Augustus turns into Brutus- Gilchrist to Leave Maryland

Gus Gilchrist was released from his scholarship today. He is going to transfer. Gilchrist asked Maryland to release him. The only reason given was that he wanted to explore an option that would “allow him to play more games”. Presumably, the extra penalty (not being eligible during the Fall ’08 semester) for transferring within the ACC became to much for Gilchrist to bear.

That is bunch of crap if you ask me. He’s known about that penalty for months. Why now? Oh and thanks for twisting the knife in Gus. Why would he time his departure with the Evans fiasco to maximize the bad publicity for Maryland?

This is really bad news for our program. Not only are we screwed in the post for next season (anyone for a Dupree, Burney frontcourt?), but the program is slowly turning into a joke. In the last six months, how many guys have been rumored or confirmed suit up for Maryland but will never actually wind up playing one second for the Terps? Evans, Maze, Bowman, and now Gilchrist. All come and gone.

I don’t want to openly root against a college kid (except for anyone in a Duke uniform), but I am going to break with tradition and root for Gilchrist to suck wherever he goes. First he rips the heart out of Va Tech fans and then he does the same to Terp fans? Eff you, Mr. Gilchrist. Can we all agree now that Maryland should never, never, never, recruit another player who’s last name is “Gilchrist”?

So we have made it into June and so far the Terps have signed and then released a shooting guard with three convictions and had our top recruit transfer. We still have July, August, and September to go! What’s next? Will Braxton Dupree gain 100 lbs and become a professional competitive eater? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

The program is reeling. Someone help me find a silver lining.



  1. There is no silver lining. This off-season has been an absolute disaster, both literally and from a PR perspective. I am the most staunch Gary supporter and a Terp fan for life, but I will not continue to put up with this foolishness. We need accountability. Phat cat donors, if you’re listening, get on the horn with Mote and demand answers.

  2. Agreed.

  3. I wonder if Gus is going to transfer to Georgetown. I believe he considered them before MD. That would be an extra kick in the balls for MD. Jennings, Maze, Evans, Walker, and Gilchrist…sounds like a decent starting 5.

  4. Im sure for some reason many people will start to blame Gary williams for all of this which i think is wrong. However what is true is that this is a disaster, i didnt think our offseason could go worst, i was looking forward to seeing Evans, Gilchrist, and Mosley, now two are gone and i dont think mosley has qualified yet. We are in big trouble for next year. we lost our two best big men and the one guy we all were claiming to be the savior is now gone as well. To make matters worse Walker transfered at least he was a body with some potential, Lord help us Dave Neal might be starting and if not he will be playing a ton. In other words we are screwed big time our post men are going to get eaten alive against good teams, hell probably against bad teams. Our only hope is that GV, Bowie, Milbourne, Hayes, Tucker, and Mosley(fingers crossed) can provide us with one of the best backcourts in the league so we have some type of chance. However when we start playing against the likes of Tyler Hansborough i just dont see how we are going to even compete.
    -What really sucks is who are we gonna get now, some big man that nobody else really wanted. If Gilchrist wanted to do this he should have done it months ago, like Jeremy said Gilchrist has known about this for awhile so his reason is complete BS and im not buying it. Maybe we could have at least got Bowman or some other good Juco player, but not anymore thanks Gus. I cant put into word how bad this sucks i was really looking forward to next year everyone was talking about how much Gus was tearing up everyone in practice, now unfortunately we could be in for another long season.

  5. Wow! What now? I’m at a loss for words. Where do we go from here?

  6. This is a big blow. The kids on the team deserve better than to be jerked around like this. This succession of off-season crises must be bewildering and disheartening. I’m just a fan and I feel that way. I hope they can keep their heads up. Let’s hang in there, Soupers. Damn.

  7. Agree with ya’ll the news sucks.

    Not to get prolific on ya….but adversity reveals character.

    We’ can’t control this situation. All we can do is see how “our team” reacts. This ain’t GW’s fault.
    The situations we are witnessing (and enduring) are

    We may never get all the facts surrounding these issues. What’s important is that we recover.

