The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is Turtle Soup’s virgin NCAA Tournament.  After three seasons, we have finally popped our Tournament cherry.    When I wrote my first piece in October 2004, I predicted that the defending ACC Champion Maryland Terrapins would go to the Final Four.

Who could have imagined that it would take three years (and three different websites) before we would even get into the dance?  Regardless, we are here.

On to the issues of the day.

One thing is for sure about the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee: they have always been kind to our Terps.

I do not know what it is, but can you recall a instance when Maryland got a lower seed then they deserved?  Sure, you can argue that not getting in the last two years made up for it, but I have to say, I like our draw and am grateful for the #4 seed.

I am still terrified of Davidson.  But, as has been mentioned on this blog by some readers, I’ll take my chances needing to beat two mid-majors on the way to the Sweet Sixteen.  Seriously, who would you rather play in Round 2: Kentucky or Butler?  Ask Kansas what they think.

Now, I won’t mention round 2 again. It does not exist. The Terps need to focus on Davidson.  Our boys are quicker, bigger, and faster.  Regardless, Davidson will make us earn it.  This Curry kid scares me, but I will take my chances with Gary Williams at the helm.  He has been here so many times before.

Maryland has an outstanding record in the first round.  19-2 for those keeping score.  Sure there have been the Santa Claras, College of Charlestons, and UNCWs, but on the whole; Gary always has the boys ready to play.

I wanted to write about our chances of making a run in this Tourney, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  I just can’t live with the negative karma that such talk produces.  There will be no counting of chickens on this blog!
Davidson, Davidson, Davidson.  That is all Maryland fans need think about.

I will however prognosticate  about the rest of the field.

I’m down on Winthorp (We demolished them remember?). I’m high on Texas A&M.  I’m down on Texas because everyone else is picking them for the Final Four.  (In life, go against the consensus as often as possible.)

One team that is an 11, 12, or 13 is going to the Sweet Sixteen.  Mark it down.  My guess is VCU.  They get what I think is an easy game in Round 1 against Duke.  Can you believe they gave Duke a #6 seed?  What does this team have to do to be in the bottom half of the bracket?  They beat no one of significance all year besides Georgetown and if they met again, who would be betting on?   I can’t wait to see Duke get bumped in Round 1.

In terms of projecting the field, my one piece of advice is to go with the teams that seem to have fallen in seed based on one late season slip up.  (see Nevada, UCLA).  Go against the teams that had a ridiculous run in their conference tournament to sneak in with a bid; or get bumped up in seed a few extra notches. (see Arkansas, Miami OH,and, Oregon).

As for me, look for me at the United Center on Friday night.  I’ll be in one of the skyboxes (it’s good to be in sales sometimes) rooting against Kansas.  Why go to a sub-regional if you aren’t going to root for upsets?

Go Terps.



  1. Terps got a lower seed (#6) than they deserved in 2003, when they squeaked by #11 UNCW and thrashed #3 seed Xavier.

  2. In terms of projecting the field, my one piece of advice is to go with the teams that seem to have fallen in seed based on one late season slip up. (see Nevada, UCLA). Go against the teams that had a ridiculous run in their conference tournament to sneak in with a bid; or get bumped up in seed a few extra notches. (see Arkansas, Miami OH,and, Oregon).

    Germ, you aren’t buying value stocks here…you are picking winners regardless of seeds.


    How embarrassing that the Terps can’t even graduate one african american and only 25% of the white players. Anybody go to class on these teams


    “Duke coach Mike Krzyzew-ski usually spends the weekend before the NCAA Tournament mowing down teams at the ACC Tournament, but he spent part of this past weekend tending to his 12-acre yard.”

    Sheesh, who knew…

  5. Link doesn’t work, BobbyK, and I’m assuming you and your bride-to-be made up, Jeremy?

  6. Since everyone is offering advice, thought I’d give my two cents – pick teams with good (preferably junior/senior) guards. I think that bodes well for UVA and VTech. It might be the Terp downfall (as apparantly happened against Miami – I’m still in denial over that), but I am hoping that DJ/MJ can make up for the inexperience we have at the point.

    To win the bracket (or pick a good stock) sometimes you gotta zig when everyone else is zagging……so I understand what Jeremy is saying about going against the grain. But go against Texas at your peril. Durant is frigg’n good. He’s the player of year in my opinion. They also have a stud freshman point guard (I forgot his name, but it starts with an A).

