Terrence Jennings Commits to Terps

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a 6’10” 225lb athletic shot-blocker commit to your alma-mater? 2008 will see the dawning of the Terrence Jennings era at Maryland. Currently, he is the 17th-rated prospect in the nation. Lord have mercy. I guess old G-Will hit the recruiting trail this summer. You gotta love that. It is safe to say that the Terps have reloaded in the front court. Imagining a backcourt of Hayes and Greivous with Burney and Jennings in the frontcourt has me envisioning a 2010 trip to the final four.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I’ll be back shortly with a football preview.



  1. Indeed. This is huuuge. I’ve seen video of this kid play, and he’s a monster!

  2. So we’re looking at the following bigs in ’08-’09:


    Who’d I forget???

  3. Thanks 4 posting this Jeremy.

    Dang, no love?

  4. While this signing may not give us an automatic top twenty recruiting class, its a huge statement for the program in general and Chuck D. and his ability to help right the recruiting ship in CP. Go Terps!!!

  5. Agreed that Jennings has as much upside as Joe Smih. But I can hardly believe that this board has no concern over Jennings’s acedemic struggles?

    Only 3 months till midnight madness…..Speaking of which, it looks like Gist was a solid bench player at the Pan Am games, but it wasn’t the coming-out party that I was hoping for. Still, it gave him some good experience and I still think that Maryland’s chances next season to be top 10 hinge on his progress.

  6. Stevend

    In looking ahead to our prospects for ’07-08, the 5 spot and the bench are going to have to be figured out before we know what we’ve got in store for this year. The 1-4 spots should be solid, but who knows after that who’ll emerge among the Freshmen. There appears to be talent there, but who really knows if it can produce or not. I agree Gist needs to have a breakout year for us to succeed, however I think Top 10 is a reach till we figure out if the 5-8 guys are ACC caliber or not. In the case of this year’s Frosh, it may take until ’08-09 to figure out what we’ve got there. I hope not, but the name Landon Milbourne does comes readily to mind as an example.

  7. Speaking of Landon Milbourne, I just read this a couple days ago.

    Maryland small forward Landon Milbourne, a probable starter at the position this fall, will tour Europe with a traveling team called the East Coast All Stars this month. The team will play games in Holland and Belgium including a contest against the Dutch national team. Other team members include players from Rutgers, Texas A&M, Kentucky and Georgia Tech.

  8. Here’s a little morsel to get excited about Landon Milbourne.

  9. As I see it, Unless the plan is to move Boom or Gist into a center, Milbourne’s chances to start are iffy – but he has a lot of opportunities to prove me wrong.

    Neal gave several solid performances last year. So I give him a borderline nod as the fifth ACC-calibur player. These five will start the first game: hayes, vaz, boom, Mr. Gist, and Neal.

    By the time we get to the Big 10 challenge game, however, Neal will not be starting, although he will be in the rotation. The fifth starter will be either Burney or Dupree because of the rebounding and defense.

    By the time we get to the ACC season (based on HS reputations), I suspect that Milbourne, Dino and Tucker will also be competing for minutes (giving the team a total of 9 players in the rotation – perfect). One or two of these three may also emerge as starters. How?

    Remember that Boom and Vaz both do good in coming off the bench. GW may go with one of the Freshmen to start, just because he knows that Boom or Vaz can come in and give the team a boost after 6 minutes. At the end of the game next season, Boom and Vaz will both always be on the court.

    Continuing my ramble, it’s hard for me to get a pulse on Adrian Bowie and Shane Walker. They may be ACC calibur players, but (and this is all based on what limited things I read on their HS careers) it seems to me that they will need a season or two to be consistent contributors at this level.

    Completely different from two years ago, it looks like the terps have 5 legitimate point guards. This should be a fun competition to watch. I think Hayes is steadier than Vaz and so he’s my preseason choice. Bowie and especially Dino (I love that name) have big time reps, and it will be really fun if one or both of them prove to be better. Tucker can play the point too, I think, but he will be a 2 or 3 IMO.

    I’m assuming that Pearman and MacAlpin are more practice players than gamers. It would be fun if one of those two emerged as legit, but it’s not very likely.

  10. Explain this to me. Originally class of 2006 and wants to be a pro. How in the hell can the Terps pick up a positive one and done kid. Why with the possibility of losing two scholarships already do you go and risk more on a proven dum dum? Great pick in 2006 but in 2008 seems very shaky. Will with hold judgment but will not stop the questioning.

  11. Al – You’re brilliant but this time I think you’re mistaken. Look at the situation the kid will be walking into in 2008: a veteran backcourt, a sophomore-and-junior laden frontcourt which could be quite good but will be mostly slasher types, Gist the top frontcourt scorer gone and that big empty 5 slot with Boom gone as well. Perfect situation for a dominant lottery-type big man to come in, get us over the top and into the Final 4, and say good-bye. And Gary ain’t getting any younger, by the way.

  12. Al V – Regarding losing scholorships…I’ve been asking other fans about that and they say it is not so. The NCAA was talking about those sort of sanctions, but they were (thankfuully in my opinion) not adopted. So we are not down 2 scholorships right now.

  13. This was just posted on an espn chat by recruiting guru Bob Gibbons on Terrence Jennings:

    Bob Gibbons: (1:18 PM ET ) I wrote a blog for ESPN about his recruitment. There’s no question. He had an exceptional summer. He performed well at the Reebok camp in Philadelphia. He played well in Las Vegas. The big question I have is not his ability as a player, but is he going to make it as a student. He was senior in high school in 2005-06. He should be starting his sophomore year in college now. He’s a very mature player for ’08. He’s at Mount Zion in North Carolina. The coach told me, don’t worry, he’ll make it. The gamble is, will he get eligible academically and will he stay eligible?

    Anyone know how rough this kid is academically?

  14. In a completely unrelated story, I’m walking down the DC metro escalator last week and recognize Terps’ former assistant (and current Loyola head coach) Jimmy Patsos. We’re talking for a few minutes as we’re waiting for our train, and suddenly I notice, wait, he’s got the Maryland national championship ring. When I ask him, “Coach, is that our ring?” (and yes, I called him “Coach” – I felt a certain degree of reverance was warranted during this happenstance meeting), he proceeded to take it off and hand it to me to look at. Very cool guy, and gorgeous ring!

  15. Great story, Cohen. But if it were me, he would have had to chase me down the tracks to get that ring back.

  16. steven d I am only restating what the Baltimore Sun Dinich reported. I am not a NCAA rules guru. But the way I read it since two schools have already been reported to lose scholarships I would be worried about taking on a old kid who can’t read.(Dexter Manley days are over I hope) But come one this is a grand educational system sucking in a potential threat to the school. NC State and Chis Washburn come to mind. Tarpley from Kentucky. You know a big stud center kid dumb as hell. I say just say no.Get some kids that have to prove that they are stupid not a proven one.

  17. Kaze, I will concede that when he handed it to me, that thought did run through my mind. Instead, I stood there stunned like the scene in “Rudy” where Rudy’s father looks out onto the Notre Dame field for the first time and goes, “This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen.”

    I asked him if he would mind if I took a picture of it, which I then did. I thought it would have been a bit much if I asked him to take a picture of me wearing it. In retrospect, definitely should have done it!

  18. Al V –

    This discussion is deja vu all over again. Why the negativity?

    Lots of kids are nitwits in HS and turn out OK. Assuming that he gets in, you gotta give him a chance. It’s true that he may bust or turn into a Travis Garrision, but let’s not damn him before he gets a chance. If he can dominate in the ACC, then maybe (just maybe) GW or Chuckie will convince him that showing some academic achievement will raise his draft stock….the Patrick Ewing model.

    Even if he is another Joe Smith and turns pro after a year or two, then we will be happy he was our guy for a while.

