Terps Lose the Battle of Murfreesboro

Judging from the box score, the game was not all that dissimilar from a Civil War era slaughter.

The Terps came into the game against MTSU thinking it was a trap game. A trap game it was. Chris Turner played like absolute ass and the play calling was atrocious. Here’s a news flash for Friedgen and Franklin: if you only bring in Josh Portis for running plays, options, and QB sneaks; then the defense will put 11 guys in the box to stop it. This is not rocket science. Change things up a little!

The Fridge has gone from offensive genius to moron in a matter of 5 years. It can’t all be personnel issues. Where’s the creativity? It can be argued that Maryland has the best receiver and the best running back in the ACC (Da’Rel Scott had another strong game); yet we stink. 11 touches for Scott? 2 for Heyward-Bey? That is just plain ineptitude.

Defensively, the Terps have exactly zero sacks – on the season. Can we blitz some of the these 1-AA QBs? For the love of God, gets some pressure on these guys!

Even more frustrating is that the ACC is terrible this year, and given the talent; Maryland should have had a shot at a BCS berth. Instead, we are losing to Middle Tennessee State. I’m trying to recall the last time Maryland lost to a 1-AA school (or whatever it is those schools are called these days). I’m too tired to look it up, but I think that even the likes of Mark Duffner and Joe Krivak were able to steer clear of a loss like that.

The optimist in me is saying look at all of these also-ran programs that are beating big schools. East Carolina looks ready to challenge for the national championship. Utah goes into the Big House and beats Michigan. So Maryland went on the road and lost to a scrappy team? The pessimist’s response? Well, you can polish a turd all day and at the end of the day, you still have a turd.

So just how bad is the ACC? How about NC State’s rousing 34-24 win against William and Mary? Or maybe you were impressed when UVA stuck it to Richmond 16-0. ACC teams should be beating these teams by 30+ points. Instead, they are either scraping by or losing outright. It’s never been a football conference, but the ACC is embarassing itself.

I’ve gone from being bullish on the season to thinking that the Terps might win three games all year. California beat Wash St. (a Pac-10 team) 66-3 today. They are going to crush Maryland. I was in Byrd Stadium in the fall of 1993 when Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions came in and whupped the Terps 70-7. Next week could be that bad.

On the upside, Midnight Madness is five weeks away. Then, there will be a whole bunch of other things to complain about. Orioles, Ravens, and Terps. What did I do to deserve this?

EDIT: I have since been corrected. The Sun Belt Conference is D-I.  How I could have possibly forgotten that such a prodigous and powerhouse conference is D-I?  After all, beating Maryland may be the best thing that ever happened to the Sun Belt.  Now that is a sorry statement.



  1. Didn’t watch the game, but I’m not surprised. The fat bastard has lost whatever “genius” he had. He had three impressive seasons with someone elses recruits. Maybe it was all those times he hinted he was leaving for a pro job and Yow rewarded him with more goodies in his Fridge.
    Terps lost to Northern Illinois a few years ago, so Fridge losing to a I-AA team is nothing new.
    Let’s be honest…expansion has not helped ACC football, which has brought Miami and VaTech down, rather than helped the old ACC rise. And it has been terrible for Basketball.

  2. MTSU is not a 1AA school, they are in the Sun Belt Conference, which might actually be stronger than the ACC right now.

    Why, Jeremy, why did you have to bring up Midnight Madness? Are you trying to kill me? Didn’t you read the thread from the game? I have two young children, and I don’t want them to see me cry!

    Do not fool yourselves with this talk of Ralphie inheriting talent. He won with worse talent. This is the most talented team in MD history. Period. The athleticism on this team is amazing. Size, strength, speed…they have it all. Which makes this loss so much worse.

    What has happened to this program is astonishing. Gary Blackney and Charlie Taafe must have been the keys to Ralphie’s early success. The season after they left, MD imploded. They’ve had one good season since. Coaches put players in position to win. It’s not happening now.

