The Terps of Dangerfield

Maryland’s 20 point win yesterday felt more like surgery than a game. NC State could not compete. Everything seemed like a methodical march to inevitability. Jones and Strawberry were unstoppable. Forcing their will on to their opponents. Yet, there were the freshman. Cool and focused decision makers. Dishing out dimes as needed and not turning the ball over once in the second half. The big men have come along too. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, the Terps have completed the transfomation from also-ran to full-fledged juggernaut.

Maryland fulfilled reader Kaze’s prophecy on Saturday. They won out. Yesterday’s win completed what is arguably the most improbable run in school history. Sure, there are Terp teams from days gone by that have had longer winning streaks (most recently the 2002 squad), but there have been precious few that have pulled off the metamorphosis of our 2007 version.

Gary has accomplished what every coach dreams about. He molded freshman and seniors to form a team that was greater than the sum of its parts. The best part of this is that for the Terp faithful, we got to watch and be a part of what might be the most exciting and satisifying event in all of sports: an unexpected season. These last three weeks have been as memorable as they have been unprecedented. For that, we owe everyone associated with this team our gratitude.

Much will be made over the coming days about post-season awards. Dave Leitao (or is it Dan? Actually, who cares?) looks to be the front runner for Coach of the Year. Sure, UVA swept the Terps this season and they finished a game ahead in the standings. That is likely to put Leitao over the top. No matter. We know better. All things being equal, if given the chance, Gary will out-coach Leitao when it matters most.

Actually, it will be fitting if Gary doesn’t get the award. No Terp player will find their way on to the ACC first team, nor will Vasquez win Freshman of the Year. Deep down, I think that is how Gary wants it. I think there is no better motivator for this team than to be ignored. Why not have that start at the top with Gary? Respect? Who needs it?

Quietly, the Terps are the most feared team in the conference and a dark horse Final Four candidate. The longer we go unnoticed, the better.

As I watch the UNC – Duke game, I’m torn. Sure, I’d love the Terps to get the bye in the ACC Tourney, but that means we would likely play Carolina in the Quarterfinals. However I had Zen-like realization a I watched the game. Instead of worrying about who the Terps are playing; other teams are worried about playing us. You think Carolina wants any part of the Terps right now? Let the chips fall where they may. Our boys will be ready.

In terms of respect, it may come this week. I would expect the Terps to find themselves in the Top 15. Anything less, and the Rodney Dangerfield show will continue its uninterrupted run in College Park.



  1. I agree, let everyone worry about playing the Terps.


    Oh and if you want to watch something that will bring back great Terp memories here ya go:

  2. IM(not so)HO, the incredible run of the Terps can be attributed to the making of a complete team, and therefore a team of players who know and excel in their roles.

    The point guards were the final piece.
    Now DJ excels in defense and scores on the steals he creates, as well as scoring off the Vaz and Hayes guard play.
    Mike Jones role is that of a pure shooter, from anywhere.
    Ibekwe and Gist are strong inside offensively, also with excellent rebounding and shot blocking,
    Osby can give Ibekwe or Gist a break, or help when they get in foul trouble, with no reduction in the team’s on floor skill level.
    Then there is the creator and director of the team, Coach Gary, making the Terps a big threat to win it all.


  3. Bring on Miami to avenge a loss. I am on to Tampa to support the boys at 2 PM Thurs.
    Did anyone else notice Billy Packer going redickulously out of his way to defend that thug Hendersons elbow against Hansbrough. The refs finally got it right when they tossed him and he sits for the next game. F*ck Duke

  4. F-Dook…what a crap game they played, although, as Jeremy noted, we won’t have to play UNC until the semis now. That elbow Henderson gave Hansbrough was ridiculous. I thought choir-boy Dook players didn’t do those things. On a related “I Hate Dook” note, check out the ACC conference tourney schedule:

    The bottom half of that draw is so easy. I bet Dook plays in the ACC Championship (cue Minister of Propoganda Vitale…”Dook is back baby. From a 7 seed to play in the championship…blah, blah, blah.” Note, too, that Dook’s game in the 1st round is the only game shown nationwide on ESPN2. While I was away, did Dook sign a contract with ESPN to have all of their game televised nationally (a la Notre Dame in football)? I shall boycott.

