One Last Jab at the Dukies.

I simply can’t resist. Whomever clicked this gem, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If anyone knows the kid holding the “ly gay” sign, hug him for me.  I love how they captured nerd #2 looking up at the sign.  Brilliant.
Clearly the photo is from last year (aka the only two times Duke has been Maryland in its last seven tries), but who cares. It is a work of art.

With Tech’s win tonight, does that leave any room for Tech to jump ahead of Duke in seeding for the ACC Tournament. Seeing the Blue Devils as the 7 seed would be glorious. That could pave the way for a potential first round exit. Oh how the mighty have fallen.



  1. I said this on the pwn3d thread, but it’s relevant here, too……

    To get a first round ACC bye I have to hope dook wins? No way. Can’t do it.

  2. Nothing new here, but note the Terp love from Krzyewski in the last graf:

    A Balto Sun columnist picks crow feathers from his teeth:,0,4744184.column?coll=bal-college-mbasketball

  3. Best.



    Seriosuly this is better than that kid crying on ESPN when Duke lost a few years ago.

  4. I can’t stop laughing . . .

  5. RE: the last thread:

    When was the last time anyone saw a player from any team go into Camoron and impose his will on that place, that coach, and that team? Joe Smith in his “My Sports Center Moment” game…perhaps. Lenny did that at UNC. My point was that Vasquez can do things, even now, that Juan couldn’t do even as a senior. In my opinion, what I saw against Dook was a player realizing that he could dominate a “franchise” team on their home court. Seriously, when was the last time anyone has seen that from a MD player. Juan never did that because he needed someone to get him the ball. The frosh-frosh comparison between the two isn’t even a comparison, and the frosh-sophomore between the two isn’t one either. Vasquez has the ability and maybe now the mentality to pull a Carmelo Anthony. He is as complete of a player now as we have seen in a MD uni in at least a decade. Can he carryover this performance, yes. Will he? I’d need Kaze-stradamus to tell me that.

    By the way, I love CT’s tempered outlook…seriously. CT’s never too high, never too low. Laid back….

  6. Jeremy, you are indeed correct. If Puke beats UNC and we win, then we get the 4th seed over UNC.
    Puke could pull it off, the way the Holes have fallen down.

    And if UNC wins, and GT beats BC at home, then Puke would fall to the seventh seed behind GT.

    Congrats to UVA. Barring an upset at Wake, they win their first outright ACC title since ’81 when they had Ralph Sampson. The AP article today says they won the title in ’95, but it was a 4-way tie with Wake, UNC and….Maryland. That was the year everybody beat up on Puke and they went 2-14.

  7. II don’t think the Terps care who they play anymore. When you have confidence and a swagger like the Terps you don’t care who and where you play. The Terps now can beat ANYONE! Including the Sonics if we can get Wilcox to use his two years of eligibility and play for the Terps.

  8. Wheels,

    But see you can also make the point conversely. You state that “My point was that Vasquez can do things, even now, that Juan couldn’t do even as a senior.”

    Yet, you could also say that Juan did things that you haven’t yet seen Greivis do.

    He was a superior one on one defender as evidenced by his average of 2.7 SPG, and owning the Maryland record for most steals. He also defended the passing lanes more effectively. Please note Vasquez, is averaging 1.1 SPG. Even Juan’s freshman year, playing only 14 MPG he averaged 1.5 SPG.

    He was a superior free throw shooter, as evidenced by his 90% FT shooting. Please note Vasquez is averaging 81.9%. Juan averaged 84% his freshman year.

    Surprisingly, he has better rebounding numbers as well despite being a much smaller guard. Juan averaged 5.5 RPG his sophomore year (his highest ever), 4.6 RPG his senior year. Please note, Vasquez is averaging 3.3 RPG.

    He was a superior 3 point shooter. Juan averaged 37.1% from 3 his freshman year, and 40% through his four years. Please note, that Vasquez is averaging 33.1% right now from 3.