    On the D side of things, Cosh must go. Maybe now that they have nothing to lose he’ll start blitzing. He coaches like it’s the 1970s. Newsflash…the 1985 Chicago Bears defense put an end to read and react defenses. You had a frontrow seat to a team using pressure defense. How did it look to watch MTSU confuse MD’s offense. Did you pick up on anything new? Did you learn by watching an under-manned team totally school your team’s O? Are you f-ing brain dead?

    On the O side of things, Ralphie is way too close to the playes. He is letting his emotions dictate his decisions. He and Franklin are way too tentative on O, way too predictable. I saw 2 or 3 KSU games last year. Franklin did not call games like this for them. I think he’s on a leash.

    It just kills me. We’re supposed to look forward to hoops now? Really? It’s a train wreck. It’s decision time in CP. We could be looking at new coaches in football and hoops by the end of March. Total chaos. What has happened?

  3. Be careful what you wish for.

    Wow. I am amazed at 2 things from this game. One, the play of Chris Turner. Say what you will about play-calling, but Turner didn’t even look like a high school QB. There are no excuses for the kinds of passes he threw. If he was able to actually throw the ball TO somebody, they could have kept the Terps defense off the field for a little bit and given them some rest. Turner looked nothing like the guy we watched last year. Nothing.

    Second, the defense. There is no excuse for the defense to not be prepared to face a spread offense. They have taken on West Virginia the past 10 years. They have seen this. Plus, we have much better athletes than they did. Ugh. They were man-handled.

    Oh, and how can I forget the offensive line. You know, the O-line that outweighed MTSU by 58 pounds per man. The O-line that is senior-laden and is supposed to be dominant. Aside from a few good running plays, they were horrible. But it goes back to Turner for me. He lost this game, plain and simple. He was beyond horrendous.

    This could be the beginning of the end for the Fridge. This was the worse loss I can remember since Northern Illinois, or perhaps Ohio all those years ago.

    The only way they make up from this loss is to beat Cal next week, but confidence is not high in Terp land.

  4. I guess in hindsight I’m glad I couldn’t watch the game but I’m curious why Scott only got the ball 11 times & Meggett twice? The QB’s had 1 less carry than the RBs! Did MTSU just stack the line & make us throw? Scott still averaged 6 Yds per carry even without the long TD run so I can’t believe that was the reason. My theory is they are holding back the playbook for Cal & the ACC or at least I hope so. If the D doesn’t live up to its potential then I’m on the Cosh must go bandwagon. Beating Cal can offset this loss a bit but I’m not sure how thats going to happen. The ACC is so bad its embarrassing that we could still contend for the Division. This isn’t Duke, it is too early to look forward to Midnight Madness.

  5. hey, the reason the carries were so few is because we could not get any first downs and could not get the off. on the field. the def. pass rush is pathetic, same as last year. are we the only ones that see that? don”t think about blaming the coaches or play calling on the horrible qb. play. Turner just stunk. And probably will continue to play poorly as we start playing better teams

  6. It’s pretty obvious now why Fridge chose Steffy over Turner. Over 70% of the team chose Steffy over CT when polled by Frankin. CT shows no energy, fails to inspire his team mates and looks listless back there. 2 of his 3 interceptions were awful throws that most high schoolers would not attempt. The announcers pointed that out. We have a big problem at QB.
    Also to be concerned about is our special teams play. MTSU had some decent returns (+25 yards), Baltz was mediocre for the second game, and Egkeze is G-D awful. Thats 12 points he has cost us in the first two games, not to mention his confidence is shot.
    I am on the bandwagon that the Fridge is on his last legs. Clearly if you take out the first two years at UMD, he has a losing record. I’m afraid were going back to the Krivak, Duffner, Vanderlin days.

  7. Now that the FB season is over….

  8. At least now we know where we stand with this team. Any big wins from here is like a surprise gift. Terps football always feels more comfortable that way anyway. Let’s face it, it always has been and always will be a warm-up to the real thing…..GARYLAND.