    I like the Terps to make it to the semis. Beating UNC again will be tough (but not out of the question). The winner of the UNC-MD semi wins the ACC. I hope Gary shows this team the video from last year’s debacle against BC in the ACCs, just to fire them up. I agree with those who hope that MD doesn’t climb too high in the polls. Play the Dangerfield card as long as possible. Snub MD at every turn.

    If MD wins the ACC tourney, they’ll be a 2 seed in the NCAAs. A semi appearance gets them a 3 seed. Jeremy is spot on with his entry. I thought MD would finish 23-8 (9-7), but in no way did I ever think they take the route they did to exceed those expectations.

    I’ve never seen a MD in any sport resurrect their season the way this team has. In fact, the last time the world saw such a resurrection was seeing Jesus’s ass and feet on the way up…Easter must be near…and I have given to hyperbole!

  5. Wheels, my hero – Ain’t it great?

  6. Could see Ga. Tech make it to the finals. I was hoping it might work out for them to play UNC as that is the toughest competition for us in the Tournament.

    I like being able to avenge the Miami loss … good motivator. Same with BC who isn’t playing well right now. At least 2 more wins in the tournament would be solid, although I really want them to win the ACC Tournament. I don’t know if they can pull off winning the NCAA, so at least get the ACC Championship after such a great run.

  7. Yeesh… tried rooting for the Dukies, but then reverted to gleefully watching Roy’s team crush them.

    Looks like the ACC will get seven in. GT has played their way into the NCAA tourney. Clemson and Fl St. play an elimination game and then the winner has to beat UNC to have a chance to be the eighth.

    Here’s hoping the Terps take out the Miami trash like they did to the Wolfpack yesterday!

  8. Oh, and did anyone notice George Mason is now one win away from returning to the NCAA tourney?

  9. Seems to me you can combine useful insights from cjazh and Anthony and come up with this:

    Maryland plays Miami, which gave them their most humiliating loss of the year. Payback.

    Maryland then plays BC, which gave them a spanking in their first ACC game of the year, but worse, crushed out their NCAA hopes in last year’s ACC Tournament. Payback.

    Then (ta-da…): Clemson. Clemson? Yes, Clemson, which needs to beat Florida State, then UNC to have any chance of getting into the NCAA Tournament. Clemson, which beat our seniors for a third time in one season in the ACC Tournament two years ago to deny them an NCAA Tournament bid. Think the boys have forgotten? This year, we beat them three times in a season and end their NCAA bid. Payback, bigtime.

    We then play either VA or VaTech in the finals, since Duke really stinks and we owe both VA and VaTech for earlier defeats. Whichever one we face for the championship, it’s payback.

    This confluence of circumstances leads a Tired but Inspired group of Terps to a two-seed, an eleven-game winning streak, and an air of inevitable victory every time they walk onto the court.

    The road to redemption goes through Tampa.

    I said the other day we’d win the ACC or the NCAA, but not both. But now, why not: WWO.

  10. “We’ve played a hell of a schedule, especially in February,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “Sometimes you can’t see as much improvement because the team you’re playing against is better. Carolina is better than we are. That doesn’t mean we can’t win. Maryland, at this point, is better than us. That doesn’t mean everything is wrong. By playing these people, you should get better, and I think we have.”

    At this point? MD swept you, you rat-faced fucker.

  11. DiamondbackRuss – That was awesome. Thanks.

  12. One at a time, Miami first! The Rodney Dangerfield complex and R-E-V-E-N-G-E factor should be our motivation for the ACC Tourney. WWO Terps! Cut down the nets on Sunday!

  13. Billy Packer should be ashamed of himself for coming down so soft on Henderson. His elbow to Hansbrough’s face was absolutely fragrant, and Hansbrough should have bitch slapped his ass. Pathetic.

  14. No one from UNC even stepped up to defend him either that I saw. I gotta think if that had happened to Bek/Gist/Bowers/Boom some Terps would have at least got in their GRILLS a little bit…I’m not saying throw but at least talk some shise. Wow.

