Bob Lipper – A-Hole Extraordinaire


There is nothing like a tirade from an ignorant Virginian to rouse me out of hibernation. Bob Lipper, who is apparently a professional sports journalist, wrote a grimy piece of yellow journalism for the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the Tyree Evans affair.

In his “article”, he trashes Gary Williams and the program that he built at Maryland. Lipper suggests that Tyree Evans is better off now that he withdrew from Maryland. That may be true, but Lipper’s rationale is nothing but a poor attempt at character assasination.

After you’ve read the article, I encourage you to read my email to Mr Lipper (below):

Bob, how dare you write such drivel about a coach who will be in the Basketball Hall of Fame! Did you interview any of Coach Williams’ former players for this story? Wouldn’t that have been a balanced way to write an article? Couldn’t they provide insights into how Williams is as a mentor?

Williams has been at Maryland for 19 years yet somehow Maryland is a “burbling stew”? I suppose Evans would be better suited to go to UVA where the coaching carousel has not stopped turning since Terry Holland left in 1989. Sure, the Terps have missed the NCAAs a few times in recent years; but Williams runs one of the best programs in the country.

Leaving Williams’ on-court achievements aside; your article disgraces Williams’ honorable track record of taking in players with troubled backgrounds.

He took in Juan Dixon—an orphan who’s heroin-addicted parents died of AIDS. Dixon completed his senior season 6 credit hours short of graduation. He is too busy earning millions in the NBA to worry about completing his degree right now. Williams also recruited a player by the name of Johnny Rhodes. Rhodes grew up on the hard scrabble streets of Southeast DC where he got shot in a drive-by while still in high school. Johnny Rhodes graduated. Williams recruited a player by the name of DJ Strawberry– a kid whose high profile father, Darryl Strawberry, spent much of DJ’s childhood in and out of rehab. DJ left Maryland in good academic standing and is currently making millions playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Those are three examples that I came up with in about 10 minutes of research on the Internet.

Not only does Gary Williams know how to turn young basketball players into NBA-caliber talent; he also knows how to turn them into men. Your claim that Williams did not graduate a player from 1997 – 2000 is completely misleading. Many of those players actually earned degrees after the six-year period that you use as a standard. Most Maryland players turn pro after their days in College Park come to an end, either in the NBA, the NBDL, or overseas. Earning a degree often takes a back seat to earning seven-figure salaries. Did you even check to see how many players earned degrees after this arbitrary “six-year period”? Of course not.

During Gary’s tenure, every single Maryland basketball player except for one (Chris McCray) was able to maintain academic eligibility during their college career. Gary Williams is not responsible for ensuring that his players graduate. His responsibility is to make sure that they reach their senior season on track to earn a degree. No senior Terp can take the floor unless they have completed enough credit hours to be a senior in academic standing. If they fail to graduate that is not Gary Williams’ fault or responsibility.

Just because you dislike the University of Maryland (perhaps because we consistently beat up on Virginia schools); it doesn’t give you the right to pen this libelous garbage. For shame!

Gary is not perfect. We all know this. But, running his name through the gutter because you have an axe to grind is disgraceful. I encourage you all to let Mr. Lipper know how you feel about his opinions.

He can be reached at (804) 649-6555 or


  1. Nicely done Jer. I think you even got the jerk to go in and change his column to add ‘within six years’ on the graduating issue because that’s what the article now says.

  2. Jeremy:

    I thought that this guy was also pretty tough on Evans, too. The real problem with this guy’s take is that he drew too many over generalizations, but he also regurgitated many of the same points about the waywardness of the program that even you and Gregg have made.

    Are you just taking the whole “it’s okay to talk bad if you’re in the MD family” approach here? I thought you scored well when refuting his points rather than comparing MD to other ACC schools.

    To be honest, I think many of us were relieved when Evans backed out. It’s not like too many here were championing his arrival. In fact, there was much dismay about a perceived “deal with devil” that Evans’s signing conveyed.

    At least your new thread gives us something else to chew on…I got a bit tired of the pissing contest that ate up 30 posts on the last thread.

