Gus Gilchrist Commits to Maryland

This is huge news for Terp fans. Gilchrist is 6’10: and 240lbs. He is a shot blocker and a rebounder who can finish. He is rated as a 4-star recruit and a top-10 player at his position. That sounds like exactly what the Terps need. Suddenly, Maryland is overloaded with young big men. Shane Walker, Braxton Dupree, Jerome Burney and now Gilchrist. Gilchrist will likely enroll for the spring semester, so he will not be eligible until after January 1.

It is possible that Gary will hold him out for the entire year, but I would imagine that would entirely depend on how he is matching up in practice with the other big men. Throw in the kid from Korea and the other one who may be coming from Sudan and it looks like the Terps are going to be fine.

Let’s just hope Gus is not like his eponymous predecessor and doesn’t turn into a crazy meshugena



  1. More good news about our front court. James Gist seems poised to assert senior leadership. I often worried about his occasional tendency to disappear in big games, ala Terrence Morris. The following story suggests Gist may be cut from a different bolt of cloth.

  2. Interesting insights from Mr. Gist…..”No senior leadership my first two years” is an indictment against McCray and Caner-Medley especially.

    Players meetings are nice, but the most important part of the leadership that he must provide comes on the floor. He needs to ask himself, WWJD (What would Juan do?). The answer – When it’s crunch time or when an opponent goes on a momementum changing six-point run, Mr. Gist (the leader) needs to take the rock and put it in the bucket….no excuses.

  3. More on Gus Gilchrist courtesy of Terrapin Times

    Well, so much for Maryland taking only two players in the class of 2008. In a dizzying 48 hours, the Terps added Gus Gilchrist to its list of verbal commitments. Three days ago, TT got word that Gilchrist was on campus for an official visit. By Sunday morning he was a Terp.

    Moments after the verbal commitment had been made, TT talked to those close to the 6-10 power forward to discuss his recruitment and his ability as a player.

    Gilchrist’s personal trainer and friend is Terrelle Woody, who works out players at the Hoop Magic complex in Chantilly, Va., and was instrumental in Gilchrist’s recruitment. Woody described the recruiting process to TT.

    “I just got off the phone with Gus,” said Woody. “He literally committed to Maryland five minutes ago after breakfast with the coaches (Sunday morning). Gus was blown away by the visit to Maryland. He really likes everything about the place, and he loves all the coaches. He loves Gary (Williams), and all the assistants. He is very familiar with the flex offense, and it will suit his skills perfectly. I really don’t think Gus wanted to leave home. Georgetown was originally his dream school, and they were very interested in him, but all along, Gus felt like he wanted to look at other options.”

    The love affair began a little late with Maryland, but heated up quickly.

    “Maryland has been seriously interested in Gus the past few months,” said Woody. “I am very good friends with Keith Booth and Chuck Driesell, and they both recruited him hard. Gary saw Gus play several times this summer down at the Kenner League as I recall. I am friends with Keith from back in the day. He went to Dunbar while I was at Woodlawn High School. We know a lot of the same people. So the familiarity helped the Terps without question.”

    Woody, who has also worked out current Terp freshman Braxton Dupree, feels like Gilchrist will have a great opportunity at Maryland.

    “Gus likes the flex offense, it’s a system that will accent his skills. Gary is known as a guy who develops players, particularly big men. Gus knows there will competition, but he should get his minutes as a freshman. It’s a really good fit all around. He is in a top program, he will receive excellent coaching, and he will be close to home and his family. Gus is anxious to get started, and plans to enroll in January. He won’t play this year though, that would not be fair to him or the program. But he will be set to go in the fall.”

    So, what kind of player are the Terps getting? For that answer, TT spoke to Damon Handon, Assistant to the Director of Basketball Operations of the powerful DC Assault AAU program.

    “Let me tell you, Gus is a big guy, probably between 6-9 and 6-10, and I am guessing he weighs about 240 pounds right now,” said Handon. “He works out all the time with Terrelle (Woody), and he will stay in top shape until he gets back on the court. The thing colleges like about Gus is that he can step out to 15 feet and shoot it, or he can post down on the blocks. He’s strong, and still has the frame to put on a few more pounds.

    “I would describe him as a 4/5 type player, a guy who can play power forward or center. Gus will keep working on his game until he actually starts to play college ball. He didn’t get released (from his letter of intent) from Virginia Tech until September, but he is fully qualified and good to go academically. He has been working out and trying to decide which college was best for him. Lots of schools, like Kansas, Memphis, West Virginia, Pitt, and others were trying to recruit him, but I felt all along that he wanted to stay close to home. I don’t go overboard on players but I do feel Gus can have an immediate impact in college as a freshman. And I do feel he can play on the next level, he has that kind of talent.”

    The last few months have been a roller coaster ride with Maryland basketball recruiting. But, by adding the recent commitment of Ater Majok to go along with August commit Sean Mosley, and now Gilchrist, it does appear that the ride has been fruitful one.

    TT will be talking to Gilchrist in the next few days to get his reaction on his college selection.

  4. Something does not sit well with this. Worried that there is something unknown why this kid would threaten Prep School over Va Tech. Hopefully this will be a non issue for this kid and the Terps. No more controversy is needed for a few years. Only positive for a while would be nice.

  5. He committed to VaTech in March of this year. In April of this year, 30 some students were murdered on campus. In my eyes, that’s enough reason for me to want to look elsewhere, even if that option is prep school for a year before college. I know several other student-athletes at VaTech in football and basketball have asked to have their scholarships voided to transfer, or their commitments rescinded to sign elsewhere solely because of this.

