Maryland 79, N. Florida 50

Not News: Maryland crushed N. Florida

News: David Neal played 20 minutes. I’m not sure that I want to live in a world where David Neal logs 20 minutes of quality PT in a Maryland uniform. I know Gist and Milbourne were out but Neal is a marginal college player at best. I like his hustle, but this kid has been wearing Gini Chukura’s “I’m just happy to be here” face since his freshman year.

Not News: Vasquez is at the same time the most electrifying player on the roster and the most maddening. Three offensive fouls on three out-of-control drives in the first half? 5 turnovers? Juxtapose that with his 18 points, 6 assist, and 7 rebounds. The Terps will live and die with this kid all year. He needs to calm down. This is not international ball. The lane is narrow and big men will camp out and wait for you. He needs to look towards his backcourt mate for a steadying influence.

News: The Terp freshman big men need work. Dupree looked lost. So did Burney. These guys will need to improve; otherwise Gist and Osby will be required to provide all of our interior scoring and rebounding. The seniors can do most of the heavy lifting, but we need these freshman to provide rebounding and defense.

Not News: Eric Hayes is a legit ACC point guard. The most impressive part of his stat line: 7 assists and 2 turnovers. I prefer to see Hayes run the offense with Vazquez as the two-guard working without the ball.

News: Cliff Tucker and Adrian Bowie appear to be the best of the freshman. Cliff Tucker was channeling DJ Strawberry all night (minus the turnovers), and Bowie came back from an atrocious first half to lead the Terps in scoring in the second half.

The Terps get a shot at Hampton tomorrow night and expect a closer score, but a blowout all the same. I’ve spent the better part of the evening trying to find a way to watch the game over the web, so if anyone can point me towards a site (free or pay) that will allow me to watch Terp games online, please do. I will be endlessly grateful.

Congrats to the football team on a huge win against the BC Eagles last night. At 5-5, the season has been a roller coaster, but they are one win away from being bowl eligible. That should come against NC State, but it would be great if they could beat the Seminoles this weekend. Regardless, Turner is a legit QB. Give this kid a another year, and we could be a one of the best teams in ACC next year.



  1. After a very sloppy first half the Terps settled in and played very well in the second. Their execution was far better and they played much more in control. Hayes was the most impressive from what I saw. He’s such a calming influence and he looked to score often. I think we’ll need him to score, so this is encouraging. His the yin to Vasquez’s yang. Like Jeremy pointed out, he continues to play like he’s on an emotional roller coaster. I love the energy, but I wish he would channel it a little better and calm down. His “swagger” is getting a bit much. But he played solid overall. Just one memo to him…learn how to jump stop!

    I disagree with the Neal comment simply because he offers some stability out there and they need that. Sure he’s not the greatest, but he can hit an open shot and knows the system. He doesn’t make a lot of bone head mistakes. We’ve got to remember, he’s one of only three upperclassmen. It’ll be quite an interesting season with a team that’s so young.

  2. I’m hapy for the win but these slow/sluggish/sloppy starts concern me. Twenty turnovers in this game and didn’t we have 18 turnovers against Concordia? Not a good sign.

    We do that against better quality opponenets and we may not be able to recover in the 2nd half.

    Hampton upset Tulsa (20 game winner in ’06). I hope they’re not our Gardner-Webb.


  3. Neal was a pleasant surprise–surehanded with the ball, steady under pressure, making shots he should have. He may give us quality minutes coming off the bench later in the season. The turnovers were the byproduct of Gary’s uptempo style of relentless full court pressure and pushing the ball up the court. The energy was there but execution was lacking. This bunch has great team speed, though. Keep an eye on Tucker and Bowie (real quick). This much being said, don’t be surprised if Hampton humbles the Terps tonight. They like to run and probably will score easily on MD’s still developing pressure defense.

    BTW, for those of you who have cable, see if your system carries ESPNU. The game will be carried on that channel.

  4. Thanks to Comcast’s continued refusal to pick up ESPNU I was forced to “watch” the game via tracker, so I can’t comment on much of anything.

    I was hoping that tonight’s game would be televised, but it looks like there is no coverage!?! Anyone know if it will be possible to get it on-line someway?


  5. FF obviously has faster fingers than me. Let me say thank you to Comcast again. Just think of all of the honey-do’s that I can get caught up on tonight now that I won’t have to be bothered with that pesky game!

  6. I forgot to add, even though he has exchanged his retro Afro for corn rows that make him look three inches shorter, Osby was tough inside, even more pumped than last year in fact. Not much of a shot blocker, but jeezum can he set a pick and take a charge.

    Tombootom: you should be able to listen to the game on-line at the gametracker All-Access site. That was true for the Concordia game.

  7. Tonight’s game is on ESPNU. It is channel 609 for those who have Direct TV, but evidently you have to pay extra for it.

  8. yeah, this non-televised business is bull-shit! i hate game-tracker! does anyone know when games are going to start being played on comcast again? i assume they’re not being shown because of the tournament thing?

