Duke Listed As Six Point Favorite Tonight Against Terps

A little history lesson. Maryland has been underdogs in 9 of the last 10 games against the Blue Devils. The result? Maryland has 5 wins. You’d think at some point the betting public would wise up and give Maryland a little support tonight. No luck. The Terps are heading into Cameron as 6-point dogs.

The game will be a tough one and I refuse to predict a Maryland win (especially because of our tendency to get in foul trouble, and the refs tendency to support Duke), but I expect a close game.

This is not the Duke team of old. Sure they are on a four game win-streak, but those wins have come against some slumping teams (except for what I think is an undermanned Ga Tech squad). Let’s see how they perform against a surging Terps squad.

Look for General Greivis to take it to Paulus. He is a liability on defense and our guards should be able to get into the lane against him. Penetration will key easy baskets and open things up for Gist, Strawberry, and Ibekwe on the interior.

Ibekwe and Gist must avoid foul trouble at all costs. The refs will be looking for any excuse to blow the whistle in Durham tonight.

Go Terps.



  1. The Terps are clearly better than Duke. That said, winning on the road is never easy in the ACC. The Terps have to keep on pounding the ball inside to take advantage of their superior athleticism. Feed the ball to Gist. They also need to out rebound Duke to win. And finally they have to guard the 3’s. You don’t want Duke jumping out to an early lead hitting lots of open 3’s.

  2. Duke on Senior Night? This may be the best chance we’ll have in a while of winning in this situation. This is down year for Duke and we match up well with them. I expect Osby to play a better game than he did last time. All of the bigs should play well if they don’t get into foul trouble (note the “if”) . Vasquez needs to have a monster game and he certainly could playing against Paulus. And by the way, does Duke even have a senior?

  3. Well, in the Florida State game at our crib, the refs were acting as if the FSU guys were wearing Dook unis. And we overcame that, due to our excellent bench strength. And Puke is not that great a free-throw-shooting team this year. They can’t bury people from the charity stripe the way they used to do.

    Agreed with you Jeremy that GV needs to take Paulus to the hole every chance possible. Paulus may be the slowest point guard in America. But he has been shooting very well lately behind screens. Greivis is going to have to get physical tonight.

    It would not surprise me in the least if some day we find out that Dook was paying off the refs all these years. It is really more the fouls which don’t get called, like when someone drives in against the Pukesters and gets bumped and hacked like crazy; the announcers say, “Lots of contact, no foul called.” Then some foul you don’t even see gets called on the other team where you’re going, “Huh?” None of their slapping, bumping, or handchecking ever gets called. I’ve seen plays where Dook players knock somebody to the floor and the refs call the foul on the guy on the floor!! One ACC coach said awhile back that the genius of Dook is that all their players foul constantly so the refs don’t know who to call a foul on, and so only the most blatant fouls get called (and even then, only sometimes!).

  4. Answering post 2:
    Puke’s only senior is a benchwarming walk-on guard named Joe Pagliuca. He’s only played 1 minute all year. So it is a really odd Senior Night for them. I think our Seniors are very motivated now that the end of their careers is in sight. This could be their last chance to smoke Puke, so I think they’ll be psyched.

  5. Doesn’t this mean that according to tradition Pagliuca has to start the game?

  6. “Coach Krybaby he is pain in my assholes. I get a window from a glass, he must get a window from a glass. I get a step, he must get a step. I get a clock-radio, he cannot afford. Great success.”


  7. One other thing we could really use tonight, MJ picking up where he left versus the Heels and playing like the star player we have all felt he is capbable of being. No disappearing act tonight! I’d like to see him get 24+ tonight with most of it coming in the paint. If were going to make any type of run in the Tourney, we’re going to need him to play a big role. I know we’ve been saying this for 3+ years now, and I think many have given up on it ever happening; however it is not too late for him to emerge as a serious, serious threat. It would force other teams to pay a whole lot of attention to him and open up things even more for DJ and Vasquez. Go Terps!

  8. I believe we have the talent to win this game. Gary has been game coaching off his ass the last month. dook sucks. DJ would love to spoil their senior night…

    …fine, I’ll say it…this reeks of potential CTLD. I know nobody wants to say it, but we are all thinking it. I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen.

  9. WWO.

  10. I give up. What’s CTLD? I’m guessing it isn’t good.

  11. something…typical or Terp let down. WWO…cue Kaze.

    If Ronald McRoberts gets two fouls before halftime, MD wins. If he fouls outs, MD wins by double digits. He’s the only player that can hurt MD, but MD has a deeper front court and can lean on him all game. Without him in the game, MD can swarm the 3 point shooters.

    The fact that Dook and MD have almost identical profiles (except MD has more quality out of conference wins…that Miami loss is what separates Dook’s RPI from MD’s) yet rated higher in the polls is ridiculous. Every 11 – 14 seed in the NCAAs will love to draw Dook in the first round.

    As for senior night at Dook, it’s senior night for McRoberts. He’ll leave after this year and suck in the pros (while making millions…what a f-ed up world).

