Choke Job

I’m pissed. Mostly because they displayed no effort. But I am also pissed because I wanted to watch basketball this weekend. Now? Ugh.

This is a bad loss. Real bad. Miami is terrible. The Terps fell short in just about every “hustle” category. Rebounding, second chance points (related), and turnovers. Don’t even get me started about the free throw shooting.

We shot 3-18 from three. That is about 8 too many. We win by pounding it inside. There is no other way. Even when we are trailing, we need to stick with the game plan.

This is what happens when the team isn’t ready to play. Who is to blame? The players, obviously. Clearly, they felt as though they had earned a bye and could just waltz through this one. The problem is that the game can get away from you quickly can’t it?

The Terps can come from behind. We have seen it this season. The wins against Illinois and UNC prove it. The difference between those games and today’s loss was that the Terps played well throughout in the first two contests. Maryland willed a victory from two strong teams on those occassions. Today? There was no will.

So where are we? Are we #4 seed? #5 seed? #6 seed? Personally, I don’t really care. We will have enough talent to beat our first round opponent regardless. Everything depends on what effect today’s loss has on the psyche. Can they pick up the pieces and play like the way they closed the season? No one knows. Not even Gary Williams.

That is what scares me the most. The players are probably scared too. The worst part? We and the players have to wait a week to find out.



  1. Pissed says it all.

    When you are a fan and your team doesn’t have much talent, you still root for them underdogs. You are a fan.

    But when your team has talent, a lot of proven talent, and takes the day off, well, pissed says it all.

  2. Today was really painful. Completely out of synch and rhythm all game long. The sad thing I thought they might get a shot at winning the ACC Tournament. I don’t believe winning the NCAA is realistic. Now you hope that you can get to Sweet 16 and can hold your head high.

  3. I’m disappointed, but I’ll look at the silver lining. I thought they needed a loss before the tourney to refocus. Of course, I thought it’d be UNC in the semis…

    Still, I say they get a #5 seed and take the anger they’ll feel the next 3 days watching lesser ACC teams battle it out into the tourney. I’m thinking Sweet 16 with a chance for better depending on the #1 seed in their bracket (Kansas, Ohio State, or Florida would be tough, UCLA/UNC/Wisconsin not as much).

  4. Here’s some additional analysis. This Terps team, like many others, don’t do well against physical teams (i.e. Clemson last year, BC every year, NC State in year’s past). Miami played very physical today and the refs decided early on that was going to be acceptable. Those games usually kill the Terps. Guys like Ibekwe and Gist just get pushed out of the way and lose the rebounding battles. Even Osby took a couple of dropped shoulders today and was moved off his spot (with no call). The Terps will almost always lose those games. I hate it when refs decide it’s going to be a “let them play” game … that almost always ends up in a L for the Terps.

  5. Dook lost so it’s ok (sorta).

  6. So Duke=10 seed?

  7. #5 seed it is for the Terps when the bracket is announced sunday. do the math, that means were among the first 20 teams. sounds reasonable. The makings were all there for an upset if you think about it. Miami walked into Comcast in Jan. and beat us (no fear the turtle with these guys). We finished tied for second place but lose every tie breaker to get a 5 seed in the ACC tourney.
    Frankly all I wanted was a win to get to Friday, and then whatever, we were a 4 or maybe 3 in the NCAA. ahem, didn’t work out that way. whatever. gary et. al. can go home early, avoid getting hurt or worn out from 4 straight games, get rested for what will surely be a seed in the West and long flight next week.

  8. Are our boys the Terps of January, or February’s WWO edition? I think we learned the answer today; both answers are equally valid. Let’s face it guys, we don’t know which version will show up on any given day. This split team personality is making all of us bi-polar.This is the only team I can remember that is either totally in sync playing great as a T.E.A.M, or absolutely abysmal, and exceedingly painful to watch. There is no middle ground whatsoever. Like many of you, I didn’t see the game but attempted to keep up with it via the Game Tracker and the running commentary on this website. With no visual whatsoever, I could still SEE which team was on the floor and was flabergasted the January Terps had returned in spades, especially in the first half. It was demoralizing to the point of despair. But then it hit me as the final seconds ticked away and their fate was sealed, the January Terps are just as legit as the February Terps. I/We simply have no idea which version will show up for any given game. Anybody who says they know is full of it. I disagree a bit with the notion we can’t handle teams that play the “Miami style.” I think the February Terps can take any of those teams. The January Terps on the other hand could lose to any team, including the 64th team in the tournamnet. Kaze’s WWO scenario is not impossible; improbale yes, but not impossible. The February Terps might very well just reach the Final Four. The January Terps will be one and done; or eliminated the first game they show up in the tourney. You know, if this team reaches the Elite Eight, we should consider it a magnifcent year. If the February Terps can just show up for the first three games, I think we’ll all be happy. What do you think?

