VCU Beats Maryland (and I am officially going to hate this season)

I am depressed. I think I would have preferred to have been waterboarded than to have watched Maryland disintegrate in the last 10 minutes of tonight’s game. Maryland clearly has a long way to go before its fans can depend them for a quality outing night in and night out. They got schooled tonight by a quick, aggressive pressing defense and experienced perimeter players (Maynor and Schuler). The worst part? It really wasn’t even an upset. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad loss. VCU is a good mid-major, but not a great one. They lost to Hampton. After watching tonight’s game, it’s clear to me that we would have lost the Hampton game if it had been away from Comcast

It is stating the obvious, but Vasquez has regressed. His decision making continues to be atrocious (did you see the cross-court telegraphed pass late in the second half?) and his shooting is equally bad. He can’t hit anything outside of the paint.

I was surprised at how poorly Maryland handled VCU’s press. We know the Terps are turnover prone; but beyond the turnovers, the press led to an overall sloppiness that was unacceptable. The Terps were incapable of running effective halfcourt sets because they have no outside shooting. None. Eric Hayes will not hit a shot off the dribble all year and Vasquez is essentially useless beyond the arc. Which, by the way, we should have known at the beginning of the season. I don’t quite remember what his 3PT % was last year, but I am pretty sure it was below 30%.

Don’t be surprised if Maryland does not win a game away from the Comcast Center this season. The guards lack the maturity to handle the pressure.

I also figured out why Cliff Tucker doesn’t play more minutes. For all of his promise, he makes too many freshman mistakes. Forced passes and missed defensive assignments. However, I think he is the only guy on the team that can create his own shot. He needed to play more. Much more.

Speaking of creating shots, Gist sure can’t. Anyone have an idea what’s wrong with him? He’s hanging out beyond the arc WAY too much and when he is inside, he is getting smothered. Now, the latter is likely due to teams collapsing in on the paint because of the aforementioned shooting problems. But still, something is wrong with him.

I don’t think that I can state this enough: this is the worst shooting Maryland team in my memory. If someone can remember a squad that worse, please let me know.

Now, I’ll bet that the Terps go out against BC next Sunday and play much better. They may even win. But I won’t be fooled. I know that there are too many performances like tonight that we will have to endure before this season comes ends. I’m not ready to call us a NIT team just yet; but I’m close. I just don’t see how they can possibly win an ACC road game this year. We certainly aren’t running the table at Comcast, so unless, we start fixing the problems, we won’t be dancing.

Before I go, I have two quick announcements:

1. The good folks at Inside The Shell Magazine (, asked that I help them with the launch of their new site by mentioning it on Turtle Soup. It looks like a great site and it should rival the infomation that you would find at the Terrapin Times. Please check it out. I’ve linked to Shell Mag in the “Friends” section of this site.

2. Long time readers may remember that on the old Turtle Soup site, I re-published what I termed, “The Anti-Duke Manifesto”. Well the original author is a UNC alum by the name of Brian Allen. Recently, Brian published a book of humorous musings entitled, Dukie V’s Season to Remember: A Hilarious Collection of Parody Columns From the 2006-07 College Basketball Season. The book can be viewed at the publisher site, Outskirt Express ( Brian is not a Terp fan, but shares our hatred for Duke. I wish him the best and if his manifesto is any indication, I’m sure the book is great.



  1. The good thing about that Inside the Shell magazine link was its link to this Terrapins Statistics website:

    Since 2000, MD is 9 – 11 against Dook in hoops and 7 – 9 against UNC in hoops. I wonder how those W/L records compare to other ACC team’s records against Dook and UNC since 2000.

    This year is going to be a tough one.

  2. Good post jeremy. No argument here.

    I believe we DO have players that can shoot/hit beyond the arc, unfortunately they are playing there yet and just need some time to develop. The question is whether or not they get it.

    One glaring observation is that our guards dribble to much. VCU can flat move the ball around the court without putting the ball on the floor. A few other teams we played this year,including Illinois, did the same thing. We lucked out on that game.

    Re Gist: His game is there but we can’t get the ball to him where/when he needs it.

    Did you see Hayes pass up the open shot in the lane to try to jam it between three defenders under the bucket.