  3. 8 D.J. Strawberry SG 22 6-5 204 Maryland $427,163

    Not to bust balls but DJ is not making millions. Also if you get over the text the message is a true one. GW is not a good fit for a volatile kid. You have to be strong like Dixon and Rhodes to succeed. They were not troubled kids just kids from a troubled background. Now just read the message GW is not a good fit for a bad kid and yes three convictions is a bad kid get over it. Plea bargains aside I would not let him in my house for the weekend so I say bad kid. Big deal that is not the issue. The issue is we need a three point shooter and there is still not one. The academics and GW sweating is just a rant. The Terps need a shooter so hopefully something pops up like a SAT score.

  4. Wheels- I guess i just took exception with his argument that Williams and Maryland are somehow “unfit” for a troubled kid. Any school would be hard-pressed to prove that a thrice-charged 23-year old is perfect for the program. The article just turned into a Maryland and Gary Williams suck-fest. That has no place in a newspaper column. Blogs are different. This guy is a professional journalist who turned his platform into a soap box to spout off like an angry fan.

    Al V- Good point on Rhodes and Dixon. As I said, there aren’t too many schools willing to bring this kid in without reservations. I just think Lipper is way off in saying that Maryland’s program is an academic joke.

  5. Words like that are just hater words. All school have trouble keeping good athletes in school. But GW has had some rough years of good kids who lost their dang mind. NKM, McCray, Garrison, and Jones all walking away with a semester left and the other issues they had. GW had some really great kids and hit a run of good kids on paper who turned into dirt bags by my opinion.

  6. Jeremy – Great email to “blipper’

    Hey is that supposed to be “Extraordinaire”?
    Also, last para should read “llibelous garbage” not garage.

    If I were writing with your passion on this subject I would have probably made some of the errors too.

    Well done.

  7. ooops that was libelous…..accidentally stuck in two l’s.

    To err is human to forgive is devine.

  8. Jeremy – look up the difference between a columnist and a journalist. This guy’s job is to engender emotion and drag eyeballs to the website he works for. I would say he succeeded quite well

    cough :divine: cough

  9. One thing I have learned from living in Raleigh is these smaller cities have writers that are really biased. In the DC market you get articles slamming the local schools and some praising them. In areas like Raleigh and Richmond, it’s all about the local schools.

    Duke, UNC and State can almost do no wrong down here. I’m not sure why the rest of us are in the ACC.

    You have to consider the source. There is a reason he writes for such a small paper. Not to mention the fact that in ten years you will have to explain to kids what newspapers were.

  10. Thanks Jerry. I was a bit hasty. Although, if there is such a thing as a “libelous garage”; it is where Lipper parks his car.

  11. I must admit, though, that no one gets as fired up as Mr. Gold. When you get fired up, my friend, I can roast smores from several hundred miles away! It must be your time Chicago…you bring a gun to a knife fight!

  12. Lucky Horseshoe –

    cough “hack” cough

  13. lol pretty funny when someone misspells their correction of someone elses misspellings and then calls ME a hack. lol

  14. Next time you write to a journalist you may want to spell the 5th word of your letter correctly or he probably won’t respect your opinion….

  15. Gerry and Lucky…okay, we get it. You are engaged in the ultimate pissing contest over who has the biggest hammer. Understood. Can we move on?

    Benny…don’t get snippy with the Bodisapha of The Soup. You’ll be on the receiving end of one of his blasts…see my post above (#11). In the words of Vice Pricipal Vernon, “You mess with the bull, son, you’ll get the horns.”

  16. Wheels. its Bodhisattva.

    BTW, am I your “friend in SF”? That makes me sound way gay. I live close enough to boystown. I don’t need that.

  17. Woww, ourn’t yoo awl kynda pikky abowt spellin?

    In my opinion, there is a big difference between a columnist giving his thoughts and an ‘attack’ piece. You can go back and forth about the merits of signing a troubled kid, but I thought attacking the program was a little low and he didn’t have much to back him up.