  9. For the record, Northern Illinois and Ohio are MAC schools and in Division I. MTSU is a Sun Belt school which is IAA (or whatever it is called now). The Sun Belt, along with a bunch of other conferences move up to Division I for basketball season. That is why there are only about 115 D-I football schools and 300+ D-I basketball schools.

    Does anyone know the last I-AA school that the Terps lost to?

  10. Jeremy…I hate to correct you, but the Sun Belt is a full fledged D1 conference for football. They have 85 allotted scholarships for football. That’s why the WaPost write up notes that MTSU only had 67 scholarship players suited up for last night’s game. The Sub Belt has two or three bowl tie ins (New Orleans Bowl is where the champion goes). FAU and FIU, two MD opponents in the past 2 years, are also Sun Belt schools. Troy, which has beaten a couple of SEC schools in the past is also in the conference. As further proof of their D1 status, D1 schools can’t play more than one 1AA school a year and have it count toward their bowl eligible win total for the year.

    I don’t know when the last time MD lost to a 1AA school. The category has only existed since the late 1970s/early 1980s.

    Now…your real point is that this is likely the worst loss in MD football over the last several decades. I can’t even remember a loss to a worse team. At least NIU was a legit bowl team the year MD lost to them

  11. Just horrible. Time of posession 20 mins. for Terps, 40 mins. for MTSU. It boggles the mind how powerhouse Troy could rack up 31 points on this team last week and we could only muster 14. Heyward-Bey should have transferred to a school that could get him the football, I mean the guy scores almost every other time he touches the ball but he gets 3 catches?!? For some reason our offensive line can’t provide any pass protection and our defense is just wrong. The 3 man rush is just flat out not working and the only real scary thing is that the coaches seem to be the only ones who don’t realize this. Now we go in to the Cal game looking horrible. Great, we finally play my neighbors “team” and I have to bet him, thankfully we haven’t made the wager yet and it looks like we will be embarassed by a huge blowout. This same offense and defense against Cal will be a 50 pt. + rout, unless we change things. Damn, tough year to be a Terps fan!

  12. Jesus, we are not a friggin 1AA school for Christ’s sake. We have 3 SEC wins, our conference has victories over Oklahoma St, Missourri, Mississippi St, Vanderbilt, Alabama, and a slew of mid majors…Jesus whenwill the world wake up and smell the parity in college football that comes with schlaorship limitations! I can’t believe a person that calls themselves a college football fan thinks the Sunbelt is 1AA…Good greif.

  13. We also have several other BCS wins that I can’t think of while I’m pissed off…

  14. Also, Troy is a LOT figgin better than most people realize. They almost beat Georgia last year at Georgia. Don’t think Troy wouldn’t give most, if not all of, the ACC fits.

  15. You forgot about the Redskins! It’s going to be a miserable football season…

  16. Yea, they are division I but they are way down the pecking order. It’s a really bad loss. That team is good for being where they are but they have no business being in the game against UMD. We probably have 10 players that will be on a NFL roster and they have players who will be selling me insurance.

    Bad loss

  17. Time of possesion in this game is kinda misleading, especially when two of the Terps scores were a 65 yard run and an 80 yard pass. Or something like that.

  18. DBR…I disagree. MD’s defense could not get off of the field on 3rd and 4th down. MTSU had a 17 play drive in the 1st quarter. MTSU ran 82 plays for the game, MD ran 54. Yes, two of those 54 plays were long plays; but the sheer discrepancy between the number of plays run is staggering. MD only scored 14 points….it’s not like they were racing all over the place the entire game. They either went three and out, turned the ball over, and scored on long plays. They just couldn’t sustain anything.

    What bothers me the most on O is their line play. If Franklin was “withholding” the playbook so that Cal wouldn’t see much, well then he was too smart by a half. MD’s line should be giving any and all of their QBs more time. Are they just road graders who can only move forward?

