Gilchrist Loses One Year of Eligibility

The Washington Post is reporting that Augustus Gilchrist (I love the name Augustus by the way) has lost a year of eligibility because he reneged on his commitment to Va Tech and chose Maryland instead. The biggest negative is that he won’t be eligible to play until January 2009 and will miss the first half of next season. It is more bad news, but this is the standard penalty so I cannot imagine that anyone involved was surprised by the ruling.

Move along. In other news, the basketball team still sucks right now.



  1. Damn that sucks. You’d think the NCAA would give the kid a break. I mean the NCAA must read the newspapers, there was a mass murder at Va Tech and that led to the kid having second thoughts about going there.

    It’s not the worst thing in the world though. I just means that instead of being on the court in November while we play cupcakes and get beat in the BB&T Classic he’ll be on the court for the meat of the ACC schedule.

    I hope he can at least practice with his teamates.

  2. I saw this in the WP, too. It’s a crap ruling that punishes a kid for being freaked out that 30 plus students were murdered at VT after he signed a LOI. I can’t believe that MD won’t appeal this on that ground and on the fact that the kid spent this year at a prep school. On a more positive note, maybe this keeps Augie-Gus-Augustus a year longer at MD!

  3. This is really messed up. It’s time to lawyer up.

  4. Unfortunately, he will lose the year of eligibility. He’ll be a sophomore next year no matter what.

  5. Sorry, is he eligible to play this Spring?

  6. He will be eligible to play in Jan. 2009

  7. Ughhhh……dagger.

  8. That must really bum out his agent…I mean personal trainer.

  9. Jeremy’s last words in his post, “the basketball team sucks right now.” Can this be turned around by maybe Feb? I mean, we all acknowledge there is some decent talent on the roster; and we all acknowledge they have made some strides correcting at least some their deficiences. Could the “whole become greater than the sum of the parts” later on this season?

  10. to johnE: unfortunately i don’t see the team making a major shift from where they are right now. the problem isn’t something like shooting that confidence and a turn of luck can change. we can’t rebound and we turn it over way too much. this stuff doesn’t tend to just go away over night. it’s gonna be a loooong season.

  11. not that we’re shooting well either. i’m just saying the problem on offense is too deep to just go away.

  12. P = F(A x M)

    Performance is a function of ability times motivation. I’m not too good at math, but I do know that if either ability or motivation equals zero, performance will equal zero. So long as ability and motivation are positive, you’re in the game.

    With a team sport you have to multiply all of those individual performance equations by the number of people playing at that time on the team. If any player’s performance equals zero, team performance will be zero.

    This could all be theoretical, but it explains how easily team performance can break down. All it takes is one player to blow an assignment and everything goes to hell.

    I don’t think that this MD team suffers from a lack of motivation. They mostly play hard if not too hard on each possession. I think the ability component is lacking. Again, this could all be theory, and maybe John Nash or Game Theory advocates would disagree; but we’ve all noticed that this team’s collective abilities are not yet developed.

    The A is lacking. It’s a long season. Maybe the A will come out more as the season progresses.

  13. Wheels, I like your formula. I think we could all noodle around with it a bit; it might help with the gloom that has settled over the Soup. The “A” for ability, they may have more ability than we are giving them credtit for right now because 1) we’re all disappointed with the early season results, and 2) the 2 & 3 spots, as well as the rotation, has been so unsetteled. If these areas get, we may begin to see the “A” assert itself. Just a thought at this point.

  14. Shouldn’t learning curve be a variable? That is, the length of time it takes new players to learn GW’s slam-dancing flex offense?

  15. I keep hearing people implying that the old-school flex offense is a big part of the problem. Personally, I’m not well-enough versed on basketball offensive strategies to know if this truly is an issue, or something that people just like to whine about and use as an excuse. Any thoughts? All I know is that in our game against BC, the commentators stated that BC also uses a version of the flex offense and they don’t seem to be having problems (nor have they for the past several years).