    Also: Juan averaged 2.5 Turnover Per Game, Vasquez is averaging 2.9.

    Surely, all of these categories provide a valid display of all-around effectiveness that a COMPLETE PLAYER displays. I still say you have to have more evidence before drawing such a comparison. I’m not saying Greivis won’t display marked improvements in these areas of inferiority in a statistical analysis between him and Juan, just saying he hasn’t shown he is more complete yet.

    And the Carmelo Anthony analogy simply is not valid. I won’t even address it.

  9. At least the Power 16 on ESPN got it right.

  10. Excellent breakdown by E$. Wheels, I understand where you’re coming from with Vasquez, but the comparison just doesn’t work. They’re different players who had different roles on their respective teams. Not to mention Juan was never called on to be such a major contributor during his freshman year. Don’t get me wrong; Vasquez is a great talent, without a doubt first team amongst ACC rookies. But he’s still young, and he can definitely improve in certain areas.

    Man . . . the bandwagon is alive and well, isn’t it? So great. I can’t tell you guys how pumped I am for the ACC Tournament. It’s gonna be crazy.

    Props to ESPN for giving us our respect, and for putting Duke in its place. I don’t care how the seeding shakes out for next weekend, I can’t bring myself to root for Duke over Carolina. Ever.

  11. Stupid question. What is LY?

  12. Vas is still just a freshman. To start comparing him to Juan already is not fair and is unnecessary, IMHO. Juan Dixon is the greatest player Maryland has ever had. He was the catalyst for the national championship run, and was a tremendously complete player, as E$ illustrated in his excellent analysis. Anyway, the announcers are always comparing Vas to Manu Ginobili. Vas and Juan don’t play the same way, really. Juan was never as brash as Vas. He’s like our Wojo, except much more skilled. Thank God none of our guys go around slapping the floor all the time like Wojo used to do. That was so lame, and idiots like Dukie V. would always go ga-ga over that.

    Vas still plays a bit out of control at times. It is great that he has the fiery intensity, but sometimes he needs to rein it in a bit. I also think he can work more on his outside shot and make it smoother. He has the potential to be deadly from the perimeter, as we saw the other night.

  13. Grayson, in what context do you see LY being used?

  14. I got it! Thanks!

  15. I would rather Duke lose again and GT win and see the devils as a #7 seed than cheer for Duke to win. Just can’t do it.

    And that kid looks like Hurley from Lost

  16. Wheels/E$ – Stats are good, but they don’t tell everything that happens during a game. Juan was clutch his last two years, even when everyone else around him was having sub-par games. Vasquez has had a good run, but MJ, DJ, EZ and Gist have all been playing well, too. Vas has the potential, but to compare him as a freshman with Juan as a senior is just ridiculous.

  17. The Vas-Ginobili comparison I think is decidedly more fair in terms of playing style. Both are slashing/attacking guards that use penetration and kick outs effectively, have average outside shooting abilities, but a better skill at being able to create their own shot. Both have been known to play out of control at times.

    I always wondered how Juan could get his own shot off so often, being 6-2 and 160lbs. His court speed, footwork, and dedication to moving with out the ball are really quite impressive. I want to say similar to a poor-man’s Reggie Miller (at least his more recent play in the NBA). His body control and form are also quite impressive.

    I agree, Greivis could use a little bit more work on becoming more fluid from outside of the arch. He is clutch though, he hit two huge threes to close out the first half against Duke. Often however, he fires ill-advised threes, with out bigs set up under the basket and an enormous amount of time on the shot clock. I think he’ll get much better at this as he matures.

  18. “And that kid looks like Hurley from Lost”

    HA! It is! I’m slow, but just realized the photoshop work……still very funny.

  19. Stevend. We are in agreement. It’s an unfair comparison to make. I’ve more than said that in my previous posts, in this thread and the prior one.