    Kids coming into college basketball today have a different mindset. I have said all along, at least the past 9 months, that college basketball players are
    not “student athletes” of old. There recruiting begins in Jr. High School and by the time they are Jr. and Sr’s in H.S. have been told and sold a bill of goods. They see the big bucks NBA players, even 3-6 round draftees are getting and it beats getting a job. Kids from “distressed backgrounds’ in particular are gullible beyond belief. Their loyalties are a thing veil. The veil gets pierced by the highest bidder (s) from the schools that get the most TV exposure and Maryland is one of them.

    There’s more to come, at other schools and no one is immune.

    Silver lining? JohnE says “where do we go from here”?

    Ain’t but one answer…..Midnight Madness.

    I still believe we have some real good chemistry ‘percolating”. Yes, we need a “wide body” down low. If I were Dupree, I’d double up on my preparation for this year. He’s got the physical attributes, some of which need to be honed. He’s just got to get the “mindset” that he’s got the best chance to make an impact in a major program.

    Surely, I’ll get clubbed with criticism from some doom and gloomers that just want to “blood let” but
    that’s a bus to nowhere.


  8. Thanks, Gerry. You’re good for the spirits on what is, I must say, a dark hour. If we were at the same bar I’d buy you a Corona.

  9. Just how much does a 3rd to 6th round NBA draftee make these days?

  10. Baltimore SUn has an article on the process taken on the Evans recruitment. Apparently there was an ok given by a preliminary committee formed of faculty. This is different from the admissions process that was underway when Evans pulled his application. So it sounds like Williams had gotten some indication by this preliminary process that Evans would be considered favorably for one of 26 special acceptances available to the athletic Dept. One interesting thing is that the process has a built in bias against jucos. The article raises more questions than it answers for me. Was Yow part of that process? How often does that panel approve an app and the full admissions process turns it down? Why is the process so convoluted? Does the panel take everything (ie the legal issues) into account? Are the results of this panel’s decisions usually disclosed? It is interesting to get a glimpse into the “smoke filled rooms”.

  11. This will get worse before it gets better. This offseason ensures that this upcoming season is a do or die contest for Gary.

  12. It just goes to show you that kids in these programs have changed. This kid has now been in three programs and not played a game.

    All of this over about seven games? Doesn’t make any sense at all.

    The rap on Gary, until the championship, was that he got the best out of not very much talent but not out of the more talented teams. This team should be in his wheel house :)

  13. I know we don’t like to admit it, but the real story here is that kids don’t want to play at Maryland. Why is that? They start down that path, but then leave. And its not just this year … others have left too like Fafana, and the small guard who went to play for Patsos I think.

    It’s time for a change at Maryland.

  14. Ricksterps- Agree.

    What’s more exacerbating is that Gilchrist has been
    “living” with our guys, from what I have understood some of you to say, in practices et al. He was accepted by our returnee’s and he accepted them.

    They trained together, they talked (surely) about the upcoming season, the ACC grind ….now “poof”
    he bolts.
    We’re congruent….”kids in these programs have changed”. Again, other teams will not be immune to such defections.

    Lucky Horseshoe – You ask questions in such a manner that are seemingly designed set up a rebuttal. Your question…”just how much do 3-6 round NBA draftee’s make”?

    Answer – More than they would at McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Wal Mart. More than someone in a
    J.O. B. More than an apprentice carpenter or
    internet geek. Your questions in # 10 are rhetorically aimless. None of us have the answers and neither do you.
    I’d be surprised if anyone really wants to know the answers to those questions.Let’s avoid a witch hunt. The program has taken some hits. No one really saw them coming.
    Jeremy – You could be right. We won’t have to wait to March 2009 , We should know in the first 4-6 regular season games.

    At least it’s not an anachronism of the Bob Wade era.

    I’m still excited about the coming season.

    Got anything else we can “chew” on?

  15. I appreciate the optimism, but I just don’t share it. With apologies to Mosley (who I admit I am excited to see develop, but in fact may not qualify) and our upper classmen, there was little else to look forward to next year aside from Gilchrist. Unless Braxton improves dramatically and Burney shows he can be a consistent force inside, our opponents will bend us over and have their way with us in the post. And that’s without even getting into the Vasquez/Hayes issues that plagued the 2007-2008 season.

