Delaware Game Thread

Welcome to our new home! Clearly it is a work in progress, but our move from MVN came with little notice.

Thanks to Hurricane Gustav, the LSU game has been moved from its time slot and guess who ESPN has decided to show instead? None other than the budding Terps – Blue Hens rivalry. Well, this certainly beats hovering over my laptop, watching the game on a slingbox.

Gregg and I are excited to see the Terps speed today. Our young RBs and WRs can run with anyone in the NCAA now. I can’t wait to see what that looks like.

I’ll be adding to this post throughout the game, but as always, please feel free to post comments below.

3:45PM – The ACC is going to be bad this year. Va Tech just lost to East Carolina? Yikes. The door is open if the Terps start strong.

4:02PM – Our field goal kicker sucks. I can’t pronounce his name, but he always seems to miss kicks. Steffy moved the ball at least. Let’s see if they can put a drive together after being buried deep in our own territory.

4:06PM – The running game looks good. They need to keep softening up the Blue Hen’s D with some nice runs. That should open things up for Steffy. He needs all the help he can get.

4:10PM – We have ourselves a running game! Look at Terrell Scott go! Keep pounding it Franklin. Keep pounding it.

4:12PM – Another missed field goal. Awful. We run it down their throats and then we fall in love with pass. Steffy on third down is downright scary. Echedfsdaoguro is going to kill us this year.

4:23PM – It is hard to imagine that the defense isn’t a little discouraged. They held Delaware scoreless but Maryland should be up by 14 points. Steffy gets another chance. God help us.

4:25PM – Meggett and Scott are making me forget about Ball and Lattimore. Portis gets another shot but he needs to throw the ball once or twice to keep Delaware from stacking the box.

4:40PM – The defense looks pretty solid, but without offense; we look terrible.

4:41PM – Yeah baby! There you go. The pass wasn’t terribly accurate, but it was single coverage. The best part was that the Terps capitalized immediately. 7-0 Maryland.

4:45PM – The Maryland defense is back on their heels. They are getting no pressure on the QB. The RBs are moving the pile.

4:50PM – Nice stop by the defense. The Terps forced them into a tough field goal kick. Can someone explain to me how Delaware has a better field goal kicker than Maryland. I realize he missed it; but it was partially blocked and was still on target. 7-0 Terps

4:55PM – ESPN just showed us a glimpse of the Fridge’s office. They mentioned how proud the Fridge is of the photo of him and George W. Bush. Just thought you would like to know that.

5:00PM – This is a nice little drive. I’d like to give a special thanks to the official for blowing that intentional grounding call. Overall, Steffy has managed the clock well; but he is not able to do anything with his throws if his first option is covered. It’s either a panicked scramble or a throwaway.

5:01PM – Egekoioiue makes it a trifecta. New Rule: I don’t have to spell Egekrfkrksuu’s name correctly until he proves he can make anything other than an extra point. Halftime – 7-0 Maryland. Suffice it to say that I am underwhelmed thus far.

5:23PM – Now that is how you start a half. Let’s jam it down their throats and start putting this game away.

5:24PM – Classic. Steffy throws an INT right into the LB’s chest. What a terrible QB. Get rid of this kid already!

5:36PM – The Terps need to stick with the running game. The coaching staff has spent too much time in the monkey house when in comes to Steffy. Here’s what I mean: when you go to the Zoo and first walk into the monkey house, you can’t believe how bad it smells. After spending 10 minutes in there, it smells fine. The coaching staff doesn’t realize how bad Steffy is because they are too close to the situation. He is an absolute shit show.

5:40PM – Trivia Time! Who is worse? Egekeosaouu or Steffy? The coaching staff says Egekkrkeiu as the Terps go for it on 4th and 18 and forgo a 48 yd field goal attempt.

5:45PM – Thank heavens for our defense. Granted if we could kick field goals, we would be up 19-0; but the defense has really been great. here’s the plan for this drive: run, run, run. Put Portis in and run the option.

5:50PM – I’m glad Coach Franklin is reading Turtle Soup. Delaware can’t stop the run. Maryland scores easily with successive runs by Scott and Meggett. Finally, we finish off a drive. 14-0 Maryland.

6:00PM – Portis looks no better than Steffy. Can we please see Turner? Please?

6:10PM – The defense is really playing fantastic. I’m just hoping for one more score at this point so we can get away with a cosmetic win.

6:22PM – The Terps have not been able to pressure Delaware. That scares me as the schedule gets tougher. Teams will picks apart if QBs have all day to throw the ball.

6:28PM – So much for a cosmetic win. This next series will be fun. Delaware will stick eight guys in the box and try to stop the run. Who comes to QB for Maryland?

