The Boys Can Actually Shoot – Terps Blow Past Morgan State, 89-65

I missed the game. I work in online media and the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association had its annual party last. The Morgan State – Maryland game was a casualty. On the bright side, you will all be happy to know that Andrew Shue (Billy from Melrose Place) is alive and well. Apparently, he sells advertising for a couple of his Mom’s web sites. Randomly, he was there. He went to UVa, so it took much willpower for to not kick him in the nuts. He is also about 5’2″. Why am I telling you this? I have no idea.

No matter. Judging from the box score, the Terps had their best shooting night of the year. 50% from the field! Will miracles never cease? Even Vasques dropped in three treys during the game. Of course, it took the Terps 20 minutes and 13 first half turnovers to warm up; but at least they played one solid half.

Vasquez had a whopping 7 turnovers. I appreciate StevenD’s comment about Vasquez needing to make mistakes so he can get better. Maybe that is what is happening, but Greivis is going to be responible for more heart attacks than Vioxx. I love the swagger; but until he is able to consistently keep his turnovers under 4 per game, his nickname will be continue to be Nik Caner-Vasquez and not General Greivis.

The BC game on Sunday is so huge, it’s massive. Thank whoever it is that you like to thank in these situations (God, Jesus, Allah, Hare Krishna) that it is being played at Comcast. The Terps are still too young and mistake-prone to turn in a good performance on the road against a quality team and this is a game that we need desperately.

With the early season troubles, it’s clear that we will need at least a .500 record in conference to merit tournament consideration. That means losing home games is not an option. If we can win on Sunday and also scrounge out a victory on the road against Charlotte, and we will be back on track.



  1. I wrote yesterday that it would be a tight game. I forgot to add…for the first 25 minutes. Still too many turnovers and defensive breakdowns on the press. The move of Hayes to the 1 slot and Vas to the 2 paid great dividends. Vas finally looked like himself and Hayes was more assertive. It was a major relief to see some 3’s finally dropping, especially from Vas. However, I can’t believe BC will give us nearly as many open looks.

    I can’t figure out why the ACC keeps making us play BC in early December every year when the teams are still working out the kinks. It is coming right around final exams time, also, and it’s not like there isn’t time in early January to play the game.

  2. samster- every ACC team plays a december conference game now. not sure why, but they all do. BC is our matchup

  3. Well Morgan State did play alot of zone according to what I read about the game. But improvement is improvement LOL

    We scored 80 points for the first time all season.

    GW FINALLY had Eric Hayes at point guard instead of Vasquez. I personally think that Hayes should be our PG and Vasquez our SG and not the other way around as it has been in the previous games this season. Although this didn’t cut down on turnovers (18 for the game/7 by Vasquez).

    Vasquez scores better “off” the ball. Hayes is a better shooter, but he has to be wide open when he gets the ball.

    Hayes had a career high 19 pts, and Vasques had a double double with 17 points and 11 assists, and James Gist had 18 points and 8 rebounds.

    The two things I’m really excited about is that the team had 23 assists and Landon Milbourne. It’s a FACT that with GW’s offense, when we move the ball around and get 20+ assists in a game we have an EXCELLENT chance of winning. In the 3 games we’ve lost this season we didn’t have more than 16 assist in any of those games.

    As for Milbourne, in 21 minutes he had 11 pts, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals. He was getting it done defensively. Let’s hope this leads to increased confidence.

    I hope I get the game against BC on Sunday here in Tennessee.

    Go Terps!

  4. “samster- every ACC team plays a december conference game now. not sure why, but they all do. BC is our matchup”

    That’s only halfway true and the other games are later in the month. The first ACC games for the other member schools are as follows:
    Dec. 23 — Va Tech at Wake Forest
    Dec. 30 — Florida State at Georgia Tech
    Jan. 6 — UNC at Clemson
    Jan. 12 — NC State at UNC
    Jan. 12 — Georgia Tech at Miami
    Jan. 13 — UVA at Duke
    We will play our second ACC game Jan. 12 at Va Tech.

    I really like what Diamondback Russ wrote. I had forgotten that Milbourne looked better.

  5. Ok, do we have consensus now, Hayes at the 1 spot and the General at the 2? Do you think Gary sees it this way now? Also, did someone say Tucker was shooting well? Might he be part of the backcourt rotation once we hit ACC play? And Milbourne, does Landon have game now? ACC calibler play for the 3 spot?

  6. Milbourne’s game reminds me a bit of Byron Mouton. Maybe we can count on him for 10- 15 pts and 7 rebounds every game come January. His defense is coming around.
    Looking at BC roster, they have an incredible 8 freshman on a roster of 11. The only starters from last year are Tyreese Rice, who always gives us fits, and John Oates (or is it Oafs?). The guards are Rice and 3 freshman, their forwards are Oafs and 3 freshman.
    Bottom line, this is a very winnable game especially at home. I will be there screaming them on.

  7. Stevend -From previous post and for those who could not watch the game.

    Quick comment re Vas – There was a point in the game after his 4 or 5th TO that he threw a real stupid pass that got picked off.

    Vas got tripped up and fell to the floor and you could see the agony on his face and in his actions.
    He knew it was a bad pass. It seemed as though that one play was a defining moment for him and he didn’t have another TO thereafter.