  12. FF – I figured it out and refuse to speak the phrase. But let me say this is not the classic situation for the Terps to let down in. We have something special going on here–a convergence of circumstances–that made itself apparent during the first Duke game when they made a run at us in the second half and we shooed them away like flies. It was time then to start believing. Here’s a couple of reasons we win tonight: (1) At the sunset of disappointing careers at MD, our seniors are in the midst of a run for redemption. They always had talent, but now they believe in themselves at last. Belief in yourself is the single greatest factor in sports, bar none. (2) Duke’s young, and they do not yet have that Duke belief in the inevitability of winning every time they’re on the court. The Rat-Faced Man has so much as said so in interviews. They’ve lost six–count ’em–six ACC games. They know they’re no better than we are. (3) Greivis. A buddy of mine and I were up at Towson U. last summer at the Charm City Classic. We got to see this kid. We knew it then. He’s our next Juan. The louder they get in Durhamburg, the more he’ll thrive tonight. And, in case you’re wondering about a team led by freshmen going into Cameron for the first time, well, it’s that convergence of circumstances again: there just happen to be seniors galore to steady them. We will win out.

  13. Kaze – Jeezum. You should go on the sportscenter version of Dr. Phil. Just when I was armoring myself for inevitable disappointment, you’ve made me a believer. The idea that Greivis might be the second coming of Juan Dixon is effing delicious. Still, I’m worried … about Demarcus Nelson. I don’t know why. He hasn’t had a real breakout game recently. But for sheer athleticism, I rank him only a hair behind Al Thornton. Maybe DJ can contain him. The rest of the Dukies are ordinary. Let’s hope the front court–and strong rebounding–come through for us.

    This may be heretical, but I have a grudging respect for Krzyzewski. Do I lose my posting rights?

  14. Sucked

  15. hehehe

    The upset Duke fans all pouting with 40 seconds to go in the half it priceless!

  16. MIke, I had the SAME thought!

  17. First half observations of what I saw.

    The whole teams is not going to Puke’s pump fakes.
    Overall defense seems good.
    Osby has been clearing the boards.
    Jones can’t finish while taking it to the hoop.
    Where’s Gist?

  18. If not for some bad turnovers the Terps should be up by double digits. I am concerned with the defense giving up so many 3 pointers. Gary said at the end of the half that they are allowing too much penetration but I disagree totally. Osby and the big men are making it tough for Duke to finish in the paint but when the guards collapse they are leaving Duke’s shooters open for easy looks. Mike Boehm I agree totally I kept waiting for them just to switch to the game who wants to see 30 seconds take 15 minutes in the UConn game that was ridiculous.

  19. I’m not worried about the 3 pointers as far as the Terps defense goes. (It concerns me in THIS game, just not overall)

    3 pointers is what Duke does. It’s what they’ve done for years. They thrive on the 3 point shot. No team is going to completely take that away from them.

  20. Bah…message sent too early…

    Anyway, like I said…

    No team is going to take the 3 completely out of Duke’s game. The key is to limit it and force them into the net as much as possible. The Terps are doing that tonight and Duke’s missing shots in the paint that MD is coming off the boards with.

    That’s how you beat this team and the Terps are getting it done!

  21. I love it so far! The Crazies look scared! Please let this keep up!!!!!

  22. I hate Paulus so much he soo sucks. I can’t wait for someone to dunk on him again! We need to get more screens to Jones. He’s hot and will make those crazies go home crying to mommy.

  23. Don’t worry about hating Paulus, Andrew! That 4th foul puts him in a very dangerous position! hehehe

  24. We’re playing very stupidly right now. Sloppy, bad movement, bad passing…this is looking like the Miami game.

    Listen to Mike Patrick “That was a flop!” You mean like EVERY charge that Duke draws?

  25. Okay now the Terps’ lack of defense is beginning to irritate me.

    They need to keep the pace fast. Duke doesn’t hang well with that constant rush.

  26. Yeah we need to take our time now. Those stupid Turnovers hurt big time. We bailed them out with that last foul. Screen for jones let him hit a 3 and shut up those annoying Crazies.

  27. The refs let McRoberts get away with everything. Fouls, traveling, etc. When they do call a foul on him, he bitches just like his coach. Makes me sick.

  28. McRoberts… Lottery pick HAHAHA try 2nd rounder.

  29. He also should have been called for a 3 second violation. I swear he was inthere for about 5 seconds. Oh well. We knew that would happen though. Let’s build this lead back up and sweep these f*ckers.

  30. He’s a product of Coach K. Of COURSE he cries about everything.

  31. Brian I’m totally with you bro. I got a broom waitin to be put in my bosses office tomorrow morning (she a duke alum)

  32. Wow. And the Oscar for best fake foul in an ACC game goes to…


    (We got away with murder by having Duke called on that push off)

  33. go figure ESPN feed is down and only audio.. DAMMIT

  34. ESPN is killing me tonight. Just killing me!

  35. ESPN is pathetic. Camera must have broken when they focused on one of the acne-scarred Crazies…

    Yes, I’m a 4-year-old.