  18. Benny- The fifth word of my letter is “write”. I believe I used it correctly. What are you talking about? I did have some typos in there but Gerry pointed them out already.

    For the record, he wrote me back already. I guess a journalist from Richmond is just glad that someone reads his articles.

  19. I go with Gregg. Clean your own programs up before you take on a neighbor. It’s funny we got VT’s top basketball recruit, that should be a good move even to VA. lovers but we get pounded. We maybe argue among ourselves in terpland, but we stand tall if you bad mouth our coach or
    our school. hoos SUCK

  20. Wheels- Pardon the Interruption.

    We were having a open exchange of opinions albeit
    somewhat relentless. Thought it to be more informative (and helpful) than the current “spelling bee” on this site.

    Perhaps LH and I can “agree to disagree”? No apology for the cliche’.

    Appreciate the “nod” from other Soupers.

    Forward Ho!

  21. This guy might help if healthy. A 4 star guy out of HS in 2005.

    Juco Big Man Visiting Maryland

    By Jeff Ermann Editor
    Posted May 30, 2008

    The University of Maryland men’s basketball staff is on the trail of another potential impact recruit for next year, and once again,’s Jeff Ermann has the scoop first for you …

    Our junior college sources indicated that Joey Cameron, a 6-foot-8 sophomore from Chipola (Fla.) junior college, will be visiting College Park next week, and when we followed up with Cameron he confirmed and said the staff has verbally offered him a scholarship and will be making a trip to Maryland.

    “I have been talking to coach Driesell. He says they want someone who can come in right away and play with some experience. I’ve played at that level,” said Cameroon, who has had stops at both Auburn and Seton Hall. “I think I just may [commit] if everything goes well.”

    Cameron, a native of Leeds, Ala., is a power forward who was rated a four-star prospect and the No. 21 power forward coming out of high school in 2005. He spent his freshman season at Auburn, where according to his high school coach and mentor Mike Turner, he was underutilized and didn’t see much potential for individual growth.

    “You don’t bring a kid in to be an off-the-ball screener. Just be honest and tell him, you might only see five to eight post opportunities per game,” Turner said. “I was talking to Charles Barkley about this other day; I don’t think there’s been any coach in Division I that has had as many players transfer in the time that Jeff Lebo has.”

    Barkley is a Leeds native and Leeds High alumnus, and Turner said his influence may have swayed Cameron toward Auburn, which is Barkley’s alma mater. Turner said Lebo has no track record of developing big men, and that Cameron needs to play for such a coach, “like Gary Williams.”

    As a freshman, Cameron averaged 2.3 points and 2.7 rebounds in limited minutes at Auburn. Maryland, along with Temple and Michigan, was among the schools that inquired when he announced his plans to transfer. But he was impressed by then first-year Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez, and chose to become a Pirate.

    But three months into his stay there, he violated team rules and was told he would have to sit out an extra semester. Already far from home and feeling like he was being treated unfairly, Cameron decided to move along. Turner said it was a relatively minor infraction and that Gonzalez told him he was being given no leeway because he was a first-year coach at a private Catholic school that was trying to clean up its basketball program’s image at the time.

    “I’m not going through all of this,” he told Turner.

    “Joey doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t smoke. It wasn’t anything like that. He’s not a guy who is out partying or at the clubs,” Turner said of Cameron, who speaks politley with a thick Alabama accent. “He likes farming and riding horses.”

    Turner then headed South again. With Turner’s recommendation, he headed to perennial junior college power Chipola, where his sophomore season was up and down because of nagging soreness in a knee on which he’d undergone arthroscopic surgery as a high school sophomore. He made the decision to have surgery – performed by famed Birmingham surgeon Dr. James Andrews – and has been rehabbing for the past two months. Cameron said he’s still sidelined and won’t be playing in any pickup games during his visit to Maryland, but expects to be back at full strength by the fall.

    Cameron “is a load” in the paint, says Turner, who describes him as having “country strength.” He averaged 24 points and 12 rebounds as a high school senior, drawing offers from Alabama, Tennessee and Clemson, among a couple dozen other suitors.

