Maryland – UNC Thread

There is not much chance for a win today, but I will never say never (even though I did in my last post). In order to be competitive; the Terps need own the glass and record 8-10 blocks. Greivis needs to play under control and limit his turnovers to less than four. The Terps also need to hit 6 or more threes and Gist must score 25+ points.

I’m hoping for a sweep today. A Terps win and an Obama win. Don’t ask me which one I want more.

I added in the chat feature for today’s game, so if you want to rant with your fellow Soupers, click the button and get to it.



  1. Wow, Obama? Do I really need a politician to give me “hope”. Give me a break.

    I don’t think the Terps have a chance either.

  2. So many things need to go right for them to win. I just hope they play hard and don’t come all soft. I think we’re all getting sick of seeing that.

  3. Roger that, PT.

    I think that playing well today may be even more important than winning.

    That said, Go Terps!!!

  4. You just lost all your credibility with one political interjection. Good luck to you in the future, but remember half your fellow Terp fans are from the other party. Focus on sports.

  5. I’m stunned. The Terps are playing well, especially on the defensive end. And Milbourne and Walker, too. The taste of one’s own word aren’t half bad. But a lot of BB yet to play.

  6. Agree.Let’s keep the politics out. Apology in order.

    7:47 to got lst half.

    Looking good.

    Possibilities abound.

  7. We are looking ok right now. 5 TO’s aren’t good right now but they are playing pretty solid D.

  8. Mike,

    What does my support of Obama matter to you? It’s my site. I write what I want. I care not who you support. Why should you care what I do?

    If you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you.

  9. Jeremy..;;you’re wrong.

    It’s my ball and you are going home right.

    Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing. It’s what’s happening on the court at Chapel Hill.

    Once again,,,,”the it’s my site” is but another
    comment that you (Jeremy) would do well to apologize.

    More on that later


  10. So far as good a half as I’ve seen from the Terps in a long time. Maybe there have been better this season, but my Slingbox keeps going down.

    As for the politics, yeah, it’s your site, but the thing that brings people back here is MD Hoops. Talk of politics can only serve to take away from that. When you share fan loyalty, it’s generally understood that it’s far better to mix drinks than politics. I’m speaking as someone who presumably shares your party affiliation.

  11. If you’re going to call it a University of Maryland team site than keep to sports. Nobody gives a s*** what you think politically. It may be your site, but without the great Terp fans that support it you would be posting to yourself. You are a very smart and faithful alum and I would hate to see this site go to political banter. Sports are pure and were all on the same side here. Thanks for your Terp opinions.

  12. Jesus people, I’m not an Obama supporter but leave him alone. It IS his site, and if you don’t like him writing about his opinions, then leave. We’re all here for basketball so why let his political belief affect that? Just because he wrote it? If he said he wanted a Caps win tonight alongside a Terp victory, would you bitch that he shouldnt’ be bringing hockey into a basketball blog?

    No apologies needed Jeremy. You like who you like, and we ALL love the Terps! Let’s bring home a win!!!

  13. Only a half but so far so good…
    Gist and Osby playing like men obsessed, Gary has devised a game plan to keep Lawson from killing us so far, Tucker looks great, Bowie and Milbourne good and Hayes, Walker and Neal off the bench to contribute. N C Vasquez about normal, alternating with brilliance and turnovers (at least 5 by my count).
    Keep the faith that at least the Terps will win.

  14. Jeremy.

    We just witnessed what we have been looking for from this team.

    That, my friend, is what this site is all about.

    Quite frankly, I was mildly shocked when I read your post because for the last 3 years I have been impressed by your commentary, posts et al,

    Please take (our) comments in the spirit they are intended.

    You really need to sleep on this before you come back at us.

    Terps. They are doing what many of us agreed they needed to do.

    1. No one needs a license to shoot.
    2. everyone contributes even from unlikely sources.
    Neal’s bucket was huge.
    3. Outplay NC. We are doing it and if we can keep it up it’s a historic win.

    NC actually looks shocked.

    They may not be as athletic as our team
    Go Terps

  15. Brian… you too need to take a closer look at other comments.

    This site is not indispensible.

  16. Now that’s what I call a good half of hoops! It’s about time. We can put to rest the hope that they would play hard. That they are must surely doing. It’s excellent to see. Some observations from the first half.

    1. The energy is the big factor right now. They’ve been very aggressive on both ends. It’s been a controlled aggression for the most part on offense. Lavin mentioned that mid way through the half.

    2. The whole team is sharing the load. Again, Lavin mentioned the need for unexpected contributions and we’ve certainly gotten that. A bucket each from Walker and Neal.

    3. Defense on Hansbourough has been very solid. Not sure if he likes getting banged and leaned on as much as Osby and company are doing to him so far. Nice to see him get a little dose of his own medicine. I think the refs missed a very obvious offensive foul on UNC’s first possession.

    4. All of the sudden it looks like they know how to run the flex more efficiently.

    Let’s hope they keep up the energy and game plan. Keep your heads Terps!

  17. How bout for now we focus on the game?

  18. I would be shocked if UNC doesn’t come back stronger in the second half and pull it out like they’ve done on the road against Clemson and GT.

    But we’ll always have the first half, where the guys played great. Vas is making his usual bonehead plays (picking up his dribble 40 feet out from the basket, stupid shots, crazy passes) but the other guys are picking up the slack. Osby and Gist are carrying the team. Neal picked up a charge on Hansbrough and got a putback basket which was key.

    We really shocked the crap out of them! Their fans booed them off the court, shocking Musberger.

  19. Damn, four minutes in and we have a double digit lead and Lawson is on the bench with 3 fouls.

  20. I’m choking on my dire prediction of a Terp meltdown and never believed those words could taste so good going down. This is the kind of MD BB we’ve become accustomed to. God, I hope they can sustain it over the remaining 15 minutes.

  21. Carolina’a run was to be expected. Hopefully, the Terps can display some poise. GV’s drive was a good idea. Too bad neither he nor Gist could convert.

  22. Good ACC game. Terp’s have played a great game. Looks like they made GV slow down bringing the ball up and going for the quick entry pass. He’s seemed more under control. As just a sophomore he’s bound to make mistakes.

    Hope we pull this one out. The team really deserves it.

  23. 1.7 sec left. Man, my heart is beating. Go Terps!

  24. HOLY SHIT!!! What a win!!!

  25. Whoever called the MD victory on this blog deserves a gold medal. Unfrigging believable. GW definitely has it go on. But, damn, I sure hope he steps up the recruiting.

  26. Yes! Looks like our BBIQ just shot up.

  27. BTW – no need to apologize for supporting Obama. If ANYONE supports shrillary, however, I will consider you a dook fan.

  28. I was glad to see Boom get that go-ahead bucket because just before that he had a couple of Boo-Boo plays .

    No wonder he fell to the floor at the win.

    GV is our PG. He IS getting alot better.

    All you GW doubters and nay-sayers need to recognize that Coach W is not a Coach K-Rat.
    In Gary we got a good’un.

    Great win. The Soup is a great “sport” site and the best Md site. Let’s keep it that way.

  29. Real Quickie.

    Was that an “ESPN Instant Classic” or what?


  30. Definitely an Instant Classic.
    Now if Clemson can win at dook, that would be special. Not looking good so far, though.

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