  9. I was one that said a loss by the Terps would be good in the semis but not in the first round! The team looked just like they did the first game against Miami. We held them to under 35% shooting and STILL lost. I hope I am wrong, but this seems like a huge loss. Miami was down to 8 scholarship players, had beaten us at home already this year, this was the seniors last ACC tourney and they still couldn’t find a way to beat a terrible team. It was surprising to watch the Terps get outrebounded and outhustled and show no patience on offense. It seems that playing a zone is the way to beat Maryland. Vasquez and Hayes once again looked overmatched against athletic guards, and a note to Vasquez – (who boasted about how happy he was to play Miami and BC in this tourney to get revenge on them) when you talk big you need to back it up, he played a terrible game. This does not bode well for Maryland’s tourney hopes having a week now to sit and wait. The committee will probably give the Terps a 5 or 6 seed and put them against a mid-major conference team that will be licking it’s chops to get a win against a coach that feels those leagues are inferior. The season is by no means over but there are no more do overs for this team and it’s seniors. They need to win NOW or there is no tomorrow. I hate to even imagine how disappointing this season would be if the Terps come all this way back only to lose in the first round of the ACC tourney and the NCAA’s. I guess we will see what team decides to show up next week.

  10. We were totally clueless in solving their constantly changing zone defenses. They played slow ball. And, yes, they were very physical, and the refs let it go. We are a finesse team that excels in an uptempo, man-to-man game (like what UNC and Puke play.) Miami constantly beats us playing their game. They are something like 7 – 3 lifetime against us and 3 – 1 against us the last two years.

    Unfortunately, we only seem to play good when we have a chip on our shoulder. When we are favored and lauded, we let down.

    On the bright side, we will be well-rested and refocused heading into the big tournament. We will probably get sent out west, as was usual in the past.

  11. Right on the money, dcydell. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a good team, a team you know can play, piss away a game due to lack of effort. I didn’t watch today’s debacle vs. Miami. But judging from the box score and the Turtle Soup comments, it appears we didn’t show up. That’s unacceptable. I know we’ve won seven in a row, we’ve locked up a spot in the Tourney, etc. Fine. You still come to play. I was pumped for this weekend, and we had a great shot at competing for the title. I hope Gary ripped them a new one.

    Jared Dudley in today’s Post:

    “Maryland is playing well, but they could lose to Miami and then what are you going to say then?”

    “They [Terps] don’t ball-pressure like a Georgia Tech or a Duke . . . Strawberry likes to get out on the break, but it’s going to be hard for him to get out on the break if he is guarding me, because I like to go down low. Two point guards guarding Tyrese [Rice] who are freshmen; I think he has an advantage right there.”

    Damn, I wanted to play them so bad. Good work Terps. All that talk about a rematch, and you shi* the bed against the worst team in the conference. Way to go.

  12. I did watch the game and guys the loss was as bad as it seemed. It’s hard to verbalize how bad Miami is and they still managed to beat the Terps for the second time. It’s sad to say but they wanted the game more, there is no other way to explain getting outrebounded by such a wide margin. Gone was the hustling, unselfish Terp team that had so many assists the last 7 games. They pretty much came down, made one pass and shot no matter what defense was being played. And how can Mike Jones not even touch the ball in the last possession. Out of a timeout, Vasquez gets stuffed, Hayes (who has been shooting horribly) takes a fadeaway 3 pointer and Vasquez throws up a hail mary. Maryland HAS to come up with a better plan than that with the game on the line. Now with having a week off to sit and sulk, this team is in real danger of coming out flat AGAIN and having their season ended. This team does not respond well to long breaks as evidenced by this game and if we all remember having a week off then going to FSU and getting drilled. I think the committee is going to give Maryland a tough draw and put them against a mid-major or just any team that plays tough zone defense and plays a physical game. This team can’t go from winning 7 straight and looking capable of beating anyone to losing 2 straight games and having their season ruined can they?????

  13. They could, actually, which is frightening. Let’s hope this loss sinks in and they come out swinging next week. It would be very unfortunate to have finished the regular season on such a positive note, only to go 0-2 in the post-season. We’re better than that.

  14. Serving of humble pie?

    I can’t tell you I am totally mad about this. Losing specifically to Miami could provide the lesson that this team needed most: You have to respect your opponent no matter who they are. Remember when the Terps played Santa Clara (hippy point guard anyone)? They did not respect their opponent and they got rolled.

    They win seven games, walk around the campus with everyone drinking their Cool-Aid at all moments of the day. Well let me tell you, to win a championship, you have to find a desire to take over every game – including those that involve potentially superior “talent”. Who can teach them that? A team that should have laid down and died on the court today. Miami stinks, but they beat the Terps. Lets hope that is the last loss of the season.

    In other news, I filled out my NCAA Tournament Bracket today. What? It hasn’t been announced? Don’t trifle me with the details. Terps in 07. You heard it here.

    May the CTLD rest in peace.