  7. UVA is not a good team away from home (3-10), so that could be an issue. I have them bowing out to Tennessee in the 2nd round. VT has been maddeningly inconsistent all season, so it’s hard to say how they’ll do. They could give Kansas a run, or they could flop against Illinois.

    Also, this might help with brackets:

    Very interesting. According to this, the Terps have the third best chance to get to Atlanta out of the Midwest. The odds probably are even better since this doesn’t take into account a Butch-less Wisconsin team that has struggled to score of late. GT should be favored against UNLV.

    I’ll take Jeremy’s advice and won’t mention Atlanta again unless the Terps play next week.

  8. The Texas guard is DJ Augustin, a product of the New Orleans Catholic league. Katrina washed him out of town and into Texas his senior year. He’s tough, smart, and a great passer. Durant is playing like a POY stud partly because of his feeds.

    Why Curry and Davidson scare me: (On the other hand, maybe the adulation will go to Curry’s head and he’ll have a bad game.)

  9. update and clarification: yes my fiance and I made up. Thanks all for your notes of concern. When I say I am going against Texas, I mean I am not picking them to go to the Final Four. I see them winning some games.


    Try this one and click on the new link for the 2007 NCAA tournament.

  11. I sure hope the kids read this:

    Gregg Doyel, National Columnist
    Skittish Maryland has more size and talent but not as much character as Davidson, which will stun the Terps in the first round and then out-midmajor Old Dominion to get to the Sweet 16. Value Pick: Davidson

  12. Gregg you know that as well as I do that the fact Davidson is a nobody makes them a bigger risk. The Terps only play the big boys tough and struggle with the nobodies.

  13. I’m pretty sure our kids have a buttload of character seeing how they completely turned their season around with that DOMINANT 7 game winning streak. You don’t beat 6 of 7 by double digits in your own conference without having some sort of character, especially when your team isn’t full of All-Americans or star players.

    Everyone has decided to shit on the Terps after the loss to Miami, so screw them. It’s us against the world again. Let’s go out there and destroy Davidson!

  14. I’d feel better if we were playing Puke. At least Davidson plays the frenetic, uptempo kind of game in which our guys thrive. Just as long as we don’t play a team which plays Miami’s brand of basketball: packed-in zone defense, slow tempo/drawn-out offensive possessions, very physical.

  15. Has Greg Doyel followed Maryland at all this season? No character? I think this team has displayed plenty of it.

    In regards to struggling against nobodies, I disagree. Maryland plowed through it’s non-conference schedule. Granted, we didn’t go up against mid-major powers, but we blew out Winthrop and the rest of the “nobodies” on our schedule.

    Davidson had a nice season and I can see why many people want to take them. I’ll take my chances with our guys.

  16. We should appreciate the media’s effort to pump the Davidson-Golliath match up. Let every media person out there tell all of us that they won’t be surprised when Davidson beats MD. I hope Gary clips all of the articles and videotapes all of the bobbleheads. This will ensure that MD crushes Davidson.

    The past few MD teams have under-performed when people expected them to win. The more everyone expects them to lose (or be upset) the less likely that will happen. It’s almost as if the media has taken all of the pressure off of MD. This isn’t the MD-Miami set up.

    I bet every MD player is pissed off right now, and I don’t think we’ll have to worry about them coming out flat. If Davidson wants to run against a running team that is bigger, faster, and stronger, good luck.

    By the way, tell me that the Curry kid doesn’t remind you of Juan Dixon? Thankfully, MD isn’t playing him when he’s a senior. He’s got to handle the national hype now, and the pressure is on him. This pressure is much different than the pressure he faced amid the glaring media spotlight in the SoCon.

    MD wins and wins big. They’re angry, fear-inducing Turtles.

  17. I predict a score of 68-63. The Terps freshman will get overly excited early and calm down late in the first half. Curry will shoot poorly and make the win easier for Maryland. Or eitehr GW will be red faced cussing fool and the reverse will be the case.

  18. I have not seen them play, so no disrespect intended to Davidson, but….

    As a team, they are 0-4 against the RPI top 100.