    “He played against guys like Travis Outlaw, Derrick Caracter and Greg Oden, and he never backed down,” he said. “He can rebound, he has a nice little jump hook, very strong, plays hard and has good moves around the basket. He has an up-and-under and can block shots,” Turner said. Cameron, who is also hearing from Kentucky, UAB, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Fresno State and Missouri among others, is excited about the visit. Some schools have been waiting to see how his knee is, and if he doesn’t commit to Maryland, he’ll visit others. He’s never been to Maryland before but has followed the program and would like to be a part of it.

    “I want to be somewhere I can enjoy myself. I’m really looking for a good fit, so the visit will tell the tale.”

  22. had Joey Cameron as a 4 star guy at 6′ 9″ coming into Auburn in 2005 (where he did little and left). had him as 3 star and 6′ 7″ in 2005, so who knows? Anyway, if he can bang and play defense and score some, he could be helpful for two years.

  23. Hey, we were talking the other day about Latay Darden as a posible new Terp banger, and now we’re talking Joey Cameron. What’s going on? Are we playing “pin the tail” on the big man in CP right now? I agree we need a good, solid contributing 4/5 type for next year to go along with the other bigs we have on hand, I’m just getting confused as to who we are really closing in on, if anyone? DBR?

  24. Wow, a power forward (Cameroon) that has a Jump Hook -our opposition has never seen that shot from a terp AND “he’s got an up and under and can block shots too….that means his feet leave the floor.

    If that isn’t another arrow in the quiver what is? Hey Lucky Horseshoe, don’t you think this guy would add to our developing chemistry?

    Man, it just starting to ooze…..isn’t it?

    Go terps.

  25. Even though I can’t stand the NBA, I must admit that the Celts-Lakers match up will be great. I think the Celts win it in 6. Although Kobe is the best player on the court, Garnett, Pierce, and Allen in total are better than Kobe, Gasol, and Odom. The Celts also have a deeper bench and more experience. David Stern could not be happier about all of this.

  26. Lakers-Celtics, how retro! I’m looking forward to all the cool clips of Magic, Worthy, Kareem & Bird, McHale, Parrish et al.

    Is Juan still on the Pistons? I looked for him in the portions of the Pistons-Celtics games I happened to catch, but never caught a glimpse of him even riding the pine? It seems like Juan could help a team like them out a bit. Why doesn’t he get much PT?

  27. Terps are looking at a few other late players right now.

    Joey Cameron had a bad ACL tear. He recently had some cartilage problems. Terps are gonna get some medical reports from Cameron’s doctors. Cameron, if healthy, could provide depth and some muscle to our front court. Best part…no academic problems or legal problems. Terps should offer him just for those reasons LOL

    Go Terps and Go Celtics!

  28. has conducted a round table discussion on the decision of Maryland to recruit Tyree Evans. You might want to log on and read it. Basically, a split decision with one of the most telling statements being that an institution like Maryland should not be fooling with a player with Evans’ background

  29. Plenty of Soupers had the opinion that we shouldn’t have recruited/offered Tyree Evans. Based on what we knew as of the first week of May, I supported the guy based on info about a four year old statutory rape charge. Again, in early May it seemed that this guy had one serious transgression four years ago, and had been a good citizen since. I think I even posted something along the lines of Evans has my support until there’s a reason for me not to support him. The month wasn’t even over before the proverbial other shoe dropped at least three times LOL

    Go Terps and Go Celtics!

  30. Do you even know what the word chemistry means Gerry? He would add some beef and height. He might add talent, I have never seen him play so I dont know that for sure. But how does he add chemistry? How does a guy coming off knee injury and needling his high school coach to make one excuse after another for his failed opportunities add chemistry coming into a program whwere the coach tries to make you tough daily? This would no doubt be a positive addition and here you are forcing me to be negative by using words whose meaning you dont understand. Doesnt chemistry, in this context mean the kids all get along together? respond positively to the coaching staff? Are happy with their situation? have a positive effect on each other’s production? that the disparate parts meld well together? Now how the hell do you know that this kid who has failed to fit in at two stops at this level of play will improve our chemistry? Please explain what you mean by chemistry because you obviously have another definition than I do.

