Morgan State Comes To College Park To Decide State Title

During Gary’s first season, 1989, the Coppin State Eagles came to College Park and upset the Terrapins. Maryland hasn’t played Coppin since. That is how Gary rewards the “other” state schools in Maryland. Play us tough? See you in five years. Beat us? Have a good life.

Is tomorrow going to be Morgan State’s last appearance in College Park? If so, kill me now and end the torture. A loss and you can stick a fork in the season. Losing to a MEAC school is a scarlet letter that would make Hester Prynne shudder. You just aren’t going to the NCAAs with that mark on your record.

I’m not trying to denigrate Morgan State. They are a decent team but the fact that losing to them is plausible, makes my skin crawl. Maryland is teetering on the edge of mediocrity and an upset can’t be ruled out

This is not Juan Dixon’s Terrapins. Who are we kidding? This is not even Terrell Stokes’ Terrapins. We are a couple losses away from dipping into the (gulp) Chris Kerwin and Evers Burns territory.



  1. They do have guards… But come on you can’t give up this early. Look for the win tonight. They go 7 deep and are mostly guards so it will not be a blow out since good guards are the Terps bane. Just to make you nervous look at the sked and they almost got UConn and lost to UMBC. No easy sleep tonight. Final score 76-69 Terps.

  2. Jeremy…you hit the trifecta with that post: Hester Prynne, Chris Kerwin, and Evers Burns. Never before have you strung together a classic literature character and two mediocre Terp players. Well, done. Well done, indeed.

    On aother note, check out this link to a USA Today column on football coach salaries. Very interesting:

    I like to ask my students when I teach compensation: What behaviors are we rewarding?

  3. My prediction for tonite is a W, but Gary will be ejected half way through the second half after a Bob Knight-like moment where he throws Chuck Driesel across the floor.


    Our society rewards entertainers disproportionatly. (How else can we explain Britany Spears?).

    That said, a deficiency with the USA today college coaches analysis is that it only looks at the head coaches salary. Most (almost all) head coaches have to toil through the ranks as assistant coaches for years. They work long hours making a pittance of a salary and move up the ranks. Only the best of those are rewarded with the high salaries that come at the top of the profession. To be fair, an analysis should also consider those coaches and how many of them wash out before reaching the top. I’m sure that Professor Wheels does not miss that point when explaining the record to his students. :-)

  4. Wheels, all in a days work my friend.

  5. Not sure I get the literary allusion. Hester Prynne was an adulteress. I guess that’s one way to characterize the ball handling promiscuity in our backcourt. Don’t buy into the early panic either. I never thought I’d see the day when Jeremy would make Al V seem Candidean about our Terps.

  6. FF- I meant that a loss to a MEAC school would serve as a scarlet letter on our tournament resume–much like Hester Prynne wore the scarlett letter in the novel.

    I’m not trying to be doom and gloom. I’ve just accepted the fact that without a legit shooter, we are going to have to grind out every win and we will be losing games we should win.

  7. Morgan State lost by only 4 at both UConn and Miami. This will be a tight game. Hopefully, we’ll win.

  8. If we lose tonight, we might have to start a “suicide-watch.” With no legit shooting guard on the roster, it looks like we’ll have to make due with what we’ve got. Did we ever get any kind of consensus on our guard rotation? I think Eric makes the best 1 because he can pass the ball well and hit the occasional three. On the downside, he’s going to have trouble with the quicker PGs in the ACC. I’d put Vas at the 2 spot. On the upside, he can drive to the hoop and create scoring opportunities for himself and the bigs. On the downside, his outside shot and footspeed on defense are not going to help us any. I guess Bowie is first off the bench. Not sure if he goes in first for Vas or Eric. Probably doesn’t matter a whole lot. Fourth guard; who might that be? Tucker at the 2 position? Are we screwed in the backcourt, or is there any chance this mess might somehow straighten itself out by the time ACC play rolls around?
    Any chance Sean Moseley might graduate early and save our sorry ass from this predicament (just kidding)! If GW can makes this backcourt situation work for us, it might just be his finest moment since the championship season. Even better than last year’s seven wins in a row.

  9. Why I think our shooting problems might be temporary (from today’s Wash Post):

    SHOOTING WOES: The Terrapins are trying to bounce back from a loss to Virginia Commonwealth in which Maryland shot just 36.8 percent from the field, the lowest so far in a season that has been marked with shooting struggles. “Obviously we want to shoot it better,” Coach Gary Williams said. “There’s a lot of things that go into shooting besides just making the shot. It’s running good enough offense to get open shots, not turning the ball over, which we’ve been really guilty of, not having patience, all those things, we’re working on.” Freshman guard/forward Cliff Tucker has earned some playing time by showing his ability to shoot early on. “He’s doing a good job,” Williams said. “He’s shot it real well.” Tucker is shooting 15 for 20, or 75 percent, from the field this season.

