensity level we haven’t seen in years. So what is it?

    If you are pissed about the past, lets really get into it. I mean, why just worry about this class, lets talk about other bad years for the terps. How about the decline of Terrance Morris in his senior year – clearly Gary’s fault right? We should also review the Len Bias tragedy as well, that was Lefty, but his son is on the staff now, so we should lump it in as well. How about that ACC tournament loss to NC State in the 70’s that kept us out of the the NCAA’s. What a pisser that was (I honestly don’t remember that one though, as I was only three or four at the time, but I won’t let that stop me if you won’t).

  34. why is it that idiots always think they know what they’re talking about? Obina Ekezie (sp?) developed phenomenally well over the course of his career. He was raw as a freshly shot deer when he got to campus, and left like a f*cking gourmet meal. He was one of our best free throw shooters in his senior season.

    Ryan Randle, granted, he didn’t noticeably develop, but only because we didn’t see him play in his junior season after he came here from junior college, so the only evidence is from his senior campaign, when he was a perfectly good player for us. Not just a big body who did nothing.

    Tahj Holden put on like 50 pounds and became a great inside defensive stopper while he was with us. Plus his shot selection got better and he became clutch as Hell, without ever complaining about his PT.

  35. E$ gets the award for best use of an Adam Sandler movie to accurately sum up the situation. Congratulations my freind, it is truly a prestigious honor.

  36. Ekezie went from playing soccer in Nigeria to basketball at College Park to making a couple NBA team rosters, most notably with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season. If that is not improvement, nothing is.

  37. It just dawned on me – ok guys I need you to do some visualization here and read the rest in the voice of Velma from Scooby Doo – “Al V is really Billy Packard. He’s been coming to the site to prep his material for the next Maryland game he calls.” Hey Billy, you suck!!!

  38. Number 14 sked if you read Pomeroy. The only pre ACC toughness was Gonzaga and GW and they were in tournaments not staright up sked. In 02 they played Ok, Az and Uconn before the ACC. Now that is something not mentioning Illinois in the ACC B10. Since they have not played anybody good on purpose. No, BIG East, B12, or anyone constantly on the NCCAB map. GTwon is 20 minutes away, why does the rivalry go to UNC and Duke not MD. Why does tobacoo road have 31 NBA players and the Terps have 6. Duke and UNC have the most. Are they better players, I don’t think so because the Terps keep beating them. So why can’t the Terps get the recruits that Duke and UNC get. I say it is national TV. The Terps are not on CBS, ABC, ESPN nearly as much because of the teams they chose to play.

  39. it is Billy Packer and he hates Duke. They did not offer him a scholarship. If you believe that I hate the Terps then call me any Baltimore. Washington area sports reporter

  40. NO. Any Baltimore/Washington area sports reporter knows how to make a point (even if it is a negative one by using factual accounts). Any Baltimore/Washington area sports reporter also know when to place a comma, or a semi-colon; or a period in a sentence to avoid creating a run-on.
    Any Baltimore/Washington area sports reporter would not spell Georgetown, GTwon. Or tabacco, tabacoo for that matter. Any Baltimore/Washington area sports reporter wouldn’t argue two points that weigh heavily against them, (1. Gary Williams’ record developing big men, and 2. That the Terps play a soft schedule.). And if any Baltimore/Washington area sports report did decide to argue these points, they would do so much more convincingly than you. You should not be mentioned in the same breath as any Baltimore/Washington area sports reporter no matter how mediocre they are. My little brother writes more convincingly for his middle school newspaper.

  41. The Terps are playing very well. It’s great to see that Gist has finally become our goto guy. He has so much talent, so feed him the rock. I think the key to their success the last few weeks is that they are pounding the ball inside. Hayes and Vasquez are making great decisions and the team is attacking the basket. I rather have Strawberry and Vasquez driving and penetrating than shooting the 3s. Mike Jones should not drive to the basket. He never seems to finish. He should stick to shooting 3s when open. I think the Terps will go to the NCAA now if even if they don’t win another game during league play. They should beat N.C.State at home though. If the team learns to rebound better in the next few days, they could do very well in the ACC tournament.