  16. I’ve heard it poses a recruiting problem–this from a former MD BB player.

  17. With any offense you have to have the “right” players for that offense.

    I keep reading that the Flex Offense is difficult to learn and that has kept some of the top HS players from coming to or considering Maryland. Almost makes you wonder how many top HS programs are using the Flex, and why we are not recruiting their best players since they’re already familiar with the offense and could hit the Comcast court running. Gus Gilchirst is the only recent recruit that I’ve noticed saying that his HS used the flex and he already is comfortable with his role in the offense.

    Back in the ancient late 1970’s my HS team ran a motion offense with five players constantly moving and screening for each other. This style is contrary to most pattern offenses, like the Flex, that do not have all five players in motion at any one time.

    The problem with most pattern offenses is that the offense must react to the defenses presented by the opponent. My HS’s motion offense gave us the opportunity to attack all types of defense; consequently, the defense must react to our offense, not the other way around. Your players have to be in great shape and have a deep bench to run this though.

    Takes a lot of concentration by the players to execute a motion offense though. All players work to help their teammate get a good shot. Lots of screens are set, so it’s essential to have a roster of very good shooters and player with “good feet”.

    Whoever has the ball has to watch the screener and the player coming off the screen to determine where the best pass opportunity is. If one player stops moving it screws up your spacing and allows your opponent a better chance to defend you. Once you passed the ball to another player, you had to be on the move. Oh and too much dribbling and you were running laps in practice (my first year I ran a lot of laps). As I recall, we were only to be dribbling if we were driving to the basket, improving our passing angle to a teammate, or avoiding the 5 second rule.

    It’s difficult to scout this offense because there is no set “pattern” so to speak.

    There is an ACC team that runs this kind of offense. I won’t mention their name but it rhymes with Puke. And they recruit good shooters and good passers.

  18. This is a year to be a fan and support the team no matter what. It may be a sub 500 year it may not, but when it hits the fan we need to be there like good alums. Think about some of the teams in the top 10 until last year WSU had not been in the NCAA’s for 22 years. I remember when I was 10 watching the Terps at Cole making a blood pack with my buddy that if the Terps ever get to the final four we will go no matter how old or broke we are. I had to wait many decades for that event but it happened and more. This will be a rebuilding year, but two years from now when were back on the national stage again it will be a distant memory. GO TERPS

  19. Food for thought:

  20. Here it is you most hated prognosticator. I see the next two years getting uglier. I see Vaz having academics issue since his speaking commercial sounds more like Sam Cassel than English. I do see GW walking away and putting the program in shambles. This was my bad dream last night and boy do I hope it was a fruitless dream because that would suck. I had hope for a NCAA bid at the beginning now I am hoping that the NIT is still an option. What happened since day one. Joe Lunardi even had the Terps as an 8 seed. When did the turdball start rolling down hill.

  21. Duke has offered a scholarship to a 2009 Terp “target”.

  22. Something positive…Shaun Hill is completeing 78% of his passes through two games for the 49ers…Peter King even made mention of it in today’s article, saying no one’s ever heard of Shaun Hill…

    We have :)

  23. Losing to Ohio, the team does suck right now. There’s no other way to parse it.

    I heard on ESPN (I think) about a pep-talk that Bill Belichek gave before a super-bowl. He showed a tape of a horse race and told the players to bet on who they thought would win. After 25% of the race he stopped and gave everyone a chance to re-place their bet. He did the same thing at the half-way point and after 3/4ths. Then, he made the point that even now, no one knows who will win. The same thing holds for any sport. You gotta keep playing hard and good things can happen.

    Can the Terps keep playing hard after so much disappointment? And will good things happen? I hope so because I’m emotionally invested. So I’ll keep wathing and looking for signs of improvement. Maybe Gist will get hit by a lightning bolt and gain some mental toughness to score 30 a game (which is what it will take) and GV will learn to play within himself from here on out. Maybe Burney & Dupree get the chance to prove themselves and they exceed expectations. Maybe Hayes will learn to shoot off the dribble. Lots of little things could still go right.

  24. Dear Al Vinchent:

    “It’s always darkest before the dawn”

    Stevend- Lots of things happen during the BB season. A McCray can happen, someone gets a season ending injury, someone quits or transfers, unanticipate opportunities open up, a player (s) respond like none of us ever dreamed of etc.

    Anyone that is looking at the NIT ought to go get their tickets now. We are not out of it. I watch NC play the 1st half against Rutgers last night. I wasn’t that impressed.