    Please note that stats are the most definitive and least subjective measure that we have for comparing players, and to dispute that would be absurd. Also, it is unfair to compare freshman to freshman stats between the two players because Grevis averages 14 more minutes a game, or double the amount of time that Juan played his freshman year.

    Thus, I tried to include some objective stats as well pertaining to %’s, such as three point shooting and free throw percentage. I also noted several of Juan’s stats from his freshman year. Perhaps you missed this? I.E. In 14 MPG his freshman year, Juan average more steals per game than Greivis did in 28 MPG.

    To deny Juan’s impact as a face up, one on one defender against some of the better 2 guards in the ACC is to not realize the whole picture. Average almost 3 SPG is game changing, many of those coming off of defending the passing lanes quite well and leading to easy Maryland points.

  20. And IMOHO opinion, Juan’s defense, when coupled with a killer outside shot, and being totally clutch from the FT line is what made him such a COMPLETE, all around player, which is what Wheels was originally arguing in favor of Greivis for.

  21. Agreed. I read these things too fast sometimes. My bad

  22. I can’t agree with the Baltimore Sun columnist that Gary will get ACC COY. I think Leitao will get it, because it is a minor miracle when UVA has a winning season, much less tops the ACC. The ‘Hoos were picked to finish 8th. I miss Pete Gillen. We owned his Cavaliers.

  23. Jeremy, have you explored the possibility that we can snag a first round bye in the ACC tourney? So far all Ive heard is that we clinched at least 5th. If we beat NC State and UNC loses to Duke, we would both have 10-6 conference records and the Terps would have the tiebreaker by virtue of head to head win. A bye would be very helpful IMO, one less game to play before the NCAA and one less chance to hurt our profile with a loss to an ACC bottom-feeder.

  24. Samster.

    I couldn’t agree more. I think Gary has done a marvelous job with this team. They are playing amazing, and more importantly, at the right time.

    But, when your team is picked to finish 8th in the conference and you finish 1st. It’s hard to not vote for Leitao.

  25. I still can see the picture when I load the page, perhaps its my work web filter that is blocking it for some reason. And I now know why Grayson was asking what LY stands for. Ha.

  26. Regarding Juan and his performance at Cameron: someone please look up his stat line from that 91-80 Terp vicotry during his junior year. He was unstoppable in that game. Another point is that the quality of the Duke teams that played host during Juan’s years as compared to this year’s version is huge. Those Duke teams won a National title and challenged for two others. No comparison to Ronald McRoberts and crew.

    We can all agree that Greivis has a really high ceiling, but in the words of Bill Parcells, let’s put away the annointing oil for now.

    Regarding UM as a #4 seed, it is possible as Duke will be playing their collective asses off in the Dean Dome; but I won’t be able to watch it. I can’t possibly root for Duke under any circumstance (unless Maryland needed a Duke win to the make the Tournament or something like that).

    I hope for the day that Duke sucks so bad that I don’t actively root against them. Where sweeping them is no big deal. At that point, I would be able to situationally root for Duke in circumstances like this.

  27. Sort of off the point, but there is one play that epitmizes the Maryland/dook…..

    Towards the end of the first half, Jason Williams was dribbling and glanced at K to get an instruction….Blake stole the ball and went in for a layup to end the half. I still chuckle at that.

    Worth two points, but the look on Williams face….priceless.

  28. Jeremy,

    Dixon’s line for the 91-80 thrashing of Duke was:
    28 pts, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 5 steals. (11-20 FG) (2-3 3P)

    Blake had 11 dimes in that contest.

    That Duke team was stacked when compared to this year’s version. Battier, Williams, Duhon, Boozer, Dunleavy. 5 guys that went on to play NBA ball. And we rocked them 48-30 in the second half.

  29. Is it true that if we beat NC State and UNC loses that we get a #4 seed?

    Anthony made it seem more complicated than that in the other thread.