    Look, I love Maryland and will root for these guys to the end. But we have to at least entertain the idea that this program as it exists now is on a path to nowhere. Cjazh has a point — As if a mediocre 2002 through 2007 weren’t enough to drive recruits away, the PR from this most recent off-season and the rise of G-town as a local power have done severe damage to our reputation in DC and beyond. Who deserves the blame? Certainly a host of people . . . Gary for not taking recruiting seriously enough, Yow for hamstringing the program’s ability to bring in talent . . . the list goes on and on. Something needs to change.

  16. Seriously? The ACC transfer penalty scared him away? What a lame excuse. The only teams we play in the fall semester are a hand full of cupcakes and a 3 game tournament that means nothing. He wouldn’t be missing the heart of the ACC schedule. First he pulls the crap about being concerned about the VT shootings and now this. Good riddance.

    I wonder what Bob Lipper has to say about this.

  17. Don’t confuse “doom and gloomers” with reality. We are in trouble, that is a fact. It’s June 3rd and not only have we not signed anybody yet, but we lost two we had (Walker and Gilchrest) and one we almost had (Evans). What’s done is done, I don’t care why they left but they are gone and we are at probably the lowest point PR wise for the program in a decade. I am not speculating who is to blame, but something has gone horribly wrong here lately in 3 big ways: 1. Team chemistry and ability to get the most out of the talent on the team was horrendous this past season (except for the UNC game). 2. Recruiting has been poor and getting worse with the inability to get commits from solid ballplayers that can qualify without any problems. 3. Turmoil within the athletic department and continual bad press that seems to be becoming a trend. The Maryland reputation is taking a beating.
    Ok all you rah rah fans tell me how negative I am and how we are going to be great and all our big men will drop 50lbs in the offseason and everyone on the team will get twice as good as they were last year…

  18. Not to pile on, but I’m hearing it’s going to be a longshot for Mosley to qualify.

    Apparently his SAT score on the last test was so low that even if he got the number needed on his final try, it would be such a large jump that the NCAA would immediately red-flag it.

    Not to say it’s a done deal, but it will be a longshot for him to make it. We are in dire straits, terp fans.

  19. Well, I don’t think we want all our big men to drop 50 pounds LOL

    I’d be surprised to see Gus land at Georgetown because they have Greg Monroe coming in and I think that played a part in his coming to Maryland. Kentucky and Kansas were also recruiting him so that could be a destination or maybe Indiana. But still once he got to another school the school would have to ask the NCAA for a waiver of the transfer rule (sitting out one year). That process alone could take a month.

    Thing that grinds my gears is that Gus has known for how long that he couldn’t hit the court at Maryland until the Fall semester is over? If he wanted to be able to play starting with the first game this season then he should have taken some visits before the fall semester began so he could have enrolled in the fall semester and not spent that time working out with his trainer. And he could’ve asked out of UMD before Gary went on vacation.

    I feel bad for Gilchrist. He’s hitched his wagon to Terelle Woody and he’s getting poor guidance. “Everything at Maryland, he loves. He loves Coach Williams, loves the school, the people, his teammates. But we felt like he should have the opportunity to have four years,” Woody said.

    Like he was gonna be a four year ‘student-athlete’ anywhere. Yeah he had a 3.5 GPA when he left HS and was fully eligible at Maryland but yeesh four years?!? Woody’s pissing on people and telling them it’s raining.

    On the bright side the Terps have more schollies to offer. I guess the coaches will be recruiting right up until the first day of fall semester. JSK has a couple of classes to finish, but his SAT score qualified. Mosley, is anyone’s best guest. JuCo big Joey Cameron visits later today.

    Heck even Duke fans have posted comments on their message board like “Gilchrist is gonna get his”.

  20. You know what, I’m tired of hearing the likes of Terpsfan (sorry for similar monikor) and Gerry with their “it’s not Gary’s fault” mantra.

    Well, who the hell’s fault is it? When a business is in free fall, it’s the CEO who is accountable, and Gary is the CEO of Maryland basketball.

    The apologists say “he didn’t know about this, or he didn’t know about that” Hello, it’s his job to know about these things directly or through delegation to staff, either way, bottom line, it’s his responsibility.