  19. Aren’t we getting a bit ahead of ourselves trying to figure how ’08-09 will go with Jennings on board? I’m thinking ’07-08 right now. How about Eric Hayes, what has he been doing this summer? I’m curious if he’s going to develop into another Stevie Blake with a deadly 3-point shot? That would give us one heck of a PG! Since Eric is already a pretty smooth passer, Gist and Boom should benefit if the other team has to respect our PG’s shooting range. Now if he can add a strong first step and drive to the hoop, watch out. Should also open things up for Vas to do his driving and slashing imitation of Manu Ginobili. If Hayes and Vas develop their full potential, our bigs should have a field day scoring in the paint. I just get the sense that these two have the potential to rival Steve and Juan as a backcourt duo. What do you all think?

  20. JohnE, if you aren’t thinking ahead when we land a five-star big guy, when are you going to think ahead? But everything you say is true, at least by my lights. The guard play will make our big men better this year–especially when we’re breaking in three freshmen forwards, a previously rarely-used Milbourne and a redshirted Burney.

    Cohen – Next time, baby.

    Al V – You’re like our own personal death star. Don’t go away.

  21. Kaze don’t worry I will not go away. But I must say this year coming with all the ACC being pretty strong in the Carolina’s and the Wake Forest saga that the media will definitely capitalize on the Terps will have to bring it. I have watched Terps TV with the Fridge and I am worried that this season (keeping with my all positive all the time theme) is going to be screwed by the QB’s.

  22. Switching to Terps Football for a moment. I read yesterday where DT Masengo Kabongo gave Maryland a solid verbal. He’s the #8 ranked DT in the class of 2008 according to Rivals. He speaks 3 languages, and has a 3.5 GPA in high school.

    He selected Maryland over Notre Dame, NCST, Syracuse, Florida, Princeton and several other schools.

    Talented and a good student.

  23. Al Vinchent will love him.

  24. E$ I do respect Masengo Kabongo because he gets it. He will probably go pro and be really good. Professional team sports does take some intellect and if he blows out his knee he will not a be a gun toting bum burden to society. Thats my take. I am still hoping Jennings issues were family and situational and he is a decent/good student to go along with his athletic ability. I will never ever promote a dumb/lazy kid getting a free ride because of ability out of the classroom at any level.

  25. Al V. I’m just busting your chops man.

    I just feel that its unfair of you to characterize Jennings as a “a big stud center kid dumb as hell. I say just say no.Get some kids that have to prove that they are stupid not a proven one.” Taken verbatim from Post # 17 in this thread.

    Have you met Jennings before? Have you studied his high-school transcript? Are you even familiar with the issues surrounding his transferring to several different schools in the past several years? Did you grade his SAT scores yourself?

    I’m pretty sure the answer to all of those questions is a resounding no. You’re speculating, for better or worse, based off of reading a small blurb from a hack writer for the Baltimore Sun who probably provided the information she did with out knowing all the circumstances herself. Give the kid the benefit of the doubt before you trash him as a “a proven dum dum”; taken verbatim from Post # 11.

    Few people will remember, because he wasn’t a highly acclaimed recruit coming out of high school, but Juan Dixon had to take his SAT’s four times to obtain a score high enough to gain eligibility/acceptance to University of Maryland, he also graduated from high school months shy of his 20th birthday. Yet, during his four years at school he was emblematic of hard work on the basketball court and in the class room.

    Don’t condemn with out empirical knowledge. It’s unfair, and ignorant.

  26. E$ guess what I can Google Terrence Jennings and read about everything written about him. I did say I hope that there is something other than stupidity that caused his moves around schools from California to end up and Mount Zion in NC. I may not have empirical knowledge but I can read the blogs and know that a kid who should be out of high school in 2006 and becomes the prize of the 2008 class means something is wrong. Hopefully it is not dummyitis and it is a family or other issue.

  27. Does anyone know when the basketball schedule will be out?? August is halfway over….

  28. Back to Jennings, from all the blogs you’ve been reading Al Vinchent, what are the chances that he’ll be one and done; or pull a McCray on us as a Freshmen?

  29. What’s everyones take on Sean Mosley, Chris Turner and Ralph Sampson? I’m hearing the Terps have a good shot at all three.

  30. Taken from Jeff Errman of the TurtleSportsReport.com

    1. What’s the latest on 2008 Maryland shooting guard targets Sean Mosley and Chris Turner? If the staff took one, would they keep recruiting the other?

    Mosley is the higher rated kid and he’s local, while Turner has gotten some good reviews this summer. Mosley will be announcing his intentions Wednesday at noon at St. Frances Academy, and I think there’s a good chance some locals will be happy.

    I still have a hard time seeing the Terps taking both players, with four underclassman guards already in the program, though you never know for sure.

    Read the rest of the article here:

  31. And I’m still unsure as to when the ACC will release the upcoming basketball schedule. Kinda frustrating because the Big Ten and SEC have released theirs already.

    Note: Maryland gets a rematch of Illinois in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. It’s a home game this time.

  32. 2 months till midnight madness………

  33. Mosley committed to the Terps today – number 9 rated shooting guard in the country. Does anyone know if this pick-up and Jennings is all to Driesell’s credit or is Gary getting back on the road again, too?

    Jennings said he was impressed on how much Gary and Chuck stayed after him – it was good to hear Gary’s name in the mix there!

  34. Question is now do they give out the last scholarship they have for this year, or do they bank one so that they have two to give out for 2009?

  35. E – From the link you provided above:

    With commitments from Mosley and power forward Terrence Jennings, the Maryland coaching staff will have one scholarship remaining for the class of 2008. The staff could also bank that scholarship, giving the Terps two in 2009.

  36. What they should do is go for a forward if one is available, IMO, but not spend the scholership on another guard….they have many quality guards on the line-up already and I think Vaz, hayes and probably Dino will be 4 year players. Tucker may duck out early if he’s all he’s as good as he may be.

  37. I vote bank the scholarship for 2009. What would our class breakdown look like in ’09? Off the top of my head, our roster will have the following guys on it:

    Juniors–Vas, Hayes, Milbourne, Burney
    Sophs-Bowe, Tucker, Dupree, Gregory
    Frosh–Jennings, Mosley, Sampson? Turner? who else?

    I think I left a player or two off. Just can’t think of who at this moment.

  38. Maybe the last scholarship goes to Quintrell Thomas:


    He fits the Lonnie Baxter mold and lists the Terps high on his list. As for Jennings, did anyone stop to think that by signing with MD and having GW as coach that the kid is looking for discipline? With Gary’s penchant for not playing freshman, Jennings could be more than a one and done. It just doesn’t make sense that a one and done freshman would sign with a coach like Gary. Just my two cents.

    By the way, the Terrapin gridironers will surprise everyone in the ACC this season. They will beat WVU and Rutgers to win the Big East and maybe represent the ACC Atlantic in the title game. Their offense is clicking during fall camp, which is a big change from the previous 4 summers.

  39. John E I hope Jennings issues were family related and his life is in gear and he wants to become educated and takes classes and becomes a model student athlete and stays 3 years on track to graduate and leaves in good standing. Hopefully that is not a pipe dream.
    Wheels what in the world are you smoking. The Terps have a weak QB position. They have three half’s. One cannot think(Portis) one hates to pass to the offense(Steffey) and one who is smart but slow(Turner). So unless one of them can step up and not hurt the team I see a 5-7 season coming. Loses to WVU, WFU, Rutgers, GT, Clem, BC, FSU are probable and a heartbreaker due to QB at VA,UNC,or NCSU. And from what I read do not count out Villanova as a weak easy win. If the QB position can be solid then there is a 7-5 season possible.

  40. John, I think you missed shane walker (who will be in the soph class) and neal (who will be the lone senior).

    Q. Thomas has the right credentials to get the remaining available 09 scholorship. That would put the terps in a good position to grab a top rated point guard the following year (since they would -assuming no defections – have only 1 available.)