  6. E$ if that is the sole reason then I am not concerned at all. But I am not confident that the prep school threat was needed so I will remain confident as I am with a teenager unattended near my unlocked bar………..

  7. Several people were killed at Va Tech, and lets face it, the school didn’t handle things well initially as far as getting info out to students. If I was a parent I’d be concerned about letting my child go to that school scholarship or not.

    Looks like the kid wanted to step back and let the dust settle for a year. Reportedly he had a 3.5 GPA and is into Literature and is excited about Maryland’s school of Business.

    Something is happening here. First Mosely, then Jin Soo Kim, now Gilchrist. All have mentioned the importance of education in their selection of Maryland.

  8. D-Russ – You make a great point about “something is happening here.” Looks like the staff is doing a good job explaining to the kids how meaningless that last-in-the-nation graduation stat was.

  9. KAze it is not meaningless it is embarrassing. I hope that this means the staff is taking that serious and trying to find good STUDENT-athletes to be park of the next years of Terps hoops.

  10. Al, I’m all for the student part of student-athlete, but this is big-time hoops, and any discussion about these kids’ non-basketball education is naive at best or hypocritical at worst. Nobody goes to games to applaud the kids’ grades. And none of the kids goes to play big-time hoops because they want to be a doctor. When the NCAA talks about SAT scores and GPAs and graduation rates, it’s about optics, not education. It’s all about money. The kids in big-time programs should be paid salaries, like minor league baseball players, because they are in fact minor league basketball players. They are employed by the university to build the school’s national visibility and turn a profit with which to run other athletic programs. If a kid graduates, it’s just gravy. Ask any Maryland player whether he’s looking at the program’s graduation rates or his play-in-the-pros rates.

  11. Kaze, you are speaking truth to athletic power.

  12. Why not give the HGH and anything else and cars and whatever else they need to just be athletes. It is ametuer athletics. Everyone in college is in the minor leagues from teachers to scientist to athletes and anything else. They should not get paid anymore than the opportunity to create a visual resume for employers like the sheep skin creates it for just students. If you want minor leagues go to the CBA or overseas and make money but leave college out of it. I will never change on that one.

  13. Yo, I’ve been down with the Terps since ’72 and graduated in ’84 so I’m happy as hell. That being said, you just never know what will happen with ball players. Look at John Gilchrist, did any of you think he would flake out like he did or Chris McCray would flunk out in his senior year?

    Lil Lefty and Booth may be hitting their mark as far as recruiting goes. We just may be poised to make another run. I hope our guards can be athletic enough to compete!!!!

  14. Al – This stuff is a guilty pleasure and you’re smart enough to know it. Big-time NCAA athletics is a corrupt system and you’re enjoying the fruits of it any time you cheer the Terps. That’s just how it is. I don’t see you saying, “Whoa, we won out during the regular season last year, but I’m concerned about those final exam grades.” Where do you find them in the box scores? You root for victories just like everybody else who buys a ticket or a jersey or a cable package or makes an alumni donation or buys the naming rights for the area. Basketball is the product being sold, Al, and you’re buying. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  15. Kaze I have not actually bought any package since a Len Bias Jersey, that being said I am a purist who believes in college sports as a family tradition. My dad allowed meif my grades were good to skip school 1/2 day on the Friday when the ACC tournament was. If my grades were up. Not just because so I still value that. That is why I am here to hope that there is something still pure about it to pass on to my kids. If this continues I will just stop watching and go to pro football where I get what I pay for with over paid spoiled athletes. College basketball is a kids dream in ACC country not a money making scheme for amateur athletics.

  16. Al-V, yo brotha if you’re a purist, that’s cool, dog!!! I believe you’re in school to bust good grades, party, graduate, and then find a decent gig. Going to college gives a cat an opportunity. I personally wish kids who ball take advantage of the SCHOLARSHIPS and learn something!!! After all, everyone is not going to be a pro!!

    You know very well that schools with big time sports programs are about making loot!!!! That loot helps to build all those new buildings we see on campus.

    I think we need to be realistic about big time college athletics and the role money plays.

  17. Kaze nails it. Big time college sports are a guilty pleasure–delicious as sin, as Mark Twain might put it. Which is why the present system leaves me feeling so frigging conflicted, and prayerful some less hypocritical middle ground between the amateur myth and the semi-professional reality might get legislated into existence. Ain’t gonna happen. So I’m going to root for the home team, hope Vas fills Juan’s shoes, and cross my fingers that sordid scandal doesn’t surface and screw up my fandom pleasure.

    Slope, I doubt few of the buildings on the MD campus outside the sports complex were built with athletic loot. College athletics are a single-stream revenue source, and the money gushes directly back into athletics.

  18. Yeah double F but I bet those phone calls to Alumni beggind for money for the library go abit easier when we’re cutting down the nets in hotlanta….

  19. “Yeah double F but I bet those phone calls to Alumni beggind for money for the library go abit easier when we’re cutting down the nets in hotlanta….”

    Maybe, but not by much, if national studies of this stuff are any guide. What does happen when you have a winning team is a spike in applications, due to more national exposure.

  20. Looks like Big Gus got his just deserts. Can’t come until Jan 2009. Using the shooting as an excuse not to go to VT was disgusting. His “Trainer” gave him bad advice and Gus is going to pay for it. Looks like the curse of the VT decommit is alive and well. No one has escaped yet…

  21. ‘Let’s just hope Gus is not like his eponymous predecessor and doesn’t turn into a crazy meshugena”
    Please consult a dictionary prior to using “big” words. This writer missed with both words. Actually, “meshugga; or, meshuga) is slang.

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