  15. Wheels – I love that you put that comment on the website. He is such a piece of crap, even after Gary threw him that great compliment the other day.

    But did you read the article where Coach Crybaby basically blamed Roy Williams for having Hansbrough in the game with under 15 secs left??… Didn’t Coach Crybaby always keep JJ in the game when it was completely out of reach (re: Puke-Texas last season)…

  16. Duke will not beat Virginia, even if it gets past NC State. UVA’s guards are way too good and way too athletic for Duke to handle.

  17. I can’t stand Billy Packer.

  18. Against UM, Henderson was duke’s best player. Does his ejection against UNC mean he’s automatically suspended for the first game of the ACC tourney?

  19. yes, that’s what it means

  20. Duke will lose to State.


  21. It’s hard to argue against Kaze’s WWO enthusiasm. On this blog he’s been the soothsayer par excellence. But beating the Heels in the semis (assuming, in the likely event, we both reach that plateau) is going to be tough, real tough. Still, anything’s possible the way the Terps are now playing.

    Note this Terp love from a Bracketologist who slates MD as a 3 seed in the South and envisions a possible run to the Elite Eight, if not deeper.

  22. If Henderson played for any other college in the country, everyone would have been in an uproar. Even on ESPN last night their analysts (including Len Elmore) were splitting hairs: Yes, it was flagrant but it wasn’t premeditated. Like it matters.

    The replays clearly show that a) the ball was out of Hansbrough’s hand, b) Henderson swiped with his hand and missed, c) Henderson then followed through with his elbow, and d) finished off the elbow with a psuedo tough guy push down to the ground. The ACC should suspend him for longer than 1 game. If Coach Ass had any integrity, he’d sit the kid out. Oh, wait, I forgot that his next AMEX commercial is contingent on him winning more games. I wonder what Minister of Propoganda Vitale will say to excuse this whole incident.

  23. “The game was over before that,” he said. “I mean the outcome of the game, let’s put it that way. That’s unfortunate, too, that those people were in the game in that play. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

    Thanks for the explanation, Coach K. You fuckhead. C-U-N-T.

  24. Thank you Wheels for a much needed Monday morning laugh with your Coach K. quote. Your last line caught me completely off guard and had me rolling!

    Ok now for an EXTREMELY important question. I have to plan an out of state meeting for next week on either Thursday or Friday. Is there anyway of guessing which day the Terps are going to be playing?

    I know there is no garuntee, but can anyone give me some guidance, ’cause I am going to go nuts if I miss that game.


  25. In the span of one minute, Billy Packer said “there’s no quit in this Duke team” then questioned why Hansborough was in the game when he got hit. Even Dickie V. would’ve handled this incident more unbiased.

    Also, even though the game was technically over, the point spread was still in doubt at the time of the flagrant foul. No wonder the Dukies were still hustling.

  26. Wheels, my hero – the correct spelling is K-U-N-T.

  27. DiamondbackRuss- thanks! Excellent clip!

    Any chance State takes out a Henderson-less PUKE?

  28. Get a DVR, Tombootom, and record the game, because there is no way of knowing until next Sunday night who is playing on what day.

  29. Tombootom,

    somebody already posted the ACC sched.
    Here it is again.

  30. Thanks HardSheell, but I meant the NCAA’s

    DVR is ready Samster, though half the fun is going out and watching the first round games with your boys.

    I guess I am going to just have to roll the dice and hope for the best. If the fates screw me, I am going to pack a personal size cone of silence for the trip so no one ruins the surprise and try to synthesize the proper atmosphere in my family room with the kids that night, which is hard though, because my four year old gets really rowdy after his second beer…yelling at the refs, throwing his Tonka trucks at the tv, and cursing. I am sure you guys have all been there though.

  31. Knoking on wood while I write to avoid a jinx, but the storyline from this tourney could be the Terps’s PAYBACK.

    Round 1 – Miami
    Round 2 – BC
    Round 3 – Clemson (revenge for the 3 losses last year)
    Round 4 – UVA or VT

    Please, please, please……….

  32. Check out the “who will win the acc tourney” poll over at The Terps are leading the pack in the voting. That’s the only sign of respect I’ve seen so far.