  15. Unbelievable!!! Now I got to listen to this crap all friggin week from the other ACC fans. How embarrassing is this. Miami who is as bad as they ever were but yet victorious. Are they just satisfied with making the NCAA’s? Do they think a week off is a good thing. Basketball is a flow thing and taking a week off kills a flow. Especailly when it is off a horrible loss with no effort and no heart. Not like they lost to a better team and got out played, no they out sucked Miami. WTFO!!!! Number 7 seed at best with a possible early exit if GW can’t get them on something. Don’t mention 07. Look at the returning talent and the Terps are losing all the seniors. Only two freshman got play. Unless GW gets it gear I predict the 07 Terps to be the 06 Deacons without a Visser. Glad they were the hottest team in the ACC. No heart. None. I need a drink.

  16. How about Billy P saying the Duke loss was a bigger upset of Duke then the Maryland loss. Bias with a capital B. How can you say N.C State winning is a bigger shock, answer: when you want Duke to look good even in defeat? Terps will come back. A loss like this shocks them back to reality. A week of practice with no hubris will get them ready to whatever seed they get. As James Carville once said “It’s the NCAA’s stupid” GO TERPS!

  17. This was a bad loss and hopefully it will bring the team back down to earth and get them ready for the NCAA. As far as seeding goes, this team is still 8-2 in the last 10 games of the year and the committee will most likely recognize that and reward them with a 4/5 seed. Plus the fact that every game in the first round of the ACC was an upset it gives more credence to high strong the conference is this year.

  18. I’m done with my negative thoughts about the Miami game. It’s over and come next week it no longer matters, unless the team doesn’t learn from it.

    We know we have a good team, and they know they’re a good team when they run the offense from inside-out and pass the ball.

    Any one of the 64 teams in the NCAA’s can beat you (remember Santa Clara back in the 90’s).

    If the Terps look for the jump shot first, we’re gonna get beat–plain and simple. Hopefully, this game will serve as a reminder to the team of how they played offensively when they won those seven games in a row.

    They may see zone defenses again, next week so the coaching staff better prepare them.

  19. This is my post from the last article. Wanted to share.

    Kaze – I was over confident as well which usually does not happen with me. So much for the revenge factor. The bottom line is that they played horrible and almost won the game. That shows you who has more talent. Unfortunately, more talented teams don’t always win.

    Brian – I agree that was a terrible call. The Miami guy was so late getting there. That would have cut the lead to four if Gist made the free throw. One other play comes to mind with 2 or 3 minutes left. DJ’s forced pass inside when Vas was wide open at the key and some on else on the side. I read Gary’s lips “fucking stupid pass”. Having said that, one or two plays usually don’t lose a game. The Terps did not deserve to win the game.

    MdFan – You are correct. We do not match up with Miami at all. Must be the experienced guards.

    Let’s see what happens next week. I don’t think they get higher than a #7 seed after this loss. Probably an #8. Call me a pessimist. I just don’t see the decision makers giving us any slack.

  20. Did anyone see Gary Williams postgame comments? He said he tried all week but couldn’t get the team to take Miami seriously! This sounds like the Terps of old, thinking they are so great, not listening to the coach and believing they just have to show up to win. If the team can’t get up for the ACC tourney and in playing a team that already beat us this year that could mean serious trouble. More than likely the Terps first round NCAA foe won’t be a “big” name so will they take them lightly and once again not be ready to play? If they don’t show up ready to fight it’s one and done and another horribly disappointing season.

  21. I saw in today’s Post that Gary called in some chits and had Kornheiser and Feinstein skewer his team for overconfidence. The body language of the players all game was “I can’t believe this is happening” and for Gary it was “I saw this coming.”
    It happened, and the first round NCAA game will probably look a lot like this–a day game with a mediocre crowd against a grinding team who will try to make us win with the jumper. I think we’ll be better prepared next time, but have you ever seen so many Terps tumbling to the floor–around rebounds, flopping for charges, scrumming after we dropped a pass?

  22. Couuld not take Miami seriously????What is Gary doing at college park and why do you let crap like that comment get into ink? Why not just say I don’t care anymore and I enjoy my huge salary and I am waiting to retire so efff offf terapins.

  23. Ok, enough with the post-mortems. We know why the Terps lost. It’s the same reasons as in January. If a team doesn’t put in the effort, it won’t win (see last week’s Florida and this week’s UCLA). With the loss, the Terps will likely fall to the dreaded 5/12 game and the accompanying 5-seed curse. Hopefully Gary will take this team to the woodshed until Sunday when they start to prepare hard for their first-round matchup.

    What can you say about a day when the 9-12 seeds all win? I didn’t stay up to watch the GT-Wake game, but judging from the score, it was a barnburner! At this point, I’ll be rooting for chaos to reign and all the top seeds to lose.

    Fla St. would most likely be in with a win over UNC, but how’s this for a crazy situation: If 9-12 all make it to Saturday and Fla St. doesn’t win the title, one of NC St., Wake, or Miami will make it to the NCAA tourney! It can happen and yesterday was the proof. The ACC has been wacky all year. None of the top seeds can be considered powerhouses, and each of them has taken bad losses. NC St beat UNC and swept VT. UVA choked against Miami and Wake. BC lost to Duquense in non-conference play.