    What the hell does this team see when they view these game highlights? Wouldn’t you think they would say things like, “what a stupid pass that was, or why didn’t I take the shot ad nauseum?

    When we can move ball around half court by passing, Hayes will get twice as many looks.

    We’re horrible guarding opponents off their dribble; they take us to the clearners.

    I still believe we could have won that game. Consider that Maybon had 2 pts first half and over 20 second half. Also, how do we stop players from having “career” games against us. Yes, Schuyler hit some big 3.s but he was virtually unguarded outside. We had 40 rebounds and 33 FT’s and lost.
    Go figure.

  3. Sorry about typo 2nd para last post.

    Meant to say, Unfortunately, they are NOT playing yet”

  4. Our boys forgot about a lot of stuff last night, like getting the ball inside. Our strength was inside, and we let their strength–outside shooting, and on the first step past the guards who guarded them–kill us. Meanwhile, I sure hope Gary hasn’t already decided that Vas will do most of the ball handling. I love the kid but he’s a 2. It was a little troubling to see the guard play deteriorate so badly when he was out. If this is the learning time of year, let’s get some more guys in there to give them a look. And I think Tucker’s three bad plays in a row when he came in shouldn’t disqualify him from playing time–to me, it’s all the more reason to give him MORE playing time. He needs it. And later this year, we’ll need him

    Gerry, don’t be concerned about your typos. You’re still learning, the staff likes what we see in you, and your typing will get better as the season progresses.

  5. Last night’s game was not a surprise. VCU is a solid team and the Terps are young (more on that later). But in the sixth season following consecutive final fours and The Title, this program is not where I expected it would be.
    Vasquez and Hayes are not Dixon and Blake. Not even close. Vasquez’s missed dunk (when he could have made a freaking layup) cause the terps to be down six instead of two. I’m tired of hearing how Kobe said nice things about Vasquez. All those sweet nothings will mean nothing when the ACC season starts. Gist should be a dominating force, but he reminds me of Terence Morris. Lots of potential among the freshman.
    I’m also tired about hearing how young we are. Coaches who are smart recruiters know how to manage classes and cycles. Do Roy Williams and Coach K use youth as an excuse? No, maybe they have a lean year on occassion, but they usual reload each year.
    In another thread, Jeremy was asking questions about Maryland losing top recruits. If you were an 18-year-old watching ESPN, would you want to play for Gary? Sure, he is a good coach, but the man never smiles. I don’t think he smiled in April 2002. He screams, he sweats. He has become a caricature on the sideline.
    Quite frankly, I don’t think he enjoys what he’s doing anymore. I hope he decides to go out in style in a year or two–he’s done too much for the Maryland program for it to happen any other way, but sometimes you have to bow out gracefully.

  6. I think we will get better. For us to be successful this season, our bench will have to grow up quickly. I’m sorry, I’m not sold on Vasquez yet. Yeah he plays with passion but right now he’s a non-shooting turnover waiting to happen. Neither he or Hayes is athletic enough to handle a lot of opposing backcourts in ACC. Of the two, Hayes is the one that needs to be the primary ballhandler. He needs to be more confident. We have a keeper in Dupree.

  7. Thankfully missed the game, but the box score looked ugly. When was the last time the terps won a game in the BB&T?

  8. Patient I may be, but that was a tough game to have to watch. My best hope for maintaining a reasonable blood pressure this year is to set my expectations to an up and down learning year, and hope that Gary gets these guys settled and maximizing their talent by midway through the ACC season. I still think we have the talent. What we are lacking is the poise!

  9. I agree with all the posts on Vazquez. Dribbles to much, makes bad passes and forces his shots. He is a 2.

    Hayes is a natural point and should be the primary ball handler.

    Osby continues to play and I think he is a limited big man.

    Of all the young one (and there are a lot), Tucker needs more PT because he can shoot and create on his own.

    I also agree with Gerry on Gist. The guards need to get him the ball in the right spots. That is not happening consistently enough. Another indication that Hayes should be the PG.

    Should be a long year, but not unexpected.