  31. DBR – I agree with you on Evans. My only questions remaining, and I suppsoe we will never know the truth completely are these:

    1. Did Gary know the full legal record? DId he and Chu do their homework and know there was more than was reported initially.
    2 did they come clean to Yow/the full athletic dept/ full admissions decision makers. Or did they try to slip him through the cracks without revealing all that they knew about the kid.

  32. Cameron seems like trouble. More desperation in College Park, if you ask me.

    The Celtics were fun but I pine for the Knicks of old: Walt “Clyde the Glide” Frazier, “Earl the Pearl” Monroe, Dave “Big D” DeBusscherre, “Dollar Bill” Bradley, and Willis Reed–with Dick Barnett, Jerry “the magician” Lucas, and Phil “Action” Jackson coming off the bench. Now there was a team that played the game at every level.

  33. • Plainfield, N.J., coach Pete Vasil told ZagsBlog this week that 2010 point guard Isaiah Epps will take an unofficial visit to Maryland June 24-25.

    “There’s a camp going on,” Vasil said.

    Maryland recently offered the 6-foot-2 Epps and told Vasil they’re targeting him to be their lead guard in the Class of 2010.

  34. I’m gonna be pulling for the Celtics but I think they have little chance. Celts have more overall talent but in the NBA Finals, the team with the best player on the court usually wins. You also have to think about perhaps one of the greatest coaching mismatches of all-time in Rivers vs. Jackson. Jackson with his 10 rings and Rivers with his “We gotta play hard!” philosophy of coaching.

  35. Good chemistry happens when you put a bunch of guys together and they click. Some of this is planned and some unplanned, since the guys themselves are the ones doing the clicking, and you just never know when magic takes hold.

    I am always skeptical when administrators screen out players as bad apples. Now Soupers are starting tho think Cameron might be a bad apple. Many of these guys, Evans included, have had to overcome more than any of us can begin to imagine.

    I have not followed Evans as closely as DBR and others, and I do not even know when Evans’ last run-in with the law was (2005? Or later?), but obviously it takes some longer to go straight than it does others.

    It looks like Evans just had too much questionable going on with him, even though he paid all his debts to society and was fully qualified. Does someone deserve four chances? Maybe not, but we have to get to know the guy in question before deciding. A decision is not automatic one way or the other.

    Bottom line is I can live with the choice of screening him out, since the university did the screening and knows more than I do.

    Nonetheless, my point is that you can’t predict or always plan for chemistry. If a fair screening reveals that a kid has truly reformed and has a good attitude going forward, then you work with him. Hopefully, Maryland’s screening was fair.

  36. Ed DC- Ostensibly Evans made the decision to withdraw his application, Maryland didnt reject him. There is lots of speculation, and in fact most seem to believe that his application was in trouble but that is just conjecture.

    The chemistry issue is part of running discussion. I dont know how certain people make flat out statements of fact about things they cant possibly have any knowledge. If someone said that this kid sounds like the answer to a big need, a big physical presence to give us depth up front, I would not say anything. But instead, every rumor posted is met with blanket statements of fact, all pie in the sky blind optimism. Any guy available at this point for 2008 is a long shot to contribute. He has to have some warts or he wouldnt still be around. But too many want to ignore that fact and see every rumor as a cause for polishing their stepladders.

  37. My source(s) tell me that GW didn’t know the full extent of Evans legal issues. Whose fault that is calls for an all-time debate lol

    As for the NBA Championship…

    There are exceptions.

    Lakers had Kobe, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Shaq and Phil Jackson as coach in 2004 and still lost to a Pistons team that finished 2nd in the Central division.

    Was Bill Walton really the best player on the court when the Trailblazers beat the Sixers who had Dr. J, George McGinnis, Doug Collins and World B. Free?