  33. The Coaches poll just posted:
    Terps are 20th, with 191 votes.
    Puke is 21, with 118 votes.

    I’m shocked they actually have us ahead of Duke!

  34. Now that you breathe a sigh of relief that the NCAA berth is handled are you at least a little mad that this Terp team is not around December and January. What was the difference?

  35. ESPN is reporting that Hansbrough did indeed suffer a broken nose and will have to wear a mask during the tournament. Will be interesting to see how aggressively he plays. I read that Koach Klass was saying Ol’ Roy shouldn’t have had Psycho T on the floor to get in the way of the thrown elbow.

    Will be rooting for the Wolfpack on Thursday to embarass the grossly overrated Pukies on national TV, as did their female counterparts. Should be a good game with no Henderson, as he is the Pukesters’ best player these days. I am sad we won’t get to be the ones to beat up on the Pukies in this tournament.

    Am looking forward to this tournament. It will be interesting to see if Gary does anything different to keep the guys fresh for a potential showdown with UNC in the semis.

    UVA really let me down, losing at Wake, of all places. Although the schedule-maker was unkind, scheduling a road game at Wake only a day and a half after a highly emotional Senior Night against arch-rivals Va Tech. That should have been the final game. I would have much rather had us go up against UVA in the semis.

  36. I can see a blow out against Miami a close game against BC but the UNC game looms. If they play with the intenisity they did against Puke they are formidable. Terps have been playing so hard lately I hope they saved a little to ride into the tourney with……

  37. From Dan Wetzel’s Yahoo Sports column this afternoon:

    “This comes from William Douglas of Frederick, Md.

    Here’s K’s quote last year on Jim Larranaga suspending one of his own players (in the CAA tournament) for hitting another player:

    “It sends chills through my entire body to hear what Jim did. Honestly, if he was here right now, I’d give him a big hug. We need more coaches to have the courage to step up in situations like this and say to our kids, ‘That’s wrong; I’m not making excuses for you.’ If I were in the same situation, I hope I’d be gutsy enough and strong enough to do the same thing, but I can’t swear to you that I would. If a big-name coach did something like that, people would be fitting him for sainthood by tomorrow.”

  38. AP Poll has Terps at #17. Duke 20th

  39. I am being a bit contradictory here since I have said in the past how much I love the Terps playing with a chip on their shoulder, but the Maryland at twenty is a bunch of horse shit.

    The Terps are playing as well as any team in the country. Duke blows sheep and they are one spot behind us!?!

  40. I was looking at the TV schedule more bullshit.. espn2 only has DOOK game showing for thursday what bs. I’m HOPING that means the mayrland game will be on raycom which in my area is channel 20.
    This is very interesting too.


  41. ESPukeN was already set to broadcast the 7 PM game before Puke fell down to the 7th seed.

  42. Samster – “It will be interesting to see if Gary does anything different to keep the guys fresh for a potential showdown with UNC in the semis.”

    You know Mike Adam and Chuckie Driessel are pumping up Milborne & Neal right now. “Kids,” they are saying, “You will be getting minutes against Miami. What you do with those minutes will help determine how much playing time you get the rest of the way.”

  43. Just some general NCAA tourney thoughts (all stats are as of today):

    – Unless they stumble early in the ACC tourney, UNC should get a 1-seed (#3 RPI, #5 SOS, ridiculous 11-4 vs. Top 50; they do have a bad loss to NC St., though…)

    – UCLA and Ohio St. are also solid 1s. Wisconsin, Florida, and Kansas are jockeying for the last #1. GTown has a really outside chance as they would probably need to win the Big East tourney.

    – Going back to a potential draw with GTown, it could happen that if GTown is a 2 and the Terps are a 3 that they would collide in the Sweet Sixteen, like they did (unexpectedly, on GTown’s part) in 2001…

    – Terps are tied with UCLA with 9 Top 50 wins. The only team with more is UNC with 11.

    – What do Duke, UVA, VT, and GT all have in common? 8 Top 50 wins. True, most of them are a product of in-conference games, but it just goes to show the ACC is a very deep league with an incredible 9 Top 50 teams.