    On offense, they have a freshman guard averaging 23. The terps can/will shut him down. I suppose it’s possible that there other players will step up big, but jeepers that will be a hard thing for them to do. They will score in the 60s (they only managed 45 against dook)

    On defense, you can be sure that they will pack in the zone like Miami. Will the Terps have another crappy shooting performance? If so, that would be the worst case situation. Even if that happens, it will be close and we may pull it out. If the Terps shoot well early, the game could be over by the half.

  19. Bobbyk, I understand what you mean about the freshmen. My hope is that the frosh have learned their lessens about tournaments and GW has already told Vas and hayes that they don’t have to score to play well, but they do need to penetrate the lane.

    Especially early, we will see lots of drives and dishes….both to gist/Ebek and passes back to MJ for the 3.

  20. Anthony, thanks for that Kenpom link. Interesting that the difference between Wisc. and Maryland is all in the first round. If you assume that Maryland gets by the first, then the two seem about equal.

  21. Great graduation rate for Maryland at 13%. Davidson at least does it the right way and graduate their players. Maryland should win those thugs.

  22. Meow.

  23. What’s a graduation rate?

  24. What I meant for picking teams applies to pools where you aren’t specifically rewarded points for picking upsets. Whenever I’ve been in one that doubles points through each round, the winner has always picked the national champion and got two or three of the final four correct. The only advantage to going against the high seeds is if they flame out and everyone else picked them. Picking the winner gets you closer to winning than proving that you are smrt.

    That said, the Terps are my lowest seed in the final four. BTW, if the Terps run into Oregon my relationship is over regardless of the outcome.

  25. Read it and weep….

  26. The BB grad rate, especially for black players, is scandalous for a university priding itself on having just arrived among the public ivies. What is easily forgotten about the Len Bias tragedy is the educational squalor that had overtaken Lefty’s program. The academic scandal as much as the drug issue are what brought Driesell down. I wish the Lapchick report had come out after the tournament. The report card kinda dampens one’s enthusiasm for the MD program. I want to see my team win as much as the next Terp fan, but not at the price of educational integrity. I hope GW isn’t losing control of his program. The well-publicized extracurricular and academic problems of some of last season’s players aren’t reassuring.

  27. Just a second! Are you saying these guys actually go to school, too! I had no idea……

    I suggest taking that article to Daily Kos and maybe you will find a sympathetic group of bleeding heart liberals.

    It’s March Madness and the Terps are dancing…..I couldn’t care less.

  28. I couldn’t care less either. I know that Davidson’s student athletes are not going to beat Maryland’s basketball players. It’s not a level playing field.

  29. We’ll all start caring if the MD program lands in a world of scandal. If it’s bleeding heart liberalism to care about the academic integrity of my alma mater’s athletic program, then I guess I have a cardiovascular problem. A 0% grad rate for black BB players should be giving us all chest pains..

  30. Okay, forget the integrity stuff. Look at it from a strictly recruiting point of view. Those grad rates can’t help MD’s assistant coaches. Imagine going head to head with recruiters from Carolina, say, and sitting in some mother’s living room trying to sell the idea that junior will get a good education if he comes to MD, only to have her ask, why are you graduating so few of your athletes? That goose egg for black BB players will be used against us. You can take it to the bank.

    Okay, enough. I’m looking forward to stomping Davidson–which should be simple enough provided we rebound well and practice better shot selections.

  31. That graduation rate article comes out every year right before the NCAA tournament, and for a reason.

    It’s a crazy formula the guy uses. You get penalized if a player TRANSFERS from your school. It’s as if the kid didn’t graduate EVER.

    But you know what? Screw it LOL

    Go Terps Go! Fear the Turtle

  32. Lapchick disavows the so-called Federal Graduation Rate, which, as DBR says, penalizes schools whose student-athlete-transfers graduate from other schools. He prefers the NCAA’s standard, which is more realistic.

  33. Now’s not the time to talk of the graduation rate. In a case where Butler beats Old Dominion, I am very frightened. Butler plays a slow, drawn out game and zone on defense. Exactly the type of team I would HATE to see in the tourney. Assuming we get past Davidson (please don’t make me eat my words) GO Old Dominion!

  34. Butler’s been underwhelming since early in the season. We should win (provided we get past Davidson), unless we get impatient against Butler’s zone.

    Okay, no more grad rate stuff. BobbyK called it to our attention, and it was hard to ignore.