    He said:

    Current Standings
    UVA 11-4 (@Wake)
    VT 10-5 (Clemson)
    UNC 10-5 (Duke)
    BC 10-5 (@GT)
    MD 9-6 (NC St.)

    Must happen: MD wins, UNC loses

    Option #1: VT loses (all 3 and 4-way tiebreakers with UNC and VT give MD the 4-seed)
    Option #2: VT wins and UVA loses (VT would be the #1 seed, MD gets the 4-seed no matter what BC does)
    Option #3: VT, UVA and BC win (leaves MD and UNC in a 2-way tie, which MD wins)

    So actually, the only way MD doesn’t get the 4-seed would be if VT and UVA win and BC loses.

  30. Is it true that if we beat NC State and UNC loses that we get a #4 seed?

    Yes. We (Maryland and UNC) would end up with identical ACC records (10-6) and the tiebreaker would be head to head play. Owning the W over UNC, we would be the #4 seed.

  31. At least, I think that’s right. Re-reading what Anthony wrote certainly makes it appear more complicated then I originally thought. Time to do some research real quick-like.

  32. ACC tournament seeding procedures:

    Thus, if it’s just us and Carolina that finish 10-6, we would be the 4 seed. If its a three way tie, it gets a little more complicated. I’m reading through it now.

  33. This is real easy, gentlemen.
    The only way we get a 4 seed is if we win and if the Pukesters beat the Holes.
    We lost our games to BC and VT, so they trump us in seeding, even if they both lose and we end up tying them at 10-6.

  34. That’s what I thought. As usual, I ended up over-analyzing it just to make sure it was as easy as it seemed.

  35. Damn, there is a way we could end up with the 5th seed even if we win and UNC loses. My bad.
    When two teams tie, the tiebreaker is the head-to-head record. When three or more teams tie, it is how you did against the other teams you’re tied with. And, obviously if we are in any kind of tie scenario with ONLY VT and/or BC, we lose. This is what I had been thinking.

    Let’s say VaTech beats a desperate Clemson team in Blacksburg, BC loses at GT, creating a 3-way tie between BC, UNC and us at 10-6.
    BC was 1-1 (beating us, losing to UNC)
    We were 1-1 (beating UNC, losing at BC), and UNC was 1-1.
    So we have to go to the next tiebreak procedure, which is to compare records against the highest team in the standings. Uh-oh. We were 0-2 against UVA. UNC and BC both beat UVA.
    (BC would get third seed because they beat the Hokies, the second place team in this scenario.)

    In a three-way tie with VT, UNC and us if BC wins at Ga Tech and VT loses to Clemson:
    Va Tech gets 3rd seed: 3-0
    Maryland gets 4th seed: 1-1
    UNC 5th: 0-3

    We also get a 4-seed in a 4-way tie at 10-6.
    VT gets 2nd seed with a 4-1 record. They beat UNC twice, split with BC, and beat us.
    BC would get the 3rd seed, with a 2-2 record. They split against VT, lost to UNC, but beat us.
    We get the 4 seed over UNC because they only had a 1-3 record, losing twice to VT, to us, and beating BC. We were only 1-2, but that beats 1-3.

  36. Stevend,
    Thanx for the clip! Always love rehashin good memories. One A-hole Dookie in my office mentioned “lost in 50 sec’s” when I approached him about Wed’s game.
    What a dick. And we’ve won how many since?

  37. Terps are not automatically the 4-seed if they beat NC St. and UNC loses. Look at what happens if UVA and VT both win and BC loses:

    UVA 12-4
    VT 11-5
    BC 10-6
    UNC 10-6
    MD 10-6

    BC, UNC, and MD are in a three-way tie. Combined head-to-head is 1-1 for all three, so we go to record against #1 seeded UVA:

    UNC 1-0
    BC 1-0
    MD 0-2

    MD is eliminated, and UNC beat BC, so it would be UNC #3, BC #4, MD #5. I probably could have made my previous post clearer. Root for any one of these three things to happen this weekend (in addition to MD and *gag*):

    1. VT losing to Clemson
    2. UVA losing to Wake
    3. BC beating GT

  38. Latest Bracketology…Lunardi has Dook (6) playing Mo St (11). Dook wants no part of that game, so I hope to see it happen.