    Just like the outfielder that drops the ball to let in the tying run in a important series, GV (or others) can, get the winning hit (s) in the next two innings, so to speak.

    Judging from some of the comments (not yours) on this blog, it would be interesting indeed to see how those that post on this site, face non-basketball related issues.

    Perhaps that’s over the line but interesting nonetheless.

    As far as this season goes, I’m “all in”.

  25. Gerry:

    Um, how do I say this? Wow. The line between fan and functional human being is often the size of the Grand Canyon. The indiscriminant shrapnel scattered at “some” unnamed posters is a bit harsh. I would venture to guess that almost everyone who posts on this site has earned at least an undergraduate degree and holds some sort of professional job, which probably means that most of us respond to life’s real events in very normal and predictable ways.

    For better, finer tuned psychoanalytic analyses of Soupers, I would recommend Rorschach, Polygraph, Graphology, or Phrenology tests. Some might argue that these tests represent pseudo-science, but I have a feeling they are more accurate that blog entry analysis.

    Besides, some unnamed poster on the Soup could analyze the content of your posts. I use a pseudonym on this site, but I don’t have a beard. Am I hiding halfway? Why the mixed signals? I wonder how Freud would analyze me? People are just disappointed and venting. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing to see here. Move along. Winning will solve all of this and then you have full license to chastise all of who jumped off the bandwagon.

  26. Once again, Al Vampire reappears to spread dread through the kingdom. I can picture you, Al, sleeping all day in your native soil and appearing outside my window at night like a bat. You shouldn’t root for UM. You should root for Transylvania. As for Greivis, he’ll be just fine, and he will cut down the nets at the ACC Tournament in 2009. The other youngsters will be fine, too. Why shouldn’t they be? They have what it takes to win in sports, which is talent and desire. Have you seen them give up in any game? Once? Not once. The last group of Terps had some talent but boy did they ever toss in the towel sometimes. Not these guys, six of whom, 12 games ago, were playing high school ball. Greivis and Hayes, they’re our “veteran” guards, but they’re sophomores and we’ve handed them a bunch of freshmen to lead. They’ve never had to be the leaders before. It takes time to learn how to lead and it takes time for any team as young as this one to learn how to play together. This is no mystery. You’ve seen it a thousand times. So why the flapping of leathery wings, Al?

  27. Al Vinchent is the only man living in reality

  28. No one has given up entirely on them for 2008 yet, but we are very frustrated. I think that is ok and does not show some psychological flaw in us posters. I think what it does show is that we are true fans and we want to root for a winner. If you notice, most of us who have been venting have also been trying to supply constructive criticism to go along with our vents. I think that is healthy too. I for one would love to see our Terps really turn it around this season. If that happens great! If it doesn’t, as long as they keep improving and working their butts off each game, I’ll take a measure of satisfaction in that and look forward to next season. I’m with Kaze, I see them cutting down the nets in 2009. This year is going to be a bit rough and at times painful, but we and the Terps will get it through it. Go Terps!

  29. JohnE ande Kaze comments in stark contrast to those Epi and Wheels.

    Kaze on Al Vampire really hit the mark. I have said in previous posts that Al is probably once of the good (Bats) but a bat nonetheless. It doesn’t take much for him to prognosticate on the terps fortunes or mis-fortunes.

    I fully realize there are intellligent “beings” on the Soup and it was not my intent to criticize any persons comments, except maybe Al Vampire.

    We just have to avoid becoming “proctologist’s” A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Nothing can change that, not even a missed shot or a refs bad call.

    By the way, my wife really gets a kick out of “all” your comments.

    Let’s continue to have fun (as we have) and prepare for the coming euphoria.

    Happy Holidays or better still Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and holy holiday season to all.