    Their whole D bothers me. They have great LBs, the kind of players that would start on almost any other team in the country. Yet all they do is sit back and wait. Nothing goes forward on the D. I’m not sure what the deal with Cosh is. I think his track record as a defensive coordinator speaks for itself.

    Before MD, he held the D coordinator spot at 3 schools over 4 years (South Carolina, Michigan State, and Illinois). Those teams had a combined 18-27-1 record. In his 3 seasons so far as D coordinator at MD (including 2 games this season), MD is 16-12 (which included the only winning record for a team he’s been the DC for…the 9-4 2006 season). Overall, that’s a 34-39-1 cumulative record on the teams where he held that position. I know he wasn’t the head coach on these teams, but it’s not like the guy has been around winning programs as the head of their defenses.

    How in the world did Ralphie hire this guy in the first place? After the Gary Blackney years, watching this defense is painful. He has the talent. His scheme sucks. How can a season teeter on the brink of disaster so early in the year? Can the Cal game be considered a must win game? Yes the ACC is down and has 8 bowl tie ins, but what does another 6 win season say? It’s tough to tell how many games this team will win, but that has more to do with how bad the ACC is this year.

  19. Just a little info these smaller schools are doing better because kids are going to these schools because they want to play and not go the quote unquote the BCS schools, believe me alot of these kids can play but they have stop believing the lies from these schools and want to go some where they can contribute and play and not wait 2 or 3 yrs to play sitting behind these over rated players that have been hyped so much thru these rating systems (rivals, scout.com) and so forth. Its only the begining.

  20. Blue Raider…if MTSU can parlay this win into a conference title and bowl birth, then come back and let us know. MTSU’s only other wins against a BCS school all came against Vandy. I don’t think Vandy has had a winning record since 1980.

    Troy has built itself quite a nice program, as has Howard Schnellenberger at FAU (which got pasted by Texas last week). Before Troy, UNT had a nice run but has since faded back into oblivion. If I am not mistaken, MTSU also had a run dominating the Sun Belt but then also fell off.

    You can continue to believe that non-BCS schools are just biding their time; however, if I am not mistaken, MTSU barely meets NCAA attendence mandates. Yes, Boise State beat OU, but look at what happened to Hawaii last year. If Troy played in the ACC this year (and the ACC is way down), they’d finish middle of the pack and upgrade from RL Carrier Bowl in New Orleans to, say, the Meineke Car Care Bowl. If Troy played in SEC? Hello Vandy-ville.

    Don’t kid yourself…this isn’t like NCAA hoops. There is a vast difference in the parity between the two sports. Football requires vast amounts of capital that schools like MTSU have a hard time generating and investing. In fact, I would be willing to bet that MTSU loses hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because of football alone. Tell me how you would make the following bet:

    A) A current Sun Belt conference school makes a BCS bowl in the next 10 years
    B) A current Sun Belt conference school drops football in the next 10 years

    Of course, unless you smoke crack and date 1 toothed strippers, you’d put money on B. Now, replace Sun Belt with ACC in that same bet and tell me which you would choose?

    Now, be gone unless you have something material to add to the discussion

  21. Not to pile onto my obvious dislike of Chris Cosh…and this is my last post on this subject for the week…I promise…check out what MTSU’s QB had to say about MD’s defense:

    “We knew going in Maryland wouldn’t give us a big pass rush because they are more of a read team,” Craddock said. “We knew we would have some time and we just needed to execute.”

  22. Folks, I’ve enjoyed the analysis very much in the past day; from both sides. I’m a bit torn on what I think about the defense. I’m not a big fan of Cosh and I think we have the athletes at linebacker that should allow us to blitz successfully, but my main issue is how they could not look prepared to face a spread offense. You CAN’T play the same defense that you play against a normal offense against the spread. You just can’t do that. The read and react actually should be successful against the spread as opposed to an overly aggressive scheme, but without a downfield passing game, it’s mind-boggling to me that the DB’s were not closer to the line against a team that either runs or throws quick screens and slants. I don’t get how they could look so bad against them knowing what they were going to be doing.