  10. Meant to say Osby continues to play well and he is a limited big man.

  11. Once again, I love Osby but he shouldn’t be the leading scorer in a game (Vas overtook him on free throws in the end). I don’t think Hayes or Vasquez are either a pure 1 or 2. Both have a huge quickness deficit. Their footspeed is too slow on both offense and defense. On offense it causes turnovers and on defense it causes open 3’s. Anyone else notice this? You have to give the freshman some more playing time now, even though it will be painful and they will make mistakes, the veterans aren’t getting it done and could use a little humbling on the bench as well as some time to observe the game from the sideline to study how they can be more effective. The turnovers HAVE TO stop! This is eight games into the season and they are back up to around 20. This is Gary’s responsibility to get his players ready and making better decisions with the ball. After 2 turnovers he needs to call a timeout and correct the situation right then and there, you can’t stack up so many unforced errors every game by halftime!

  12. In a post game interview GW said that the team practiced poorly after the Illinois win. Said he was worried coming into the VCU game because of the poor practices.

    You play how you practice, as they say.

    I agree with Jeremy. There will be ugly games like the VCU game and some not-so-pretty wins like the Illinois win.

    What we all need to hope for is that the team will get better as the season progresses. There’s a lot of basketball left to be played.


  13. I knew that Vaz playing with pros would cause head swelling. Poor Gist doesn’t see the ball inside so he goes outside to shoot. Give me a break. Gist should not get outscored by Osby at anything but hair length. What is GW doing. Should we go looking in Bmore for a bum coach…. You got to be at least 21 to understand that one.

  14. We don’t need another Bob Wade that is for sure.

    I’m just tired of not having the right players. Gary has to get talent back into uniform. Not having a shooter on this team is inexusable. There have to be hundreds of quality shooters available who are better than what we have. I just don’t understand how we can be in this situation. More than anything, our guard play has destroyed this team since 2003. Of all these freshman (many of whom are extremely talented), there isn’t one shooter. What?? How? Why?

  15. As has been mentioned on this thread and I have posted in the last thread, Vas can’t be our 1 guard. I really think it’s that simple. Once Hayes plays 1 and Vas plays 2, I think other things will fall into place. Also, did anyone else notice that rarely were Hayes and Vas in the backcourt together during the VCU press? I mean. if both those guys are supposed PG’s, the 2 of them together should be able to beat the press 99% of the time.

    I am really distraught with this loss. I didn’t think this would be an easy game, but this was a horrible loss. If Eli and the Giants didn’t pull of that win earlier in the night, I would have thrown my TV out the window after the Terps game.

    Gary better have some good pep talks and practices with this team. He also needs to sit Vasquez down and have a talk with him about there being no “I” in team. Gary has to get through to Vas and let him know that at the rate he’s plating at, he’ll be lucky to play in the Italian basketball league, let alone the NBA or international competition.

  16. 2 things to comment on.

    First, we should not play in the BB&T anymore. It is a no win situation for us. We play smaller schools who have skills and get up to play against an ACC team. If the Terps win, then they should have. If they lose, it’s a bad loss. Just donate money to the charity and get the hell out of that tournament until it changes.

    Second, Vasquez needs to channel Juan Dixon and ask for the keys to the Comcast Center. He needs to show up every night and shoot for hours. It’s that kind of dedication that he is lacking right now. He is not, nor will he be, an NBA player if he performs like he has been this season.

  17. Ok, missed the game, but read all the posts. The consensus is that Vas is a 2. I believe someone tossed out the idea of making Vas the 3; might that work? If we put Hayes at the 1 and Tucker at the 2, would that solve our foot speed and shooting problem? Does Cliff have a good jump shot? A frontline of Dupree, Gist and Vas with Boom, Burney, Neal and Milbourne coming off the bench, would that help us out? I haven’t seen enough of Tucker’s recent development because I missed the last two games, does he have 2 capability? What do you all think of Vas at 3? Does that idea have any merit, or am I reaching for a solution in my growing concern?

  18. GW tried to dismiss some of this after the loss. He said that no ACC teams employ full court presses, with Dook using some full court man pressure from time to time. Imagine this MD team heading to Camoron against even token full court pressure. That’s at least a 20 point loss, my friends.

    Maybe having Vasquez at the 3 would allow him bring the ball up against someone like Singler, but even players like Paulus or Nelson would eat Hayes and Vasquez up. Think about how pathetic that is for a second. Paulus is quicker than both Hayes and Vasquez. Jeremy is right…this team might not win a game on the road this year, especially in ACC play.