  42. You are right E$ I am not very grammatical and my Eastern Shore education or lack of does haunt me. If you think the Terps don’t play a soft non conference schedule then you are on the kool aid. If Gist play SF in the NBA then that team better be an expansion team because he is no SF. He is a PF. He is not the shooter at 6’9″ to play SF anywhere. He my fellow poster is No DIRK.

  43. It’s not your grammar that is the most frustrating thing about your posts (though that is the most glaring at first read, and certainly the easiest to pick on). It’s that you don’t cite any facts. It’s that there is no cohesive thought pattern that leads anywhere. It’s that you don’t reference websites, or statistics or even make astute observations of your own. It’s that you argue points with no merit and it makes you look crazy. I could get past all the typos, and misspelling if what you said made any sort of sense.

    Regarding the Terps non-conference schedule. Entering your team in a tournament (that you end up winning) with Michigan State, Illinois, and Texas is not soft man. St. John’s really isn’t a soft game either, if you take a look at some of the teams that they have beat this year (Syracuse, Notre Dame). Scheduling a scary Winthrop team that came within a last second prayer of beating Tennessee in the NCAA tournament is not a soft game either, it could’ve easily been an embarrassing loss on this team’s record.

    Gary has obviously been confounded (that means bewildered, which means puzzled or confused) as to the successful formula for getting into the NCAA Tournament. Thus, he has played around with the schedule this year to try and find the Terps a couple more wins (20+) that is seemingly necessary for at-large selection. Is the Terps schedule softer than last year? Yes. Can it be considered soft overall? No.

    I don’t even like kool-aid. That’s a cop out statement for when you can’t make an argument. Reading what you type it seems more apparent you’ve been drinking the WHISKEY than the kool-aid brotha.

  44. And, name a college player now outside of Kevin Durant who could draw a comparison to Dirk Nowitzki? (Though when I see Kevin Durant, I think more Tracy McGrady).

    There is only one Dirk, in the NBA, what would make you think a valid Dirk comparison could be drawn to a college player?

    Here is the post you should be replying to instead of me:
    Josh — February 22, 2007 @ 10:48 am
    I just wanted to add that Gist, if he makes the NBA, will do so as a SF and not a PF. For that position, being able to shoot the three is tremendously important, and that IS what will get him to the next level.

    And to be honest with you, Josh is right.

    Gist is listed as 6-8 223, which also happens to be the exact same size as SF Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies, or SF Rodney Carney of the Philadelphia 76ers, or SF Gerald Green of the Boston Celtics (If you watched the NBA Slam Dunk contest). Please note all these players fit almost the exact profile as Gist, obviously each being a little bit more polished and with a bit more pedigree/experience at this time.

  45. Provided that the RPI is not a perfect tool, it is a reasonably objective picture of how well a team is doing relative to the rest of the league. Whether the Terp’s schedule is soft or not (I don’t think it is), their RPI is strong. When considering whether Gary has done a good job of getting this team into/ready for the NCAA’s, you have to look at RPI over scheduling, since RPI considers strength of schedule as well as how you have performed against those teams.

  46. The reason GTown and MD don’t play is because GTown won’t schedule. Goes back to John Thompson and Lefty fued. Now with his son coaching I doubt that it will ever happen. There should be a tournament with MD, GT, GW and GM every year. Like they do with the five in Philly.

    If Gist is to make the NBA (a big if), he will have to play the 3 (SF). No way he plays PF. Way to skinny.

    I think Gary has shown that he develops players. Not all play in the NBA, but they have developed in college. And remember Gary does not get talent like UNC and Puke and never will. Talent is why you see so many UNC players in the pros.

    Lastly, MD always plays a hard schedule. Just look at there SOS over the years. Also, some of the games on the schedule are done 2, 3 or 4 years in advance. No one can predict how good that team is going to be in 3 years. I think they out of conference schedules are always good.

  47. Terps SOS comes from the friggin ACC not out of conference. And Maryland should get the same talent as UNC and Duke but GW can’t and their weak non conference schedule does not put them on TV nationally. The excuse becuase of a rift with Lefty and John Thompson is weak. GW could make it happen if he cared to. And Gist is not as talented as Green or Gray in the open court and probably won’t be but he can play back to the basket better than those guys. So what he needs 10lbs of muscle he can do that. The Terps should be a national powerhouse instead of the 2nd or 3rd best team in the region. Why can’t the Terps be that go to school. Why can’t GW get a top 15 class of recruits every year. Why can’t the Terps win the ACC every year like Duke did for a while? Why can’t this be a top 5 national powerhouse school? It has the tools. It should have been built up from 2002 team to a top 10 school, sweet 16, juggernaut, instead of NIT berths ever.