    Go Terps

  30. Bah! Humbug! If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

  31. God bless us every one!

  32. I wonder what freud would say about that?

  33. Gerry well the dawn better hurry the hell up because it is pretty dark right now. Vaz is slow. The Freshmen are just that. Not like Duke’s or any other over expectation Freshman. Is the Rat really that much better a coach? Is he really a better judge of talent than How in the heck does he get everything out of those kids who pale in comparison to the Terps kids athletically. And yes that was a double play on words if you missed it. And you have not seen the towel thrown in by the entire team but there have been players who have given up. Gist has done it three or four times. Vaz has thrown up more bricks than anyone and put the team under his foot and not on his back like he thinks. It is a team game that takes 5 on the floor and 3 off the bench to be great. They have to work together and that is not happening. 6-5 is not where this team should be. Other teams with the same type of kids are playing better right now. No excuse for this start. Blame starts at GW and stays there. He has thrown in the towel and is not doing these kids or this program justice right now. And any blind ass bat outside your window could see that.

  34. Al V,

    Gist has never given up! The kid is 110% hustle even if he does not have 100% confidence in his offensive skill.

    Take that back or prove it.

  35. UCLA 3-11 3 reb fouled out
    VCU 3-11 8 Reb
    Ohio 4-6 6 reb fouled out

    When Gist does not have the ball a bunch he gets lazy and gets frustrated and fouls and is ineffective and out played by lesser opponents. GV has done nothing but show how much worse a summer with pros can make a big headed freshman turn into a sloppy sophomore. Stevend watch a game and you will see if Gist does not get the ball the head slouches and loose balls are further away and unless it is a fast break he is not as interested unless GV is out because he is a black hole. I do not blame him since I have played that position and know how bad it sucks to be the big man and do all the dirty work and not see the rock. But he wants to be at the next level and those guys have 4 black holes per team and he will have to work harder to get shots. Only Shaq could demand the ball and now he is even too old and slow for that. So you have to get it yourself and he does not show that persistence. Proof enough?

  36. As a concerned fan, I have to speak up because while some of us get it, others don’t recognize the basic problem that faces the program — and the problem is GW. He has three issues: he can’t recruit, he can’t teach and he can’t coach. The single worst coaching job in the history of NCAA basketball was the Duke game where we gave up 10 with :60 to go. The players didn’t lost that game, the refs didn’t hand over the game, GW lost that game. All he had to do was throw the damn ball 3/4 court and even if Duke got the ball it would take 10-20 seconds to get back down, set up a play and score– do that twice and the game is essentially over. But noooo — and I’ll never get over that debacle.

    Well, GW won a national championship, didn’t he? Yeah, but the criteria for greatness is consistancy, and that he has not produced.

    Let’s face facts, nobody likes Ratface, but would you trade him even up for GW? damn right and anyone who says no is living in a dream world.

    We will never get back to the top or even near it under GW; it’s time to recognize that fact and stop wasting our time trying to track down phantom reasons for why we don’t play a better brand of basketball. The reason is sweating right before us on the sideline

  37. Epi Vus – I hate to load up the site with text, but I feel I need to introduce you to Maryland’s basketball coach. Here are a few paragraphs from his entry in Wikipedia:

    “Williams was announced as head coach of Maryland on June 13, 1989. The basketball program and the Maryland athletic program as a whole was still reeling from the aftershock of the 1986 death of Maryland basketball star Len Bias. Williams coached the 1989-90 squad to a respectable 18-13 record and an NIT berth. However, the following year saw the beginning of NCAA-imposed sanctions on the school for actions committed under previous coach Bob Wade. Maryland received a three-year postseason ban and a television ban, punishments that hampered the rebuilding process. With the help of highly regarded local standout Walt Williams, Maryland stayed competitive through a low-point of the program.”

    “Williams coached the Terrapins to increasing success through out the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2002, Williams led the Terrapins to the NCAA National Championship, defeating Indiana 64-52. He became the first coach to direct his alma mater to a national title since Norm Sloan accomplished the feat with North Carolina State in 1974.”

    “As of March 2007, Coach Williams is the 8th winningest active coach in the country and the 3rd winningest coach all-time in the ACC. In his 29 years as a Head Coach, Williams has amassed an overall record of 585-328 (.640) and 377-200 (.653) at Maryland. Williams’ Maryland teams have performed exceptionally well at Cole Field House and Comcast Center. Under his direction, the Terps are 226-49 (.823) at home including a 125-2 (.984) mark against non-conference foes. Between 1989 and 2003, Williams and Maryland won 87 consecutive non-conference home games.”