6:32PM – Predictably, Maryland goes three and out. Turner’s wild overthrow on third down was the lowlight. Nothing like sweating it out against an inferior opponent.

6:34PM – Delaware throws a pick on the first play. Terps still need to a first down or two. Let’s get a moral victory. Don’t punt this away! Finish the game with the offense on the field.

6:42PM – That was an unimpressive win.  At least we can run the ball.  The staff needs to figure out the QB situation or we could lose at Middle Tennesee State next week.


  1. Thanks to everyone who will come with us to the new Turtle Soup. 1 hour to gametime. So excited to see the game will be broadcast on regular ESPN. Thanks Hurricane Gustav!!!!

  2. Nice new layout! Let’s hope this season kicks off on the right note!

  3. This from the Baltimore Sun:
    A Delaware official says the Blue Hens will start Ohio State transfer Rob Schoenhoft at quarterback over redshirt freshman Lou Ritacco against the Terps today.

  4. With VaTech losing to ECU (BWAHAHA!), this proves you can’t take any team lightly. Let’s hope the defense does their job and the offense is aggressive, putting points up on the board early and often

  5. First drive had moments… getting the ball into the hands of our playmaker was key. Steffy needed to get rid of the ball earlier on the 3rd down play, the guy was wide open.

  6. Same old Steffy? We’ll see…

  7. Same old Steffy…kills the momentum with a crappy pass on 1st down after some great running to bring it out from the 2…then steps up into the defensive pressure for a sack. Get him the fudge out of there now…no patience for this kid.

  8. Same old Steffy so far. He locks onto receivers and looks afraid to take a chance and throw downfield. I’m not liking him so far. You can’t keep settling for 45+ long field goal tries.

  9. Is it time to pull Steffy yet? Maybe he could try kicking field goals instead, He couldn’t do any worse than what we’ve seen so far.

  10. Can’t blame Steffy for that drive…but I can’t help but feel that he should have picked up that blitz before the snap. He almost seemed surprised to see the guy coming free.

  11. Gonna nitpick…Steffy made a great throw in the face of pressure, but if he leads Heyward-Bey, you don’t need the end-around for the TD…you’d have already scored it. 7-0 Terps! Let’s get it done!

  12. I just started watching the game about 10 mins. ago. Damn Heyward-Bey is a legitimate superstar. Get him the ball every time!?! What a catch, but he got himself wide open and reeled in a mediocre pass with one hand.

  13. First Half Observations:

    – Offense is a work in progress, but it seems we have 2 solid running backs and an all-american in Heyward-Bey. The QB play better improve. Steffy has to take more chances downfield. You saw how bad a pass it was to H-B and he made a great catch. Give your playmakers a chance to make plays.

    – Egekeze may have lost it. He was pretty good last year, but kickers are all about confidence and it looks like he has none right now.

    – Defense looks good. They are making plays and Terrell Skinner is all over the place. I like that kid a lot.

    We should be beating this team about 17-0 I think, but the offenses struggles are keeping Delaware in it, though I’m not sure Turner would have made a huge difference, but I do think we would have gotten closer for Egekeze. I’m not worried yet, but one score from Delaware and it’s panic time.

  14. I’m glad we’re in the lead, but I expected more first half points. It’s still anyone’s ball game. Go Terps!

  15. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Steffy exudes confidence as he approaches the line? He looks shaky, tentative, and no more mature than in years past. Put Portis in and let him throw…the defense won’t expect it, and of course, if he looks good will put more pressure on Steffy to perform, as well as the coaches to make a switch.

  16. The Jordan Steffy era must end NOW!

  17. Steffy=Momentum Killer

  18. Gregg, “shit show” might be going too easy on Steffy…the boosters need to revoke his scholarship because the coaches won’t do it. The fans need to boo the coaches if Steffy is on the field for the next possession.

  19. The fans are already chanting for Turner. How can we b in the 3rd quarter of this game with only 7 points with Scott and Heyward-Bey?????????????

  20. Turner or Portis, I don’t care…anyone but Steffy.

  21. OL #77 got away with a hold there, but great job all day by the RBs!

  22. Can we please put Portis in and let him THROW the ball? He’s a QB, for f*cks sake! Delaware can stack the line knowing it’s a run each time, so at least let him hand it off or at least fake the handoff and go the opposite way…

  23. Apparently Turner was warming up on the sidelines…Steffy was “shaken up” on the last offensive play…I think that’s code for “saving face”.

  24. Mediocre QB play would be a massive improvement.

  25. Final Game Thoughts:

    – Running game is great. We got a fantastic 1-2 punch. It won’t mean as much though unless the QB play improves. Turner has to be given the nod next week. I know the coaches want to save face, but if Steffy was that bad against Delaware, he’s just no good. He is too nervous back there, scared to make any kind of mistake. It should be Turner, no doubt.

