Rutgers vs. Maryland Thread

4:28 ET – Well, the Terps have another lead on the road, 7-3. A win against #10 Rutgers could turn around the Terps season. Can they put it together for a full 60 minutes? Let’s see.

4:44 ET – 14-3! Heyward-Bey gets it done. One running TD and one passing TD. The office appears balanced and we have Rutgers on their heels. Let’s finish the half strong. The upset is brewing. Now is not the time to let up. They need to keep pushing.

4:50 ET – Fumble! Henderson brings the ball into Rutgers territory. If we can capitalize here and keep from turning the ball over ourselves, I think we will win. Maybe when we look back at the season in December, the collapse at Wake will have been the best thing that happened to them. Fridge has them playing inspired ball today.

5:02 ET – Fuck! A missed field goal by the Terps and the Scarlet Knights march all the way down the field for a touchdown. The lead is now only four points, 14-10. That is a bad way to end the half.

5:15 ET – Unbelievable! With 52 seconds left in the first half, the Terps managed a three and out, and then subsequently allowed Rutgers to drive 70 yards in four plays for a go-ahead touchdown. That is a disgrace. This game is over. I don’t know why I bother.

6:00 ET – Intestinal fortitude. They could have folded, but they chose not to. Two field goals later, we have the lead again 20-17. Steffy is gone. That hit was brutal and should have been a penalty, but I am glad he is out of there. With only eight pass attempts in the first half, it is clear the coaches have no faith is his passing abilities. I feel bad about the injury, but he has been relegated to “bum” status in my mind. Without a real QB, Heyward-Bey’s talent is being wasted.

6:30 ET – Egekeze missed another FG attempt. That’s two under40 yards. We could and should be up by nine points. Let’s hope the defense has something left in the 4th quarter.

6:45 ET – Yes! Turner leads us down the field for a huge touchdown. 27-17, Maryland. In the process, he converted a huge third and 12 to get us to the goal line. It is now up to the defense. Can we hold off the Scarlet Knights?

6:53 ET – Our defense has been great the entire second half and they just turned into swiss cheese. They let Rutgers drive the entire length of the field in just three minutes. It’s 27-24 and there is four minutes and change left to play. Two first downs should get it done, but I just don’t know if we can convert when the chips are down. Now is the time to prove that we are a good team.

7:01 ET – It’s third and two from the 50-yard line with 3:19 to play. If we convert, I think we win. Huge play coming up. Give it to Lattimore!

7:03 ET – A little pass to Heyward-Bey and we convert the third down. Under three minutes to play. Rutgers is going to have to start burning timeouts. One more first down and it is over.

7:08 ET- Oh God no. We went for it on 4th and 1 and turned it over on downs. Rutgers committed a stupid penalty and now needs about 45 yards for a field goal try. They have plenty of time. Our defense needs to stop them.

7:14 ET- Woohoo! We stopped them and scored on the next play. 34-24, Maryland. It’s all but over now.

Big win. Last week’s travesty hurts, but this will lessen the blow. Let’s build on this one boys.



  1. Useless as tits on a bull.

  2. Tur-ner! Tur-ner! Tur-ner!

  3. Is everyone else as tired as I am of seeing Ray’s mama?

    D is sagging, but Tur-ner will prevail!

  4. Is Turner a one-hit wonder? He looked awfully polished back there in the pocket. Where did that come from? Why hadn’t Ralph seen this before? Did it just all come together all of a sudden for Turner? I could keep going on with a bunch of questions…what do you guys think?

  5. Great win. Last week’s loss could have ended the season, but they showed a lot of heart, especially on the road.

    I feel for Steffy. That was a brutal helmet to helmet hit that should have been a penalty and Rutgers should not have had those 7 points before the half.

    That being said, Turner should get the nod next week. He looked very poised out there. No panic and most importantly, he is able to get rid of the ball quickly. Steffy has been horrible when pressured, taking sacks and not throwing the ball away. I’m sure Turner will make mistakes, but being at home the next three games is huge and our running game is fantastic.