    What about when the Celtics beat the Bucks with Oscar Robertson, Bobby Dandridge and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


  38. DBR – I am sure it will come as no surprise that I dont see the basis for any discussion at all on who is at fault for Gary not knowing. If a kid tells Gary that he has qualified academically, dont you think Gary confirms that with the school or the clearing house? Why is his responsibility any different on the legal front. The information is presumably public record and available. Should Evans have been totally forthcoming? Of course, but it is Gary’s responsibility to make sure, not to take Evans word for it. If indeed Evans hid the most recent legal issues from Gary, isnt it evidence that Gary made a bad decision in putting faith in Evans and that we are just lucky that Evans fell out because he obviously hasnt done all this maturing we heard about? Some of this blame falls on Driesell who has been “on” this kid for 18 months but didnt know the facts. But ultimately, this is on Gary. Isnt he the head coach? Isnt he the one who made the call to hitch his wagon to Evans? Isnt he the one who presented Evans to the AD and the admissions office?

    Again, my indictment of Gary is based on what we think we know. The facts may be different. I am making a judgement based on what we think we know and so must qualify.

  39. DBR, you going to have the breaking news on Mosley’s test score? You break more news the TMZ. :)


    Sean takes the SAT this Saturday I think. Probably will be near the end of the month before it is known if he got a qualifying score. Hopefully he’s been preparing for questions like:

    The stopping distance of a car is the number of feet that the car travels after the driver starts applying the brakes. The stopping distance of a certain car is directly proportional to the square of the speed of the car, in miles per hour, at the time the brakes are first applied. If the car’s stopping distance for an initial speed of 20 miles per hour is 17 feet, what is its stopping distance for an initial speed of 40 miles per hour?

    Just reading that made my head hurt :)

  41. I know I’m going to get some grief over this, but the answer would be 68 feet. Reading that question did make my head hurt, but once I figured out what they were asking for, it was not hard to figure. 40 squared is 1600. 20 squared is 400. The ratio is 4 to 1, so multiply 17 by 4 to get 68.

    Anyway, hope Mosley is studying his tail off and has been put in an SAT prep course. Like I showed above, taking the test is partially about sifting through the bs to figure out what they are really asking for, which usually isn’t that difficult to figure out. The SAT is kind of a silly test. Many schools are ditching it as an admissions requirement, such as Wake Forest. Maryland should let Mosley in as an exception if he doesn’t get the required score, because he has shown he is a decent student.

  42. Samster,

    What is the exception all about? Does each school get one per year? What rules govern whether an exemption can be granted? For example, if an exception is granted, does a kid need a certain GPA to get in anyway?

    Interesting that WF can just dump the whole requirement–how does that work?

  43. EdDC:

    Around 2000, the University of California system, which is the largest end user of the SATs (think about how many millions of students nationwide apply to the UC schools), conducted what we call a predictive validity study of the SATs compared to a personality trait called ‘conscientiousness’. What the system found is that conscientiousness predicted college GPA better than the SATs did. Oops.

    When confronted with this evidence and the likely loss of BILLIONS of DOLLARS a year, the good folks at the Educational Testing Service (which by the way is a non-prof…go figure that one), the makers of, among other tests, the SATs, they immediately changed the SAT test…hence students now take the SATII.

    With regards to any university’s admissions process, they can require whatever admission criteria they want so long as each criterion is related to performance at school. So…a writing sample, a math test, AP tests…whatever…could all be used by a university. The SATs are just an easy criterion to use.

    That said, each university can establish their own special admit student requirements. These students are admitted even though they do not satisfy the university’s regular admission requirements. The NCAA uses GPA and SAT to set baseline “eligibility” guidelines for freshman athletic eligibility (not applied to JuCos). Each student must still be admitted to the university through whatever admission criterion the university established.

    Sorry to ramble.

  44. Yes, it was big news down here that Wake dropped the SAT requirement for their student body. Although students can still submit it and the university will review it. That’s the only problem with what Wake did. As the OP-ED pieces brought up, in this very competitive environment, would any student get in if they didn’t submit one?

    That being said, it didn’t impact the athletic admittance because of the NCAA minimum standard that all schools must use.

  45. I thought I read back when that Mosley had two chances left, once in May and once in June. Does that mean he failed the test he took in May?