    Jeez…I never thought I’d miss DJ Strawberry’s ball handling or Mike Jones’s apathetic defense. At least Jones could move…he just really didn’t care to play D. I posted a couple of weeks back about Vasquez’s head (does he go the way of John Gilchrist?)…I got mocked by the Soupers for it…I still wonder where his head is.

    I wish a positive self-fulfilling prophecy from all of us could help this team, but I don’t think it will. Would Jeremy like to revise his prognostication for this season? Can Kazestradamus give us some hope here? Is there any magic in the moonlight out there?

  19. Wheels, is there any backcourt combo that can give us some lateral footwork speed? Bowie & Tucker? I shudder at the thought of two Frosh playing big minutes in our backcourt, but if Hayes and Vas are going to get sliced up by the ACC penetrators, might we have to go this route? This Mosley kid coming next year, is a he a 1 or 2? He’s a 4-star kid, correct?

  20. Sean Mosley is a SG.

    I read that in the recent Charm City Classic, Mosley scored 24 points in the first half on 9-10 from the field, which included 4-5 from behind the arc.

    For some reason he only took 4 shots in the entire 2nd half. His final stats were:

    Mosley’s totals for the night were 26 points on 10-14 from the field, 4-6 from behind the arc, 2-2 FTs, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals, a block, but 9 turnovers.

    Still, the outside shooting was a big positve. Supposedly, Mosley worked all summer to improve that part of his game.

  21. Most of you are calling for Hayes to be the 1 guard and Vas as 2 or 3. That’s a possibility but doubtful GW will play 3 guards

    Like you, we’ve had 8 games to watch Hayes and GV bring the ball up. Hayes can’t be the 1 guard.
    Here’s a dose of your own RX (medicine)
    Using your own comments, YOUR consensus is that Hayes can’t shoot off the dribble. When Hayes has played the point, he just dribbles and passes and HARDLY EVER takes a shot. Most of you said he’s got to get “good looks”. That ain’t gonna happen when he’s at point. Hey…..these are your comments….not mine.
    That leaves GV, he ALSO dribbles too much but he
    can slash to the hole then shoot or pass.Hayes can go to the hole too but it better be a big hole or he gets swallowed up. Yes, GV has other lilabilities but against a good pressing team he DOESN’T pick up his dribble and he DOES get the ball across court.
    The only other probable guards (to take a chance on) are Tucker and Bowie. Tucker would bring more offense from the 1 or 2 spot. Bowie is quicker but he, like other frosh, aren’t even looking to shoot the J or 3. No one needed to encourage MJ or DJ to shoot. Remember how we would cringe (last year) when Neal launched a shot? Hey, he’s a pretty good shooter. Wonder how that happened? GW has got to encourge our guards to shoot (and practice at it too. Practices DOES NOT make perfect. …….perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise, Gist, Dupree, Osby et al, will never see the ball, at the right time, in the right place.

    Now then, where do we differ?

    If GW is a great coach, then he will “get er done”.

  22. Wheels, my hero – The VCU game was ugly, but this is a young team. Even our “veteran” guards are only veteran when compared with absolute freshman newbies like Bowie and Tucker. If I’m disappointed with anything so far this year, it’s only that Vas and Eric have not been steadying influences, but just the opposite. I still believe they’ll settle down before the January fun starts. The whole key to this developing team will be guards to get the ball inside, since we are not what you’d call dead-eye-Dick’s out there. I’m thinking that maybe Gary is sticking with what’s he’s got in the backcourt, intead of giving more time to Bowie and Tucker to show some stuff back there, because Mosley is coming. Right now it’s learning time. And although Duke’s got some good looking new talent, I will never fear Paulus, who makes our guys look quick. Paulus was Powerless last year against our then-freshman guards, so why shouldn’t they handle him this year?

  23. Kaze fearing Paulus is silly but he will be better this year because he has a back up. He did not last year and got wore out by the end of the game. Duke puts a better smaller team on the floor this year. Those two kids that play the 3/4 are ballers for real. Hustle, defend, shoot, drive, rebound, the dang whole package. What makes them type of kids go to Duke and not the Terps. Dang depressing. I just want that type of tenacious shooting rebounding quiet kid with no off the court crap. Is Coach K that much a better salesman?