  35. Fair enough. I was just saying that plenty of people I am talking to says we have a free ride to the sweet sixteen. Just making sure nobody here feels that way.

  36. The outcome of Butler vs. ODU will be close. I think ODU might take’em. I’m totally nervous about avoiding a first round surprise, but if we get by Davidson like we should, seeing ODU instead of Butler would not surprise me.

    Regarding graduation rates (I can’t believe we are posting on this topic with the coolness of the tourney in our midst, but here goes) – yes, it may be a factor for recruiting, but I hope not. The point of the scholorship is to give the kid an education opportunity, not to guarantee a sheepskin. A far worse sin would be rubber stamping degrees (this happens – Remember Dexter Manley? He actually graduated from OSU and he couldn’t even read.) The kid needs to earn the degree.

    My stance is that whether a kid graduates in 5 years is not ‘the’ measure of a program. What is most important is whether a program turns out consistently good citizens. I think Maryland does pretty good at that. Sure the kids make mistakes (several recent examples of that and I’ve made my own share of mistakes so I don’t throw stones), but they correct themselves and don’t spiral out of control.

    Big Cat – The Maryland kids go to class and maintain their academic standing as well as any program in the country. Last year they kicked their best player off the team because he f*cked up (BTW – That kid’s doing ok today). The only unlevel playing field is that Maryland just has better players.

  37. Stevend – point taken about rubberstamping eligibility majors. And glad to hear that McCray is doing okay. There’s more to say on this subject, but you’re right, this isn’t the time for it. I’ve got Butler getting by ODU, even though Butler is probably overseeded based on its early season performance. If MD brings its Feb, game, the Terps should reach the Sweet 16. A deeper run also beckons even with everyone’s favorite, Florida, likely standing in the way. For what it’s worth, I have Xavier upsetting Ohio State in the 2d round. The trick is getting Oden in early foul trouble. OSU doesn’t do well when he is on the bench.

  38. I can’t believe every year we hear about thses stupid graduation rates b4 the tourn. Look, college are there to prepare us for the future. 50% of MD players goto MD to play professional basketball. DJ, MJ, and Ebekwe will all play professional basketball, whether here or elsewhere. That should be considered 100% graduation rate right there, since they got what they went to school for. While 99% (except maybe curry) of Davidson players go there for education while playing basketball is secondary. They need to graduate, because that’s what they are going there for. I can’t belive these people are powpowing MD for preapring these players for 6 figure salaries for 10-15 years.
    Now some people will ask, what will they do after their 1st career. Well, it’s upto them. How many of us will change our career within 10-15 years? I bet you, alot of us will. That’s why we get an another degree (Masters or Doctorate). They can get an another degree after their career is over too. Just the same thing, different paths. Like Stevend said, more important thing is whether they are a good citizen or not. This graduation rate is geared toward smaller programs with players with no pro aspirations.

  39. It matters because these kids are not being prepared for a future. They are overpampered as it is. It is a college/university not a sport prepatory academy. Thats wrong with all these kids because people believe it okay for them to take slots as long as they win games. The kids not going to class will hurt like McCray last year. Your program will suffer with thigs (Garrison) and your recuriting will suffer. Quality kids are out there as well as bums. Quality kids win games and go to class. But this is a string about the Terps team that should beat Davidson even if they have to work for them in 5 years after they leave team Isreal and come back looking for a job.

  40. Bobbyk, you are a preachy sun of a gun, aren’t you. Are you going to complain, next, about professional atheletes making too much money and poor school teachers not making enough?

    Again, Maryland maintains their academic eligibility as well as any program. Do the kids have big egos and get more dates then the resto of us? Of course! Get over your jelousy. Do the kids make mistakes? Yes, but so do we all. But, thugs? No, not really.

    You raise 3 examples:

    McCray’s unfortunate mistakes last year were punished, weren’t they? The person and the program didn’t wince. Now, McCray is an example of a kid who is living a dream right now in the NBA. He desrves supreme kudos.

    Gilchrist is doing great, too. He’ll be in the NBA soon enough and in the meantime he’s got a pretty darn cool job in Israel – traveling, having a great time and earning a good salary.

    Garrison is his own story, but GW has never given up on him and I’ll bet he still mentors him as appropriate.