    If it does happen that one of the bottom three wins it all, that would be insane! What’s even funnier is where each would be placed in the bracket. Wake/NC State as a 14 or 15? Miami in the play-in (aka “opening round”) game?! I want to see that happen just to see the hilarity ensue!

  24. Oh, and thinking of Duke languishing in an 8-9 game out in Spokane cheers me up…

  25. I’m sure things will return to normal today. Wake Forest, for one, is going to be totally spent. That was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen, with lights-out shooting by Hale and Morrow. If it had been a Carolina-Puke game, the media would be raving about it to no end.

    I am hoping Gary will be working with the guys on how to attack zone defenses. Anybody playing us would be smart to play zone and draw out every possession.

    That said, if we’d just made some free throws, we would have still beaten Miami, even though we played like a bunch of zombies.

    I am hoping we get a draw in the tournament that our guys can fear and respect. If we get some little school, we probably won’t get up for the game, and will probably lose, like what happened with Santa Clara, and almost happened against UNC-Wilmington. We would be best off if we got a ridiculously low seed. We play so much better when we feel disrespected and that we’re the underdog. We get fat, dumb, and happy when we’re getting positive media attention.

  26. That Wake vs. Tech game was the greatest ACC tournament game I have ever seen. Look at the shooting percentages in the box score. Insane.

    The loss to Miami is not such a bad loss. No one got hurt. And we can now focus on what’s really important and learn something about how to play against zone defense–something we will probably see in the NCAAs. Physical guard play really gives up some problems, though.

  27. DaveJenk-

    I’m not sure what you mean. what’s wrong with Gary calling out his players for their lack of effort in practice and in the game yesterday? The comments I read, Gary said he tried, but couldn’t get the team to take it seriously. How does that indicate he doesn’t care anymore?

  28. We need to stop referring to the loss to Santa Clara in 1996 as if the Terps overlooked that team. Steve Nash was their point guard and the Terps had Duane Simpkins. I think the better team won that day.

  29. Jeremy I have coached many sports and many of them while not at the college level, which is different, I would never admit that I could not get them to take a team that already beat my team serious. Suicides, push ups, laps, and other physical events can change a mood immediately. If they did not take them serious as GW suggested then his motivational skills suck! Yes he can if he wants to. Obviously Frank Haith motivated his kids to beat the Terps again. How can the Terps be so shallow as to not treat that game with the respect that it deserved. These kids were 7 game hero when in that streak did they become pompous asses who didn’t need to take something like an ACC game serious. I am dissapointed in DJ MJ Ibekwe and Parrish for letting that be the mood in practice. Two trips to the NIT should have been enough motivation, but I guess the seniors and GW need more motivation.

  30. Yeah, let’s stop referring to Santa Clara all the time and focus on that other powerhouse that took us out in the first round. You know who I’m talking about. The College of Charleston in 1997.

  31. In 1996, we were a 7 seed and Santa Clara was a 10 seed. Maybe it was poor seeding, but we were the favored team. This was before the rise of Gonzaga and nobody respected the WCC. I can remember everyone was looking forward to playing the 2-seed, Kansas. Outside of Nash, the Broncos had nobody. We had Rhodes, Booth and Profit. We probably had a better overall team. It is telling that Kansas blew Santa Clara out, 76-51, in the next game. I doubt we would have beaten Kansas. We only ended up with a 17-13 overall record. That was the year after Joe Smith took off, and I remember that team never really recovered from his loss. I noticed in the records that Puke got bounced out in the first round, also, getting blown out by Eastern Michigan, 75-60. I had forgotten all about that. That was their last mediocre season before this one.

  32. #29- Will makes a good point. Consider this a blessing-in-disguise wake-up loss for a team that has, as GW said in the Feinstein article, more trouble with prosperity that adversity. Though the loss to Miami hurts, the way they lost was probably just what the doctor ordered: an emergency room lesson in the importance of patience against a disciplined zone, and the imperative of laser-like focus on rebounding. This game simply put an exclamation point on it. It exposed our weaknesses in a way that can’t help but concentrate players’s attention.
    Having second-guessed Gary once, I’m not going to lead with my chin and do it again re: his motivational skills. Anyone capable of convincing MJ to reinvent his game can’t be too shabby in the motivational department. Now that we have all come back down to earth, let’s focus on the positive. These guys can play exceptional ball when they put their mind to it. I’m betting that they get back on track by the opening round of the NCAA tournament.

  33. Lunardi has the Terps as a 5 seed right now. facing Davidson then Nevada. A win could have made us a contender for a higher seed and the sweet 16. Now this is going to be a tough road so maybe the Feb team will show back up.

  34. Dave, I just don’t see how you can blame Gary. He isn’t playing the game. He can only do his best to prepare him. his most experienced players are 21 and 22 years old. He can only lead them to water. Blame the coach when he gets outcoached. Not when his players took the afternoon off. Frankly, i admire his honesty that he said the players didn’t listen to him.