  48. All of the discussion on the development of talent is interesting and everyone is pointing the finger at Gary — which I believe is unfounded. Gary actually has a fairly good resume of developing lesser talent — on that resume is a National Championship won by a team of lesser players.

    Don’t forget that Lonnie Baxter and Juan Dixon were not heavily recruited and Gary took a chance with them. I would say their talent improved immensely over their career. If you want to talk about developing big men, not too many big time colleges thought much about Joe Smith. Gary may not have been fully responsible for devloping that talent, but he certainly recognized the potential. And if you want to talk about doofus 7 footers, don’t forget Mike Mardesich. Everyone at Cole Field House would groan when he came in the game, but by the time he left campus, he was a respected role player that gave us some great minutes and solid defensive intensity.

    Gary has done very well with the talent he recuits — so I don’t think coaching is the issue here, I think it’s the lack of solid recruiting.

    Regarding the Mike Jones commentaries, yeah he has some liabilities, but he is a stud athlete who could give us 20-25 per game — but we run no plays for him. Duke would run double screens for Reddick and Battier and they would bomb 3s all night — bet we could do the same thing with the same results. If you don’t believe this is true, look up a couple of ex-Terps (Jo Jo Hunter and Turkey Tilman) and see what they did when they left MD because their talents didn’t develop under the MD offense — and then wonder what MJ may have done elsewhere.

  49. Al Vinchent, I can barely read your posts, they’re so poorly written. How old are you? The Billy Madison quote was appropriate, not just substantively, but because Billy, much like Al Vinchent, needs additional secondary schooling.

    Seriously, I’ve got nothing but love for all you Turtle Soupers. But it’s time to cut Al Vinchent off. Just don’t respond to his comments. He’s a complete clown who (1) doesn’t understand college basketball, (2) probably doesn’t really watch games, given his lack of sense, and (3) likes to post blatantly pessimistic and incorrect nonsense on this blog just to get everyone worked up. It’s a waste of time arguing with him over what we all know are absolutely idiotic rants. Al V, it’s been real, but I’m done.

  50. Oh well. 58 years of Terps history behind me and I am stupid. I live through the weak years and even the Lefty/Bias garbage. The Wade years and was finally given light at the end of a tunnel by Gary only to see him squander away opprotunity to make my Terps the team to beat in the ACC. But I am stupid so fine I will just bitch to my wife and let you idiots drinks the empathetic we can’t compete with Duke and UNC crap. SO farewell. OUTIE 5000

  51. AV.

    Gist is not as talented in the open court as Green or GAY, however he is of the same build and athletic ability. His size, which even 10 lbs of muscle would not indelibly change converts to a SF in the NBA (there is no denying that).

    Simply take a look at the successful PF in the NBA and you would see there are no similarities between Gist and these players. Dwight Howard and Jermaine O’Neal are PF’s in the NBA. They are 6-10 265 lbs. Carlos Boozer is 6-9 270lbs. Amare Stoudamire is 6-10 255 lbs.

    The bottom line is, which you, of course missed is that Gist (while most likely not having NBA talent at the current time) projects to a NBA SF, and not a PF.

    You still fail to acknowledge lots of valid points made regarding the need for a change in scheduling to make Maryland a viable at-large NCAA tourney candidate. As well as the fact that scheduling is done by and large on a contractual basis and that many of these contracts are created multiple years in advance. I haven’t heard one pundit (Pomeroy, Lunardi, Bilas, etc.) comment on Maryland’s what you term ‘weak’ out of conference schedule having a detrimental impact upon our NCAA at-large chances, which is quote obviously the point of playing a regular season: TO MAKE THE TOURNAMENT, WHERE ALL THE TRUE NATIONAL MEDIA EXPOSURE SURELY IS.