    – Portis was okay, but Brian is right, they have to let him throw once in a while in order to keep the defense kinda honest.

    – Defense was solid. They may have tired a bit on Delaware’s TD drive, but Skinner is a playmaker and our front seven is pretty tough. I would like to get a little more pressure on the QB with that 3-man front. The D should keep us in most games and it’ll be up to the offense to improve.

    – Give Egekeze another game or two to get his confidence back. I’m not too worried about him.. yet. Remember Novak couldn’t hit a thing in the first few games of 2001.

    – Get Heyward-Bey the ball more than 5 times!!!!!

    All in all, it’s better to learn some things in a win than in a loss. There are major questions, but there were also some very nice things about that game. I think we have the potential to be a very good team this season as long as the coaches do the right thing and put Steffy on the bench permanently.

  26. Defense played well but don’t have much size, could really hurt them against bigger teams. We could lose a bunch of games or have little chance for comebacks in the 4th quarter if our defensive speed runs out of gas.

    Terps can run the ball but if they can’t pass that too shall end. The one interception Steffy threw on 4th down wasn’t a bad decision but the other one to the LB, yikes!?! The rest of the game he wasn’t that bad but he certainly wasn’t good. Unfortunately two of Turner’s throws were horrible leaving the door open for Steffy starting again next week. O-line better figure out how to pick up the inside blitz or we might end up with a bunch of injured QBs. If they play like this next week it’s a loss.

  27. Apologies to Denny Green…Steffy is who we thought he was. It was hard to judge Turner since we went into our shell (turtle shell if you will) on offense with that huge 14 point lead.

    There is no way that was the West Coast offense. That was the RF offense. In football you run the ball to set tempo but you throw the ball to score. You cannot run the ball 80% and win. As you saw in this game, we had about 280 yrds rushing and 14 points. YOU HAVE TO THROW THE BALL!

    The D looked pretty decent altho I am not a huge fan of the 3-4. We weren’t getting much pressure on the QB.

    We must use that talent we have at wideout. Portis cannot be used as a third RB. Let the kid chuck a few balls if for no other reason than to keep the D guessing.

    Dave Megget looked like we thought he would. Our running game is set. As the year goes on we are going to see 8 in the box more and more. You have to pass on that.

    Fridge needs to let go of the offense and let the OC he brought in do his job.

    As far as the FGs go, he was money for us last year so you have to give him a break.

    I think we have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. Time for us to use all of it.

  28. Caught the 4th quarter of the game on ESPN. Fourteen points in three quarters of play? Against Delaware? I missed the QB musical chairs, but you guys filled me in pretty well. Its obvious we go nowhere unless we get one of the three QBs to step up and TAKE the job away from the other two. Also, we’re going to need an offense that puts up 28-35 points a game to have a strong record this year. I’m afraid these sub-20 point games will be the death knell for us.On the positive side, at least they won the game.

    One question, you all mentioned Portis a bit here and there in your posts, could you get a good read on his potential? Might he be the one? Our QB Neo?

  29. Just go back from the game and here are my thoughts watching is live. D. Scott is the best kept secret in the ACC. The biggest question I had was his toughness IE running around people or hitting them and he justified that for me. LIL Megget is pretty damn quick and his TD scamper was nice and solid moves for them.

    now onto the crap parts…. our QB situation is HUGE!! I sat next to a guy who didn’t understand why people boo these kids… I told him listen Sir they are adults now the can take it they aren’t 10 yr old who will cry do he can be a man and take it. He didn’t say anything to me afterwards oh well. Steffy is doing the same crap he did last year and the biggest grip is holding the ball for AGES and/or either getting sacked or hurried because of it. THAT INT straight to the guy was soooo BAD. REAL BAD! Turner looked ok but he still can’t throw that deep out to save his life and threw it over his head.

    Our line looks like the same and our WRs are there. I was happy in the beginning when they kept on throwing it to our main man Bey but then nothing. What I didn’t like was we need to spread it out more. I was asking if the others wrs were really out there.

    Our D is ok, i mean tons of times we let them get the inside run on us and WE NEED A PASS RUSH!

    I’ll chalk this down as OUR preseason game and I hope they come ready to play vs middle tenn st.

    GO terps!

    oh yeah our FG kick sucks donkey nuts!

  30. hey,
    i was at the game. my thoughts. loved the speed of our backs. Can two continue to carry the load. especially against power teams where we may see the holes. why no pass rush? that was evident. do not boo our qb after one game. i heard it too. boo the coaches that put him in there.