  35. It was still a horrible loss, but give Miami credit, they played a great game against those jackasses from BC and just could not get a bucket late. Also, that 3 point play by Dudley in OT was awful. Late call, shouldn’t have been given the FT.

  36. Interesting note about Lunardi’s latest Bracketology. MD-Davidson is really the only traditional 5-12 match-up on the board, one which pits a major conference team against a mid-major conference team. All other 5-12 match-ups are power conference match-ups; thus upsets in those wouldn’t really be too much of an upset. If this were to transpire, I’d worry about a MD-UNCW type game (the Drew Nicholas game). I’d also load up on every other 5-12 game at a sports book in Vegas. MD will be only 5 seed that would hear the “watch out for the mid-major upset” crap. Like GT beating Notre Dame is really an “upset”.

    On the other hand, Lunardi does have MD in the same region as the team that I feel is one of the weakest 4s (Nevada…UNLV is pretty bad as a 4, too). Tell me that you wouldn’t be more afraid of Davidson in the 1st round than Nevada in the 2nd? Let’s hope Lunardi is correct in this bracket. Get past Davidson in a tight game (that Curry kid hits too many 3 but they have no interior game) and roll Nevada (assuming they beat Vermont). Then…it’s onto Florida in the Sweet 16. That’s the kind of game MD wins. That’s another “you can’t win” game like Dook or UNC that MD gets all fired up about.

    Yes, this is all speculation; but Lunardi is more Nostradamus than our Kazestradamus.

  37. Wheels, my hero – what are you doing here? You should be with your baby boy and his mama. Do I have to do all your thinking for you? :)

  38. I don’t know if this is a “blessing-in-disguise” or not, but I’ve never seen a team play up to their competion like Maryland does year after year. Come tourney time I guess that could be good because they will be playing elite teams. I don’t know if this is a reflection of the coach or just the players, but it seems like year after year when Maryland plays Duke, UNC or other good teams you’re going to see a great game. As soon as they suit up verse the lesser teams you get a division 2 team out there. It sucks, but I’ve been a Maryland fan for awhile and that will never chance. I hope they can show up in the tourney because when they’re on they can hang with anyone.

  39. Correct, they can hang with everyone but also play down to their competition. What this team lacks is a killer instinct, an attitude that the game will/should be over by the half. Maybe that comes with more winning, these seniors haven’t been to an NCAA team since their freshmen year. Maybe these seniors would have learned that killer instinct had they won more games.

    I fully expect this team to run their first round opponent out of the gym. GW has proof that you need to get up for every game, and will have a weak to preach it. Hopefully the team will respond.

  40. I’m so committed to the Soup that even when I should be sleeping, eating, or washing poo, throw up, or snot off of my clothes I am here. I do it for Terpdom. I don’t consider myself a hero…any of you would do it, too. (Uh, visiting hours are over at the hospital and my wife booted me out to get some sleep). Long live the Soup.

  41. I think you have to blame Gary on some level on not being able to get his team motivated to play. If Gary hasn’t figured out in 4 years how to get his seniors motivated then something is wrong. As I said earlier the Terps usually play horribly in the first half after having a long layoff so it is going to be very interesting to see how the team comes out in it’s first round game.

  42. It seems we’ve reached something of a consensus here on the Soup: the “January” Terps suck, and are a one and done bunch. The “February” Terps on the other hand, are capable of beating anyone they step out on the court against. So, what are the keys to putting the FEAR back in everyone so that they will actually Fear the Turtle again? Seems everyone agrees the Terps must win the rebounding battle, especially on the offensive boards. Seems most agree MJ needs to score a bunch of points with a good number of them coming in the in the paint. What else? How about say we develop a list here on the Soup, say maybe 5 to 7 things, that must happen to keep the “January” version from showing up in the Tourney? I don’t know about you guys, but after the Miami game yesterday, I don’t think I could stomach watching the January version make a curtain call appearence in NCAA. What do GW and the boys need to do to drive a stake once-and-for-all through the heart of that version?

  43. Can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to all of you this year. Yesterday was more than disappointing. Kept saying to my wife all week when the NC papers were mentioning Md as the team to beat, “This is the kiss of death.”

    Anyway, if we get better than a 7 seed it will be the first time that I can remember that Md has gotten a break that we didn’t deserve. The whole point of being a Md fan is getting a pile of shit thrown at you and come back for more. Early in the year a tarheel fan made some comment to me that I could be in such a good mood after a particularly embarressing Terp loss. My comment was, “Nobody takes a whopping like a Md fan.” Everyone laughed, but I was dead serious. Being a Terp fan is not for the timid. We love them and hate ourselves and them at the same time.

    But when they win. When they play Gary W’s game of helter skelter, basketball chaos, and we beat Goliath with the 7-headed McDonald Americans painted in Carolina Blue….. when the Cameron Crazies and Dickie Puke can’t think of anything to say because we are coming straight down the lane at their throats………. it is the most beautiful thing in sports that I have ever seen.