  52. I’ve always felt that OUTIE 5000 was an under-rated valediction. :-)

  53. Moving off the AV subject for a moment and projecting the ACC tourney: We are currently in 5th place @7-6, Duke also 7-6. 4th place is BC @9-5. BC has Clemson & GT so likely will win at least one of those games and lock up 4th place. Top 4 don’t play on Thursday. We likely finish 5 or 6, depending if we beat Duke again (love to say that!).
    5 seed means we play at 2:00PM Thurs against Wake, with winner playing 4 seed (BC?) at 2:00 PM on Fri. 6 seed means we play 9:00 PM Thurs against probably Miami or NC St, with winner playing 9:00 PM Fri against 3 seed VA or VATCH.
    The only way to a 4 seed is we win out and BC loses out.

  54. 5 or 6 seed, I at least like our chances of winning 1 tourney game, and hopefully getting to at least 23 wins. It would be nice to avoid double digits in the loss column, hence winning at Duke would be HUGE.

  55. Man…I get busy at work and don’t check the Soup for several hours, and look at what I miss. I think everyone is coming down a bit hard on the Beaver (Al V.). We’ve got enough room in the Turtle Nation for a diversity of opinions, and to be honest, I thought Al was a non-MD fan just trying to get us all fired up.

    On another note about Will Bowers, Gary recruited him for 2 reasons. 1) You can’t coach height. 2) He went to the same high school as Rudy Gay. I bet Gary recruited Bowers because of the latter. John Thompson did the same thing at my high school in the late 1980s. He wanted Robert Churchwell so he recruited Mike Sable a year earlier. He landed Churchwell and Sable washed out.

  56. I enjoy AV’s posts (no matter how much I disagree with him and think they border on lunacy), and aside from poking fun, do try and refute his points in a respectful and informative manner.

    I can imagine; you show up to recruit Gay, it would probably be hard not to notice the 7’1″ guy standing next to him.

  57. As far as the AV comments go, why can’t anyone be the next Duke in the ACC. It is not as simple as winning a national championship, asking GW to turn this program into a Duke caliber program is outrageous. That is far to much to ask of anyone. Obviously, I hope that does happen, but it is not something to expect.
    I am very excited that this team seems to be coming together (contrary to my own predictions) and I do hope they can ride this wave into the NCAAs. They are peaking at the right time. Asking them to be a #2 seed is to much, #4 seed tops.

  58. Still a bit early to be projecting ACC tourney seeds, but here’s a quick stab at it.

    There is still a chance of MD getting a 4 seed and a first-round bye, but the odds are that of winning the lottery. What needs to happen is MD wins out and hope one of UNC, UVA, VT, or BC loses out. Unfortunately, MD got swept by UVA, VT, and BC, meaning Terps lose all tiebreakers to them. UNC and MD can both finish at 10-6, and MD would get the 4 seed since MD would have beat UNC in their only meeting.

    This puts the Terps at 10-6 and either UNC at 10-6 or one of UVA, VT, or BC at 9-7. It’s possible for BC and one of UVA/VT to be 9-7 (UVA and VT still play each other, so one will get to 10 wins and so 1 seed for the Terps is definitely out…) and UNC to be 10-6, putting the Terps as high as a 2 (!) seed.

    Remaining games
    UNC: @MD, @GT, Duke
    UVA: GT, VT, @WF
    VT: Miami, @UVA, Clemson
    BC: Clemson, @GT

    What’s interesting is that if this even gets close to happening, Clemson and GT would tremendously help their causes for getting into the NCAA tourney, giving the ACC 8 teams in!

    But looking again at the remaining games, the odds are bleak, what with UVA and VT still having to play one trash team a piece, not to mention each other. And I really can’t see UNC losing three straight to close the season, no matter how hard I dream. The best hope is BC, on a 3-game skid, to just collapse to two teams on the bubble and desperately needing wins quick.

    A much more likely (and easier) scenario is for MD to beat the Dukies at Cameron and win one other game to lock up the 5 seed. Simple, no?

  59. Hey, let us face it: the Terps won a game they could have lost.
    1. The Noles were injured and shallow, or….
    2. The Terps excelled in unusual ways, 3 pointers
    3. Gary drew a technical to send the refs a message, and the Noles confirmed it by missing both shots
    4. When Vaz excels (as in the 2nd half), everyone else rises
    5. The bench is deep, Boom deep

  60. UNC has already taken back the throne from Dook as top ACC program. They just need to win an ACC tournament to complete the takeover. The center of ACC basketball has always been the Triangle area in NC. Up here, college basketball kind of gets lost in the shuffle.