    – I have to question how high UVA and VT are going to get seeded. UVA has 3 sub-100 losses and a putrid 3-8 road/neutral record (only teams worse in the Top 50 are GT and Mich St. at 3-9) Sorry, Cavs, but no more home games for you this year.

    – VT has 4 sub-100 losses, the most of any team in the Top 50.

    – Remember that “hot start” Clemson had? It was built on a Non Conf SOS of 213.

  44. If I was on the committess, I would not forget the most contraversial use of the clock since the ’72 olympics. I’d subtract 1 from all of duke’s numbers and add one to Clemson’s.

  45. I’m surprised nobody is upset with this weeks polls. We come off wins with UNC, Duke andNC State by 20 and end up 17 and 20? We have SOS of 8 and an RPI of 11 and end up 17 and 20? I think to not crack the top 15 is a joke. So. Illinois ranked higher than us? Frankly Louisville at #12 and Nevada at #10 seem like a joke to me too. More ammo for Gary if he wants it.

  46. My bad … our RPI is 10 not 11.

  47. Who cares about rankings? It’s just a collection of morons who don’t watch all the games making their lame opinions public.

    As far as it affects bracket seeding…so what? We ARE a 3 thru 5 seed caliber team who should be playing a 12 thru 14 seed. So what does it matter if we get into the NCAA’s as an 8 seed and have to play a 9? We’re still better than the 9. Hell we can go in as an 11 and still be better than our 7 seed opponent.

  48. I generally agree that rankings don’t matter. The only exception to that might be when it comes to recruiting. I think kids look at where teams are ranked and it leaves an impression.

  49. Seeding beyond number 1 does not matter. No number 1 has lost eveybody else has to have the best 6 game streak filled will luck and breaks. Does the most talented team win every year, of course not or UNC and DUKE would have about 15 between them. On paper only before I get crapped on. The Terps are playing well enough to go two or three games in easy, but so are a few other teams and that doesn’t account for the Cinderella playing out fo their mind for one game.

  50. I say we make to at least the Elite Eight year for the following reasons:

    -Terrific shot blocking coming from two or three individuals which alters the other teams slashers’ games
    -Gary can reasonably play a nine or ten deep rotation
    -We have four seniors that see significant minutes and have been to the tournament before.
    -Mike Jones is playing up to his potential and he is money (please see my posts from early February)
    -We have two great play makers in Hayes and Vasquez
    -We are not dependant on one or two players having big games to win.
    -We are playing very mature ball.

    Go Terps!!!

  51. Gary, ACC Coach of the Year?

    It could happen thanks to UVA and VT season-ending choke jobs.

  52. I’d still like to avoid being a 5 seed. There are always a handful of 5 v. 12 upsets every year. I truly believe the Terps deserve to be at least a 4 though.

  53. If they reach the semis in the ACC, they probably will receive a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. In fact, most bracket forecasters would be surprised if the selection committee didn’t seed them 4. The Terps’ destiny is in their own hands.

  54. More dis-respect to fuel a final 4 run:
    Ranked behind S.Illinois, Butler, Marquette,Oregon, Louisville, Nevada and more. You don’t think we would B*tch Slap those teams? Visser, Crittenton and Brandon Costner (WHO?) over Gist at Third team all acc?
    Josh McTravel over Gist at second team? Scheyer (insert picture here) over Vasquez on all freshman team? It is not like we got hot over the last week, the Terps are hands down the best team in ACC over the past month, the month that counts.
    Kudo’s to DJ for second team and DJ & Ebekwe for all defensive.
    Off to Tampa wearing Red & White.

  55. All this talk of 4-seeds and 5-seeds for the NCAAs makes me want to shout “2-seed” again. Please see post 9 above (sorry about quoting myself). We win the ACC Tournament, we’re a 2.

  56. Harry Fish –

    I was shocked not to see Gist on the 2nd or 3rd team ACC. Gist was the guys Coach Puke was doubling every time he touched the ball last week. He was our most consistent player all year. That is a crime.

    And Vasquez not on the all Freshman team. Wow. I think him and Young from GT should be on that team.