    “Coach Williams has an overall NCAA tournament record of 27-14 (.659, ninth among active coaches), 23-11 at his alma mater. Williams has coached Maryland to twelve NCAA tournament appearances, including a streak of eleven consecutive appearances (1994-2004), as well as three post season NIT appearances, allowing Maryland to own the longest current consecutive streak of postseason appearances in the ACC (Wake Forest, the previous record holder, failed to qualify for the postseason in 2006-07.) Additionally, Williams has sixty-five wins over top-25 ranked opponents, 14 wins over top-10 ranked opponents, two ACC regular season titles (one outright), an ACC tournament title, seven Sweet Sixteens, two Elite Eights, two Final Fours, and a national championship.”

    Keep your Ratfaced Man. I’d prefer a guy who played at Maryland, brought its program back from near-extinction, and has given us more thrilling times than most college basketball fans ever get to enjoy. And a guy who bleeds our colors. If you don’t understand, you don’t understand.

  38. Mr. Kaze;

    No doubt a respectable past — but I’m afraid I do understand and what I understand is that in any job, we all have to perform up to standards, all of the time.

    I hope he can bring the program back, but, but but….

    Anyway, I’ll check back in two more seasons to see how you feel

  39. Al V. & other GW scorners. It’s usually this time of the year that “all” the bats come out of the cave and go after GW.

    No the Rat isn’t a better recruiter. However, here’s what he does have going for him in Puke’ville.

    All the great recruiter’s, recruit to an environment. The Rat has an environment that ANY college basketball player would be thrilled to be included.
    The Duke “crazies” and Cameron is one hell of a
    basketball venue. Fans and students will shack up outside for days to get tickets. Cameron would be filled to the rafters if Puke was playing Anchorage U.

    Md, on the other hand is in the throes of fan apathy. We have a beautiful venue in Comcast but too many empty seats. Alsolutely unheard of on Tobacco Rd.

    That’s it. It’s not as much about coaching as it is
    “environment”. An electric environment is intimidating and right now we can’t even intimidate a mid-major.

    Kaze – Superb job of “putting it on the line”.

    GW’s the coach. Get used to it.

    Game, Set. Match

  40. Last comment on the subject —

    Gerry — The Rat doesn’t “have” an environment, he “created” the environment.

    But, can’t blame GW for that; where we play just can’t recreate a Cameron like atmosphere

  41. One can not create an environment before one “sells” the environment………for the sake of argument, I believe that no one can deny this point…….. I love GW………and he IS MD BBall to me……..he loves this school and this program so much that I’m convinced he would get T’s up for having a heart attack during a game…….I will never believe that his passion and intensity is waning…and I still have the faith…….

    GO TERPS!!!!!!!!

  42. There is no doubt that Gary Williams is the best coach MD basketball history and maybe even MD Athletics history. Maybe Lefty could recruit better, but he certainly couldn’t coach better. Lefty could have won, but he didn’t. In the end, the results are the results.

    I think Gary’d have to be considered one of the Top 10 coaches in ACC basketball history, too. Wins, win percentage, ACC regular season championships, ACC Tournament champion, and a National Title. The results are the results. I think he’s an asshole and is his own worst enemy, that he should have done more than he has. But the results are the results. How can anyone argue otherwise? The evidence…the on the court evidence… is overwhelming.

    The real question is has Gary started the slow inexorable slide downhill? It happens to everyone except John Wooden. It’s happening to Coach K right now, too.


    With the disappointment so far this year, I went back and watched the 2002 MD vs Duke game at Cole. I was at that game and what a game it was.

    Steve Blake was highly undervalued by the national media. He dominated Jason Williams that game. Chris Wilcox broke out and showed what a stud he was (too bad he didn’t stay 1 more year). Juan Dixon did his usual. Byron Mouton was a great 4 … could shoot the mid range jumper and played with heart. LB was a load in the post. Then, you had Holden, Nicholas, Randle off the bench.

    That’s a lot of talent. The thing I noticed more than anything is that the team had a high basketball IQ and that started with Blake who really knew how to run a team. This year’s team just doesn’t have that kind of point guard. Hayes has some potential, but I think he’s a little too slow and a little unconfident. A point that gets the ball to the right players at the right places builds the confidence of everyone around him. Granted, guys have to knock down shots and if you recall the 2002 championship team often had 4,5,6 guys scoring double figures.