    BTW – Kudos to kids from Davidson, too. I have nothing but respect for them and I wish them the best in life. That said, they are not a very high profile program, either. I have no idea how many times their players have made mistakes that just don’t make headlines, but I’d wager that there are examples like that, too.

  41. My Final Four picks in the ESPN group prove I’m a ridiculous homer:

    Midwest: Maryland
    West: UCLA
    East: GTown
    South: Louisville (!)

    Finals: Maryland over GTown 75-73

    Of course, I almost won the women’s bracket contest last year being a ridiculous homer…

  42. StevenD I do tend to preach when it comes to some things I admit, but that is my fault. I hate pro basketball and don’t watch it so I don’t have any jelousy for those men. I hate schools/programs/coaches screwing with young want to be adult impreshionable men. Because they are the mentors for the next group coming along. Watching the Wisconson special on HBO about their clean program and constant 20 win seasons with graduating kids and NCAA/Big Ten competitiveness made me mad that they can do that why can’t the Terps. I found my answer it is the don’t care attitude of the program. McCrays punishment was allowed to stay in school and failed out like a bum. Garrison left and so did Caner-Medley and that screws the grad rate and the program if the points drop below 925 and they lose scholarships then what. A team of walk ons who pay their way. Yeah I will pay to see that. So there I am a preachy rascal. Teachers do make to little as a side note so they should have played basketball.

  43. Since many of these young men are in the NBA or on their way, perhaps we should be looking at their average salaries vis-a-vis our own degree enhanced salaries, for example.
    Why would they leave school without their degrees? Hmm…maybe they don’t need a degree as much as we need ours!

  44. We’re less than 24 hours away from the tournament and you pansies are talking about graduation rates. If you wanna bicker about class attendance, and failing grades, start your own forum and call it Alphabet Soup, or How to Read for College Basketball Players.

    We’ve got ball to discuss! Davidson has four losses all season long. They lost to the four quasi-decent teams that they’ve played Michigan, Missouri, Appalachian St. and Puke. Every other team they’ve beaten had an RPI ranging from 107-308. Obviously the Southern Conference is just chock full of good teams.

    They shot 18-63 against Duke. That’s like 28% if I did the math in my head correctly. I learned that in college BobbyK. Math.

    Regardless, they have some size, though no one over 6-8. And Curry can be an assassin from outside the arc. I’d have DJ check him up almost every time for the first half. I doubt he gets D’ed by such an athelete much in the SoCon. I’d like to see some press, and I really think if we shoot the ball well and rebound well we can run over them.

    It’s funny that so many so called pundits are picking the Terps to get upset. I always view every NCAA tourney game on a match-up to match-up basis, and I really geniuinely like this match-up. Let’s go Terps!

  45. You are right E$ we can talk about graduation rates some other time, tomorrow the Terps are starting what will hopefully be a great run in the tourney. The Terps should win their first two games and play Florida in a Sweet 16 classic but as we all know nothing can be certain with this team. I would not press Davidson too much as that will leave Curry open for 3 pointers and give them opportunties for offensive rebounds. Playing solid defense and actually boxing out should get the job done. As with many Maryland games, the first few minutes will tell alot. Will the Terps come out focused, energetic and ready to play or will they be lethargic and uninspired as happens quite often with this team? Having the long layoff combined with such an early start time could spell trouble for the Terps, I just hope the seniors are ready to make the most of their last opportunity to define their careers as something other than a disappointment.

  46. Its like Christmas Eve. I can’t wait. Glad we stopped talking about grad rates. Its like having a discussion on Christmas morning about the significance of the Holy Trinity before we can open our presents. I know its important, but right now, just this couple of days, I DONT CARE!!! Its about basketball and whether GW has taught Vas not to go for the fake at the 3 point line and let the opposing guard have a free walk to the basket to his left. How many times did that happen in the Miami game? Its about basketball. After we win the championship we can all wring our hands about whether our seniors are going to graduate and what effect that will have on our recruiting, but for now, just for now, its about us whipping the boys from Davidson real damn good. GO TERPS!!!

  47. Go Terps!!!

    Looking for a nice W. They just have to play their game.

  48. Please help me, people. I live in Brazil, which for some reason means that most of the radio stations in the US will not allow me to listen to their online broadcasts. Is there any way I will be able to listen to the game today?