    Wheels, If chuckie is anything like his father, I doubt he spent time talking to Jennings about the benefits of discipline. If Jennings proves himself, he could easily follow the pathe of Oden or Durant.

    Besides, GW is not a discipline guy, IMO, but he runs a meritocracy. Look at Boom – who got minutes even though he was an unkown before arriving – vs. Milbourne – who hardly saw the floor even though he had a high pedigree. Jennings will get his chance to be a big contributor, but gary will not put him on the floor if others are playing better.

    Speaking of Milbourne, it looks like he did a good job on his junket to Europe.


  41. Al…I’m smoking a black-gold-red-white cigar, baby!

    Listen to Ralphie Boy….he sounds more confident this summer than he has since McBrien’s senior season. Fear the slow moving yet fierce Turtle, my friends!

  42. Okay, I went to this blog on the Baltimore Sun


    And now I’m all confused. I thought it was Ralph Sampson III not Junior. And I thought he was a High School JUNIOR and not SENIOR and thus would be a class of 2009 kid not 2008.

  43. MD returns 14 starters or part-time starters from last season’s 9-4 team. The offensive line features 3 returning starters and 2 players that saw extensive playing time last year. This might be the best offensive line in Ralphie Boy’s tenure at MD. Imagine how good this line would have been in Gaither had kept up his academics.

    The offensive skilled positions are loaded with talent and experience. MD has two backs capable of rushing for 1,000 yards plus two homerun threats that are back-ups (Green and Scott, both have been dinged up this spring). Green was MD’s big RB recruit two years ago and the reason why Steve Slaton of WVU had his MD scholarship pulled. The receivers are big, fast, and experienced. We better enjoy Heyward-Bey while he’s here this year and next.

    The only q-mark is at QB. Steffy has spent 4 years in the system but hasn’t exactly inspired confidence. Comparing his game management abilities to Lead Foot Hollenbach doesn’t make me comfortable, either. Portis has the most talent but hasn’t seemed to grasp the playbook. Advantage Steffy…but he’s on a short hook and Portis will definitely receive extensive playing time this year (a la Leak and Tebow at UF). As with any of Ralphie Boy’s teams, if they do not turn the ball over, they will score points. We haven’t seen this much talent at the skilled positions since the Bobby Ross era. In a change from the previous 3 years, the offense might carry the defense this year, regardless of who is throwing or handing off. I could probably throw for 2K yards behind this line, and I’m old, bald, and fat.

    The defense is more difficult to read. Losing Gary Blackeney a few years ago \really hurt this team last year. MD’s d-coordinator, Chris Cosh, seemed too predictable and too conservative to me last year. The WVU game was a prime example. Everyone in the country knew that WVU wasn’t going to throw the ball, but Cosh sat MD back in a zone and didn’t blitz or put 8 and 9 men at the line of scrimmage until the game was over…at the end of the 1st quarter.

    This year’s defense will be strong up the middle, especially at tackle, linebacker, and safety. In fact, MD’s linebacking and safety combinations might be in the Top 5 in league. The corners and d-ends won’t scare anyone, but their corners have some experience (even with the loss of Josh Wilson) and some talent. Cosh needs to man up and blitz. Their tackling was very suspect last year, and hopefully they have worked on that for this year. This defense won’t remind anyone of the EJ Henderson defenses, but it should be better than last year (at least in terms of giving up yardage…they were pretty good at not giving up points and big plays).

    MD’s kicking game will stink this year. Of all of the phases of the game, this one is MD’s worst…by far. A freshman might be handling punting and kicking duties 4 games into the season. Based on Ralphie Boy’s rather conservative offensive and defensive game plans from last year, a poor kicking game could cost this team several wins. The only hope here is that Ralphie Boy opens the offensive spigot this year and gets back to the offenses of his first 3 years.

    The schedule is tough. Most magazines are predicting a 6-6 or 7-5 season. I’m more bullish on the Terps this year.

    Villanova – W
    @FIU – W
    WVU – Toss
    @Wake – W
    @Rutgers – Toss
    GT – L
    UVA – W
    Clemson – Toss
    @UNC – W
    BC – L
    @FSU – L
    @NCST – W

    The WVU game is at home and MD wants revenge. I think MD wins that game. They have more talent than Rutgers but that game is on the road. MD plays FSU tough, even on the road, but FSU will win that game. MD does well at Wake, UNC, and NCST under Ralphie Boy. I think 8 – 4 is realistic…I really do. Most importantly for MD is Uncle Mo. He’s with them now, and this team learned how to win close games on the road and at home last year. They have a bit of a swagger to them. If they beat WVU, look out. They could run the table until FSU.

    Al V…have at my analysis. Am I being too optimistic? This program is on the upswing again. Look at their early recruiting success this year already: 4 four stars according to Rivals and an average of 3.09 stars for their 12 verbal commits right now. Ralphie Boy is sounding more confident about this team than he has in 4 years. Of course, it’s a gamble committing this to writing. I’m willing to be ridiculed…but I did call their record last year. I’m feeling saucy.

  44. Wheels, if Portis gets the playbook down, what do we have in him? Does his game remind you of anyone? In all the reading I’ve done, I can’t get a clear picture in my mind of what type of game he brings to us.

  45. Wheels, if Portis gets the playbook down, what do we have in him? Does his game remind you of anyone? In all the reading I’ve done, I can’t get a clear picture in my mind of what type of game he brings to us.

  46. Wheels I mostly agree except I am far more worried about the kid who touches the ball the most, rather than the supporting cast. The QB position is scary at best. If you read the blogs and watch Ralph TV those three young men will have you gray by afternoon. They will have to prove themselves and how. I expect 7 8 or even 9 in the box until one of them can be consistent. Heyward-Bey is a demon but he can’t run away from anything if there is no ball. The RB’s are good but need the QB to keep the pressure off. I see Rutgers and WFU as losses though. WFU is returning a bunch and I like their coach. Rutgers reloaded pretty well and has a solid QB and great RB. Terps defense might be on the field too much with the QB mistakes. If they can get solid QB play ala Trent Dilfer then they will be 7-5 maybe 8-4. If not 6-6 or 5-7. Until the QB becomes less of a liability I am not looking forward to anything.

  47. John…Portis is a poor man’s Vince Young, except he probably thorws better than Young did at the same point in his career at UT.

  48. Wheels, no way is Portis even close to Vince Young. Even though in interviews he does seem to be almost as un smart LOL. He is not as string as VY by any means and would have a lot of developing to do to become as big a leader

  49. Un smart ey? Well spoken.

  50. Al…”poor man’s Vince Young”:

    VY – 6′ 5″, 233 lbs
    JP – 6′ 4″, 210 lbs

    Young was known in college as a playmaker because of his size and legs. That is Portis’s game, too. By the time Portis is 24 years old, he’ll weigh 233 lbs, as well. You’re assessing Young as he is now not when he was a sophomore at UT. Young’s biggest draw back in college was his inaccuracy and strange throwing delivery. Portis doesn’t have that issue. So, yeah…when asked who Portis most resembles as a player, Vince Young is it.

    In the words of Hans and Franz, hear me now but listen to me later.

  51. Are we going to miss Jared Gaither a lot? I read he is really impressing the Ravens coaching staff. Is the o-line going to hold up this year so the skill players can put some points on the board and give us a fighting chance in the ACC this year?

  52. Wheels,

    Love the preview of Maryland football. I am firmly in the Portis camp for two reasons. 1) I feel that Portis is very talented and his ability to be mobile will be a great help to our already athletic team. Much more importantly tho is 2) Steffy HAS been here 4 years, you’re right, and during those previous 3 years he has done absolutely nothing. He has had chance after chance to step up and take the starting job, especially in years when the starting QB job was really up for grabs. Even this year with his extensive knowledge of the system and long tenure with the team, Freidgen can’t even name his the starter with two weeks to go before the season starts.