  24. Brother Al…if Coach K as much as walked into your double wide, you’d sign a letter of intent to go to Dook immediately. It’s not a question of sales, it’s a question of 2 decades of results, Am Ex commercials, Olympic Coaching, and ESPN/Dookie V all rolled into one. Throw in the academics, and it’s not even close. Coach K is American royalty.

    If Gary comes into your double wide, he probably wants a beer, checks out your collection of Playboys, and tells you to fuck off at random. That appeals to us because we’re more like Gary than Coach K, but we’ve all resigned ourselves to our lot in life. Dook, the entire institution, has a brand that allows auto pilot recruiting across the board, except for football, that MD will never have.

    MD doesn’t have that brand appeal, even with the athletic and academic success over the last 15 years. I think this is still the Curse of Len Bias…and the massive inferiority complex that everyone associated with the State of Maryland has. It’s part of who we are. To quote Kevin Nealon from SNL impersonating Michael Dukakis, we come from small swarthy people. That’s why Dook won’t admit that we are a rival…we are too beneath them.

  25. I’m with Kaze on this one. As disappointing as Hayes and Vas have been so far this season, and notwithstanding Gist’s Terrence Morris-like disappearing act in recent games, we need to remind ourselves this is still a green team. It is loaded with athleticism, though. We’ve all seen flashes of it. The shooting remains a concern. (Okay, the foot-speed of our starting backcourt is suspect, too.) But I can’t believe the crappy shooting reflects some kind of intrinsic limitation. A lot of it stems from poor shot selection, possibly because the newbies are still learning the flex dance steps. If the past is any guide, the progress of this GW-coached team will probably be gradual, and then sudden.

    In short, the season is young, and so is the team.

  26. Wheels, Duke is an Ivy League wannabe, and anyone who has spent time in the Ivies knows it. For the record, several of UM’s programs, schools, and departments are superior to their community college counterparts in Durham. No reason to feel inferior to Duke, only irritated at their smarmy smugness. This too shall pass. For those with long memory, recall Duke BB after Vic Bubas stepped down. A long dry spell before the arrival of Coach K.

  27. Frustrated fan I love the thought but US News has College Park 54th and number 8 in the ACC behind Duke UNC GT BC UVA WFU and Miami. Where can I find out what you are talking about to sling around the office? Wait who cares that much this is a sports blog.

    All I was getting at is there has to be something about the Tobacco Road that the Terps could market to make them better stop for some of the good kids you keep seeing thrown up by Diki V all the dang time. You got to want to hear that coming from College Park right? Like the BC football team had 12 or so grads playing working on masters. That sounds good to me. I love to hear athlete that is student first gives me chills. Especially when the kid is a freak. Calvin Johnson at GT was an incredible story. I worked with an intern who knew him and was amazed how hard he worked in class even when he knew he was done. I want that story to come out of CP once in a while. Nuff said.

  28. Man, after reading these posts I’m double-glad I missed the VCU fisaco……All this negativity…….Is anyone on an official suicide watch or is it just normal depression after losing in the BB&T (which seems to be the habit for the last 5 years or so).

    If we can sqeak by Morgan St (not a gimme these days), then we get another test against BC on Sunday. We win that, and the posititve energy will return. There will be a month of winable games till UNC.

    If we play like shit against BC, however, then I’ll join the doom and gloom crowd and start talking about Sean Mosely and Gus Gilchrist. In the meantime, I’m getting out my James Gist, Grevis Vazquez, Eric Hayes, et al. voodoo dolls and see if I can get them to pass the ball to the guy in a red shirt when covered and hit the jumpshot when open.

  29. I agree with Stevend, we’ve got to get the positive energy back up among ourselves. I for one don’t want to go on a “suicide-watch” for 2008 just yet. Let’s see, what have I been reading on the blog that’s more or less upbeat. How about the emergence of Dupree so far? He and Boom might give us quite a one-two punch at the center position. Boom seems to be playing with a lot of energy. Seems it works better coming off the bench. Starting Dupree, and giving him some quality minutes, might get him to emerge quicker than most of our bigs have historically done under Gary.
    Other positive thoughts, albeit with a caveat or two thrown in for good measure. Gist has all the tools (athleticism, shotblocking capability, above the rim game, etc) to dominate inside–assuming we can get him back to thinking like a 4 instead of a wannabe 2. I’d say no more looking for threes until he gets his inside game back in order. Vas is getting a dose of humble pie right now, this might help in the long run. He needs to remember what he is, the second coming of Manu Ginobli and not Chris Paul. Forget the freakin’ “I can hang w/Kobe Bryant” crap.That was summer time fun ball stuff, not the real deal.
    What else is positive we can focus on right now???