    Although I stand by my blasphemous post re: Vasquez/Dixon, I have been properly chastened. By the way, the key to statistics is to try and make the best apples to apples comparison as possible; thus minutes played and year-by-year comparisons matter. Yes…the Dook 2001-2002 was better than this year, but so was the MD 2001-2002 team.

  39. Wheels. I still got mad respect for ya. You often make insightful, thought provoking posts, and that is definitely appreciated. I just disagree with you re: Dixon/Vasquez.

    Lunardi has us as a 4 seed playing 13 seed Gonzaga. Bleh.

  40. Props to Wheels and E$. It’s a Turtle Soup lovefest today, baby.

    Gonzaga in the first round? Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  41. Whenever some a-hole Pukester mentions “lost in 53 seconds” you can also mention “Gone in 17 seconds” where Puke pulled off the greatest choke in NCAA history on March 2, 1974 at UNC. They lost an 8-point lead and this was before there was a 3-point shot.

  42. Gonzaga in the first round? Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

    My thoughts as well. I saw the Gonzaga-Memphis game, and they’re still a dangerous team, even if not of the same caliber as clubs of the last 5 years.

  43. Favorite Duke Choke Jobs In The NCAA Tourney

    2000: #1 seed Duke is upset by Florida in the Sweet 16
    2002: #1 seed Duke is upset by Indiana in the Sweet 16
    2005: #1 seed Duke is upset by Michigan State in the Sweet 16
    2006: #1 seed Duke is upset by Louisiana State in the Sweet 16

  44. Thanks Samster!
    And does anyone else think Georgetown is a little over-rated?
    Point guards are weak.

  45. The whole Big Least is overrated. I’d love for us to draw G-town and blow them out.

  46. If Gonzaga is our first round draw, I would be pleased. I didn’t see them play memphis, but I cought them a couple of other times and they looked non-athletic and weak.

    Since Maryland and G-town will both be right around 4/5 seeding range, the tourn. committee might arrange a match-up in the second round….they love to do things like that. If we have to play a big east school in the second round, however, I want Notre Dame for the revenge factor.

  47. ACC tournament scenario simplified:
    We are seeded 5th under almost all scenarios.
    The only 4th seed scenarios are (provided we win):
    1. UNC, BC, and VT all lose.
    2. UNC and VT lose. BC wins
    3. UNC loses. VT and BC win.

  48. Question – There are 6 seniors. Assuming (1) Gary cannot get a rules change exception and only five get to start, and (2) Chukuru, Brown and Bowers get to start as a courtesy since they are not normal starters……which of the regular starting seniors sits? DJ since he is the captain? Or MJ since DJ is the better all around player. I think E-bek start because of his height.

  49. Stevend.

    Could very well be that Memphis is vastly over-rated because they run up gaudy records playing no one at all. But Gonzaga played them real tough. And this was after Heytvelt (their second leading scorer and leading rebounder got suspended for tripping the magical mushrooms). Thus, probably tough to deduce too much about Gonzaga from that game. They have been much more beatable in the WCC than in years past. Though they did beat UNC fairly handily earlier in the year.

  50. Not so fast on wanting GTown in our draw. ranks them #1 in adjusted offensive efficiency, meaning when they get the ball, they tend to score. Hibbert is just that good. Their so slow pace hides the fact their offense is incredible. The Hoyas are also no slouch on defense (#29 in Adj. DE).