    Re Hayes- Yes he did well at the 1 spot but all his 3’s were a result of assists from Vas and 1 other player. Point is that he either does not or cannot
    shoot long range when he is controlling the ball.
    Many times he had great looks but didn’t take the shot. Those times seemed to come after he had taken a few shots and his actions seemed to portray the following thought …” I have already taken a few shots and maybe I ought to cool it”

    In fact he has to launch the shots. I like the post about Juan taking and missing shots. Right on.

  8. Well, Hayes is no JJ, but remember that was the knock on Redick for his first 2.5-3 years, that he couldnt’ create his own shot. Maybe this is just part of his growth process. He’ll never be as great a shooter as JJ, but he needs to work on things the way JJ did so that by his senior year, we’ll have two killer guards that can shoot, dish, and create.

  9. What’s up with Osby? His board work is solid, but he’s handling passes as though he had forgotten to wash the transmission fluid off his hands.

  10. We’re coming up on half time and it’s a see saw battle at best with BC leading by 3:00 at the 4.30 mark.

    All but 2 of our pts have come inside. That’s good in a sense.

    However, we just can’t make a shot from outside.

    We have yet to go to the FT line.

    Half time now, Md down by 3 and lucky to be there.

    The last 4 years we had an outstanding 3 pt shooter
    in MJ who rarely was given the “green light” to shoot and now we have Hayes who just won’t shoot.

    I sound my warning again about Hayes as our PG.
    He’s took 1 shot in the 1st half off a feed from GV for a miss. We can’t have a PG who shoots 1 shot in a half. Our opponents PG is averaging 21 and most of the others we played in the high teems or low 20’s. Yes, Hayes had about 4 rebounds and did some other good things but as a team we had two…..that’s 2 pts from outside and no three’s.

    We will get killed in ACC play with those stats.

    Osby was huge at times but he was thrown 3 passes that he either couldn’t handle or wasn’t ready to get the pass. When he scores it’s often unexpected but so are those TO’s.

    If we win this game (doubtful) it will be one of those we should have lost but won.

    Again we have “open looks” outside but whoever has the ball won’t shoot.GV is 0-5 outside but managed about 8 pts at the half.

    Damn it…Bc is not that good but they’ve had our number for the past 3 years.

    Terps need to hit some 3’s and 2’s from outside in the 2nd half or it’s going to be a (L).

  11. Those who predicted this will be a long season are beginning to look prophetic. The BC game was hard to watch. I had to turn off the last couple of minutes. So much for the power of positive thinking.

    One positive was the defense. It might save the Terp bacon yet, but that may be more wishful thinking. Unless MD develops a reliable 3 point threat, I fear this season will end up burnt to a crisp.

  12. I don’t know whether to be discouraged or encouraged. I’m leaning toward discouraged right now. I saw some good things out there, but the bottom line is this: they are 0-1 in the ACC having lost on their home court. The comeback was nice, but I’m not really into looking for “moral victories.” This team needs to learn how to win against decent competition, especially on their homecourt–bottom line.

  13. One more thing, Vas has got to grow up. If he doesn’t learn to control his emotions better, I predict he will cost us another game or two during the ACC regular season. The kid has a lot of talent, but he is his own worst enemy, On a positive note, Tucker and Milbourne looked pretty good out there tonight.

  14. Frustrated Fan – You missed a torrid last few minutes _ So sorry you tuned out your team.

    Jeremy began his last post (without be able to view that Morgan State game) with “these boys can shoot”.That really was a “misplaced prophecy”.

    I said earlier we don’t have anyone that can shoot from outside. I apologize. Our guys knocked down 5 or 6 three’s under the two minute mark.

    We CAN get Hayes open for 3’s.
    Gist Can hit the 3.
    Tucker Can hit the 3

    Every game I have watched this year we begin by trying to pound the ball inside and we have had mixed results.

    Every game so far we (predictably) don’t shoot outside AND the defense knows we are going inside and adjusts.

    Every good, solid team takes the outside J to loosen things up.

    BC had fresmend coming of THEIR bench with “green lights” to launch 3’s or whatever.

    Remember, we took one outside J in the entire 1st half.

    The Terps are far better than they are playiing. I don’t fault GW for pounding the ball inside ….we have proven we can do that. Now it’s time to diversify and give the green light to those who have shown they can “do it”.

    Re GV- Another defining moment. I don’t throw that term out there randomly. A real defining moment is “something that shakes up your value system, so much so, that you won’t be the same again”.

    I really believe GV is “getting the message” and we will see a differerent player from here on out.

    BC “stuffed” a lot of our shots under the bucket tonight. Most of those stuffed shots were ill advised . We got to learn to back out and (get this)
    do a “fade away J”

    So, we lost one we should have won. We ARE going to win some we should have lost.

    Our guys ARE maturing. Watch out.

  15. I saw a little of the 1st half and all the 2nd. One thing I can say is that the effort is there and they did not give up.

    Milborne played with lots of energy and kept coming back although that one dude blocked like 5 of his shots. His defense also seems to have picked up.

    Hayes had a good 2nd half. He was in control and does not force things. He needs to stay at the 1.

    Tucker also played well. He is probably the only one of the team that can really create on his own.

    Gist had a strong game.

    Osby seems to get a lot of shots blocks. His arms must be short for such a tall guy.

    What worries me is the BC is just as young as we are with the exception of Rice. RIce was the difference in the game and Vaz fouling out was the turning point.

    Overall, I was pretty happy. A home conference loss is tough, but I think they played pretty well.

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