    They have a chance to make this another very successful season, but like last year, every game will be close. I don’t see us blowing anyone out.


    We had 458 yards of offense and our defense forced 3 turnovers and held a Heisman Trophy candidate RB to just 82 yards rushing.

    They came from behind, on the road against the #10 team in the country after blowing a 14-3 lead?!? Who was that team and what did they do with the Terps? LOL

    That was a GUT check of the highest degree. Awesome win.

    Meanwhile, wtf is up with our FG kicker?

  7. I was at the game, and although I hate to do anything to diminish this very, very important win, Rutgers was an inflated 10 rank. They hadn’t beaten anyone of real substantive quality this year. That being said, here are my observations:

    – Agree w/ DB Russ. Defense looked solid. Ray Rice is a strong RB, and holding him in relative check was impressive. I’m still scared of the Slaton-mobile type backs out there against our team (btw, how did UCF beat WVU?!), but we looked good on this day. Also agree w/ Russ’s comment on our FG kicker. It was atrocious.

    As for Turner…. He looked composed and poised in the pocket. I was sitting in the endzone and we had a great view of how he shuffled out of the pocket on two occasions (on one of which he was definitely ready to pull the ball down and run w/ it), and instead stepped back again and delivered the ball downfield. This paled in comparison to the at least two 3rd down sacks I saw Steffy take.

    This kid’s only a sophomore. I say if Ralph sees more of this in practice, he gives the soph the ball and says it’s your team. Get Turner some real on-the-job training and let’s see what a Friedgen offense can do these next few years with someone who’s our starting quarterback for more than essentially one season.

  8. Let me clarify – Rutgers is a strong team. This win was huge! I just think the 10 ranking was the product of pre-season expectations and then going out and winning several very winnable games. Nonetheless, Go Terps!

  9. Cohen, you are right. Rutgers is a good team, but #10 is crazy.

    MD has a solid defense and a punishing running game. The problem with this year’s team has always been at QB. Steffy is not capable of delivering the ball to Heyward-Bey and that is a huge problem. Heyward bey is the most dynamic player in the Terp uniform and he needs to get the ball often. Turner showed more poise and if he can bring some stability to the offense, then the terps will be tough to beat.

    If we can beat GT this weekend, then we are bowl bound, Mark it down. This game will determine whether or Rutgers or Wake was the fluke game.

  10. The fact that the team carried Turner off the field at the end of the game (it wasn’t like he threw a last second Hail Mary too win creating a spontaneous reaction) makes me think Turner has just handed Fridge a short leash for Steffy if he chooses to start him again. GaTech’s defense is pretty damn good and should pressure the QB a lot. This game should determine the starter for the rest of the season.

  11. Jeremy, good to see you posting again! How about a regular thread from you so we can get all the guys posting again? We need to get the prose flowing regularly!

  12. QB is such a mental position and everything I have read about Turner is that he has great poise and is a solid leader who instills the rest of his team with confidence. Steffy may be a better QB in practice, but if Turner has an internal blood chiller that he can flip on for game time situations, then he should get the nod. One game is too short to truly evaluate him. Give him the start against GT and lets see what he can do.

  13. Before the Redskin(Terps) fans buy super bowl tickets let take this as a one game thing. The Terps outweighed the defense and man handled them which opened up the passing game. Maybe Steffy could have done the same in the second half. But Turner does deserve a start regardless of anything else. But hey what if Rutgers is not that good or the matchup just favored the Terps or whatever. The next three games will definitely decide the rest of the year. GT is offa big win, Virginia is playing well , and Clemson is still strong. 2 out of 3 means 8-4 at worst definitely 7-5 since BC and FSU will be challenges. I hope they don’t over look the young Tarheels as they seem to be in every game. Any news on the MRI on Henderson?

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