    IMHO, Steffy just doesn’t have “IT.” Yes hes talented, but he doesn’t have the other necessary ingredients to be the starting QB. Not to mention he couldn’t squeeze a drop of clutch out a rag soaked in it. Portis may be the unknown but in this gave the unknown is better than the known. I don’t believe there is any way Steffy can lead us in the fashion this team needs. Can anyone reading this honestly even picture Steffy winning us a close game with clutch play? All that comes to mind with Steffy is consistently folding under pressure. I have nothing against the guy personally, but he has had forever to prove himself. What’s going to change now?

    As far as the defense, I feel that Cosh’s system will be better known and accepted by the players this year and will show a lot of improvement. There is always a transition period associated with a takeover. Certainly though, I still have quite a bitter taste in my mouth from the defensive debacle that was the Wake Forest game. So much on the line and the defense lays an egg. I attribute a lot of that towards poor defensive game planning.

    Regardless, I am very excited for this year and am hoping to make it to a number of road games and of course all the home games. I think I’ve mentioned this in the past but if anyone is interested in setting up meetings for tailgating or bar-going for away game trips (i.e. setting up a Terp community tailgate in the parking lot on game day or meeting up at a local bar the night before) then let me know. I will definitely be going to the Wake game (ACC opener) and probably a couple other of the NC games as well.

    Cheers and Fear the Turtle.

  53. Saying that because these two guys are tall black QB’s equates them you are retarded. So every 6’9″ white dude is Larry Bird? I don’t think so! I only refer to Portis from pre-season stats and Fridge TV. Portis, Steffy, and Turner love to throw the pick. Until the season starts you can only guess what will happen during the game but these three QB’s make me nervous. Add to that the fact that everyone else in the country has named a starting QB and the Terps still don’t have a publicized depth chart increase the angst. The Terps have a monster O line, three good RB’s, two possibly three good WR’s, and a 6’8″ field stretching possession TE. All they need is a QB to step up and not ruin it and put the defense in deep holes. I am not confident from Fridge TV and the stats that it will happen with any of the three regardless of who you compare them to.

  54. Al:

    Did I mention or imply anything about Young or Portis’s race? This is the second time in recent blog history that you have injected the race issue in the discussion, and you compounded this instance by calling me a retard (very un-pc, in my opinion…I prefer mentally challenged…otherwise, go big and call me a “Mongoloid Retard”).

    Al, I’ve come to quite enjoy your cynicism. Let’s make a deal. I’m calling for a 8-4 season and you’re more in the 4-8 season camp. If MD finishes with a .500 record or worse, I’ll walk Rt.1 in CP wearing a sandwich board that reads “Al V was right: MD football sucks” on the front and “Hey hon’, Dundalk is for lovers” on the back.

    If MD finishes 7-5 or better, you do the walking with the same sandwich board. Do we have a deal?

  55. So do I get a flame retarded board and a bullet proof vest. I was stating your comments were retarded and I could find nothing in your classification of Portis to Young other than race. So I was questioning you rather than accusing hoping you would offer something to follow up on. I am actually a 7-5 6-6 guy not 4-8. Though with the QB’s and injuries on defense that would be way too possible for me. Finally I don’t think MD football sucks that would be Duke. I am just honest and not a fantasizing idiot well not about the Terps anyway.

  56. Wheels: “Hey, hon’, Dundalk is for Lovers.” ….priceless.

    Big Al: What’s up with the vitriol?

  57. Did you see Vas had 12 points in the USA-Venezuela game? Does anyone know his full line or some details about how well he played overall?

  58. 12 pts. 5 rebs. 2 asts. 2 stls. 4 TO’s. 28 minutes

    He didn’t shoot the ball particularly well (3-11), though he was 3-6 from 3pt. He was however the most aggressive of all the players on his team. Against the best players in the world though, that’s not a bad effort.

  59. Terence Jennings is a great fit to the university of MD

  60. Terence Jennings is a great fit to the university of MD

  61. Terence Jennings is a great fit to the university of MD

  62. Also coming from trust worthy sources Jennings will be attending Patterson School for his last year

  63. Lamar, tell us how you feel about Terence Jennings at MD.

  64. I could not find a box score on the USA-Venezuala game, but in the write up on SI.COM, Vaz was the only non-USA player to get a mention (they did not mention that he is from UMd).

    BTW – the 2007-08 B-ball schedule is out. At first glance, it seems to be easier than last year’s. Non-conference, they have all the traditional cupcakes and Illinois. The unknown is that they are also in a November tourney that has a semi and finals in KC (but it’s unclear who their likely opponenets are there).

  65. The final 4 in KC could produce some good match ups for the Terps should they make it that far, much like their games against St Johns and MSU last year at the Garden. Don’t overlook VCU, they will be a tough game and that could be an important non-conference game come selection time. Plus we always seem to stink it up in the BB&T so VCU will be even tougher.

  66. Maryland is a regional host for the Oreilly Auto Parts tournament. The semi-finals and finals will be in Kansas City, MO in November. Other regional host schools are Michigan State, Missouri and UCLA.

    Scott is right, getting to Kansas City could produce some good road match ups for the Terps.

  67. I just realized something.

    If we beat the teams we’re supposed to beat + win all our home games + steal a road game or two; that equals Maryland going undefeated.

    WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?


  68. Bila’s has Terp’s at #3 in the conference, we’re doomed!

  69. Bilas has his alma mater finishing #2…..as long as paulus is on the point, ain’t gonna happen.

  70. […] give him some super duper link love for his new blog (alas a blogspot user so no trackbacks).  Jeremy Gold has a blog as well.  None of it is remotely work related, but two super sales guys blogging, this […]

  71. Looks like Vasquez held his own against Team USA while being guarded at times by Jason Kidd and Kobe Bryant.

    That had to be a great experience for the kid.

  72. Here’s the link to Maryland’s 2007-2008 schedule in PDF format.


  73. DJ signed for two years with the Suns assuring him a spot on the roster.

  74. Guaranteed money too. He played well in summer league, and deserved to be signed. It helps that the Suns drafted him. Teams like Portland and the Knicks have too many players and are gonna end up cutting some of their second round picks, makes you wonder what the point in drafting them was in the first place.

  75. check out #10

  76. Caner-Medley had a decent summer league as well and should – IMO- get picked up by Sacramento. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail exchange I had with Sam Amick, a reporter who covers the Kings for the Sacramento Bee:


    They won’t finalize the roster until just before the regular season arrives. I’m not sure if Caner-Medley will be on the training camp roster, though I’d think he would after he had a strong summer league….”

  77. If he is in camp I am setting the over under at 3 practices before Ron Artest bitch slaps him for taking a bad shot…

  78. MD 31, Nova 14…ugh.

    Al V…where’s my sandwich board? Portis was ruled academically ineligible and is out for the season. That means MD is one hit away from Chris Turner and his 2 picks against Nova (the second of which was returned for a TD) from being the starter.

    After our first game, we’re -2 on turnover ratio. This is against a 1-AA team. WTF? MD takes on FIU next week in Miami, and FIU got pasted today by State Penn. Am I asking too much of MD to be as good as State Penn in football?

    While I know this blog is primarily a MD hoops blog, damn if college football isn’t the greatest game on earth. Ap St beating Michigan in the Big House?! Amazing. Why, oh why, Lord, can’t MD be a football power?

  79. Losing Portis really hurts us from a depth perspective. Also, he is one of the best athletes on the team and can do some things that others simply cannot. Steffy looked pretty good except for the one boneheaded INT but we are really on shaky ground now with the quarterbacks. I think Portis must have been hanging around Chris Mccray the past week. Or Perhaps Josh was hanging out with his cousin Clinton who gave him advice on how to duck classwork (right after he told the media how he condoned dogfighting of course.)