  49. you can watch it online at registration is free and you can watch the streaming video

  50. 12:20 first game leading it off. 5 hours remaining. Ides of March 23 stabbbing of Ceaser. Could that be an omen for MJ to have a couple fo daggers for Davidson……….

  51. Dukies pick everyone except Maryland to win in the first-round. What a surprise!

  52. I can’t believe I just read that. Duke beat Davidson by almost 30. We swept Duke and made them look silly twice, according to the associative property that would make McKillop a better tactician than Coach K as well. Total bullshit.

  53. Sheesh, now I read that both Maryland and Duke stayed at the same hotel! Hope they had different floors…,0,5893937.story?coll=bal-sports-headlines

  54. I like the match-up of the Terps D vs. the Davidson O. – I think we will hold them the 60s. Gist and Ebek will combine for 10 blocks and strawberry/brown will contain curry.

    Problem is the zone D that they are bound to throw at us. If MF is hitting threes, it will be ok, but my nervousness all comes from the last game shooting performance. Must penetrate the lane every time down.

  55. In case anyone missed the story in today’s Wash Post about today’s matchup:

    The focus on rebounding, which is a positioning, body-on-body, game, the story is reassuring. Even Vas realizes he and MJ and Hayes have to be alert for those long caroms from missed 3-pointers.

  56. 20 minutes to destiny whose ready?

  57. I Can’t believve I’m actually expected to teacch while this is going on.

  58. based on that spelling, its a good thing I teach math.

  59. They are playing dumb again.

  60. Just turned the game on. Ebekwe two fouls. Unfreaking believable. A Sr. that can’t/hasn’t learned
    to stay in the game.

    Bowers grabs a rebound and holds it out for a steal.

    We know they going to shoot 3’s and we don’t guard them.

    I’m concerned.

  61. I’m beyond concerned. Ibekwe is playing terrible. Stupid fouls. Picking up the wrong man.

    Too many uncontested threes. I’m hoping it turns around after this time out. Damn. 33-27 Davidson.

  62. Hope they wake up.

  63. Is this where the brick wall to bash our heads against is?

    The bad outside shooting it driving me nuts. It you can’t hit the 3’s, stop shooting them! This was a disaster in the ACC Tourney. They couldn’t hit 3’s and lost by a handful of points. It’s enough to drive you batty.

  64. I think it’s crucial that we are at halftime and we’re up by 1. I think we will get a burst in the opening second half, if not, we are doomed.

  65. Considering the half, a one point lead isn’t bad. Challenge the threes (without fouling DJ & MJ) and get ball inside early in second half will lead to success.

    Not getting a shot off at the end of the half reminds me of Lefty.

  66. The shotless ending of the half does recall Lefty. It’s too early to panic, however. We’re killing them on the boards (which allays my rebounding concerns); we just have to be more patient on offense and take better shots. Osby shows signs of tournament jitters; Vas too. Hopefully they’ll settle down in the 2d half. I’m not surprised at Curry’s productivity. He’s living up to advance billing. But I had no idea Davidson was so quick. 2d half should be interesting.

  67. I think it’s time 4 the coach to sit DJ down

  68. So much for coming out of the gate strong in the 2nd half. Dear god…this is painful.

  69. WTH are we doing!!!!!

  70. Andrew….they look like they don’t know what’s going on.

    This really is painful.

    Believe in miracles.

    Expect a miracle……or else.

  71. 14;18 Davidson trying to give game to Terps, will they take it?

  72. Gerry… I feel you. Man we need to get ball inside and rock it. BLAH I got a meeting at 2pm.. this isn’t cool. I hope its fast. GO TERPS! We just need to stop those STUPID Turnovers!!! they are KILLING US!

  73. shit 4 ibekwe with 14 left.. NOT GOOD.

  74. I need a drink WTFO

  75. Yes.. 4 foul on ebekwe will be a blessing for us. He SUCKS!!!!!! SIT HIM DOWN THE WHOLE GAME.

  76. 3 on DJ anyone want to try defense

  77. time to go 4 guards and rotate around gist and osby

  78. Ebekwe….slowest man on the court…getting back
    on defense commits #4 foul trying to press. What
    the F…k is he doing up there?

    So many drives to the lane and all we do is “clang iron”.

    Do our guys know what a bank shot is?