  30. Positive? The Emerald Bowl is only 24 days away?

  31. Al V: The US News and World rankings are a flawed indicator. Parents take them seriously; higher ed administrators generally spurn them even as they feel obliged to exploit their PR value for admissions purposes. But if you consult the faculty productivity indices (to give one for instance), published yearly by the Chronicle of Higher ED–a sort of trade assn rag for colleges and universities–UM outshines Duke in several areas, even, surprisingly, in the humanities. Not to discount the academic quality of Duke, for all its pretentiousness; but MD is pretty competitive in the scholarly arena. If College Park hasn’t yet become a public ivy, it soon will. That’s worth bragging about around the water cooler.

    Okay, enough of this. Back to BB. I’m still positive. There’s no reason to reach for the hemlock just yet. In Feb., perhaps, if the team is still trying to turn the corner.

  32. By the way, it was John Lovitz who played Michael Dukakis, not Kevin Nealon. Thanks for the reminder though. Dukakis after Dark was a classic skit.

    As for academic success at Maryland, I look to Johnny Rhodes. He fell asleep during an exam in my Introduction to the History of Dance class. Of course, it was the Monday after we had just lost to Michigan in tournament, but it happened nonetheless. Keith Booth was in the class too and he was a legit student. Went to every class and took notes, etc.

    Seriously, Obinna Ekezie was a double major in business and engineering. He graduated early too. He is the best of Gary’s bunch.

  33. Something positive to think about…..

    Last year, the Terps played no big games prior to the BB&T (which they last to ND). Then, they started the ACC season at 3-6. Then they realed off 7 straight ACC wins to get back to the dance.

    Two years ago, the Terps were 7-2 after the BB&T (which they lost to GW) and started the ACC schedule at 4-2 before melting down most of the rest of the way. They should have made the big dance, but did not. They ended the season with a loss in NIT first round.

    Three years ago, the Terps were 7-2 (including a win over #1 Memphis) after the BB&T (which they lost to GW) and started the ACC schedule with a win over FSU – then they melted into mmediocrity.

    Four years ago, the Terps were 4-2 after the BB&T (2 losses in the BBT to Gonzaga & WVU. They started the ACC season at 4-7 before realing off 5 straight wins to capture the ACC tourney championship.

    My point is that we are where we have been…so it’s too early for elation or desperation. In fact, the worst starts over the last four years were the times that the Terps actually hade their best finishes and made the big dance. The better starts over that time, the Terps imploded to the NIT.

    This team has the talent – we’ve been teased with flashes – but they are young. 3 things need to happen:
    1. GW needs to pick his PG. I prefer Vaz, but if it’s Hayes, that can work, too. That PG needs to get the ball up the court and set the offense – period. Asking more of a sophmore is too much. I don’t care if the PG never scores, but no turnovers.
    2. The shooters (Vaz, Hayes, Tucker, Gist, whover else) need to be spending hours and hours on shooting….no more of these missed open peremiter shots.
    3. They they need to feed Gist. To excel, this team still needs Gist to excel.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  34. Stevend, thanks for that perspective. The only thing I’d add is that it ain’t just Gist inside–the guards have to set the offense and get Boom and all them young ‘uns the ball. I remember a certain national championship team where the point guard made the occasional tri but the important thing he did was settle the team and distribute the ball. Of course, Stevie wasn’t the only guy on the team who could shoot from outside. That may be why GW’s stuck with Vas so long at the point. All will shake out by January.

  35. I’d add a fourth item to Stevend’s list: Dupree, Burney, and Bowie are going to have to mature quickly. We usually give our freshman the luxury of learning for a year or two before we expect a whole lot out of them. Can’t be the case this year. We’re going to need them to develop sooner rather than later.

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