    I think that with the newly expanded ACC, and the fact the tournament will now only be held in NC every other year; this may help to displace the dominance. Coach K suspected this, which is a main reason he was very vocal against ACC expansion. But it is very tough to compete with UNC and Dook year in and year out because it is such a hotbed, and there is such great tradition there. Those teams are on national TV all the time and get valuable exposure. They are NCAA showcase schools and will never be targeted for any kind of violations. The success has become self-perpetuating and only something like the coaching turmoil UNC had could shake that. It is a shame we don’t have Georgetown in the ACC with us so we could have a rivalry comparable to Dook-UNC.

    Back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, my father and I used to dream of a scenario where all the ACC teams ditched the NC teams and got together with schools like Penn State, South Carolina, W. VA and Va. Tech, so that Maryland could get a fair deal in basketball. South Carolina always felt that the NC schools had the advantage, which is a main reason they left after 1971.

    The Carolina teams also always had a nice advantage in that three of their road games were within easy driving distance.

    Here’s hoping Clemson can get their act together and knock off the Dookies. Oliver Purnell used to coach under Lefty and I wish the best for him. He was either very brave or very foolish to take this job. Clemson has had the least success of any original ACC member. They’ve never won an ACC tournament and only finished first once (1990). They have never won a game in Chapel Hill. All they care about down there is football; they should have been in the SEC. Maybe Al can go to a Clemson blog and rant about how Purnell should be turning the Tigers into a Dook-caliber program.

  61. Not the prettiest display I’ve ever seen, but it was good to get the ‘W’. This team is showing something that they wouldn’t have shown even a little while ago. That’s why I think this team is bound for the NCAAs.

    Last night was one of the more fun nights I had covering a game…

  62. Whew. This discussion list isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s verging on a barroom brawl in cyberspace.

    Now, for some positive news. Based on last night’s performance, Ken Pomeroy, the stats guru, has moved MD up to 12th place, sandwiched between MSU and Pitt. VA Tech has sunk to 29th place, VA has cratered to 48th. Pomeroy’s ranking is a much better indicator of where teams stand in terms of recent performance than the politicized AP and Coaches poll. I’m starting to feel guardedly optimistic about March Madness–and most definitely about next season.

  63. Here’s the link: http://kenpom.com/rate.php

  64. Bleh… Tigers getting killed by the Dukies…

    So much for eight teams out of the ACC. Seminoles are dead. I don’t see Clemson winning their last three. GT is the last team with any outside chance and they need two of @UVA, UNC, BC.

    Maryland may be the last team to make it in out of the ACC this year…

  65. Samster got me thinking about South Carolina and do they regret leaving the ACC? Then into what ACC schools have produced the most NBA players versus other schools. The list according to:
    DUKE – 46
    NC St. – 40
    Maryland – 38
    Georgia Tch – 29
    Wake – 25
    FSU – 24
    BC – 22
    Clemson – 15
    UVA – 18
    VT- 11
    Miami – 7

    Other notables:
    Kentucky – 75 (the most I counted)
    UCLA – 71
    Syracuse – 30
    UConn – 23
    South Carolina – 22
    Georgetown – 33
    Ohio St & Mich St – 35 each

    Clearly Maryland is in the top 10 in developing NBA talent. I have no conclusion about South Carolina other than I suspect they wish they were part of the ACC

    This is through 2005 so I know a few more players are to be added, like Chris McRay being on the Bucks (IR) this year plus a host of other ACC school players.

  66. “His name is Chris McCray, his name is Chris McCray, his name is Chris McCray…” Name that reference.

    I do have one positive thing to say about Al’s posts: they do spark interest and debate, even if it’s entirely one-sided debate. It’s rare to encounter a “fan” who’s so mind-numbingly negative that he’ll bring out the inner optimist of everyone he meets. That’s why, Al, I’m awarding you a Gold Star! Everyone give him a hand!

  67. I can visualize this board on Sunday after we’ve pulled out a tight one over the Holes. Al will be complaining that we were outrebounded by two, Ibekwe didn’t play like Dirk Nowitzki, Hayes isn’t nearly as good as Steve Blake, and their bench outscored our bench, indicating a woeful lack of depth; why can’t Gary recruit more local kids?