  46. Wheels,

    Would you please elaborate on what you wrote: …conducted what we call a predictive validity study of the SATs compared to a personality trait called ‘conscientiousness’ What does it mean? Sounds like psycho babble to me.

    And again, someone explain to me why Mosely can’t get admitted if he falls a bit short in his SAT scores, but is a good enough student to handle a college major. Is UMd doing this to itself (aka shooting itself in the proverbial foot), or is it the NCAA restricting Sean from matriculating?

  47. Good comment JohnE about whether Maryland is imposing more onerous requirements than are necessary to get Mosley in.

    The road to success among ADs is paved with stern rebukes and rejections of coaches’ efforts to field good teams. If they slap coaches down, they are recognized for bigger and better jobs. We even had one guy at Maryland, I think his name was Geiger, get the job of NCAA director by running a stern, clean program.

    Of course, we need a clean program here at Maryland, and GW has consistently given us that. I would not want to see Mosley hurt, or GW and the team hurt, because Maryland is going too far above and beyond what is expected. Mosley should be given the chance to prove himself in the classroom, as long as he meets the NCAA requirements for admission.

  48. This is the NCAA standard. As you can see it is a sliding scale. Now whether or not UMD has a higher one I am not sure but it cannot be lower. At least that is my understanding.

    From August 1996, the NCAA began to apply a sliding scale for the minimum SAT scores that are required for acceptance to NCAA Division I colleges. This will be dependent on your average academic grade. The higher your average academic grade is then the lower the minimum SAT score required. So, students who have achieved an average academic grade of B- must obtain a minimum SAT score of 820 points out of a possible 1,600, whilst students with an average academic grade of C must score a minimum of 1010. A minimum score of 820 is required to compete at NCAA Division II level.

  49. JohnE:

    Sorry for the jargon. A predictive validity study aims to determine how much one variable predicts another variable. The personality trait of ‘conscientiousness’ describes someone’s self-discipline, carefulness, deliberativeness, organization, and need for achievement. Think of it as an indicator of someone’s drive to succeed or internal motivation. You can measure this trait in a 10 question survey.

    When the UC system found that conscientiousness predicted college GPA better than the SATs did, they asked the people at ETS “Why should we make potential students pay $150 to take the 3 hour long SAT when we can get a better predictor of college success with a 10 item conscientiousness survey?” Think about that for a minute. A 10 item survey is a better predictor of college success (measured in GPA) than the SAT.

    The SATs, in my opinion, are bunk. The math goes up to geometry and the reading level is set at the 10th grade. The test measures your mastery of high school math and English abilities, and it is considered an aptitude/ability test. Theoretically, if you graduate from an American curriculum-based high school and took the SATs UNTIMED, you should score a perfect score. The SATs ONLY correlate with IQ when the time limit is in place, and even then, the correlation is pretty weak. That is, it is a bad proxy for an IQ test.

    The two best predictors of performance (work, sports, GPA…whatever) in any setting, any organization, any country, and any language is IQ. It’s not even close. By the way, conscientiousness is probably the second best predictor of performance, so the UC system knew what it was doing.

    And yes…MD does have higher admission standards for athletes than many, many other schools…resulting from Lefty, Lenny, and Bob Wade.

  50. Ok Wheels, so ‘conscientiousness’ in the context that you used it is a synonym for good old-fashioned drive, or as psychologists like to call it, intrinsic motivation.

    Mosely appears to have the conscientiousness/drive/intrinsic motivation to be a college student, maybe we need to just put the Lefty/Lenny/Bo Wade thing aside in this case and just let the young man in.

  51. There’s been some talk on the boards about Gus Gilchrist not being able to play at all this year and maybe transferring! I’m trying to find out details, but things are very hard to come by at the moment. If this is true, this has to go down as one of the worst off seasons for any program. This is unbelievable!

  52. Ok. I got want I can hardly call and “update” since these rumors and crap seem to be all over the place, especially this off season. Below is and email my buddy just sent me.