  10. 8 turnovers in the first 10 minutes for MD, horrible.

  11. For those of you who can’t watch, Gary just kicked the “Pappa Johns” courtside sign after Vasquez just wasted a pass to Hayes by throwing it out of bounds. Looks like GW is at his wit’s end with GV.

  12. StevenD is wise………GW tossing his jacket onto the court and getting T’d up just as the half was ending………..

  13. Just picked up the score on a tracker, 36-29 at the half.

  14. LOL hey Stevend,
    nice call as Gary just got a T and threw the jacket. Good call, I just got back from the gym so I’ll read above to see how we did. I did hear Vasquez has 5 Turnovers himself… GREAT!

  15. here is something nice… Terps 9-15 from 3 pt land so far and Hayes is on fire. WOW Osbey just REJECTED some guy from morgan st.. HARD. That has to be top 10 espn moment.

  16. I see they won by what, 24 points or something like that. From those who were able to watch the game, what positives can be taken away from it?

  17. Much better ball movement in the 2nd half which lead to high percentage shots……….EH ran the point for most of the game and had a great shooting night……..Gist was very solid and Boom was out of his gord!!!!!!…our pressure wore them down and we were able to get the break going and get points off of turnovers…………..GV played well but not great, and must have gotten read the riot act at the half by GW…because his decision making in the 2nd half was much better…..

    We beat a team that we should have beaten…I don’t care by how much that to me is irrelevant………but we needed to get a W tonight….and we did……Let’s hope that our intensity is there when the boys from Chestnuthill come to College Park for our ACC season opener……

    Good Win………..GO TERPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I watched the game. The lst half was gut wrenching.
    We’d get up by 8 or 10 and let them back in.
    While we rebound very well, opponents guards just seem to waltz by our perimeter defenders. Maybe we let them in hoping Boom, Gist and others will
    trap them.
    We simply cannot let a MEAC team hang with us for a half. Our ball handling and passing seems anemic at times.

    On GV – for everybad play he’s involved in there are 2-3 which he really was the difference. In the open floor and on breakways he is great at penetrating and dishing off underneath. Actually had some terrific no-look passes. He got stuffed under bucket couple times…baaaadd.

    Hayes looked confident and steadt at the 1 tonight.
    Some of his three’s were like “silk”.

    Tucker played very well. Bowie still making bad decisions.

    Milbourne seems to improve every game.

    Our half court offense is “weak”. Not moving (passing) the ball around quick enough.

    Still really worried about ACC play.

  19. Hah! My vodoo dolls are not working right. True, the shooting improved, but GW picked the wrong object to throw across the court……Chuckie should be breathing a sigh of relief.

    Regarding GV, I’d like to add to Gerry’s comment, “for everybad play he’s involved in there are 2-3 which he really was the difference.” I think that’s true, and it gets to the psyche of really good players. This will take a moment to phrase (and it’s a sort-of esoteric) but please bear with me.

    I vaguely remember reading a Juan D. interview from his freshmen year. The questioner was asking about whether – as a frosh – it was appropriate for him to be taking so many shots in clutch situations (shots, btw, that he was frequently missing). Juan’s response was something like, “I want to be as good as Michael Jordon. Do you ever see MJ shying away from a clutch shot? To be as good as him, I must take every opportunity to prove that I am. Eventually, with practice, I will be successful.” He went on to say that he practices shooting five hours a day.

    I remember thinking about how brash the comment was, but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right. He became the Terps version of MJ in 2001 and 2002.

    Likewise, I think GV has very high expectations for himself – and the team. When he’s making a helter-skelter play and throws it away, he may actually be learning how harness the energy at the same time. Perhaps GW sees that side of GV’s game. So the TOs that come from going all out are ok….but the TOs that come from momentary let downs of concentration still drive him crazy.

    Does that make sense to anyone or am I totally whacked?

  20. Stevend–It makes perfect sense, which is why I’m not ready to give up on this team and book a one-way ticket to Kevorkian-friendly Oregon. Even GW’s chucking his coat on the court (as opposed to chucking Chuck) makes sense, because it seemed so calculated on Gary’s part, as though he’s learned how to incorporate his turbulence into his lesson plan. I didn’t see the game, but I gather Hayes was the 1 last night–and he still shot the lights out. Another good sign.

  21. Off the game topic, but always worth a view…..

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