    Anyway, was fun to watch again.

  44. Al V,

    Fouling out is no proof at all of “giving up.” That’s a horrible thing to say and is totally unjustified. You are a douchbag.

  45. Mr. Wheels;

    You make the point about GW and that results are results — and I agree with you.

    For the record, over the past 5 years beginning with the ’03-’04 season and through the last game this year, our record against ACC teams during the regular season is 39-40; it’s a losing record. (I may be off very slightly in my math, but it’s very close) We were 1-4 against Miami during this period and 4-4 against Clemson (oddly enough, 5-4 against Duke during the same period).

    I don’t mean to belittle GW but once again as you say, results are results, and he hasn’t been an outstanding ACC coach over the past few years.

  46. Comparing GW with Coach K or Roy Williams is a joke. GW had a nice run. Some coaches can maintain that high-level for their careers. Others make it to the top and that’s it. Only one direction. Downhill. That’s where we have been since 2002. Every player has been his recruit. He has coached every game. In the college game, the buck stops at the top.
    Yes, we have some great memories. I hope a future memory is GW stepping down before he becomes an embarrassment.

  47. G-H-K – I guess you’re right. He’s about to become an embarrassment. It was all the way back in the spring of 2007 when, with a bunch of kids who looked like a demoralized team, and all us Soupers talking NIT, he won his last seven regular season ACC games in a row, including home and away wins against Duke, and got a pretty decent NCAA seed. But he did lose in the second round. So you must be right. He’s really teeter-tottering.

  48. G-H-K …..Promise us…… you are as good at apologizing to the Soupers as you are at pissing us off.

  49. Stevend no fouling out is not giving up you are right. But to foul out 30 feet from the basket with not a single play in sight then maybe. Moping up and down the court and showing frustration when you post up and one of the guards pats the damn ball then launches an off balance three, then maybe. Try watching a game and the players other than the shooter and you might learn something. These are kids who need motivation and instruction but GW is a loud mouth sweaty foul mouthed abuser with only negative motivation. He has gotten worse. The 2002 team was a team of above average kids who knew that it took a team. Since then he has recruited and bunch of on paper studs who only cared about themselves. I think they need to either fire the recruiting advisor or GW. Simple. Stevend you are not even close to a douche you are butt phlegm.

  50. AL V, brotha, how can you of all people possibly, I mean even for a millisecond, get on someone else (GW in this case) for being “negative”? I don’t think I have seen you string together two positive sentences since I started reading/posting to this board!

    You have the nuts to tell StevenD to watch a game to demonstrate, ostensibly, that Gary has gotten more abusive and foul-mouthed over time. Friend, get yourself a stool and watch some games from the early 2000’s and compare his demeanor then to now and tell me that again.

    Your complaints about the teams performance are entirely supportable, but don’t just bust in to a room with a blindfold on and start swinging…

  51. Al the Vampire’s diatribes are as legendary as they are lugubrious, distasteful and certainly without merit.

    They coined a phrase especially for Little Al and that is “consider the source”. His basketball IQ is
    below the radar.

    My personal conclusion, having read his posts for the last 2 years is that he probably likes basketball, maybe even played a little but at the play ground he was the last one picked, if at all.

    He probably watched more basketball than he ever played so, knowing little about the game he swings his energy into “playing coach”. Neither of the two is he very good at doing.

    This may seem harsh but it certainly does not rise to the level of his ill conceived, mis-directed and self-incriminating diatribes.

    “When you throw dirt (AL V) you lose ground”

    Go Terps and GW.

  52. So many Gary apologists, so little time. We’ll see how the season goes. I hope you are right, but I doubt it. That was a nice run at the end of last year, but again, they had their backs against the wall. What has their record been since 2002? How many tournaments have they missed? How many weeks have they been ranked vs. unranked? The program is now mediocre. One seven game streak doesn’t prove otherwise. GW has had a great run. I just happen to think it’s time for him to give way to someone who is hungry, who is willing to recruit and doesn’t continually lose the area’s best prospects, and who, for crying out loud, will smile. Winning two games against Duke doesn’t make up for the losses to Clemson & Miami & FSU & VT & VCU & Manhattan & Ohio U at home.