    We all know it is not for the moments against Miami that we are living for and are Md fans for. If we wanted to root for consistent winners we would be Duke or UNC fans. Oh no. We are much too stupid for that. We are Md fans! So, don’t expect more than a 7 seed. It’s not going to happen. And when we pull our upset to get to the Final Four, it will be the sweetest feeling in all of sports.

    Because we are among the elite of the stupid. We are fans of the University of Maryland!

  44. Best post of the day nomination today goes to ncterpfan. If your wife had just given birth yesterday like Wheels’s, we’d bypass the nomination and go directly to the award. You got us pegged, fella.

  45. Thanks Kaze. A few glasses of wine brings out the poet. My wife walked by, read your post and said I should write that she just gave birth also. Congrats Wheels! The only thing sweeter than having kids is surviving long enough to see them leave.

  46. What’s up with all this negative bullshit? You mofo’s are the same one’s who gave up on the Terps when they were 2-5 and then jumped up their ass after they reeled off 7 straight. Quit your damn whining!! Yes , the Miami loss was a disgusting excuse for a basketball game on the Terps part. Difficult to watch. But it’s just what they needed to refocus and gear up for the Big Dance. The Terps will reel off 6 straight for their 2nd title in 5 years. BOOK IT! Then what will all you mamby-pamby nauseating, pseudo-fan, freakin’ no baller, cry babies say?!?

    DJ Strawberry

  47. Congrats to Wheels and ncterpfan! Although I must say that even better than seeing your kids leave is having them come back with your grandchildren.

    Dissection in the Soup of Thursday’s performance seems pretty complete. I’ll stand on the “sunny” side of the bandwagon and say that Miami was (once again) a wake-up call and the extra three days off will be well spent practicing against zone defense and rebounding ‘til the team’s hands bleed. (Is there any chance we could glue a beard on B-o-o-o-t-h and suit him up?)

    Like Saul, I have seen the light and I choose to remember Johnny Armstrong

    “I am wounded
    but not slain,
    I will lay me down and bleed awhile,
    but shall rise and fight again.”

    Fear the Turtle.

  48. As of 3/10, Lunardi on ESPN has us UP to a 4 seed now…yesterday we were a 5 (I guess because of the upsets in the other conference tourneys which will force some mediocre teams in).

    I guess we’ll all know tomorrow…

  49. NC vs BC….. Just watching Dudley tank again is so much fun.

  50. Looking over the bracket projections, I don’t see anybody saving a spot for NC State.
    I wonder, if NC St wins in, do the powers to be throw out some other ACC team?

  51. LETS gO, wOLFPACK, lETS gO

  52. Florida St. got shafted thanks to Nevada and Xavier losing last night. GT should be in, but a lot can still happen tonight, so the ACC should get at least seven. NC St. is the only team left that could be the eighth, and one of Air Force, ODU, or Drexel might be left out. Maybe this year’s Wolfpack got visited by the ghost of Jim Valvano…

  53. 9:52 PACK BY 7
    ACC GETS 9

  54. 4:54 PACK BY 6
    is there any body out there? (Roger Walters: Pink Floyd)

  55. 3:26 pack by 6
    my personal blog, all mine, free$, love it
    acc gets 12….. (an inside dig at the wash post idiot ncaa wag)

  56. 1:27
    pack by 9

  57. hey joe l, revise them brackets, the acc is huge

  58. washington five and out

  59. dowdell dumb dowdell foul

  60. joe l, revise the brackets

  61. dowdell gone

  62. I ask again:
    Looking over the bracket projections, I don’t see anybody saving a spot for NC State.
    I wonder, if NC St wins in, do the powers to be throw out some other ACC team?

  63. I don’t think so. GT is in much better shape, with 8 Top 50 wins, than the other bubble teams. GT is definitely the seventh from the ACC. Florida St. had its chance, but got blown out by UNC. The Seminoles are done.

    Congratulations to the Wolfpack for making it to the finals, beating Duke, UVA, and VT along the way! The amazing thing is NC St. is no longer considered a bad loss since their RPI isn’t three digits anymore, meaning VT’s seeding probably goes up despite three losses to the Wolfpack. No need to redo the mock brackets just yet, but Lunardi and the selection committee is going to have to squeeze NC St. into the 12/13 line if they win.

    Now the questions for tomorrow: is Sidney Lowe channeling Jimmy V and can the Wolfpack kick down the door to the NCAA guarded by UNC? I’d love to see it happen, but if it doesn’t, NC St. should have an NIT bid.

  64. Now I know why NCST made me nervous when MD was allowing them to hang around with 11 minutes left in the Comcast game.