    “TTs (Terrapin Times) is denying the whole story and saying that Haynie is wrong, so the story could be off. There is something going on with him (Gilchrist) though that seems to be definite, but if this story isn’t true then no one who knows the real story is coming forward with it.”

  53. Ok…here is something directly from the guy as relayed to me from my buddy…

    Here is what the Scout guy just posted –

    “First, I apologize for not addressing this sooner — my computer has been on the fritz all day.

    Here’s what I know:

    1. Gus has not asked out of Maryland.

    2. Gus plans to have a meeting with Gary Williams at some point in the near future to discuss his future here. He loves GW, his teammates and the school but has some sort of concerns that have not been explicitly described to me. He is unhappy about having to sit out another semester, however, the reason he has to sit is in large part because he didn’t actually graduate HS until Dec 2007, thus one year til 2nd semester this year.

    3. Gus has signed an LOI and would have to receive a release to play elsewhere and sit out a year, unless he received an unconditional release, which I’d say is EXTREMELY unlikely.

    4. There is a possibility he could leave, but everything is very much up in the air.

    5. Gus seems to be OK academically.

    6. Some speculation that perhaps another school, say one with DC Assault ties and which tried to get him the past time around, may be putting thoughts in his head. Pure speculation/rumor on that one.

    Will have more later …”

  54. Found an article on Gist and his plans for making it into the NBA:

    I don’t understand why Gilchrist would leave. That would only delay his career even more. But at this point, I could believe almost any bad news. So next week, Vas will decide to go back to Venezuela, then Mosley will fail his SAT and decide to go to Wake Forest. Hayes will go to Sweden for a gender change operation. Burney will join a religious cult. And so on. Left without a team to put on the floor, GW will retire to the golf course.

  55. that is just silly Samson. Hayes couldnt start for the womens team either so what good would a sex change do him? :)

  56. I think I’ve heard it all now!

  57. I think that is just silly internet gossip and it doesn’t make any sense.

    He doesn’t like that he will have to sit out the first few games so he is going to transfer and sit out even longer?

  58. Gus Gilchrist is gone.

  59. I know it sure sounds like silly gossip that doesn’t make much sense. But I just got this from TT care of my buddy…

    “Gus…is gone, and to where who the heck knows at this point, I think we have now officially entered the twlight zone with this one…”

    Who knows who is in this kid’s ear telling him what to do. But if he leaves MD because he has to sit out until December, that’s just crazy!!

    Are we seeing the end of Gary or something? This off season has been horrendous. If Gus is gone, my optimism for next year has gone with him. Ugh…

  60. He is gone, here is the UMD official press release


    COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland athletic department announced today
    that Augustus Gilchrist (Temple Hills, Md./Progressive Christian) has been granted a transfer release from the men’s basketball program.

    Gilchrist enrolled at Maryland in January 2008. The ACC sit-out rule for Gus Gilchrist will expire the last day of Fall 2008 exams. Subsequent to that time, Gus would have been able to compete for Maryland in all remaining regular-season games, the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament.

    “Gus has asked for a release to explore other options which may allow him to play more games at another university outside the ACC, pending an NCAA waiver,” said Head Coach Gary Williams.

    “I would like to thank Coach Williams and the basketball staff at Maryland for all of their support and attempts in appealing this process,” said Gilchrist. “I wish them the best in the future.”

    The release allows Gilchrist the opportunity to transfer to another NCAA school.

  61. The street cred, which is important for recruits these days, must be in the tank. On the upside, Dante Taylor could come in and start at PF next season lol

    I have to laugh or else I’d cry. Lemme break out my 2002 National Championship DVD.

  62. Guess that JuCo kid coming in this week with the bad knee will be offered a ‘ship as soon as he gets off the plane.

  63. opps. It seems that I posted the same thing as PT in the newer thread…my apologies

  64. Hey,
    Lucky Horseshoe and Samster
    Those were damning comments about an Maryland athlete Eric Hayes. I can understand taking on a coach.
    or maybe an athlete who bad mouthed his team or coach.
    But what has Hayes done but say the right things and played very hard?

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