  53. So guys, have we dissected the GW stay or go stuff enough already? He’s a Maryland institution and not going anywhere until he decides to go–end of story. Anything else on the subject, pro or con, is just a bunch of wasted typing. Now, if you want to talk about a successor, if and when GW decides to pack it in, who is the most likely new head coach? Chuckie? Can the Chuckster recruit and coach like his old man? Well at least the recruit part I think is something we’d all like to see. Is that a TBD or do we have any read on it yet? I mean, what the heck is Chuck doing there if he’s not in line for the throne?

  54. OK — you want to know who the next coach should be — (should, not necessarily will be) and of course timing is everything — Bob McKillop from Davidson, if he would take the job.

  55. Good to see Pitt take Puke out tonight. Close game though. I thought Puke might win it with a little help from their buddies the referees.

    Back to analyzing Terp hoops for a moment. This guy on the Turtle Waxing Blog seems pretty insightful. What do you guys think? We ought to get him posting on Soup. Anyone know him?

  56. I posted a link to Esq.’s blog about a week ago following the BC debacle……..been reading his blog as well as the soup for some time now….I think both are great, and I had a thought a while ago that perhaps Esq, is a poster on the soup……….?????

    Oh and to the previous post. GW isn’t going anywhere, nor should he……but by 2013..look to Mark Few (GW’s close bud), check in on Dave Dickerson (post Katrina) Tulane and…….a certain fellow named Juan Dixon as an assistant under any of these two combos……to take the reigns years down the road……

  57. Terrapin Times is reporting that Bobby Maze, a 6-3 combo guard from Hutchinson Community College (KS) made a verbal commitment to the Terps on an unofficial visit to Maryland on Thursday.

    He’s a local kid who went to Suitland High School and was considering Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, St. John’s, Virginia Tech, and South Florida.

    His former AAU coach had this to say:

    “Bobby fills a great need for Maryland. He gives them a guard who can create his own offense, and a guy who can get shots for others. I see Maryland going with a bunch of three-guard sets, and Bobby can play either the point guard or wing guard slots. He can create from either position, ” said Jackson. “And he is the type of athlete who can make their press more effective. He is capable of locking down an opponent defensively. “Bobby will be an impact player from day one. With Bobby and Augustus (Gilchrist) coming in, I think things are going to turn around in College Park real soon.”

  58. JohnE – We “all” could take a page (or line or 2) from the Turtle Waxing guy, especially the doom and gloomers of GW who post here.

    We’ve probably got GW for 3-5 years max or the next National Championship, whichever comes first and IT SHOULD.

    The Ass’t Coaches are all pretty good and they can
    “rope” the recruits but GW is the guy that brings them in. Give the guy some credit.

    Let’s put all the negatives to bed. The next 3 years, beginning with this one, is going to be a great ride.
    Hold on to your seats or go get one.

    Re Outside Scoring Threat…or lack thereof. The staff is aware of it, the players are aware of it, the opposition is aware of it and given that situation our bigs have done well to contribute as they have.
    Get some respect outside and watch the bigs improve including our rebounding and shot blocking.

    Haven’t heard one comment (praise) about Terps being #3 in ACC in blocked shots and #10 nationally. Not bad for a team struggling to assemble its chemistry.

    Go Terps and go away doom and gloomers.

  59. It takes more than blocks to make for a great defense. Unfortunately, this team is very young and raw, and will finish near the bottom of the ACC with Wake Forest and Georgia Tech, who were also great programs only a few years ago. If you are not ESPN/CBS royalty like Puke or Carolina, your ACC success is in cycles. Making the NIT would be a huge accomplishment for us. But the recruits we are getting are making me hopeful for next year.

    People need to realize the national championship was something of a fluke, in that none of the guys on that team were heralded recruits. They just happened to develop magnificently, especially Dixon and Baxter. Blake was one of the greatest assist machines in NCAA history. It’s good to be positive for the future, but I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat expecting a national title to happen again. What happened in ’02 was utterly amazing. I would be happy if we could just have an athletic, entertaining team that played with good basketball IQ.

  60. Right on Samster. Finally, someone sane.

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