    More fuel for the fire I guess

  57. The All-ACC vote goes to show that the Terps, as a team, are greater than the sum of their individual parts. You have to give Gary all the credit in the world for molding all these different talents into a cohesive, dangerous team which is firing on all cylinders. With UVA’s choke at Wake, I think Gary will get COY today.

    I am hoping M.J. will be fired up, as he was a forgotten man in the voting. He has the potential to be the dominant scorer in the tournament. I can imagine Vas will be extra-fired-up by not making the all-frosh squad.

    One good thing about the voting was that Ekene and D.J. made the all-defensive team.

  58. I love that moniker, Josh McTravel. Has anybody lost more draft status (and millions of dollars) this year than him? He could have been a lottery pick last year. Without Shrek around, his flaws have been exposed big-time.

  59. Who cares about ALL -ACC anything. I think the 2-5 start hurt all of the Terps. But there are 12 teams with 5-7 guys who play a lot of minutes each. Vasquez didn’t find his way until late. Not a knock just a fact. Scheyer is confusing over Young from GT. Young is a beast and Scheyer is a streak. Well 106 media with ACC credientials. You know as up and down as the Maryland and DC papers are about the Terps they obviously don’t carry the Maryland torch.

  60. Mike Boehm – The rankings and end of season honors are not so critical right now, I agree with that. I don’t even care about the ACC seedings – being a 5 gives the Terps a chance to win one more game. In a way, the terps lack of recognition (Vas not making the all fresh team is stupid) is motivational. Also, we can make sure that Gist doesn’t pull a Wilcox after the NCAAs and leave early.

    But the NCAA seedings do matter. A 2 or 3 seed will have more leeway to have an off night than a 4 or 5. An off night happens and I’d rather be playing a weak of an opponent as possible when it does.

    We win the ACC, we will get a 2 and we could go all the way. We lose in the ACC final, we get a 3. We still might go all the way because I can excuse the loss due to fresher legs. We get surprised by BC or lose to UNC in the semis, then I will start to moderate my expectations.

  61. I see what you’re saying. But I like being the underdog. I like being the dark horse team that no one expects anything from. It’s more fun to see the disapointed looks on the faces of teh otehr teams that way!

  62. It’s true that playing winning ball and making a solid run at a title (ACC or NCAA) are more important than individual awards, but I agree with those of you who think Vasquez got a bit slighted. Either him or Thaddeus Young should have been on the All Freshmen team. What can you say, we all know the Duke bias completely saturates the media.

    The lack of respect the Terps are getting can definitely work in our favor. I’ll bet the 2-5 start has a lot to do with people not being convinced. However, we’re a very different team now.

  63. Just heard GW on the Jim Rome show. Good interview. Classy responses to the questions about the incident in the Dook/NC game and to questions about idiots like me, that have short memories and started thinking, back in January, that we needed a coaching change.

  64. As a side note I just hope that the Miami draw does not prove to be Clemsonesque from last year. I have watched Miami and they have one shooter and the rest are unorganized kids running wild. That has to be a tough game plan to figure out what they plan to do since it seems they are not sure. BC you guard Duley UNC you hope for an off game and try to beat them on the boards. Miami ehhhh?

  65. Did you notice on that ACC fanpoll that VT is now the favorite to win it all? Looks like some Hokie fans decided to pump their team up a bit.

    Also, according to this, it seems the Terps are a consensus 3-seed already:

  66. Is there any link for Gary’s interview on Jim Rome – would love to hear that.

    Second, I can’t get over the fact that we’re even having the discussion of whether they should be a 2, 3, or 4 seed. After the last couple years and first few months of this season, this whole discussion is kinda surreal. Very impressed with the heart of this team, but I must concede I sometimes get frustrated watching them knowing this potential was there all along.

    That being said, is there a better time of the year to be peaking???

    With all the recruiting talk from the past few weeks and our not always getting consideration from the top recruits in our own backyard – check out this Balt Sun article today –,0,3576128.story?coll=bal-sports-headlines

    Could be the start of some major inroads with the reported stellar class coming down the pipeline at Montrose Christian in two years. One more reason to say ‘In Greivis We Trust.’

