Fridge Rehires Franklin

Yeah, I know this is mostly a hoops page, but we have a big game on Friday and things are looking up for the football program after the Fridge finally hired an Offensive Coordinator. Oh, and apparently he can recruit too.

Here’s the Baltimore Sun story:

James Franklin, a former Maryland assistant, is returning to the school as offensive coordinator.Franklin, who was the Terps’ wide receivers coach from 2000 to 2004, has spent the past two seasons as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Kansas State.

“James Franklin is definitely the person who fits what I have been looking for,” coach Ralph Friedgen said in a statement. “His knowledge of our program, his experience as a coordinator and his ability to recruit definitely strengthen us as a coaching staff and football program.”

Franklin was named one of the nation’s top 25 recruiters by Now he’s no Locksley, so he may not be able to keep guys from going to Illinois, but things should get better on many fronts. First, it allows the Fridge to worry about the entire team and not have too much on his plate by being OC as well, and it will give our offense a fresh look, while not changing a lot of the system since he was here for so long before.

I don’t know about you, but with the horrors surrounding the hoop team right now, I’m pretty excited to watch the Emerald Bowl on Friday. It should be a good, close game and I’m intrigued to watch the Terps play a team I really have never seen much before.



  1. Go gridiron Terps! An Emerald Bowl win would be a lift to all our spirits! We need our minds off hoops for awhile anyways!

  2. Glad to have coach Franklin back. Perhaps this will help keep some of the top DC talent from going to Illinois.

    The Emerald Bowl is after the game against Delaware. So hopefully we’ll all be in a good mood at kick-off and at the end of the football game.

    It’d be great to get two wins on Friday.

    Damn…a few weeks ago we’d have all put the game against Delaware in the “W” column. How things have changed LOL

  3. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a Happy New Year everyone! Go Terps!

  4. Well, I’m actually watching the game, and must say that sice the Blue Hen’s leading scorer went out, MD had looked like the Terps we expected to see all season. So far, so good, but a long way to go. I hope these kids are finally getting it.

    Oh and the ESPN fan voting had MD losing the Emerald Bowl today by 85% of the voters. Let’s show these fools why OSU should Fear the Turtle!

  5. We need to get a little more aggressive with our play calling or OS is going to eat our lunch. The way they are running through our defense, Fridge should have gone for it on the 4 and 2 on our +/- 32. Instead we punt and they return in it to the 38. Three plays later they are in the f&(#ing end zone. Being as this is the last game of the year, I rather see us play loose and loose big then clench our proverbial butt cheeks and loose by 7.

  6. Nice drive, shitty decision to throw short of the sticks (again), shanked kick…. thank God it is raining or I would be forced to walk up to my roof and jump off.

    Since the start of the 2nd quarter they are crushing us on runs and screens. Throw the God damn ball down the field!!!!

  7. Joe Gibbs must be back calling the plays because this is NOT the same play calling we saw against NC State.

  8. There must be something up with the balls they’re using in this game. Neither QB can throw it worth a damn, and no player seems to be able to hold onto it with all the fumbles…

    This game is horrendous, on a horrendous field. The NCAA should be embarassed.

  9. Agreed on the facilities and the ball seeming to be buttered. That was a bullshit delay of game call on Turner, how the F*&# is the kid supposed to know when there is no play clock.

  10. Ahhhh!!!! Make a tackle for Christ’s sake

  11. Not that it matters, but that was a bullshit spot

  12. Kudos to our defense. I know it looks bad with two 100 yard rushers, but they were put out there way too often from the 2nd quarter on. Anyone would have tired. The offense did not do its job. Thank goodness we’ll have a new OC next year. The play calling was horrendous after the 1st quarter. Just because Lee-Odai can’t catch anything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw over the middle again. Those were two good plays that could have been big yardage.

    Also, the bonehead roughing the punter in the 1st quarter was a big play. We might have had a better outcome had we gone up 21-7.

    Give the kids credit on a good season considering all they had to deal with. I feel good with Turner at QB next year with Portis coming in to make some plays as well.

  13. That was one ugly football game, don’t think you’ll see the Fridge lobbying to play in that bowl game again. I do think they should be decent next year if they stay healthy. And I hope there’s more speed in the backfield next year, Lattimore & Ball were good between the tackles but rarely seemed to break one to the outside. At least the B-ball team decided to show up tonite.

  14. Considering all of the injuries to key positions, this team deserves a lot of credit for not packing it in. I don’t like to use injuries as an excuse but a lot of their issues this season stemmed totally from overly conservative play calling, not just poor execution.

    This might be the worst bowl game I’ve ever seen, but these kids (especially the defense) definitely fought hard, despite the time of posession deficit (still don’t know how we held the ball for almost 27 minutes…it seemed like the offense never had the ball). They have nothing to be ashamed of, because the coaching staff obviously didn’t prepare them for OSU. They had a WR run the ball 44 times this year, yet MD couldn’t pick up on it once??? We didn’t do anything offensively since the first quarter as we didn’t keep their defense off balance with misdirections, options, misdirectons, quick slants, etc. The creativity just wasn’t there. This loss definitely doesn’t fall on the players.

  15. There seems to be a lot of players questioning the play calling in the game after the first quarter…that’s not a good sign, and could show that the Fridge lost the trust of his players, lowering morale…

    Ok, so I’m basing this on two quotes, but I’m quite certain those are representative of the team. Our new OC better be more inventive and have that killer instinct to keep after the other team and not give them an opportunity to get back in it, like the Terps of 2001-2003.

  16. Really an example of being completely outcoached. Fridge needs an OC badly. He had his head buried in his play sheets the whole game and couldn’t throw out any kind of variation in the straight ahead running game. With Latimore and Ball you only gain like 9 total yards? That’s criminal. Why didn’t we run that reverse end around to Hayward-Bey or try to pitch the ball out just once? Or exploit their defensive line penetration by throwing a short screen over them (not behind the line of scrimmage). Or even copy the same play they were running, the sweep? It was maddening to watch over and over again. Granted there were a few dropped balls and the idiotic roughing the punter (what could he possibly have been thinking, it was like 5 seconds after the guy kicked the ball?!?), but this game was very winnable. The Terps have to figure out a way to not give up that touchdown or two within the last minute or two of the first half, those big plays killed us this year if you think about almost every one of our losses. Hopefully the OC helps, Turner seems OK and if Heyward-Bey and Henderson stay we should be better next year.

  17. Interesting. Maryland wins a B-Ball game, Vasquez plays well (7-11 shooting including 3-6 beyond the arc, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, unfortunately 4 turnovers 18 points) and he gets no love here?

    Really good team defense looking at the stats we held Delaware to less than 30% shooting from the field.

    Finally the team ran the offense, shot almost 50% from the field AND shot 78% from the line.

    Nice to see Milbourne respond well coming off the bench, once again he scores in double figures. And great to see Gist get off with 18 pts and 10 boards.

    When good things are happening lets comment on it instead of just pounding these kids when they’re down.

    Granted it was Delaware, but after losses to AU and Ohio I’ll take a win over Sacred Heart.


  18. I was at the Emerald Bowl and I can tell you in addition to the defense being on the field too long there was an additional issue that I am not sure was noticeable from the TV. Anytime our defense had to make a substitution our lineman would have to run 50-60 yards down the field because of the teams being on the same side of the field. It was very tough for our guys to get any push in the fourth quarter because they were so winded by time they dropped down into a three point stance. Tough loss but I thoroughly enjoyed being with my fellow Terps in SF.

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