    Cal can put points on the board so it will be imperative that we get pressure on their QB. Perhaps we can hope that Cal arrives for the game half asleep since it’ll be 9 a.m. on the west coast.

  23. Blue Raider Guy- Despite your disbelief, it is quite possible to be a college football fan and think your school is 1-AA. Yes, I was incorrect. You are D-1. Congratulaions. Yes MTSU beat Maryland. Congratulatioins. And yes, MTSU will always be irrelevant nationally. Congratulations.

    Just because Maryland and ACC have been lowered to your level irrelevance; doesn’t mean your school or conference is ever going to be good. Now, please go run along to one of your school’s blogs. If they even exist.

  24. O’l Stevie sounds like a Dookie!

  25. Per an earlier post, I was wondering the same thing, how much of his early success was Friedgen’s and how much was Vanderlinden, Blackney and Taafe’s? unfortunately, for us it looks like the latter. Also, I hope Friedgen has not ruined Turner’s confidence as he was desperately trying to justify his poor decision to name Steffy as his starter? I mean, was it necessary to tell everyone how bad a practice player Turner is and that he took a poll and all his teammates chose Steffy, that’s pathetic and incredibly amateurish! Don’t even get me started on Cosh, a defense needs to be aggressive, not sit on its heels, again another poor decision by Friedgen. Although, I admire Friedgen’s enthusiasm for his alma mater and all of the facility changes that he has pushed through, I ‘m afraid it’s time for him to go.

  26. Our “friend” Steve has been blocked from making comments. Telling the writer “Eff off” has a tendency to acheive that result.

  27. On the Fridge/Vanderlinden front, I think we are all forgetting that Vanderlinded had talent (remember Lamont Jordan rushing for 300+ yards in a loss!), but Vanderlinden could not motivate the team and was not a winner.

    Say what you will about the Fridge, who should definitely be on the hot seat, but he did motivate those players whether they were his or not, and they responded for the first 3 years. QB woes were to blame for year 4 and you could put that on the Fridge for not recruiting a good one.

    Since then it’s been inconsistency. Losing the assistants was a key as well as Penn State and WVU getting good and stealing some of our recruits. All in all, for some reason, the Fridge is not motivating this team like he used to be able to. He said he warned the team all week that last week’s game was going to be tough, but he had a feeling they weren’t listening. Either he’s not doing a good job getting his points across or the team has tuned him out to an extent. Whatever the case, it’s not good. They need to get their acts together or this will be a long season. They have the players to be a bowl team, they just need to get out there and do the job.

  28. JMS:

    I know that you’re not making the argument (others have), but I’d like to address the “Ralphie won with leftover Coach Ron” talent claim. Since Bobby Ross left for GT and the NFL, MD has had 4 coaches:

    Krivak: 20-34 with one bowl
    Duffner: 20-35 with no bowls
    Vanderlinden: 15-29 with no bowls
    Ralphie Boy: 57-32 with 5 bowls

    If Ralphie won off of Coach Ron’s talent, I’m fine with that because at least he could win where Coach Ron couldn’t. But let’s play the “domino theory” game for a second. Maybe Coach Ron couldn’t win because he inherited no talent from Duff, and Duff couldn’t win because Krivak left him nothing. So by the transitive property, Ralphie is a bad coach because Krivak was a terrible coach and lousy recruiter. Clearly, Ralphie can coach.

    Now, and I think you’re point is this, that maybe Ralphie’s early success had a lot to do with Charlie Taafe’s and Gary Blackney’s O and D calling abilities, respectively. I think that is a more persuasive argument given the difficulty MD has experienced since they both left.

    Ralphie was labeled as a “QB guru” from his work, primarily, with Joe Hamilton (Little Joe) at GT. That MD has so mightily struggled at the QB spot since Scott O’Brien left makes me wondrer about that “guru” tag. He was also lauded as a play calling “guru,” but the play calling since Taafe left has been utterly predictable.