    So, if you are in the “Gary stays” or “Gary goes” camp, fine with me — but don’t sit around saying he’s an innocent – he is the individual most responsible for the cesspool that has become Maryland basketball.

  21. Terpsman- I don’t believe the term “Gary apologist” fits.

    GW doesn’t lose games. The kids on the floor do. They are there to execute game plans and plays. We saw last year that they didn’t do well on either.

    All you can do, as a Coach and a program, is offer a kid like AG an opportunity, let him practice with the team, sell him a dream of getting to the final four and a possible NC. Someone outside of CP got AG to change is agenda.

    J said it well in #16 above.

    I’ll say it again, kids today are not the student athletes of old. They are looking for the yellow brick road.

    How do you adjust for that? That’s probably the penultimate question.

    Sorry Terpsman but I don’t buy the CEO analogy with GW. These are not paid employees, they don’t have 40l (K) plans, there’s no anchor to their butts, there’s no “career” here at MD, of any other college.

    GW as a CEO? Not hardly with Yow and the Admissions Dept with veto authority.

    K Cali- You can’t use….”I don’t care why they left” but you can use……”they are gone”. We may never know why they left. We can’t control that. We are witnessing new dynamics from kids coming to college. Senior Day, as we have come to know it, may not have a lot of Seniors to push out the door or retire their numbers. Now, that’s a fact.

    I don’t mean to suggest I have all the answers either. I feel your pain. Even us optimists are not immune from the pain we are witnessing.

    Difficult to agree with your “recruiting has been poor and difficult to get commitments”.

    We are getting them in the door. We have gotten the commitment. Not to be simplistic, but these kids have “hidden agenda’s”. And again, there’s no anchor to their butt, other than their personal integrity which seems to be more than suspect.

    Somethings going on, not just at MD and congrats to the first person to break the code.

    Normally in situations like these you look “inward”. Not certain that’s the path, against the backdrop of what we are witnessing.


  22. Vaz Hayes Milbourne Dupree Burney with Neal Bowie Tucker and Gergory off the bench along with whomever else qualifies. 17 from 10 from Hayes and 8 from Burney. I think this is going to be a horrible year. No proven big, no solid PG, and a bunch of softies on D and Vaz the Spaz having all the pressure on him to do everything. Will he be NBA material or a big headed 25 shot no pass jerk. Something is stinking in college park. Rats fleeing a sinking ship reference come to mind? What are we no privy to? This went from about 22 wins to maybe 14 to 16. No matter what you say, right now on paper, this is the worst team in the ACC. WTFO?

  23. Time for a change. It’s as simple as that. The drama now enveloping this program has reached the point of no return. We’re becoming the butt of barroom jokes.

  24. I dont’ see any optimistic angle on this. We don’t have any blue-chippers for ’09 yet either. This means a guy like Vazquez plays for a pro contract next year and hoists up 25 shots a game. It’s gonna be the reincarnation of Walt Williams. Yeah he was great but the teams were horrible. I think we might play in that tournament for teams that miss the NIT. I don’t even know what they call it.

    I love Gary, will always love Gary. After the final buzzer in ’02, I sat on my couch and cried like a little baby. I’m sure alot of guys here did also. At the time, 23 years of misery finally paid off. But I read a few months ago that Brenda Frese actually spent more money recruiting that Gary and Gary spent the least money of any ACC school. I don’t even know for sure if this is the problem. All I know is there are many, many schools without the pedigree of Maryland or the pedigree of Gary getting plenty of top recruits to come to their school. I don’t understand why they don’t come to Maryland. Are we one of the only schools not paying kids? Is that what it is? I am really disheartened. I wish I knew what the problem was.

  25. Hey guys. On my way to find a bridge sufficiently high to do a swan dive off. Figured I do a quick check in and share my theory – Comcast is built on an indian burial ground. Only things that makes sense…we need to start a new campaign, “Return to Cole in 09”.

  26. Does anyone know how to levitate buildings? Or maybe hire an exorcist?

    Sad to say, I’ve grown so numb to bad news over the years that this latest kick in the groin hardly produced a shudder. That’s why I’ve had a hard time mustering interest, let alone enthusiasm, for recent threads about the UM basketball program. I’m biding time until there’s a change at the top. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen sooner rather than later.