    My questions is, if this is some academic violation as reported (possibly cheating or something similar) how could Portis manage to get nailed with classes only starting Wednesday? School has been in session for 3 days and Josh already finds a way to get himself canned for the year AND lose a year of eligbility.

  80. Portis’ academic violation likely happened during summer school.

    Football players typically are on campus taking summer session classes to make up for not carrying a full load during the fall semester.

    Particularly QB’s and WR’s so that they can work on timing and familiarity.

  81. People, I live in northeastern Brazil and depend on you for Terps news and, more importantly, perspectives. One comment on Saturday’s game? ESPN.com and the Washington Post do not leave me feeling properly informed. What did you all see on Saturday?

  82. Wheels I hate it when I am right. That sucks. WTFO are the kids at college parking thinking. Fridge and Gary need to do some background and if the kid is trouble pick someone who is not. 4 years of a good players beats the hell of out 1 season of a crap heel. Portis may never see the field ever again in a Terp uniform.

  83. Hey according to his Mom he kept a stellar 2.0 and did not plan to cheat on his pop quiz he was tired from practice. Did he transfer or get released??? Fridge and Gary should both be a on a short leash with the idiots that we have had to cheer for in these programs. This is an official embarrassment. AUUUGGHHHHHHHHH

  84. Easy there blacksnake. Why don’t you find out what happened before you go running the two best coaches MD has EVER had in their respective sports out of town.

    That said I need to figure out a way to ensure Steffy does not get hurt this year. I almost puked watching Turner attempt to play the posiiton…

  85. J Snaps you’ll learn to ignore him in no time.

  86. After reading the above article, does anyone else question whether the delayed announcement on the starter situation was in some way tied to this incident? Obviously the coaches knew that Portis getting ousted was a possibility. Isn’t it plausible that Ralph was originally planning to put Portis in the starting slot, but wanted to wait until he got the school’s position before announcing it? Then when his source in the university tipped their hat to Ralph (a little early so he could build up a little bit of a time cushion and safe face before the official announcement was made), he moved Steffy to the No. 1 spot.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but you have to admit, it would have looked REALLY REALLY bad (as opposed to just really bad) if Portis was the starter when he was ruled ineligible.

  87. Paul Bear Bryant ring a bell? Lefty Driesell? They got run out of town and were better coaches so why not these two. Granted one was run out by Mr Byrd of Byrd Stadium and the other was run out by Mr Cocaine. Too much tolerance of less than stellar athletes much less student/athletes should not be tolerated or do you want Tarkaneien type programs. Maybe a good old boy cash from booster program would suit you better. Maryland is a ACC school in the best division in all sports and should not be held to standards that are not of the utmost respect. Accepting below average students does not garner respect.

  88. Did the Bear get “run out” of MD, or did he leave to get back to the SEC? I always thought it was because he didn’t think he could win at MD because of location…and he didn’t exactly want to recruit black kids from DC/Balt/PA/NJ. It took a federal order and a severe beat down by an integrated team to get him to recruit black players.

    On another note, I agree that Lefty lost institutional control; but he wasn’t a better coach than Gary. Mind you, I’m no big fan of Gary. Lefty could recruit better but couldn’t win. Gary doesn’t recruit as well but has won titles. Who’s the better coach there?

    Ralphie Boy, in my opinion, is one of the best coaches in America. He is a disciplinarian, which hurts him on recruiting trail. He does it the right way, even with this Portis issue.

    MD stumbles just like every other NCAA big time school, but they do a better job of policing themselves than most schools. That was the lesson of Lenny Bias, and you have to admit that MD did learn from it. I guess what I am saying, Al V., is that MD is really a standard bearer for most NCAA schools.

  89. Now that is not fair to Bear since that was the entire US at the time. Not that it is right but that was more standard. So Byrd ran him out for other reasons. Maryland left a academic cheater on the squad I read UNC, UVA, and a FSU article where the player/s were kicked off for breaking the academic codes. Sad as it is Free Shoes University is having less academic issues than the Terps. Even friggin Clemson with all of its history is cleaned up. Yes I read a lot and especially about ACC schools hoping to poke it in the eye of my friends who come from those areas. I am tired of the poking being in my eye because of the Terps. Gary did win but he has lost more and does not garner the respect from recruits that half the ACC does. This again is from the recruits not me. Ralphie is the Norv Turner of college football. Great mind but not a head coach. He would be an awesome O coordinator almost anywhere just not the head coach. That is my opinion since I watch and read everything.

  90. Whoa…if you watched and read EVERYTHING…you’d notice that Ralphie Boy has a better record in his first five years than any ACC coach except 1 (Danny Ford at Clemson). Please reconcile that with your Norv Turner comparison. Al, in all honesty, that might be the most absurd thing you’ve said on this blog.

  91. Didn’t see the ‘Nova game, however Steffy’s numbers looked pretty good. How does he really look? Do you think he is going to be better than Hollenbach, aout the same, or a lesser player?

  92. Wheels with all of his own players the last three years he has be average at best. That is like saying Switzer was a great coach after what Jimmy J left him in Dallas. That is why most coaches suck their first years bringing in new systems and players. Switzer was not the answer. Fridge picked up a team that was on the verge of something good and pushed them to it. But when he players started taking over the roles he chose them for he suffered. He can’t get a QB in college park and he can’t stop the ones he has from screwing him. The QB has cost the Terps about 8 games in the last 3 seasons. Now who is to blame. Thats right the HMFIC Fridge!

  93. Yeah…Ron Vanderlinden was on the verge of something great. Yeah…his first year was his best, too, with all of Mark Duffner’s players. Yeah…Duff’s first year was great, too, with Joe Krivak’s players. So on and so on. Ralphie Boy has a 51 – 24 record and a NCAA Coach of the Year Award. You think he’s done all of that on borrowed time? You must be one of those people who think that Bill Clinton inherited the good economy from GHWB, ruined it, and passed it on to GWB.

    Need I remind you that MD hadn’t been to a bowl in 10 years before Ralphie Boy came rolling into town? This doesn’t even include THE FACT that Ralphie Boy has brought in several Top 25 recruiting classes. None of his predecessors did that.

    Al, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. This all makes me wonder if you are not Al V but Ron V.

  94. Hey guys….BBall is my favorite sport and I check
    this site, during the off season. We had some spirited discussion earlier this summer about AL V.
    and is diatribes about “student athletes”. Someone please tell him this is a new era in college sports.
    He just doesn’t get it. Players come to Md and other NCAA schools to do “apprentice” work in their future professions while students come to school to study and learn things to help them pick a vocation/profession. All students are not Athletes and all Athlete’s are not (don’t want to be) students).
    That’s ok. The Athlete’s, (the majority) make their
    1,2,3, or 4 years a win/win situation for both parties.
    Coaches, including Fridge and GW are there to win
    games and titles. Yes, they hope their players (notice I didn’t say students) graduate…..but that is secondary. Neither do all students graduate. Take a few shots at them too, if you must. That’s just the way it is. AL V. and others of that “student athlete persuasion” are barking at the moon and should stop it.

    Can we (all of us) please dispense with the student BS and stop bashing Gary and Ralph? Most of the TV and sports audiences wouldn’t even know MD existed were it not for the “successes” these great coaches have brought to MD. Their teams (ours too)
    have brought some historic games to the Television and Sports audiences. Some of their games have truly been “games for the ages”.

    If you don’t have positive things to say don’t say anything. One of my favorite principles is
    this….. ” if you must criticize…always…always
    begin with praise”.
    Think about that….before you criticize it.

    The only place to pontificate is with the guy in the mirror.

    Md is a great school, with great coaches and players.

    Let the games begin.

    with praise. Think about that before your criticize it.

  95. oooopss. Sorry about not deleting my editing at the end of my message.