    One final point about Ralphie. He’s been saying that all last week he kept warning the team to not look past MTSU but that he had a feeling they weren’t listening. Well, thanks coach. Next time you have a “feeling” about it maybe you can actually do something about it. Funny, I thought that was part of the job description for a coach!

  29. Here is the bitter proof from the Blue Raiders coach himself.


  30. Wheels my Terp brother, it’s Scott McBrien, not O’Brien. BTW Scott is playing in Canada for some CFL team.
    The Fridge quote that they weren’t listening says to me and everyone else who has seen it that he has lost the team.
    The Fridge is gone watch is on.

  31. Wheels: I stand corrected. Your 4:31pm post on time of possesion brought up somethings I didn’t consider. Thanks.


    PICK UP B-BALL has begun and here’s some info I got via email:

    The team has started playing pick-up games after weight lifting. I’d think it would be the other way around (play then lift but whatever).

    Sean Mosley was the POD (player of the day). Dishing out assists and hitting jumpers from all over the place. Lots of mid-range shots but some threes too.

    Landon also scored alot, inside and outside. AB is still slashing and looks more confident in his jump shot.

    Greivis back and going full speed, teamed with Eric for some nice plays at one point.

    Not much scoring on the blocks, though Dupree had a few nice moves. Burney didn’t post up much, but had one impressive dunk.

    Goins sat out with ice on his knees, JSK was not seen.

  32. We need Fridge and Gary gone and if Debbie Yow can’t do it maybe she should go too. I’m so frustrated w MD sports. There is no reason why we, a great school in the nation’s capital should lose good recruits to podunk schools. Md should be a major power every year. It’s embarrassing.

  33. I’d like to be a major power every year too, but I don’t think our proximity to the nation’s capitol has anything to do with us missing out on some recruits. Kids select a school based on many factors, if you’re planning to be a Poly/Sci major perhaps a school near the nation’s capitol is appealing. But that school could be Maryland, Georgetown, George Washington or someplace else. Plenty of Universities is some podunk towns pull in great recuiting classes. It’s not like Chapel Hill is some awesome metropolitan area, or Durham for that matter. The University of Tennessee is in Knoxville. Hell, I couldn’t point to Knoxville on a map before I got offered a job there. Have ya ever been to Tallahassee? You could drive past it on I-10 in 2-3 exits yet look at the run FSU had with football recuits.

    Like I said, kids choose a school for many reasons. Sometimes it’s not the kid making the choice. Handlers, mentors, personal trainers that pimp a kid to a school if the school hires them (Gus Gilchrist). Family members that pimp a kid to a school if the school hires them. The list goes on.

    But I, and many others on the blog relate to your frustation Terp75.

  34. Actually, I think being around a major city is a detriment to recruiting. The more rural colleges generally have nicer grounds. They are also the only show in town so the whole town totally supports them. It’s a lot harder to find trouble in Charlottesville than it is in DC.

    I can’t wait for B-Ball and I haven’t given up on our football team. We have lots of talent that might be able to overcome our schemes. If RF would play to win instead of not to lose that would be a big step in the right direction.

  35. More B-Ball stuff from an email…

    Dino is noticeably bigger, but still undersized, and he didn’t get any taller. He doesn’t have SF skills so this season is pretty much now or never time for Dino because the coaches are looking for an impact PF

    Dupree looks noticeably slimmer (like possibly 35 pounds slimmer) and in pretty good shape. November and December are huge for Braxton……..he has to show he can get it done, we need some inside scoring from BD. It can’t all come from the perimeter.

    The early games against the “cupcakes” will tell us a lot about Dino, Braxton and JB. Hopefully it will be all good. Pray that those kids are ready to take that next step.

  36. Jeremy and Gregg: Why can’t I access this site during daytime hours, but only after hours? Kinda frustrating. Or is it because I’m a Mac bigot (and have been so for 25 years) and refuse to defect to the dark side:?