  67. Also, on the Bill Simmons ESPN Sports Guy’s unintentional comedy scale, this would score off the charts… At the Terps game against NC State on Saturday, this girl, maybe 5 years old, sitting behind me holds up a sign reading “My favorite fruit is D.J. Strawberry.” My buddy and I got her grandfather to turn her towards us for a picture – from the look on the grandfather’s face I don’t even think he knew why it was so hysterical. Would love to know if DJ saw it.

    I’ll forward the picture to Jeremy to see if it can be posted, albeit it didnt come out terribly clear.

  68. PT – We agree, but I’ll say it again because it’s so damn stupid. Shayer made the all freshman team and the Generalissimo didn’t. They played head-to-head twice and Vaz destroyed him twice. It’s absolutely stupid.

    Mike Bohem – Underdog or favorite doesn’t matter to me as long as the team plays with a chip on their shoulder. If being the favorite removes the chip, then that’s a problem. If they can stay angry, then I would rather be angy as a number 2 seed then a dember 5, 6, 7 or 8.

    I remember reading an interview after we beat WF at the start of the streak. DJ said they play better when they feel like they have something to prove. I think that’s true. Then after the UNC game, the UNC players all said something about the Terps playing angry.

    So I hope Vaz (and Hayes) are pissed-off about his not all-freshman slight. I hope Gist, Ebek and MJ are pissed, too, about all of the Press saying they haven’t lived up to expectations. I hope Boom and Bowers are pissed about being considered second tier players. I hope DJ is pissed about the sh*t he has to take because of his father. For good measure – Brown, Neal and Milborn should be pissed about something too. All of them need to be told that they are worthless scum before every game till they are riled like a hornet’s nest and then let’m go prove the world wrong.

    …..that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. :-)

  69. Mr. Cohen’s aforementioned photo. There is a glare, but you can get the gist (soft “g”, not James Gist) of it. You gotta love unintentional comedy.

  70. try that again.

  71. Not sure if this was posted yet, but did anyone check out this link??….

  72. As has been pointed out on a number of posts, being overlooked on all the conference awards should work to our advantage. These Terps play better with a chip on their shoulder! Gary should be able to stoke their fire throughout the ACC and NCAA tournaments. There’s plenty of fodder for him to use.

    On another subject, how good really are these Montrose Christian kids? Are we getting Vasquez-Hayes caliber recruits, or something more along the lines of Neal-Brown?

  73. Correction, this team “Only” plays when it has a chip on its shoulder. Thanks to whoever votes on this stuff, the team, especially Gary, really appreciates it.

  74. Bernard,

    Your momma’s got a pegleg with a kickstand.

  75. On the Montrose recruits…
    Here’s what I know. Bowie is a combo guard in the slasher mold. I saw him play versus Oak Hill last year as a Jr. and he was impressive. He got to the rim off the bounce and in transition. He finished strong routinely and played very good defense. We’ll need all of that with Strawberry leaving. He didn’t have a huge outside game when I saw him, but I’ve read that’s improved. He played PG this season for Montrose so he’s got some on the ball experience.

    All I’ve heard about Walker is that he’s a “project.” Seems like we get too many of those, though Gary was criticizing the use of that term recently saying Walker is ready to play. He’s from England and hasn’t been playing hoops for more than 3-4 years. I think Chuck Driesell coached him before coming to MD.

  76. Good read from the Kenpom bolg:

    Terps have a 17.9% chance of winning the tourney.

  77. Uh oh… did Seth Davis just jinx the Terps?

    Pertinent Paragraph:

    Q. Who is this year’s Florida?

    A better question. Remember, the Gators were a three seed last year and got hot at just the right time. The most likely team to do that this month is Maryland. The Terps have always been pretty solid defensively (when they want to be), but I’ve been amazed at the way they have matured at the offensive end. Are D.J. Strawberry and Mike Jones really this good at creating their own shots and making them? Or are they playing over their heads? If the answer to the first question is yes, then you can expect the Terps to be in Atlanta.