  27. We need to listen DBR. He keeps saying we aren’t going to know the roster for a few months.

    This certainly looks bad on the part of Gilchrist and his “handler”. He has left two programs in a year. Any way you slice it that isn’t someone you can count on.

  28. I may have missed it, but I’m surprised no one has suggested the possibility of tampering…obviously there’s zero proof, which would make it a wild accusation, but as I read Jeremy’s post, that was the one thought that kept creeping into my head.


  29. Hate to say it but GG played us just to stay in shape…

    This is pure speculation, but I would not be suprised to see Terrel Woody take employment either in close proximity to, or at GG’s destination school. The rumored back story to GG’s VT departure was an offer of employment for TWoody as a trainer and the subsequent withdrawal of said offer for lack of proper licensure…The WPost mentioned SFlorida/Mike Jarvis in this morning’s story…hmmm…think Mike needs a trainer to completed his staff?

  30. I think Debbie Yow must have convinced Gilchrist to transfer. It’s not my fault.

    No. Gus must related to John Gilchrist. You know, the guy who won me my only ACC Tournament title. Must be a Gilchrist problem. It’s not my fault.

    Wait, wait. I’m sure this has happened to “the other Williams.” OK, so his recruits stay and at least play a few games. And they haven’t done jail time. But I’ve beaten him the last two years. Must be his fault.

    I mean, I’ve run the Men’s Basketball program for 20 years now. It can’t be my fault. I am not actually responsible for the recruits that come and turn out to be duds. I am not responsible for Evans, or Maze, or Gilchrist. If Mosely’s SAT scores tank, it won’t be my fault for putting all my huevos in one basket. Must be someone else’s fault.

    Guys, thanks for your support. Keep reading the papers. I do. Because I clearly have no control over my program any more.

    Don’t forget. I won that title six years ago. You should all worship me until I decide to retire. And that won’t be my fault either.

    Luv ya,


    P.S. Gary apologists–Attack. Now.

  31. Vred…I thought the same thing. This whole thing smells bad.

    Looking at the forest here on the staffing side of things, it means that MD is back into the feast/famine cycle of recruiting. In two years, the roster will have the dichotomous Sr/Fr split again, More ups and downs.

    For a program that has a 20 year tenured coach, where is the stability?

    By the way, didn’t all of this roster turmoil begin when Chucky D came rolling into town? He was involved on both Maze and Evans, and he brought Walker in with him from BI. Was he instrumental in bringing Gilchrist? Chucky D. might have learned too much from Lefty. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We all love Lefty, but it wasn’t like the man’s moral compass pointed straight all the time when it came to getting guys into MD.

    Something has changed in the program. This isn’t what any of us are used to at all.

  32. Don’t blame Chuck. He is part of the solution. The biggest change in our program since the title run era is the Patsos/Dickerson departures. It’s been a revolving door very near the top since. If you believed the Byron Mouton interview, those two were instrumental in our greatest success. Gary certainly hasn’t changed. remember when Exree’s class left/graduated and the cuppoard was bare. we lucked out w. steve francis for a year and we almost lucked out this year…

  33. Hey,
    Gerry post 21
    How can you give coach Williams a free pass and say it not his fault. He is the one who should take the blame. He is responsible for how his team plays on the court. He is
    responsible for who is on the team. It is called recruiting.

  34. Hard to tell if GG is a troubled kid or just getting really bad advice from his handler who has ulterior motives.

  35. Found an informative article in the Washington Times with several quotes from GW:

  36. Gerry – You need to ratchet up your sarcasm detector. The NBA hasnt had a 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th round in the raft for years so your precious 3rd to 6th round draft picks not only dont get paid, THEY DONT EXIST!!. THAT was my point.I am pretty sure that a fry jockey at McDonalds makes more than a nonexistent, imaginary 6th round pick in a two round NBA draft. I asked that question hoping you would recognize the sarcasm and catch your own mistake or someone would point out your mistake so I wouldnt appear to be piling on any more than I already have. But no, you insist on using something that doesnt even exist to make your point.