    Have you ever seen one of our guys even hit a bank

    I do like the pace of the game. We could get
    them weak-knee’s at the end.

    Expect a miracle….still

  79. Anybody want to guard Curry

  80. OSBY !!

  81. a free throw come on who teaches FT shooting Shaq dammmmmmmmmmmmit

  82. Gary, bench all the guards that does not feed the ball to Gist first, then osby second. Bench them if they feed the ball to ebekwe!! FEED THE BALL INSIDE!!!

  83. Let’s call him “BO Plenty”. If we win this game
    BO Plenty will play huge from here on out. This is
    a “defining moment” for him.

    AssassinTer….you are right on.

  84. Pull DJ his is a black hole give somebody else a chance jeeesh

  85. Are u kidding me? 22 TOs.. DJ, you are WIDE open because they want you to shoot 3s. Stop shooting them. You are shooting 5-17. 5!!!.. C’mon dude, you got brains?

  86. Is Curry that fast. How can you not guard this kid he is killing them.

  87. 2:50 Terps own the boards, have the legs, a hair away from exploding to win by 12

  88. MJ with a dagger that could do it

  89. YES!!!! MJ with clutch 3, and ebek fouled out. Smooth sailing from here on out.


  91. Whew…

  92. AND THE TERPS TAKE ROUND 1!!!!!!!!!

    WHEW!!!! I was starting to panic there in the begining of the 2nd half!

    Excellent effort by teh bench players today. Now someone just needs to slap the starters around before Saturday.

  93. That effort will not work in future rounds. Hopefully that was the jitters and does not follow

  94. Many lessons to be learned just watching the replay of this game and I hope GW has them doing
    it tonight.

    DJ draws a lot of fire from you guys but he plays great D…most of the time, takes a few ill advised shots but usually comes up with a biggie when you
    you least expect it.

    BobbyK…..yes, MJ’s shot was a dagger.

    Ok…so they went “over the wall” this time.

    Did I see it right….ODU is favored to beat us??

    Let’s tee it up.

    Congrats to all

  95. Good win for the Terps, better than a blowout because it seasons them for more close games down the road. As I said at half time, there was no need to panic because of our domination of the boards. And the 2d half was a coming out party for Osby. He got rid of the first-time jitters; let’s hope Vas and Hayes have as well. We need to cut down on stupid TOs.

    Davidson bears out the chestnut: live by the three, die by the three. Still, a game team. They’d be fun to root for under different circumstances. Curry is an assassin, with ice water in his veins and a quickness with his shot that doesn’t come around everyday.

  96. Oddly enough, that exactly what the Baltimore Sun predicted the score to be 82-70.

    Butler or ODU who wins?

  97. I’ve got Butler in my bracket, with MD winning in the 2d round.

  98. I’ve got ODU with MD winning in the 2d round.

  99. Whewww.. I like V lined from my meetting to watch the last 3 mins. Man terps gave me a scare. WE GOT TO LIMIT STUPID TURNOVERS!! Bring on Sat baby!

  100. BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

    Ditto all those who say great win and gotta stop the dumb turnovers.

    When we went down by 8 at the start of the second half my insides were crawling out of my skin. The comeback is more fun and will make the evening much more enjoyable. Not to mention, that the w will probably keep Jeremy from getting into another fight with his finace (anyone else notice that the last fight was after the last loss?).

    I want ODU to win against Butler, just because I figure a #12 is better than a number 5. That said, Butler’s 5 is based on early season success, so it’s a toss-up.

    Other rambling thought – Parish Brown deserved some second half minutes. The 3 he hit at the end of the first half was much needed.

  101. The win was better than great, it was character-building, which is to say, the best kind for a team still establishing its identity. Gotta love Boom.

  102. Boom’s move to the glass were beauties.

    Other random kudos go to Neal for hitting a couple of key freethrows (I can’t believe he was even in the game)

  103. Ebek was ok today. I was more disappointed with Gist and – especially – Vas and DJ’s shot selection.

    One day Ebek will have a signiture game. The kid has tons of talent, but he just makes silly decisions.

  104. A win is a win in the tourney. Bottom line, we advanced. Sure, we could’ve played better, but Davidson was lights out from three in stretches. We clamped down and they missed 14 of their last 16. The better team won and often that shows late in games like today.

