Steffy Is Your Starter

For better or worse, Jordan Steffy was named the Terps starting QB on Monday morning. Apparently all three QB’s were close and the Fridge said he expects all three to play at some point, but apparently he feels the most comfortable with Steffy at the helm.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Posts article this morning:

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin canvassed a handful of players for their opinions, and about two-thirds felt Steffy was the right choice. Franklin then conferred with Friedgen, who made the final call.

The players also noted that Steffy prepares more than any other QB. Not sure exactly what I think about the whole thing. I guess Steffy gets his shot to prove everyone wrong and if he falters, I’m sure it won’t take half a season to make the switch. It’s up to Steffy now to go out and lead this team.