  65. Ok, what do we need to do to WWO? Terp Fan formerly from Chillum, MD and his alter ego DJ Strawberry (post #47) has called all of us out of our clincially depressed, bandwagonass draging Miami blues, and told us in so may words to get our game face back on. So what’s it going to take to kick some ass in the tourney? Kazetradamus our prophet, the ever insightful Mr. Wheels, the poetic ncterpfan and all the rest of you Terp luvin’, Puke hating, Rat bashing Terp Hoop FANATICS, what do we gotta do to take this thing? Forget where we get seeded–who cares! We gottta win games no matter where they stick us and against whomever they try and jam us with. Let’s channel GW and the boys some positive vibes and get the WWO trash-talkin’ jive spun back up. Let’s once-and-for-all flush the ACC tourney out of our system and get Jeremy pumped to give us some Sierra Hotel columns for the next week! Let’s dump the Miami funk and get back to where we were last week before the Tampa fiasco; albeit a bit humbler and wiser for the experience. I think we all suffered from overconfidence brought on by the unexpected 7 game WWO finish no one saw coming except the prophetic Kazetradamus. So I repeat, what’s it going to take to WWO?

  66. To win out we need to beat six more teams. And it will happen.

  67. MD Fan, you are so right. Just win. No need to impress a selection committee or some poll voters.

    That is what makes NC State so sweet.

    The gate keepers said you, NC State, are not invited, but NC State is crashing the gates.

    The Terps need to learn this lesson real fast.

  68. After the loss to Maryland, here’s what Coach Sidney Lowe said NC State’s mentality going into the ACC Tournament:

    “It’s a one-game season now and I talked to the guys about caring about each other. We are going into this thing and we have to play each game like it’s the last game of your career. You have to think about your teammates, and you can’t let your teammates down. I think it’s hard for a young group to understand that, but we are trying to get these guys to understand that it’s bigger than them, it’s bigger than me, it’s about this university and it’s about this team.”

    They still have to beat UNC to get in but it appears Coach Lowe knows how to motivate his kids.

  69. It’s official… Terps are the 4 in the Midwest vs. Davidson. They would face either Butler or ODU in the 2nd round, and a potential sweet 16 matchup against Florida. Those first two games are not going to be easy, but I think if the Terps learned their lesson and play hard, they will get their shot at Florida.

  70. Let’s not fall into the same trap we did with Miami where we chalked that game up as a win and started talking about Boston College and UNC.

    Let’s focus on taking Davidson to the woodshed and blasting them like they owe us money, and only that.

  71. They’ve got a pretty good chance to play the National Champions. All they have to do is rebound and attack the basket. No more taking 18 3-point shots during a game. The Butler game will be very tough(if they beat Davidson), so they better not look ahead or they won’t get to play Florida.

  72. Does EVERYONE hate Duke? This was in the AOL News scroll when I just signed on…

    Duke Basketball Program in Denial
    Stupid Play, Aftermath Symptoms of a Spoiled Team



  73. Damn link didn’t work…


  74. We got about as good of a draw as we could have asked. Don’t know much about Davidson and I don’t want to look past them but I will anyway. Butler has been riding that preseason NIT all year, and I hope we play them and put them in their place. Personally, Florida was my pick for repeat nat’l champions before the year, but now…

  75. Does anyone have any info on Davidson? I saw their early season losses at Duke and Michigan (I believe) but otherwise their record tells me very little. What is their style of play etc.

  76. Here’s Davidson’s season outlook (written before this season). It gives a good overview of the program, players, and the system.

  77. A couple of interesting points/musings:

    1. Terps at a 4 seed means that the committee didn’t pay attention to the ACC loss against UM. Also, the committee, in my opinion, shafted the ACC (not in the quantity of seeds but in quality). Only 3 ACC team in the Top 16…interesting for the toughest conference in the nation. The committee thinks MD and BooVa are the 2nd or 3rd best ACC teams. MD, maybe. BooVa, are you kidding me?

    2. Dook a 6? Are you kidding me? If there is cosmic karma, VCU will beat Dook. BC at a 7? No respect for BC there.

    3. I alluded to this earlier in this thread. There are really not too many traditional 5-12 games. VT playing Illinois as a 5-12 game? USC playing Arkie? That’s crap. Normally, the 12 seeds were the mid-major teams that no one saw on TV and no major conference team wanted to play. Davidson is a 12, not a 13. That sucks for MD.

    4. What gives with having mid-major play each other in opening rounds? What is this, Bracketbusters? I know that many of you Soupers are major conference apostles, but the mid-majors got the shaft. Is the last Big 12 or Big 10 team really any better than the 3rd MVC team (Mo State)? Only 6 at large mid-major selections, especially after last year, is total crap. Injury to insult: Butler playing ODU and Nevada (at 7?!) playing Creighton.

    5. If MD beats Davidson, Florida will want no part of that Sweet 16 game against MD (yes…MD would have to beat Butler, presumably, in the second round).

    6. Georgetown is overrated and over-hyped (as is the entire Big Least). The Big East is what the Big 12 used to be: Too many mediocre teams beating up on each others. You could always count on the Big 12 to get too many teams in and have all of them flameout by the Round of 16. The Committee learned their lesson about the Big 12, so they now pass the buck onto the Big Least.