  96. Wheels I did say Ralphie is a great coordinator I am just not sold on his recruiting or head coaching mainly because he can’t get a decent QB there is all. And Wheels I will never ever support a school being a minor league for any sport. I will not apologize for expecting a kid getting a free education with a on TV resume for professional sports, coaching, and anything else that comes from their time in college.
    Now newest soapbox. Randy Shannon running a tight ship in Miami. Kicking kids off for academic issues. 2.5 GPA mandate and no exceptions. Butch Davis kicking off three players for academic issues and make no apologies. Fridge putting Portis on the practice squad after he was caught cheating. Whose message is the one that kids and parents will see as a place to go. Will that hurt or not make any difference at all with recruiting. I read both Shannon and Davis story and they both impress with discipline. I am not saying second chances are wrong but I am saying I am not sure the message is strong enough.

  97. Just got done “watching” MD’s lethargic win of FIU. When I say watch, I mean I kept an eye on the play log of the game on Yahoo Sports. When I say “watched”, I also mean that I watched paint dry.

    There are two ways of looking at this game. One, Ralphie Boy didn’t want to show WVU anything. Two, the recency-primacy effect occurred.

    Recency-primacy effect, you say? Look at the box score. MD scored 16 in the first and 10 in the fourth…everything in the middle was forgettable.

    So, MD wins a game by 16 that by all accounts they should have won by 26 points. The offense is plain vanilla, and the defense has looked good, albeit against a I-AA team and the 119th ranked 1-A team in the country.

    Now comes WVU into town. I’m on the record as saying that MD will win this game. I watched WVU play this morning against Marshall, and although they won by 20+ points, they trailed at halftime. Slaton had under 20 yards in the first half. Their defense gave up a ton of yards, and they sustained a bunch of injuries on their D.

    MD has to put 8 men at the line and take their chances with White throwing the ball. MD wants to just pound the ball on offense and eat the clock away. If MD had won their first two games by blowouts, I’d feel really good about their chances. Right now, though, I’m worried.

    Al V says that Ralphie Boy is a great offensive coordinator and not a good head coach. Well, if last year and this year are indicators, Ralphie Boy has lost his coordinator’s touch and needs to get back to being the CEO coach.

  98. I agree about the Fridge. I’m concerned because last year and so far this year he hasn’t really adjusted once the opposing team adjusts to our offense. We end up getting an early lead and barely holding on. It’s happened too much.

    Let’s hope he was just holding back and will unleash something new against WVU

  99. This Al guys is pretty dumb eh?

    You don’t really need to be a genius to see that Gary and Ralph ar ethe two most influential coaches in MD’s history. Google Maps pretty much tells the story for you. Ever see the Comcast Center? Gary built that, with his blood and sweat from a program coming off the death penalty, game set match. As for Ralph the renovation will be completed next year. Ralph’s problems with his first couple classes are that the home runs he has hit have been so good they aren’t here (Merriman, Davis) it takes a while for the deeper recruiting classes to set in. Take a look at Va Tech. First you get a couple of superstars then you build up the stadium then you get deeper classes then youre a national power…

    So i am excited for Thursday. If I could figure out where to freaking park and tailgate I’de be even mroe excited…

  100. No way are you not insane. Sponsorship built those places and that was not allowed until recently. Don’t give them undue credit for an change in rules. Or else AOL or somebody else would sponsor Notre Dame only because of exposure. Let them build with coorporate sponsors like the other schools did until recently then I will be impressed.
    But Ralph can’t do both as you can see. No offense against a poor FIU team. WTFO. WVU 47 MD 10 unless they pull their heads out. That will be a long nite unless WVU makes mistakes. I just want a little class and no fires or multiple arrests or fans run over with cars at college park. What are the odds of that? I know if WVU tanks it and the Terps win the Governor with have call out the National Guard.

  101. J Snaps…Thanks …good post . As you can see
    AL V still doesn’t get it. Without Gary (and Ralph)
    there wouldn’t have been a lot of sponsors. He still harps on a few bad eggs in an otherwise “terrific” program. There’s a lot of ACC teams that used to lick their chops to play Gary’s teams…now many of the majority of the conference know Gary’s teams
    are “formidable” and “Fear the Turtle” is for real.

    AL V – There are worse fans elsewhere in college sports. So what if the “students” whoop it up after a big win…..so freaking what. Maybe Terps will have a tought time with WVU. So what. You crap over our team and then you expect them to go undefeated.

    Do we have to get you some cheese with that (whine) of yours?

    If you can’t say anything positive (and correct) then
    just read the posts herein.

  102. Wow you must need something to relax. The Buildings are great but sponsorship was not available is all that I was saying. Geeesh don’t be so touchy. If you think torching a university and its property is no big deal then you are the goofy one. I hate the way the rivalry has been portrayed as more thuggery than anything. The Washington Post has a burning couch as the headline and that is just wrong. They are two good teams who have flashes of greatness not a bunch of idiots.

  103. Speaking of Bball…..

    Rivals.com has the UMd ranked 48 to start the season.


    Probable Starting Five
    G Greivis Vasquez (9.8 ppg, 4.6 apg)
    G Eric Hayes (4.8 ppg, 3.9 apg)
    F Bambale Osby (5.8 ppg)
    F James Gist (12.6 ppg, 7.2 rpg)
    F Landon Milbourne (1.0 ppg)
    Top Reserves
    F Dave Neal(1.6 ppg)
    F Jerome Burney (redshirt freshman)
    C Braxton Dupree (Rivals.com three-star prospect)
    G Cliff Tucker (Rivals.com four-star prospect)

  104. Stevend,

    I thought the capsule summary on the link you provided was fairly accurate (except for apparently thinking Osby is a soph). What do you guys think?

    The Terps are a difficult team to gauge. Losing three double-digit scorers suggests they will regress, possibly by a wide margin. But, Hayes, Vasquez and Osby form a promising young nucleus and most players tend to make their biggest improvements from their freshman to sophomore seasons. The return of a proven veteran in Gist and the addition of a handful of big men will create a deep frontcourt. More than likely, Williams will find a way to turn all those parts into an NCAA Tournament team, but don’t expect another high seed this time around.

  105. Ok Al V. Let’s go mano a mano.
    What UM property was scorched? C’mon, aren’t you embellishing this crap a bit? Say something good about the program, the players, the coaches, the school. Honestly, you sound like a high school principal in his first month on the job and the staff is chuckling like crazy behind your back. Lighten up. What the fans/students did, in that isolated incident (s) you mention is “mischievious” at best or worst, whichever you prefer.

    C’mon say somthing positive. I just know you can do it. Take a deep breath.

  106. H-m-m-m-m. I’m going to try and start this off with a little praise.

    J Snaps, you’re right. Not all UMd coaches have been created equal. Ralph and Gary have done great things in CP.

    But don’t forget that sports did exist on campus prior to the 90’s.

    I arrived at Maryland in the fall of ’69, the same time as Lefty. My freshman year they had to let Boy Scouts and School Safety Patrols into Cole for free just to fill up seats. Coach Driesell transformed the attitude of the campus and local/national media about MdBBall. The great things Gary has done have been built on that foundation.

    When you say “game set match”, you may have started keeping score a little late.

    P.S. I’m not a big football fan, but you might also want to Google the names “Tatum”, “Claiborne” and “Ross”.

  107. Gerry here is your positive. Looking at the Terps Bball sked it looks like a chance to be undefeated going into the acc and a good 22-25 wins without help.
    And like Leb said was all I was trying to say. Other coaches got the Terps on the map.
    And it is reported that the students burned couches and mattresses out of the dorm. Last time I checked students don’t bring that to school with them. And it has happened about 4 times in recent history. It is hard to watch other teams win championships and the police blog not be 4 miles long like in college park is all I was trying to say.
    Thursday night should be interesting if the Terps can keep it close.
    Positive enough.