  37. Just an observation, but Charlie Taafe was just fired today by the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

  38. ‘frustrated’, I’m no website expert by any means, but I have not heard of any other issues with anybody else about accessing the new site at certain times during the day.

    I have had no trouble personally accessing the site on PC’s. Perhaps it’s a weird Mac-thing!

    Sorry bout that. I’ll ask around and see if I can figure it out.

  39. I’m just now starting to get over that loss but now I’m looking forward to the game against Cal. At any rate, I went by Byrd today a while after class and noticed a few decorative changes to the endzones you guys might like :), it surprised the hell out of me (in a good way), but perhaps some of you had heard about it

    here’s to an upset!

  40. Thanks, Gregg. Maybe it has something to do with all the hurricanes in the latitudes where I lurk.

  41. I have a mac and I have no problem logging in

  42. Well, it’s working today. Blame it on atmospheric conditions, I guess

  43. I’m glad you are with us 24/7 now ‘frustrated’. It would not be the same wtihout you!

    Now, how the hell are we going to beat Cal? Especially with the news that Terrell Skinner is out for a few weeks with an ankle sprain. He is the only one on defense who has made a statement so far.


  44. Here is the field change keith was referring to, just click the link.
    I’ll be there Saturday, hoping the defense steps up to keep the offense in the game. Then the “O” can utilize our two skill stars, DHB and D Scott.
    Anyway thats what I am hoping for.

  45. Hey, Gregg and Jeremy – any way we can number the posts, like we used to on the old site? It would make it easier to scan the threads. Also, please recruit us a big man to replace Gus Gilchrist.

  46. We are 15 point home dogs on Saturday… discuss.

  47. The discussion should be pretty short. We SHOULD be 15 point dogs. Not saying we can’t beat them but barely beating Delaware and losing to Middle Tenn will make you a two touchdown dog at home.

    I just hope the coaches change some things up. Reading the post today it was mostly thrown on the players for not doing their jobs. I think the coaches need to get aggressive on both sides of the ball.

  48. Man I’m glad I missed the last game and now 15 pt dawg to cal huh. I know they got a legit qb and Tedford is a qb coach so his teams can pass too. It’s supposed to rain on saturday and I got my poncho ready to see an ugly run em in the face game hopefully. I’m sick and tired of bringing in portis to just run, give the kid a chance. My DOG can be more creative than that play calling. TO me this game is all about our line and how bad we want it. I’m ofcourse looking for the big upset win with the long flight to MD.

    IF it does rain it’s to our advantage, if it doesn’t we could be in for a long day, but I’m not thinking like that… GO TERPS!!

  49. The new end zone at Byrd looks nice. Now if our guys will only visit it more than twice a game that would be awesome. Perhaps it’s a “if u build it they will come” kinda thing.

    Meanwhile in B-Ball…

    Word is Jordan Williams was very impressed with GW and Chuck D on their in-home visit with him and his family. UMD is doing everything they can to get a commitment from Jordan. Earliest he can commit is November. Hopefully the Terps can get him on campus in October for an official visit and get him to commit. But with schools getting on him so late in the process, methinks he may delay his decision until the spring signing season.

    Meanwhile, I’m being told that Landon will get time at the PF spot this season and we’ll seldom see Burney and Dupree on the court at the same time. Small line-up indeed, but we do have big guards. I’ve also been told to expect Mosley to play early and often.

  50. What a great idea on Milbourne to get your best players out on the court at the same time. Terps will have match-up problems for sure, but the other team will have more.

    DBR: when Milbourne needs a break, who fills in for him, given that Burney and Dupree won’t be empty uniforms out there on the court at the same time? Neal? Another empty uniform.

  51. wow,
    EDdc can you find anymore amateur athletes wearing terrapin uniforms to bad mouth? there must be more out there.