  9. Thanks for the radio piece FF. I may have to do that, but I sure wish they would give me a chance to check them out on the old boob tube.

    If I am listening on the radio, I may be forced to be productive with something else, and that is entirely unacceptable.

  10. comcast flat-out sucks. if they are your ISP, you are not even allowed to utilize They block the player from running. it’s ridiculous. What I don’t understand is that there is a huge market for finding a way to allow alumni who live out of market to watch their teams’ games. Is this really that hard to implement? If i’m maryland, I set up a camera at the comcast center (although the fact that the arena is named for an evil ISP may hinder things) and broadcast the game over the web. Charge $10 per game. it’s simple. the ncaa needs to work with the schools to get this done.

  11. What do we look for in Milbourne and Gist against Hampton (i.e. what do they add to the mix) in the context of all the observations made in the above posts?

  12. DIR-TV’s ESPN Full Court is a real good buy at $89.00 in my market area….Georgia. I also have it
    at 2nd residence on Amelia Is. Fl.

    Even if a camera was set up for $10 a pop. …. Full Court, is a better deal.

    Hope I’m not preaching to the choir.

    Re: This years team. With only two games under their belt it seems and Gist/JM out of the game, they can move the ball & score and their rebounding game seems not to suffer much.
    Agree comments on Vas. He needs to “get loose”.
    Guards that try to bag their way in the lange get charged with Offensive fouls most of the time. He’s also predictable i.e. he prefers to go with the ball than without it. He rarely sets up and calls for the ball.

    I said earlier, that there is one player that must be in the game (alot) especiallyis close (er) games and that’s Osby. He give’s team on the floor more
    options and looks. We really need him at the end of close games.

    I never thought I would say that about him because when he first began play as a terp he was a bull in a china shop. He’s getting better.

    Re Turnovers. Hope GW never slows the relentless
    pace . Most teams prepared for it but few can keep up with it. Most teams run out of gas. It’s very apparent mid-way through 2nd half.

    Tonight will be interesting.

  13. I didn’t put much stake in the 1st game. I do understand they are getting those 1st game jitters out of the way but yes like everyone said, god those turnovers killed me in 1st half. Sure the freshman are all amped up in their first real game. 64.3% FT won’t get it done! I agree I love Vasquez but he needs to calm down.

    Oh hey guys check this site out.
    it should have espnu on there.

  14. Chanman
    Great site. I just logged on to it here at work. Hopefully they won’t block it until after the season…Seems like here at work they always block the fun sites. Anyhow, on to last nights game.

    I am forunate enough that my girlfriend has Verizon FIOS and has ESPNU. The first half looked sad in my opinion. Lot’s of turnovers and dumb fouls. The freshman did not really look that comfortable. I think that MD only scored somewhere around 30 pts in the first half. Against a team like NF, they should be putting up at LEAST 50 each half.

    The second half was a different team. They slowed way down and took better shots. The end score was evident. MD scored almost 50 points in the second half. All of this was without Gist and Milbourne. Osby looked much better in the second half. He had a monster dunk about half way through over top of some guy and afterwards was pumped up. Can’t wait to watch tonights game!

  15. chanman-
    I could not tell if was going to be showing the MD-Hampton game. It looks like they have one ESPN U game on tap today..but is that it? Either way, it is a great site. If not, I will go the ESPN Full Court route. It still won’t get me all the games, but I gotta do it.

  16. I subscribed to ESPN Full Court last season but was disappointed at the paucity of MD games that weren’t already being televised by ESPN, Fox, and the other major networks. I’d check out their schedule to see if it is cost effective (from a strictly Terp BB viewing perspective, that is). Otherwise, if Full Court is offering only 6 or 7 MD games beyond those already available, $10 a pop might be the better choice.

    Now that Congress is making noise about opening up the cable industry to more competition, Comcasts and Cox Cables might open up their wallets and carry more high-demand athletic channels. It’s all about the money. But what else is new?

  17. “…that gave the sparse Comcast Center crowd a few highlights to relish…”

    This quote from the Washington Post infuriates and embarasses me as a fan and alumnus of Maryland. Why is it impossible to fill up Comcast on a weekend against a no-name opponent? Apathetic fans. New rules. If you don’t try to get a ticket (and subsequently dont’ show up) to games like this, you are automatically disqualified from getting a ticket for the Dook or Carolina games. PERIOD!

    and we wonder why marquee players never come here…

  18. Maybe they miss Cole, which was a lot easier to get to from campus. But, then again, it didn’t have the expensive suites and other amenities deemed indispensable in today’s overcommercialized spectator sports.