  108. Lefty got them on the map but Gary took them to the next level. MD certainly wasn’t on the map for anything good when Gary came to MD. DC and Bmore are basketball cities, they have been for 50 years, so building a program here isn’t really rocket science but MD wasn’t getting any of those players (after Bias died RIP) until Gary got Booth to come here. Everything else followed suit. And Al get your fucking head out of your ass. Comcast isn’t trying to build a 18,000 seat arena for a team that can’t get a 3 star recruit and hasn’t gone to the NCAA’s in 10 years. Thats what Gary had, 12 straight tourney appearances, the ONLY final 4 appearance (2) and a national title, every game being a sell out, and 8,000 in line for season tickets on that 18k arena is what he built.

    As for football Fridge’s legacy is still a work in progress. I personally think that a coach needs 8 years to really build a program. In college football most recruits redshirt the first year, especially at schools with deep rosters. So it really takes five years for a coach to have all his own players. Ralph was a first time head coach so that makes his 1st recruiting class a tough sell. Here we are in year 5 and we have stadium expansion (and that money certainly helps as does bringing recruits on visits with 65,000 fans as opposed to 50,000), back to back top 25 recruiting classes, 4 bowl games in 5 years, the best young defensive player in the NFL, a reality show following spring practice, and constant exposure due to an alum running a national sports brand. Remember when Oregon(Nike) put Joey Harrington up in times square for the Heisman? What if Under Armor does the for Heyward Bey next year? The program is on the rise and the writing is on the wall. Playing FSU tough year in and year out (football) is the same as MD playing Duke tough year in and year out(BBall). To say Firdge is the best right now is a bit premature. But looking at the program and where it is going you certainly can see him building the program to the same level his good friend Frank Beamer has built VT to, if he doesnt die of a heart attack first…

  109. Jsnaps,

    I think the world of GW, but Lefty was great, too. It’s unfair to compare them directly because Lefty coached before the era of 64 team NCAA fields. Lefty’s teams were more exciting (more so then GW’s) because he was an unbelievably great recruiter. The way Lefty was railroaded after the Bias death will always be a shameful black mark against the university, IMO.

    JohnE, yeah, Rivals was relatively fair and brutally honest with the Terps. I think the #48 is a harsh grade, however. If they avoid injury, they should be a top 25 team by the end of the year. If Gist steps up, and I think he may, a top 10 team is within reach. Also, I think Rivals did not show enough love for Vaz. He is more than “deceptively quick”… he’s a kid with an attitude that is infectuous….he’s a winner.

  110. Leb…Ralphie Boy has the same record as Claiborne did after his first 6 years, which is the second best record in ACC history for a coach’s first 6 years. Jack Tatum, who I beleive actually played for the Terps, won at MD and promptly left for UNC.

    J…thanks for calling out Al. To think that Fortune 100 companies pay to have their names on buildings of losing teams is comical. Nike really wanted to keep Vick on the old payroll, didn’t they? Phil Knight, the founder of Nike and an alum of Oregorn, couldn’t wait to drop tens of millions of dollar into UO’s program when they are as bad as Oregon State during the 1980s, could he?

    Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms and a temp of 76 degrees in Dundalk right now…

  111. You guys are short sighted and shallow. The Terps had a bunch of stud players under Lefty and had a great football team or two if history tells me so. They were on the map but like most teams that don’t have a legend as a coach ala Joe Pa or Bear or Bowden then there are years to struggle. It happens it does not mean the Terps sucked before Ralphie and GW. The Bias incident was horrible end to a great career of a Duke alum. So the fact that Comcast put money into the stadium just came at the right time but the Terps were money before. So before you claim my rectal cranial issues you should check your own. I am still up for the Terps Bball going about 18-0 to start the season.

  112. If I’m looking at the b-ball schedule correctly, an 18-0 start would mean wins over UCLA, Mich St. (those are two of the 3 teams UMd will face in the Oreily auto parts tourney), Illinois, VCU, VaTech, WF and UNC (at UNC). I’ll take it.

    That said, there is a BIG problem with the 18-0 analysis. Game #19 is duke at Comcast. If you are saying that we may lose that one after winning the first 18, I must question your judgement. Moreover, calling for a loss to duke 4 months out would make you more of a “surrender-monkey” then a Democrat Senator. :-)

  113. They were on the map but like most teams that don’t have a legend as a coach ala Joe Pa or Bear or Bowden then there are years to struggle.

    According to this statement Al V. which is taken verbatim (that means word for word) from your post; you are stating that Penn State has never struggles under Joe Pa, FSU has never struggled under Bowden, and Bear Bryant never struggled at Alabama.

    Do you remember all the people calling for Joe Pa’s head at the turn of the millenium? Have you checked his record the past 7 years. 2000 (5-7) 2001 (5-6) 2003 (4-7) 2004 (4-7). Three of these seasons are worse than Ralph’s worst season to date at CP.

    Bowden’s teams have gone 7-6, and 8-5 the last two years. Hardly gang busters when you’re making the Emerald Bowl at season’s end.

    Bear Bryant also had several 6-5 years at Alabama.

    Being a legend in many of these cases has just as much to do with longevity as it does with winning a national championship.

    And for the record you moron. You do have rectal cranial issues. Your head is most definitely up your ass.

  114. No I am saying those guys were always expected to compete for a championship every year and since they were there for a long time there was no talk of a 3 to 8 year window to make it their team is what I was saying. They all struggled but their seniority or tenure help them avoid a pink slip. That is what I was saying since you need exact details E$. Obviously you cannot interpret information and put 2 and 2 together. So today Bowden and Paterno have to die to lose their jobs and Pete Carrol seem to be the only coaches who can’t be fired or at least called for to be fired right now. Beamer and Carr who on that short list are now being looked at cross. Mack Brown, Butch Davis are probably close on that list one for his success the other because he is more famous that the entire program. Other than a few coaches not listed everyone is on the 3 game losing streak ready to be fired list. Is that specific enough E$?
    Okay UNC looks real good so maybe 19-3 start sound better. I miscounted the tourney games and of course would enver pick Duke over the Terps. Maybe the Heels but never the Dukies. What is my name Vital???

  115. Al V.

    If you possessed at least an 8th grade writing level and the ability to articulate your thoughts in a cohesive manner then one wouldn’t have to rely upon guessing to figure out what the hell you mean.

    Another thing you said that bothers me.

    In post # 94, “Gary did win but he has lost more and does not garner the respect from recruits that half the ACC does. This again is from the recruits not me.”

    I’m not sure how this comment slipped by most of the regular posters, because its blatantly incorrect. Gary’s record at Maryland is 378-200, which is a winning percentage of .650. If you have a winning percentage more than .500 that means you win more games than you lose. If you need help with the math, let me know and I can provide you with simple instructions on the concepts of addition and division or at least how to properly use a calculator.

    Additionally you go onto say that “Gary not garner the respect from recruits that half the ACC does. This again is from the recruits not me.”

    Really? What half of the ACC are you talking about? Because outside of Duke and UNC, I’m drawing a big blank. And since you are speaking on behalf of the recruits, what makes you qualified to do so? Are you in the high school or college coaching profession? Are you a referee with access to these elite high school players? Are you the William Wesley of Maryland? Have you been to the King James Shooting Stars Camp? Sonny Vaccaro’s ABCD Camp? The Nike Hoop Summit? Do you hang out at Rucker Park in your free time? Do you coach an AAU team (those poor kids)? What allows you to speak on behalf of recruits? The fact that you’ve read a couple recruiting blogs? The fact that you are the ‘Google Master’, which has allowed you to gain such insight on Terrence Jennings academic woes and challenges, his family issues, his mental health?

    No you’re an uneducated hack, unable to articulate coherent thoughts. Please cease to be.