  78. No, that’s Duke with the 17.9% chance. Terps have a 13.7% chance. I agree with whoever said in an earlier thread that Dukie V and the media will be singing the Dukies praises once again if they make the finals, which they have good odds of doing (45.5%).

  79. Well I hope that the only the things the Terps are reading is the Miami scouting report. If them kids read bout how great they are doing……..I am interested to see how the Utes(My Cousin Vinny) handle the awe of the ACC tournament.

  80. I would say we have a 50% chance, along with UNC. Nobody else has any chance, realistically.
    The semifinal between us and UNC will be the de facto title game.

  81. ….Dukie V and the media will be singing the Dukies praises once again if they make the finals, which they have good odds of doing (45.5%)….

    Dukie V. will sing their praises even if they lose….”Another tough loss for the Dukies, but you have to give Coach K a huge amount of credit for leading a bunch of diaper dandies to 22 wins and a 7-7 record in the toughest conference ever. Look at who they played! Their strength of schedule was 3rd in the nation, Baybeee!! I absolutely defy anyone to find another team as young as Dook who has played as well this year. Coach K is a total Genius! That’s why he’s in the Hall of Fame, Baybee!!

    I have to question this KenPom guy’s computer models, saying that Dook has a real good shot at getting past both VaTech and UVA, to whom they lost.

  82. Nice write-up, Samster. But I am hoping Duke gets by Tech and UVA, so that we can beat the crap out of them again in the finals.

    By the way: We win out.

  83. I for one hope the Terps do not win the ACC tourney. Beating Miami and BC would be fine then going out in the semis. Remember when MD did win the ACC tourney in 2004 then had nothing left, also Syracuse had the same thing happen last year. It’s too much to play 4 games in 4 days then have a day or two off and travel for the NCAA’s. NBA teams have trouble winning back to back games much less playing 4 in a row.

  84. Everyone has reference MD losing to NC State on their way to the title, it is good to have a loss somewhere down the line in order to refocus. Winning the ACC tourney would give the Terps 11 straight wins and I firmly believe it would tire them out and take some of the edge off. There are many examples of this, anyone remember Kentucky a couple years ago as a one win going into the tourney on something like a 17 game streak then losing in the tourney. Tubby Smith even said the players had lost some of that edge.

    So lets focus on the REAL tourney!!!

  85. Kaze – “I am hoping Duke gets by Tech and UVA, so that we can beat the crap out of them again in the finals.”

    Beating tar out of duke would be fun, but I will never wish for a duke victory. can’t do it. I hope NCST spanks’m and I hope they get 10 seed.

  86. John – Yeah the focus is the real tourney. But….

    When the Terps won the ACC in 2002, it was a three game tourney – so your scenario of losing in the semis would mean the same amount of B-ball.

    Winning the ACC would make a BIG difference in their seeding vs. loosing in the Semis (or before). Do you really want a 5 seed? At least one 5 seed always gets a shock in the first round.

  87. True Steven but the final was played on Sunday, losing Satruday would be one more day off. And who knows but I think winning two games in the ACC tourney locks up a 4 seed and maybe even a 3 so that wouldn’t be an issue.

  88. OK. Tell you what. I would much rather celebrate an ACC tournament victory and a high seed. If it comes down to a loss to UNC on Saturday, I will see the bright side as you are pointing out and cross my fingers for a #4. But – deep down – I know that will be rationalizing the loss. Win, win, win, win. 17 in a row!

  89. Andy Katz has a new article at featuring Gary (and Tom Izzo), “Coaching success brings more pressure.”

  90. Check out Seth Davis’s assessment of the Terps’s chances in the big dance. He’s usually stingy when it comes to praising MD

    From “Hoop Thoughts

    “Q. Who is this year’s Florida?

    A better question than [‘who will be this year’s Geo. Mason’]. Remember, the Gators were a three seed last year and got hot at just the right time. The most likely team to do that this month is Maryland. The Terps have always been pretty solid defensively (when they want to be), but I’ve been amazed at the way they have matured at the offensive end. Are D.J. Strawberry and Mike Jones really this good at creating their own shots and making them? Or are they playing over their heads? If the answer to the first question is yes, then you can expect the Terps to be in Atlanta”

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