  19. that channelsurfing site is great – if espnu only has the only a one-channel feed, we should be ok if that will be live tonight. i checked out one of the other channels, and it contained a whole line-up for it. hope with all of us going to it, we don’t crash the site…. ;)

  20. In a totally random post, about a month back I’m at a Terps football game, and I met Boom. He actually was wearing a hat that said Boom on it – f’n classic. Really cool guy…

  21. Ok everyone, what does Vas have to do to get his game under control? If he gets it “under control,” are we going to see all the positives in his game check out? Just curious what everyone thinks concerning this subject.

  22. Sorry, but that’s a BS excuse…the kids are all tailgating in the parking lots right by Comcast for the football games. NOT hard to get to at all. And I doubt any current full-time student (save for grad students) could POSSIBLY miss Cole as it closed in 2002. They’d have to be on the 6 year plan, like Ice Cube in Higher Learning…

  23. Yeah, you’re right. But I miss Cole, and don’t find Comcast Center easy to get to from campus whenever I return to town. Nostalgia rules, I guess.

    In my day several friends were on the 8 and 10 year plan.

  24. Anyone having any success with I was getting horseback riding, reloaded, and now am locked out.

  25. I miss Cole too, but geez guys let’s get back to talking about the team not yesteryear? How are they doing tonight? I can’t get the channel surfing site to kick in.

  26. hey guys, sorry if the site isn’t working. I thought they would have it. Hopefully later down the line they do. Again my bad, but we are on good run right now!

  27. What’s with this Rashad West kid? Is he some sort of unstoppable force or is our D just looking lack-luster?

  28. Gist looks tremendous; I never realized he was so strong on defense. The trapping defense looks good as well. Milbourne impresses; Neal, too, with a steal, an assist, a timely basket or two–though he exited with a dislocated shoulder toward the end of the half. Vasquez committed a number of careless, almost hotdog mistakes. The fact that the Terps are up be ten on a very, very athletic Hampton team is a big positive. What my unschooled eye is seeing is the making of an outstanding defensive team by the end of the season, what with the quickness, the intensity, and the obvious commitment to GW’s trapping defense. He says this team is a bunch of gym rats who love to play and are willing to learn and listen. So far (if a half is any indication) it shows. The big question mark remains outside shooting, but Milbourne has a nice touch, and if Hayes continue to develop, we might be solid in that department too.

  29. Up by 10 at the half. Could have been closer. Hampton’s got energy but doesnt’ appear to be very deep.

    They may run out of gas against relentless up/down floor.

    Vas and Hayes (still) got lots to learn handling the ball under pressure.

    We should win this one but might be close.

  30. West is the real deal. You can’t give him uncontested shots even from the halfcourt line.

  31. I’m sorry but Vasquez pisses me off so much. I love his play sometimes but he’s so erratic. He tries too hard sometimes and those turn overs are killing us. If this was any other team that is legit they would make us PAY for some of the stupid passes we’ve done. I want Hayes at point put Vasquez at 2 dammit.

  32. Hampton is a legit team, an athletic team with a great shooter in West. As one announcer said, it is a bona fide bracket buster come March Madness. MD was lucky to have won tonight. I said yesterday I half expected them to lose. Well, Vas redeemed himself at the end by making clutch shots, especially that 3 pointer after Hampton went up for the first time late in the game. Up to then he was stinking the place up with hotdog passes; his turnover to assist ratio was in the toilet. And Osby has to practice free throws. It was painful watching him miss six in a row. When Gist went out for the second time with a leg cramp, you could feel the air go out of the Terps’s balloon. Again, Vas reinflated it with his clutch shooting. But he needs to calm down, dial back the strut and swagger.

    This was a character win, IMO. I see a lot of potential.

  33. A win is a win is a win. Sure it wasn’t pretty and all of you (me too at times) getting down on Vasquez got their bell rung. He is “special”. He’s not great but it looks like he’s got the heart of a champion. He doesns’t know quit. The 3 to push us back in the lead was bigger than huge. His free throws were
    were the difference.

    Clearly the coaches can look at a game like this exposed our weaknesses. And, they are deep.
    Say what you want, but a game like this actually helps. GW knows what we got to work on.

    Kudos to GW for hanging in there with Vas.

    Let’s face it Hampton’s guards were quick….quick hands and feet. I believe they are going to have a
    better than average year.

    Like all Terp teams, we just can’t shut down the other teams hot hand and it’s pretty tough to ONLY score 5 points in 9 minutes late in the game.

    Disappointed in Osby but his emotion on bench after he missed 6 FT’s was a signal from him that he knows he has got to work on his weaknesses.
    He needs some “mechanical” help.

    You all are smart guys so I won’t bore you with more post game quarterbacking.

    The best is yet to come.

  34. “Got their bell rung” ??

    Just because Vasquez nailed the big shots doesn’t mean he’s special and all other mistakes go out the window. 8 turnovers just ain’t going to cut it. I love his emotion, but still believe he needs to channel it better. We need him to be successful but he isn’t the whole team and it his attitude seems to portray that he thinks that sometimes. Ah, enough Vasquez criticism. He hit a big shot late and it’s early. A win is a win.

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