Halftime Observations

We suck.

There’s your observation. Now I can’t watch this game (thank goodness), but I’m following it on the GameTracker. It seems like it’s pretty much self explanatory as far as the numbers go. Let’s take a look, why don’t we:

We are losing to American 25-20 at the half. Just unbelieveable.

We are shooting 21%, that’s 5 of 24 from the field. But we are 3 of 10 from three point range, so that means we are 2 of 14 from inside of the arc. 2 of 14.

We are being outrebounded 23-18 and AU has 6 offensive boards.

After having just 1 turnover in the first 12 minutes, we now have 6.

Vazquez only took 4 shots. Hayes took 4. Gist took 3 and has 2 fouls.

Folks, I don’t understand this team. Our defense has been good all year, but this offense is so unbelievably bad. I mean reeeeeeeealy bad. Horrible.

I just can’t wait for the 2nd half! (Insert Sarcasm here)



  1. 2nd haf underway and we are heading further south.

    Thank God this is not ACC play.

    Do any of our outside shooters get to practice early and stay late to work on ……shooting skills.

    This is beyond bad but hey…..it’s our team and they have to get “through” this just as we do.

  2. 48-31- Terps down by 9.

    Osby 1 pt . Gist 3 pts 4 fouls .

    It’s not ability deficiency on this team. It must be “mental”.

    Haven’t we all been there?

    I know many of you want to do a AL V-like diatribe.
    Resist it.

    “This too shall pass”

  3. last time we lost to american in b-ball??? the famed 1926-7 season.

  4. Gist, Wooden Award nominee, scores 3 pts against AU and fouls out. Glad GW has developed him so well for the last four years.

  5. This team makes the Bob Wade era look great. What a bunch of dumb ass losers

  6. Let’s go Gary apologists. Talk it up. Ohio and American at home. Back-to-back.

  7. GHK and Mke[ It’s not about individual performance.
    We may be witnessing a “hierarchial realignment”. And, GV make take over. Think about it everyone. Gv’s on court behavior/attitude/peformance is “shaky’ in places but he’s nailing his leadership shingle up.

    Our bigs don’t have much space to operate down low but repeat performance (and earlier in the game too) by GV and Hayes will grease the skids for them.

    All is not lost….yet.

    This game is easy to analyze. We open as usual trying to jam the ball down low. We’re not hitting outside. This team (currently) has no confidence in themselves.

    Oooops once guy has got the big “C” and that GV.
    C’mon GV bashers. He had 6-8 from 3pt land. This guy doesn’t know quit.

    That could become infectious.

  8. What’s the over under on 10 wins? Can anyone see 4 more wins based on this effort. Gary said he’s sick and tired of teams comming to Comcast with more intensity then the Terps. That’s all effort and atitude. Two things the Terps are missing and no player is willing to show. I thought Wake was going to be the last place team?

  9. This team is dead to me. They have ceased to exist. We’ll talk again in the fall…Please god let the Skins make the playoffs, the Terp football tam win the Nut bowl, and the Caps to fight for the 8th seed. I don’t know what I’ll do if there’s NO sports excitement in this area…(don’t bother bringing up the ‘zards…I can’t stand pro ball).

  10. Mike – You said ” no player (s) is willing to show ( effort and attitude). Jury is still out on GV but he sure as hell is putting in both effort and attitude. There are others on the floor that are trying to contribute as well.

    I don’t know what’s worse…..listening (reading) what BS some of you guys toss out or watching the terps play in their current mode. Both need
    “a check-up from the neck-up”.

    Brian….see you next fall. Please don’t come crawling back when Terps get more respectable.

  11. trust me gist sucks and so does this team Gary recruits the 11th overall acc class on a year he brings in 6 players, now we all have to watch Maryland bball fall to the depths of american basketball. some of the kids in the crc can dunk on gist right now he is playing so weak!

  12. Over/Under for ACC wins is 2.

  13. Vas played great in the second half, and I will leave it at that. Hopefully the guys can come back next week and beat Delaware. I have been a fan for 32 years and won’t stop now. The Terps are like family, and you support your family when they are down in the gutter. Okay, things are really bad this year. But they could still pull some surprising upsets that will be exciting to watch. I have seen GW do some amazine turn-around jobs. There is always hope.

  14. Ok, we suck. We all realize that now. But we’re Terp fans through and through. Maybe we’ll have to focus on development for next year for the rest of the season. I don’t know much about Gilchrist, Mosley, Maze and the other names mentioned above; are they players or not?

  15. mosely is a scorer and gilchrist is a huge defensive presence according to scout.com. I see them on the sideline at every game and they are always into the games and talking eager about playing. Hopefully they come up big for us next year, I do not know anything about maze but he looks like allen iverson and its scary! I really wish we could have landed jennings he looks so good and a huge post scorer we could use that.

  16. Hey G that was GW words on effort when JH interviewed him after the game Maybe you should call into radio show and blast him.

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