    7. I’m torn as to which #1 seed falls first. I’d love it to be Florida (and MD is the kind of team that gives Florida fits…big and deep in the middle, athletic on the perimeter, can shut down the 3 point shooters). I have a hunch, though, that Ohio State might fall first. They have a tough time scoring points, and they get into too many low scoring games. If they have an off night with their limited offense against a team that can shoot 3s (thus neutralizing Oden on d), they’ll be in trouble. Cue Arrested Development (T-T-T-Tennessee…take me to another place, let me forget all that hurts me…).

    I think UNC might win this sucker.

  78. Agree with Wheels that Duke being a 6 is BS. I’m definitely taking VCU over Duke in my bracket.

    UNC got the hardest region with Texas and GTown lurking. A UNC-GTown game would be a huge clash of styles with probably UNC winning.

    Kansas got shafted by getting shipped West with UCLA as their 2. Since Kansas was the last 1, couldn’t the committee have just swapped UCLA and Kansas? That would make a whole lot more sense. Yes, I know UCLA decided to boot their first-round game, and the committee rightfully punished the Bruins, but leaving them in the West was not a good idea. Would love to see the Zags take them out.

    I think the fair expectation for the Terps is a Sweet Sixteen appearance. If they lose to Florida, I think most would agree it was a successful season. If they beat Florida, anything after that is icing…

  79. Icing? Elite 8? Anthony, if we don’t come out with some WWO focus on Friday, we’ve tasted all the icing we’re gonna get. I think if a single Terp thinks a single thought about Florida this week, before he and his buds have taken care of business in Buffalo, then that Terp will deserve to walk, not fly, back to College Park.

  80. Kaze,

    First, it’s a Thursday game. Second, I said the Sweet Sixteen is fair as far as expectations go for this team and bracket. We know this team is capable of it, despite two tough games with mid-majors. The big question mark though is what the mentality of this team will be going against Davidson. My opinion is that the team will be ready, and if Miami redux didn’t jar their senses, then I’m afraid this year’s Terps will be captured forever on the wrong side of an NCAA tournament highlight video…

  81. I’ve broken the habit of looking beyond the next game. The Miami loss has made me allergic to WWO fantasizing, though it sure was nice while it lasted. We caught a break with the Davidson matchup. It’s a small team, and not very fast. Duke destroyed them in Cameron, albeit early in the season. They’ve also also lost to Appalachian State at home. What they do well is play zone. On the other hand, they have a fearless freshman–Stephen Curry, son of NBA sharpshooter Dell–who is sporting a major chip on his shoulder from being dissed by the ACC. He is going to come loaded for terrapin. We had better bring our disciplined half court game to Buffalo and pound the boards. I have a feeling we will.


  82. I am very surprised that the Terps got a 4 seed after losing to Miami. It’s just like Wheels said, that game did not matter. Their first two games are probably winnable. Like many of you have already said it depends which team shows up mentally.

  83. We probably caught a break with Davidson. It’s a small team. Duke destroyed them early in the season. What they do well is play zone. On the other hand, they have a fearless freshman–Stephen Curry, son of NBA sharpshooter Dell–who is sporting a large shoulder chip from being dissed by the ACC (his father played at VT). We had better bring our best half court game and pound the boards. I have a feeling we will.


  84. Talk about fickled sports writers. I’ve just scanned a bunch of them. They have gone from regarding MD (before the ugly Miami loss) as this year’s Florida, to dismissing them as inconsistent chokers, or at best an afterthought. If it takes snide disdain from media mavens to restore this team’s mean streak, let the scorn rain down.

    I’ll say this for Jay Bilas, despite his BB pedigree, he’s been consistently high on the Terps.

  85. The Davidson game will be very difficult in my opinion. Curry will definitely have some motivation after being disrespected by the ACC and all the Terps need is someone going berserk from 3 point range (Goldsbury ringing any bells?) Also, as we saw against Miami, we don’t do terribly well against the zone. Were gonna have to be sure to not overlook Davidson and give them the respect they deserve.

    Looking at Daivdson’s schedule, there are two ways you can interpret their record. On the one hand, all four of their losses are respectable (three road losses to major conference teams and a loss to bubble team App State) This team does not have a “bad” loss to it’s name. On the other hand, who have they shown they can beat? Their best win is at Arizona State, I don’t know how much that counts. Really excited/nervous to see how this all plays out.

  86. Anthony – wow, I even got the day wrong! Hope they show up with better focus than me….

  87. Duke swept BC this year. Duke is a better team than BC, esp. w/out Sean Williams.

    So two mid-majors have to play each other in the 1st round and everyone should shed a tear? What about Arizona-Purdue, BC-Texas Tech, Mich St-Marquette, Va Tech-Illini, Kentucky-Nova, USC-Ark? Should those schools be upset they have to play a major conference team, too? Or does it only work one way?

    Georgetown looks awfully good to me. Great D, great post play, solid shooters, good bench, and Jeff Green is a special player.

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