  116. E-money, do you mean AV should cease to be, as in “cease to exist”? That’s pretty harsh, even for AV.

  117. Stevend: What’s up with the “surrender monkey” Democratic senator stuff? Stick to Terps’s athletics. The last thing I–and I would think others on this blog–want to read are Ann Coulter inanities, even when they are throwaway lines. Besides, I enjoy your athletic postings a helluva lot better.

    As for the cashiering of Lefty, whose contribution to the MD BB program is incalculable, I don’t see how MD had any other choice except show him the door. The university was drowning in scandal, its name dragged through the mud. The political pressure on the university to staunch the flow of bad press ink was overwhelming. Had you been in charge at the time, dollar to a donut, you would have made the same decision.

    I was sorry to see Lefty go. His teams were exciting to watch. Arguably the best one in school history is the team that failed to make the NCAAs–his 1974 unit. It would have been interesting to see it play the national title team when both were in their prime.

    Like it or not, there is no such thing as institutional memory or gratitude, only institutional self-interest.

  118. Sorry for the slip into politics – my bad. (didn’t Ann Coulter play PG for Syracuse)

    I disagree on there being only one course of action for the Uni post-Bias. It may have been necessary to remove him as the head bball coach, for a while…..maybe. But they may have moved him into a coach-emiratus role or something like that). And replacing him with Bob Wade……I don’t think a HS coach is ever a good idea for a major college.

  119. Judging by some of Coulter’s recent vaporings, you might think she had played nose guard for the ‘Cuse–without a helmet.

    I’m not sure the university could have softened the blow given the scope of the scandal. Institutions are neither moral nor immoral. They are amoral. In any event, I’m glad the university has recently acknowledged the left-hander’s contribution. We all agree that it was long overdue.

    The Wade appointment was a disaster. I wonder if the appointment of a different HS BB coach–Morgan Wooten, for example–might have resulted in a different outcome. I always wondered why he was never approached about the job. Or maybe he was, and gave it a pass.

  120. E$ to you I say oh whatever. I read every blog and go to as many of the games as I can. I watch the rest on TV. I hear the recruits and read the recruits talking about Gary not being present at their games and the other ACC coaches taking the time making them feel wanted. I read that the recruits feel more wanted to talk to a head coach instead of a Assistant. So yes I do feel qualified to formulate that nugget. So you cease to drink the kool aid and realize that the Terps could be more prominent in the country (other than against Duke) if GW would do more and expect respect from a now generation of kids less. That is just my unadulterated opinion.

  121. Fair enough man. I don’t care. I DO really hope the Terps bring something to the table this evening.

  122. Anyone care to comment on the Terps chances tonight? Steffy better bring his A+ game; Lattimore and Heyward-Bey too. The D better pursue, hit and gang tackle all night long. Fridge needs to call a helluva game. Gonna have to get beyond the vanilla play calling of the first two games. We got a chance, but it is going to take a real collective effort!

  123. It was pathetic unfortunately. Steffy is terrible, and I don’t know what’s up with the defense…so much for that. At least we have a game in Rutgers to make up for it :-/

    Sigh…there are 9 more games, and plenty of time to correct it. And then there’s basketball season.

    Let’s go TERPS!

  124. Turnovers…once again. WTF? If MD’s offense could show up, they’d win games. Is Steffy able to throw the ball farther than 5 yards? It’s not like MD’s got John Riggins in the backfield and the Hogs up front. How about throwing the ball around a bit? Does Ralphie Boy have ANY confidence in his QB?

    Tread lightly Al V. This is not the time for you start spewing “I told you so” crap.

    On another note, is Jeremy alive?

  125. Wheels I was actually impressed with the running game and defense. Terps line moved the field against a average WVU defense but even so there has to be some down field passing to be effective. The Terps look viable except for one player, Steffy, I vote for something else. I am not saying Turner is better but Steffy has had three games and I anot impressed. This team with the running game and defense could win 9 but with Steffy they could lose 9. I saw E Henderson walk off in pain what is his status?

  126. Germ is busy ordering the cheapest drinks available at a resort with his wife somewhere. Short of going J. Peterman, I think he’ll be back shortly.

  127. I don’t even think our offensive coordinator showed up for this game against WVU last week. Ralph’s “offensive genius” is taking a major hit with this conservative play-calling. At the least, throw in a play-action as the WVU defense was expecting a run nearly every down. Someone earlier in this thread talked about Ralph’s conservative calls last year and how it almost gave away the games. I couldn’t agree more. I was at the FSU and Miami games last season and it had a feeling of we’re going to try not to lose this game rather than let’s step on their throats and put them away.

    Also, newest rant – we’re fortunate to have two solid backs in Keon and Ball, but this two drives in, two drives out crap has to go. Lance has had some great games the last couple years, but Keon’s looked like a beast so far this year and this splitting time stuff is keeping either of them from getting into a rhthym.

    If Ralph wants to keep the alumni’s confidence, it’s about time he starts showing some confidence in his own team. It’s just not shining through right now.

  128. Via the Baltimore Sun. Five questions with Van Coleman. You can read his qualifications on the website, they’re pretty extensive. And the article should probably interest anyone who posts to this blog on the reg.


  129. Thanks E$.

    That was a good read.

  130. No doubt. IMO, based upon reading that article it appears to me it may be in Gary’s best interest to not get another 2008 kid. Go to war with what he’s got next year, and sign two kids in what looks like a deep 2009 class with Maryland drawing interest from numerous top 40 players.

  131. Duke Basketball Report previews the ACC. Here’s the link to the Terps preview.


  132. Another good read, E! I was hoping to find issues with the analysis since it came from dook, the article is fair. A few small things…..I tend to think Mr. Gist is going to step up big, but it is a question. No love for Hayes in there. Hayes earned more respect, especially after shutting down the overrated dook counterpart. Boom does have the best afro in the league, but I think he’s better at 4 than 5. Finally, Tucker is the most-heralded of the recruits, isn’t he? This guy made it sond like Bowie and Pearlman are in line in front of him.

    For 2009, I still think GW would take one of the big men, but not another guard.

  133. E$–good article from the Duke scout. Fair and balance. Kind of surprised me. What’s the dope on Jennings re-testing the recruiting waters? Am I wrong to catch the scent of greenbacks in the air?

  134. Get the F@$% out! Looks like we got ourselves involved in the 2008-2009 Jai Lucas. Screw him – withdraw the offer and lock down on one of your other big men or risk watching him and them walk away, leaving us with nothing.

    It is truly sad how little character and commitment means in today’s society.

  135. Word has it that Kentucky’s new coach, Billy Gillespie, is tenacious with recruiting and might not even be letting up after the commitment. The Kentucky blog’s blowing up on him. Check out KentuckySportsRadio.com. Here’s what they’re saying:

    “His high school coach is saying that Kentucky and Louisville will be two of about 6 or 7 schools Jennings will consider. Look for the Cats to try and arrange a Midnight Madness visit and get in hard on Jennings quickly. Things are solid right now for UK basketball recruiting, but there may be a day in the near future when we look back and see this decommitment as a huge step in the building of a championship team for the future.”

  136. Bye-bye Jennings……

    What other schools are in the hunt and who offered the new car?

  137. Quintrell Thomas and Ralph Sampson just started looking a lot better.

  138. I told you. This idiot was not eligible until he got his test scores so Maryland went with faith. Now he got his tests back and now he wants to try a big time school that did not have any faith in him. Oh well hopefully he takes his problems with him and stays out of the ACC>

  139. Al V…….our very own ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

  140. This Jennings’s business is starting to leave a stench in the nostrils, and it has the reek of dollars. Who’s shopping him around?

  141. Sad to see how the basketball season turned out. Going into next season we have no proven big man, while Vasquez is a turnover machine and Hayes looks too slow to make an impact. Will be interesting to watch Luisville next year with all the talent they return and Terrence Jennings.

  142. Hi there, I discovered your other blog via Google but thought this blog was amazing. Thank you and I’ll come back as you post more.

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