  31. Just watching the end of the Cal game now. They have had their share of first week mistakes and don’t look great, but if we play even close to how we played today they are going to crush us. Our running game is great, Scott has moves and speed and I think we are better rushing now than last year, however, that won’t last long at all if we can’t throw the ball. Teams will just collapse in on us and that will be the end of that. I mostly feel sorry for Heyward-Bey because he is a top 5 receiver in the nation, but we don’t have a QB that can get him the ball and he won’t get all the accolades he deserves. This was a real coaching letdown today, it really is amazing we could only put up 14 points and one of our RB’s had a 200yd game.

  32. This could be an explosive Offense. Too bad the QB position is so unsettled. I been watching the Terps for years and I don’t recall ever having this much speed!

    Steffy hasn’t changed. It starting to look as if Ralph won’t either. Ralph used to be a progressive cat on offense. We used to take shots downfield and his offense always teams guessing. But I guess if your trigger man doesn’t have it, then you’re going to short on what you can do.

    Hell, lets run a wishbone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sorry for the long post here but let me know what you all think…

    There is only one thing worse than playing scared, and that is coaching scared. In Week 1 against a very game and pedigreed team, at least in the 1AA football world, in Delaware, we saw both. Playing scared gets you and your teammates hurt. Coaching scared leads to losses. What I saw in the MD/Delaware game was a player playing scared and a coach coaching scared. You can’t win by trying to avoid losing.

    If you are the defensive coordinator of the opposing team, you should blitz Jordan Steffy every play. While Steffy started off the game fairly strong, halfway through the 2nd quarter Delaware began blitzing Steffy. The first time they got to him, he threw a ball into the ground (and he should have been called for intentional grounding). From that point on, Steffy had happy feet. He never recovered from being hit. He then threw 2 picks and threw almost every ball off of his back foot. That is if he threw the ball at all. Once he got hit that first time, Steffy turned back into the QB we saw last year. He holds the ball too long, becomes too tentative, and becomes Mr. Indecision. Again. MD cannot win with a QB who plays like this. Today’s game was a carbon copy of the first game of last year.

    On the other side of the ball, MD’s defensive coordinator, Chris Cosh, is a mirror image of Jordan Steffy. He has studs on that defense but he sits them back in a read and react defense. He refuses to blitz. He calls a tentative game. He does not trust his players. He calls games like he is scared. The only thing that makes up for mistakes is speed, and MD has plenty of it. Release the hounds. The bend-don’t-break philosophy will keep that defense on the field too long. Delaware scored its only TD when Cosh sat MD’s defense back in a prevent defense, which we all know prevents you from winning. He rushed 3 linemen and dropped 8 back into a 3 deep zone. Timid. Watch a USC game sometime. Pete Carroll blitzes from all over the field. He trusts his athletes to make plays, and when they make mistakes, they have the speed to make up for it. Make no mistake, MD might not have USC speed, but it surely has more speed than Delaware will face all season.

    MD should have buried Delaware. Franklin started out calling a really fluid game, but then Steffy got hit and Franklin turned into Ralphie from last year. MD has maybe the most dynamic player in the ACC in DHB (maybe just behind Spiller at Clemson).

    MD will lose next week at MTSU if Steffy does not learn to get rid of the ball. Maybe his “thumb injury” was really a confidence injury. Turner gives MD the best chance to win 8 games this year. We can’t win games with a QB throwing 2 picks and no TDs. Scott won’t be able to run for almost 200 yards every game. We’ll see that next week. MTSU likes to turn games into track meets. They’ll put 8 men at the line and dare MD to beat them through the air. If Turner starts next week against MTSU, he’ll throw for 300 yards and Scott will run for 150. With Steffy, not so much.

  34. Steffy injured his thumb, don’t know how serious but the starting QB position may be up for grabs in week 2.

    OL looked good, defense looked good except on one series. RB’s looked good. We hae playmakers at WR but we didn’t get them the ball much. The punter did his job well, but the Kicker needs to get his confidence back quickly. Well, when we did get DHB the ball good things did happen, so…..

    All in all some good, some bad things happened but it’s a win….albeit against a Diision 1-AA or FCS or whatever they call it LOL

    Wheels brings up good points about MTSU…they are no push over.

    Let’s all hope there’s big improvement from week one to week two that sets us up for a GREAT game against Cal.

  35. Very good post Wheels. That is the same defense we played last year and will continue to play. Ralph has turned into this grind it out, keep it close coach. We will play in a lot of close games. It will be hard to blow us out and we will not blow out anyone.

    I hope I am wrong but I don’t see Ralph changing this year. He has done a good job of getting recruits but he has everyone on a very short least. That includes his asst coaches.

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