  68. Did anybody see the Clemson-Duke game last night? That was just sad in so many ways. Clemson kept shooting themselves in the foot and the refs kept enabling Dook. Clemson is the more athletic team, and yet they did too many stupid things. And if they could have just made some free throws. Just sad. Gary and the boys are just going to have to go down to Cameron and show them how it’s done.

  69. Enough of the UNC/Duke envy. Enough of the gloomy predictions/seedings stuff. This little run has been great fun to watch. We’re deep, we’re playing smarter, and we seem fitter than the opponent at the end of the game in a whole bunch of high stakes battles. I’ve loved watching these guys develop over the season and over the years. I love seeing us win by outworking the other guys. I couldn’t care less about their NBA prospects. Cheering on a bunch of two years and out players is no great shakes. When was the last time we wacked 4 straight ACC teams by 10 plus points? Never have I seen us perform so well at the end of games at home and on the road (35-year fan)–they haven’t been nail biters.

    There are no limits for this team and there’s no insurmountable monster out there. Tourney wins come with grit, counterpunches and poise down the stretch. All of which we are showing. The biggest difference I see between this year and the last couple is we don’t seem to be catching the other guy on a great night. That probably has a lot more to do with guys buying ito GW’s defense than blind luck. Gary Forever!

  70. We win out.

  71. Final ACC Standings and tournament seeds (if we win out and barring any upsets)
    1. UNC 12-4
    2. UVA 12-4
    3. VT 11-5
    4. BC 10-6
    5. MD 10-6
    6. Puke 8-8
    7. GT 7-9
    8. Clem 6-10
    9. FSU 6-10
    10. Miami 5-11
    11. NCS 5-11
    12. WF 4-12

  72. Interesting DB article on GW’s poise. For all of his anger management issues, there is method to his madness.

    Click here: http://media.www.diamondbackonline.com/media/storage/paper873/news/2007/02/22/Sports/Williams.Refuses.To.Panic.Facing.Adversity-2735891.shtml

    Williams refuses to panic facing adversity – Sports

  73. Michael Wilbon continues the rehab of GW–in case some of you missed his column in today’s Washington Post.


  74. FF. Thanks for posting. I like Wilbon a lot.

  75. I like him too. I notice at least one poster on the Scheyer photoshop blog is pining for Al Vinchent’s return. I guess cyberbrawls are addictive.

  76. He’s pure entertainment. If I had his email addy, I’d write him to come back.

  77. fredneck terpnut has it right:

    “When was the last time we wacked 4 straight ACC teams by 10 plus points? Never have I seen us perform so well at the end of games at home and on the road (35-year fan)–they haven’t been nail biters.”

    Lot of Terp fans on this blog of course, but so many living in fear of disappointment.

    Look at the comments: hope we impress the selection committee.

    Hell, just win games. (the Terps players can do it!!!).

    Gary’s strength has always been his guards, and to paraphrase Shel Silverstien: Gary has two.

    And as Kaze says: “We win out”

    (could be more right than the timid dare believe, the Terps may not lose another game.)

    15 assists Sunday by Vaz and Hayes and UNC is toast.
    Get closer to 20 and the NCAA is toast.

  78. I think that the past two years have taught us that disappointment is a very real entity pertaining to this basketball team. Thus, I think many posters to this board await victories with bated breath, despite being hopelessly optimistic.

    Regardless, it’s difficult to be negative concerning this teams play over the past two plus weeks, it really seems that they’ve found that spark again, and it’s quite refreshing to say the least.

    I believe that North Carolina is a very beatable team. They are mistake prone. They are prone to cold shooting nights. They are quite young, and haven’t proven that they can perform on the big stage yet. I believe that if Maryland protects the basketball, avoids early foul trouble, rebounds the ball with even a limited measure of success, and has a solid shooting night that victory is certainly within grasp. I’ve gotta say this is the most excited I’ve been all season about this team and their potential, and I know many agree with me. Let’s hope Comcast is packed, although I can’t see how it won’t be, I’ve seen tickets selling on Craigslist for 250 bucks a piece. If you can’t get excited for a shot at one of the best teams in the nation at your own court, then you can’t get excited period!

    Kaze is infectious. We win out! Fear the turtle.

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