New Features and Logo Help

Hi Folks,

I hope you are enjoying the new site. Gregg and I are hardly web designers but we have been playing around with some features of WordPress and we think we have added in some things that will make it easier and more enjoyable to to visit Turtle Soup.

You may have noticed that we added some additional “pages” to the site. I’ve begun to upload funny Maryland photos whenever I come across them. As we enter the school year, I encourage readers to send me photos from either the football or the basketball season and I will post them here.

There is also a page for the “Anti-Duke Manifesto”. It is quite a treatise, and frankly speaks for itself. A UNC Law student originally penned the document and I feel that it deserves a permanent place on Turtle Soup. The author has developed a kinship with Maryland fans as he hates Duke with as much vigor as we do.

I’ve also added some Polls on the right hand side that I will updating throughout the football and basketball season. I encourage you to vote and weigh in.

We have also created a “tag cloud” on the left hand side that organizes all of our old posts based on frequency of topics. For those unfamiliar, the topics in the biggest font size are the ones most frequently touched upon. The fact that “Frustration” and “Rants” are currently the two largest, speaks volumes about the last year in College Park.

Finally, I’d like to invite all Turtle Soup readers to help me come up with a logo for the header at the top of the page. As you can see, my photoshop skills are terrible. If you are considering putting a logo together for me, please note that the size of the image box is fixed and anything you send me will be stretched or cropped to fit in that box.



  1. I’m not much of a photo-shopper either, but may I make a humble suggestion?

    If it’s possible to add other links like you did with the dook manifesto, it would be nice if you could add other links that deal with UM sports or college sports in general – like a link to the official stats to get stats or a link to the RPI ranking site (Pomeroy?)…just a thought.

    You guys do a great job with the site, btw. It is appreciated.

  2. Jeremy and Gregg – Thanks for the great job you do. Suggestions? Like Stevend, I’d like to see more links–for instance, to whatever equivalent blog, if there is one, that Dookies have. I think the tag cloud’s a cool idea but don’t know how you’re categorizing the posts–are you doing it based on your judgment or does it happen automatically somehow? For example, how does a post get categorized as a “rant” and then show up in the tag cloud?

  3. Thanks Jeremy and Gregg, for all you guys do.

    BTW…ESPN is reporting MD QB Jordan Steffy out indefinitely with thumb injury. QB Chris Turner to start Saturday.

  4. Fridge says Steffy out at least 3 weeks after ligament damage to thumb.

    Turner will start.


    It also says Portis will play too. Good thing Turner didn’t transfer.

  6. Stevend – the are links to other blogs and Terp related sites are along the first column on the right hand side. I added Pomeroy in there this weekend. he’s the bomb as we all know.

    Kaze- the tag cloud is categorized by Gregg and myself. We are working through the kinks as we go through the old posts. For instance, 90% of every post is related to hoops, so I’m not sure we need to tag it as such. So some of the designations may change. Basically, Gregg and I determine if it is a rant. Usually, i just have to go to a post immediately after a loss. haha.

  7. Awwwwwww chea! I’m being told that some more B-Ball recruit visits will be announced this week.

    Meanwhile I just learned that UMD and Under Armour announced on Tuesday that UA will become the exclusive outfitter of Terrapin athletics. I saw a pic of the b-ball unis and I don’t like them LOL

    Lastly, get well soon Jordan. It’s a long FB season and having depth at the QB position is never a bad thing.


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