    If we knew the answer to the questions I asked, I wouldnt have to ask them, now would I? And I have specifically said we will likely never know the full truth. I dont care whether YOU want to know the answers to them or not. I said that I am left with those questions. I couldnt care less if we win a single game next year when the bigger problems and rot in our program is the bigger issue. If we have to go winless for the next 2 years in order to fix what is wrong, that is fine with me. There are bigger issues and wins and losses wont fix them.

    I think it is reprehensible to blame Driesell or the players. If the players cant or wont execute the plays, the man who brought them in is to blame. If Driesell took it on himself to explore less than savory possibilities, it is his boss’ responsibility to cut him off at the knees, not embrace his bad decisions and submit them to the university for consideration.Gary IS the CEO and Yow is the Chairman of the Board. And anyone who thinks the Board of Directors isnt looking hard at the CEO of this failing basketball program is crazy.

  37. Let’s not become the cliché forum on the internet. Push everyone into either a GW apologist or a GW hater. There is room for middle ground which is where the truth generally lies.

    Is GW responsible for all the happenings lately on the recruiting front? Of course. It is his program so the blame is always laid at his feet. Is some of this out of his control? Yes. Again, it doesn’t really matter, he will be held accountable and should be.

    Is his job on the line next season? No. Those that want him gone should hope we rise up and have a good season. That is the only way he goes out. Gary is a fighter and there is zero chance he hangs it up after a bad season.

    There is also zero chance the university gets rid of him. People on the outside would crucify them. A very well respected coach that won a title hits a bit of a tough patch and we toss him out on his ass? Not going to happen.

    I am surrounded by Duke, UNC and State fans and none of them think he is going anywhere. You only get that sort of thinking from those that are too close to see the big picture

  38. wow, I cant believe some of the stuff coming out here. used us to stay in shape? How about he came in with good intentions and now cant get far enough from the stink of anyone associated with this program?!? I dont want to hear sly allusions to Sheldon Williams. I dont want to hear disparaging comments about Jerry Tarkanian or Bob Huggins. This is the most embarassing program in NCAA basketball. I dont know how you recruit any top player with a clean slate while this staff is present. They had better hope that lots of Terps grads and ex players have blue chip kids coming along because what other parent would let his kid come to this wreck of a program? Dont expect me to stick MY head in the sand. I will be in Raleigh all weekend and am meeting a high school senior from one of the finest college prep schools in the country. He is going to MD and I have been warned he wants to know what is happening. I can assure you I wont be using Sheldon Williams to make excuses. Just like the kids who have left us hanging the last month or so refuse to stand up and take responsibility, just like Gary wants to blame Yow, just like way too many Terps fans want to deflect attention by pointing fingers at Sheldon Williams or K-State or Huggins, there is too much shirking of responsibility already. I am not going to stick my head in the sand. I am not going to blame kids or underlings for what GARY WILLIAMS has turned this program into.We have come full circle. Gary led us out of the Bias death days and now will leave us at a similar low point. At this point my biggest hope is that there are no NCAA sanctions coming from this keystone Kops routine we have run this year.

  39. Ricksterps – serious question here. Do you believe that the phrase “bit of a tough patch” accurately describes the current state of affairs in Terrapin Basketball?

  40. Gerry (post #21)

    I mean no disrespect but you can’t mean what you said about GW doesn’t lose ball games — by deduction you must also mean that he doesn’t win ball games either. It can’t be one without the other.

    Or are you saying that he’s responsible for winning but not responsible for losing. If he’s not responsible, why is he being paid so much for little or no accountability?

    And to say that all a coach can do is offer opportunities and let a kid practice with the team and dream of glory misses the reality of college basketball. Coaches are fired for losing too many ballgames — because it is their responsibility to win, not merely to offer opportunities. Once again it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY and for some reason you don’t seem to believe that GW should be held accountable for the state of the program. Well then, if not him please tell me who?

  41. Geoff – How do we know that GG isnt getting very GOOD advice from his handlers? He got the same advice apparently that Evans got. Cut your ties to this program and run, do not walk away. I am really scared to death of the NCAA right now.

  42. Better not be any NCAA violations. How can you get violations when you don’t even have any recruits?

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