  36. FINALLY!!! YES Network2 finally got it’s act together

  37. Let’s get this to 11 so there can be NO repeat of the gone in 54 seconds game!!!

  38. everyone say it with me.. OVERRATED!!! OVERRATED!!!

  39. Time to make those FT boys!! GO TERPS!

  40. Thank god…37 seconds left. I still can’t breath right against Duke if the lead is less than 11 with any more than 51 seconds left on the clock.

    I know it’s been 6 years, but I’m not over that yet.

    Now…where’s the broom I keep for those occasions when I want to waive it around and scream?

  41. More technical difficulties…funny. Duke is experiencing technical difficulties, and their flagship network experiencing the same…coincidence?

  42. They are spending $50 million on a PRACTICE facility?

    Goodness…did some rich father’s dunce child need to pass a course or something?

  43. Beat NC State and we SWEEP the state of North Carolina! Have we ever done that before?

  44. Wow.. its QUIET there… VERY QUIET!!! I LOVVVVEE IT!!!

  45. Can you say overrated. Duke’s guards, no whole team is incredibly unathletic.
    Surprisingly, I think we got most of the calls in this game, but would have won anyway.
    Osby sat on the bench the whole second half, but I can’t complain, Gist and Ibekwe were holding down the inside.
    If Duke is ranked ahead of the Terps in the next poll I WILL VOMIT!

  46. The swept the dickhead and his boys. Very nice.

  47. WE OWN DUKE! Now go shove that 14th ranking up ESPN’s ass!

  48. Ebekwe had a nice game in part because they were doubling Gist.

    Puke has no play makers. Henderson and Nelson just go one on one. The other guys are spot shooters. Someone is going to get lucky and draw them in the NCAA’s.

  49. Ummmm yeah.. hey coaches poll get this right.. DUKE should be UNRANKED and we should be ranked ahead of them. DAMN I’m going to sleep happy tonight.

  50. Unbelievable. 9-6 after starting at 2-5. I thought the season was over. It’s only just beginning.

  51. we have room on the waggon

  52. Please see post #12, above. And a lovely good night to all. WWO.

  53. Great move by Gary taking Eric Hayes out of the game in the last 7 minutes. He was making terrible decisions and getting beaten by Paulus left and right.

    Great win the seniors once again played great. Doesn’t it make everyone wonder where these guys have been? This is how the Terps should play and for some reason it’s taken them until the last few weeks of their college careers to figure it out. DJ played great defense and slashed to the hoop, Ibekwe intimidated Roberts and Mike Jones now can do something besides shoot wide open 3’s.

    Hopefully a win against NC State will put the Terps in position of not playing Thursday. Remember when Gilchrist and the guys won the ACC title then had nothing left for the NCAA’s? The way the Terps are playing now no one will want to play them in the tourney!

  54. “If Duke is ranked ahead of the Terps in the next poll I WILL VOMIT!”

    Why put yourself through that? You KNOW Duke’s going to be better ranked than the Terps next week. You KNOW it.

    But who cares? Maybe we’ll get a 3rd chance to beat their pathetic overrated butts in the ACC Tourney and show the AP just how little they know about college basketball!

  55. I’ve never been more proud to be wrong earlier in this season when I gave up on this team.

    Congratulations to Gary and all of the Terps on this amazing turnaround!

    Even if we lose every game the rest of this season, I will never doubt Gary again. until next year’s losing streak ;)

  56. This what I signed on for 40 years ago. These nights. These glorious nights in the ACC. I agree with whoever said it earlier. It’s always worth it. What a run! I remember some of us scoffing at DJ when he said they might run the next 7 games. The guy looks like a genius now. What a great game! Can’t wait to get to work tomorrow. Oh, I’ll try to be humble, but…….

  57. Terps really look like a TEAM. Solid ball movement, everybody’s involved … I mean, how many guys scored in double figures tonight?

    Osby intimidated McRoberts in the 1st half. He was a monster on the boards. Don’t know why he didn’t play as much in 2nd half, although as was said earlier, Ebekwe was playing great defense tonight.

    Hope we can keep this rolling in the ACC Tournament. Would love to see them get to 4th and not have to play on Thursday, although I would love to see them clean Miami’s clock in a rematch.

  58. I believe we’ve won 5 of the past 7 at Cameron…wow! Just…wow!

    I have to ask again…have the Terps EVER swept the state of North Carolina? We have an opportunity this Saturday!

  59. #53 – Kaze – your Rorschach assessment of the seniors’ psychology was dead on (see #12). All of them played great. The key, IMO, was DJ’s containment of DeMarcus Nelson. I guess we win out. Unless we have a CTLD against State, which is hard to imagine.

  60. The more I think about it, the more I want to see Duke in the ACC Tourney. Nothing like a triple sweep!

  61. Post #54 John – That was key in the win late in the game. Vasquez ran the point much better than Hayes did all night. Hayes was picking his dribble up and making bad passes.

    Osby did not play that much in the 2nd half because there was no foul trouble and like a few have said Ebekwe was playing well. Ebekwe was matched with Zoubek for a lot of the 2nd half. He knew he could take it.

    Great win. It was a joy to watch with the exception of the ESPN crap early and late.

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