    Of course, the Terps also aren’t chopped liver in either department (#19 Adj. OE, #11 Adj. DE), so it would be a close hard-fought game. GTown would try and grind it out, while MD would look to press and push up the court after GTown turnovers, which they are prone to.

  51. Samster,

    MD beating NC St. and UNC losing to *gag* are givens for even hoping for a 4-seed. One of the following also needs to happen:

    1. VT loses to Clemson

    MD gets the 4 when tied with UNC and VT (and even BC).

    2. UVA loses to Wake

    Either VT loses (see scenario 1), or VT wins, meaning VT wins the tiebreaker with UVA and would get the #1 seed, which is important if BC ties with us.

    3. BC beats GT

    Prevents any chance BC ties with us, so it doesn’t matter who gets the 1-seed.

  52. #50 – My thoughts exactly. KenPom has been high on GTown for weeks, and probably for good reason. Doesn’t mean we couldn’t take the Hoyas, but I’d prefer that we meet late in the tournament.

  53. Hey guys. Thanks for responding to my #4 seed scenario post. Totally goofed on realizing the 3-way tiebreaker instead of just the head to head (which is sad because I spent all football season thinking up tiebreak scenarios for my sorry Redskins to get into the playoffs.) Anyway, regardless of where we are seeded, do you think its best to win the ACC tournament (playing three or four straight games and expending an enourmous amount of energy) or to lose in say the quarters or semis and rest a bit more for the upcoming NCAA games? This has been bugging me for a while, not sure which way will leave us better prepared for big dance. Historically, teams that have made runs in the NCAA have done it both ways, dropping out early and going all the way in their conference tourney. Anf of course, Florida won the SEC tourney last year and then the national title.

  54. A UM/G-town match-up has lots of good storylines and will sell lots of beer in DC. Depending on how UM and G-town look next sunday, the comittee will likely tweak the seedings to make that happen. If we are both 4/5 seedings, then I think it is likely. Or if UM wins the ACC tourney and G-town lays an egg or two, may meet as 2/7 or 3/6. If we both play well, however, and we are both legitimate #2s or #3s, then they wouldn’t over engineer. But seeing them in the sweet 16 might still be in the cards………I hope.

  55. Scott, always better to win. I agree with an earlier poster that the these kids recover quickly. The WaPo had an article today that winning the ACC might bump UM to a #2 seed, which makes the road much easier than a 4 or 5.

  56. Yea good article in the post. Definitely want to get top four so we can have a protected seed and play close to home. Terrapin Nation can be rockin the house in Columbus, Lexington or Winston-Salem.

  57. That picture is actually from a few years ago. The guy with the “ly gay” sign is my friend and he didn’t go to the game last year. I think it’s from 2005. But yeah, hilarious picture. I love him forever for that. A classic case of being in the right place at the right time. :)

  58. Pretty sweet that you know Hurley from Lost. I’m glad the numbers aren’t on the sign.

  59. Y’all are funny. That’s sooo not Hurley from Lost, lol, not even close. (Though I have to admit I had to do a google image seach because I don’t watch Lost.) Not all big white boys with long curly hair look alike, lol. jeez…lol. ;)

  60. Love the photo! Keep the Duke funnies coming! What a bunch of morons. Change of subject. Just a bit of musing about next year, anyone have any updates on how recruiting is coming along for next year? Any word on Jai Lucas? After Gist, Boom, Vas, and Hayes, can we count on anyone to we currently have on the roster to pickup for what we lose in DJ, MJ, and Ibekwe?

  61. 11 minutes left and a 6 point game. Is anyone out there nervous about how MD is letting NCST hang around? The Pack are gaining in confidence. We need to step up the defensive intensity

  62. Worry no more. 20 point win, can’t complain…We wore them down, although it was sloppy (despite minimal turnovers in the 2nd half)

  63. Glad to see senior Gini Chukura got to play and they snuck in Landon Milbourne at the end. During the I was begining to wonder if Milbourne even had a uniform on under his warm ups.