  105. Experienced heartburn at the beginning of the 2nd half, but Osby did a great job stepping into Ebekwe’s spot while he was out with 4 fouls. Way too many turnovers, and they did not defend Curry well at all before halftime, but they did shut him down in the second half. Down 8 and not panicking shows this team’s character.

    In other bracket news, GTown’s taking care of business, and how about Oral Roberts up 2 at halftime?

  106. The day would be complete if we see a VCU victory……please, please, please

  107. Win and advance. That’s all this is about. GO TERPS!

  108. Tight one… 20-19 ODU over Butler at halftime.

  109. 20-19 at half. Both teams are shooting around 30% and neither one plays in the big ten. This must be an exciting match-up to watch.

    And I would trade the opportunity to watch it anyday instead of being stuck in the office, with all access to internet tv blocked by web filters. Bah.

    I’d love for the ACC to go 6-1 in round one, and see a VCU victory!

  110. The bottom line is the Terps were deeper and wore them down. Boom played an excellent game. The turn overs and the dumb fouls are just hard to watch. I am happy they won and will watch on Sat.

  111. So much for Oral Roberts. They went from up 2 at the half to being blasted by 16… 70-54 Wazzu. With GTown winning (up 25), it’s been all chalk so far, but Penn and ODU are hanging around hoping to be the first upset.

  112. Nice win. Had me nervous in the 2nd half until DJ shut down Curry. I only saw the last 5 minutes of the first half, was DJ guarding Curry in the first half?

    “Survive and advance” is what it’s all about. Can’t wait until Saturday’s game.

    GO TERPS!!!!

  113. Looks like it’ll be Butler. They broke 40 points.

  114. Hey, Butler…… looking at a 50 point whooping Saturday

  115. Stephen Curry was treated by the officials the way Dwayne Wade was in the NBA Finals last year. The call that fouled out Ibekwe? Ridiculous.

    The Terps simply can’t turn the ball over 21 times and expect to win another game. DJ needs to calm down. Shots with 30 secs on the shot clock will kill us.

    Hayes calmed the team down and that is why we won.

    This is why Duke sucks:

  116. Replay the game, the Terps were far better than it originally appeared. Talk about the chalk winning today, the upset was in Davidson, they had the misfortune to draw the Terps.
    Lighten up on Ebekwe, he played very well in the first half, before foul trouble clipped him.
    Osby was spectacular.
    I keep waiting for Hayes to step it up as Vaz did ten games back. If Hayes does, no one can stop these Terps (I doubt if anyone will anyway).

  117. OH……JESUS…..CHRIST That “This is Why You Suck” video is HILARIOUS! Instant classic. Thanks Jeremy for posting. I almost covered my computer monitor with the frosty beverage I was drinking.

  118. DBR – Strawberry wore down Curry, who wore down DJ. A gritty performance from both players.

    Dcydell – I don’t see a 50 point whoopin’ of Butler. If we can drag them into an uptempo game, we’ll be okay. A half court game, which Butler loves, will test our shot selection patience. We’ve got to bring the same rebounding effort on Saturday. Funny how the fundamentals win out almost every time. The Terps came into this game focused on crashing the boards, and it paid off big time.

  119. That video is hysterical. Jeremy, thank you!

    On that note Duke is in a grudge match with VCU. I’m really hopin’ tha Commonwealth can pull this one out.

  120. Maynor is down right money baby!

  121. This is why Duke sucks.

    VCU 79 Puke 77

  122. What a great day. Just great.

  123. Great video Nice Terps win and F Duke!

  124. My night is.. COMPLETE… and one of my friends who a die hard unc fan told me today.. i was full of sheet and that I should stop smoking the good stuff when I said.. VCU will beat duke… Oh eating crow never tasted so damn good.

  125. Ding Dong! The Dukies are gone!

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if all the ACC teams won in the first round except Duke. Even Florida St., Clemson, and NC St. won their first-round NIT games…

  126. Let’s all wish Coach K the best as he spends the next three weeks tending his garden… VCU talked the talk and walked the walk. I loved the way they pushed Paulus around like he was their bitch. Maynor abused him time and time again.

    I give the Terps a C+ today. Not their best effort, but as Jim Valvano said, it’s all about surviving and advancing.

  127. Don’t forget, Puke was the FIRST team to get upsetted. Way to go Puke. Nice coaching job Shoe chef.

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