    Nice win for the Terps. NCST tried to slow the tempo down but it didn’t matter. When their best guys were on the court and our best guys were on the court it wasn’t even close.

  64. Who’s next to feel the pain? Go Terps!

  65. Mike Jones with over 20 points again, while only hitting 2 three pointers. He’s really meshed with the offense. Half way through the game I started wishing Jones had another year. I think he’s a lot more comfortable now. Too bad it took a little long. Here’s hoping he can keep it going into the tournaments.

    We’ve got a chance for a ACC tourney bye, but I still can’t bring myself to cheer for Duke!

  66. Great game. I’m so happy I’ve been able to see some of the MD games lately with their lack of national coverage.

    If you want to see a broadcast schedule that’ll make you vomit…go check out:

    GO TERPS!!!

  67. Brian- we did wear them down, as I should have anticipated. But until we went up by 15, I found it hard to relax. The Pack makes me nervous; always has. Anyway, another fine effort, especially by Jones. MJ has found his groove, especially in the 2-point area. Even when the defense relaxed at times, allowing too many easy drives to the rack for comfort, the team managed to regain focus.

  68. fantastic rebounding

  69. Great way to end the year. Nice game from the seniors to boot, Check out this nice reflection by Dr. B over at TerpTalk

  70. Virginia loses to Wake in season finale, loses chance at outright title in the ACC. Who is surprised?

  71. and the steals

  72. Found this site around x-mas, and I must say that it has filled a terrapin sized hole in my heart.

    Anyway…Was this the quietest crowd in the history of MD basketball? I went to a game AT Temple last year and we seemed much louder even there, and we lost that game!

    Anybody who was there, what was the vibe today?

  73. Virginia choking on a chance to win the regular season title outright is a sign as to how they’ll do in the NCAA tourney…

    With the Terps’ win and UVA’s loss, the only obstacle left to an ACC 4-seed is a UNC loss. I know some here can’t stomach rooting for the Dukies, so I’ll hold down the bile and do it for you…

  74. I wouldn’t call it subdued, but clearly just about everybody expected the win. A lot of energy toward seeing the seniors go out with a bang.

  75. vaz pass to jones late first half for a sweet three, vaz could play 3rd base for the yankees

  76. PT – My thoughts exactly about Jones.

    The interesting thing is that they have not been playing great, but are still winning. That is a good sign. Today was sloppy. The Puke game was a little sloppy.

    The Seniors stepped up today.

    Who do we get next?

  77. If we end up 5th, we will play Miami in the opening round on Thursday at 2 P.M. If we can get a bye by virtue of a UNC loss and winning the tiebreakers then we would play Friday against the winner of the 5-12 game.

  78. I’ve heard Jai has ruled out Oklahoma and Oklahoma St., so he’s down to Kentucky and Maryland. I haven’t watched Kentucky play much this year, but I understand they are desperate for a solid point guard, which I expect would give them an advantage over the Terps. Particular considering how well Vasquez and Hayes have played this year.

    Nice to close out the season with a 20 point win. It wasn’t pretty to watch, but whatever. On to the ACC Tournament.

  79. Hey folks,
    I know its early buy why are there zero highlights of the MD game on ESPN?
    (Guess I answered my own question…)

  80. we were supposed to win and weren’t ranked in the coaches’ poll this week, so it wasn’t highlight-worthy.

  81. Hardshell. The sole reason the Terps were not on Sportscenter is that they only show the highlights of those teams games that are in the Coaches/ESPN Top 25. That’s one reason why it is so important to be in ESPN’s top 25, you get so much more exposure (recruiting). That they were not in the top 25 last week makes no sense.

  82. So BC and VT lost, no matter what happens with Douche UNC we’re a five seed right?

  83. Actually, we won this game… I’m about two feet outside of the picture right behind the dook bench. We rushed the court after the overtime win. It will remain one of my fondest memories of all times.

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