  52. Any word on how Vinson transferring to st frances will effect our recruitment of him?

  53. Here are my gamenotes for MD’s match up tomorrow at noon on ESPN against California.

    Cal = good. MD = bad.

    That’s about it folks. Stranger things have happened in the world, so maybe MD does have a chance to pull off an upset. You’d have to have balls of steele to put money on the Terps even covering the 15 points let alone to pick them to win.

    Any rain hurts MD more than it hurts Cal. I don’t think MD can win a shootout, but their D has given me no indication that they can hold an offense like Cal has to less than 35 points.

    A few TOs, some big plays, and Cal wins this things big. MD has to play perfect to win. If anyone goes to the game, I’d like to hear about the atmosphere in Byrd. Boo birds could be out early.

    I got a bad feeling about this game tomorrow. Getting wood-shedded at home on national TV…gulp. Having faith means saying prayers, so everyone say your prayers.

  54. I have a feeling I’l be turning this game off before halftime…which really means, I’ll be rubbernecking and watching the slaughter. Stranger things have definitely happened, and I hope the best thing about the game isn’t the awesome looking end zones.

  55. Vinson’s recruitment may be affected by the news that someone from Team Takeover (Vinson’s AAU organization) has been hired by Va Tech in some Basketball Operations position.

  56. Something to take our minds off of tomorrow’s game:

    Op-Extra Guest Columnist | The Throwback: Nick Saban’s Fine Print

  57. For some reason, the url links I try to post to this blog are never accepted. Maybe it’s a NY Times thing. In any event, check out the column referenced above on the NYT site. Provocative and, sadly, all too true.

  58. Did someone mention basketball?

    I, too, like the idea of running Milbourn at PF, especially with Burney at Center. The game will turn into a track meet. Other than Carolina, no one will be able to keep up. It’s also great to hear that Mosely is continuing to impress in these days before official coaching and practicing. I’m assuming that from the pick-up games they are getting a good feedback that he is fitting in well.

    But this tidbit threw me for a loop – “we’ll seldom see Burney and Dupree on the court at the same time”

    WTF? I trust your inside knowledge, DBR, but I’d like to get more of the back story on that one. They are complimentary players. If Dupree is staying away from the all-you-can-eat chinese buffet, I’m counting on him for 25 minutes a game at Center next year (give Neal the other 15). Burney seems like the best PF of the bunch with Goins/Milbourn/Gregory available for relief. What am I missing?

    Also, are they seing anything to raise optimism that Dino Gregory might be a bigger contributor this year?

    Finally, has the Goins enrollment cleared the dreaded “clearinghouse” or is there still a possibility that he may not be a Terp.

    One month till b-ball starts….the anticipation is building.

  59. Stevend wish I knew more about Burney and Dupree not seeing much minutes on the floor together but I don’t. To maintain the relationships I just report what I’m told. :) My sources know more, I’m sure but only tell me what they’re comfortable telling. MEANWHILE….

    Forward James Padgett of Brooklyn changed his visit plans. He was originally visiting on 9/27 but is on campus TODAY. Don’t know if we should read anything into that. Could be increased interest, could be as simple as a scheduling chage. He visited Comcast today and mingled with current players and shot some jumpers. Padgett already has an offer from UMD. Steve Goins played in the pick up games and looks to be 6-9, has nice hands and a decent touch. Definitely needs work on his conditioning. Definitely a project but could see spot minutes as a freshman.

    GV still playing well on his surgically repaired ankle. EH shot well and appears 100% healthy. AB looked very good, shot with a lot of confidence. Really worked on that part f his game this summer and it shows. Dupree had some nice moves in the paint. Mosley played and you can see his leadership skills, he’s a very mature player.

    Lastly…GW will be in Albany for a coaches Clinic at Taran Buie’s High School. I’ma try and weasel my way in wearing as much Terp gear as possible. Wish me luck.

  60. One note about Football and then on to Basketball:

    I think that by the way RF was saying that MD coming into Middle Tennessee would be their “Rose Bowl,” he was also implying that he is really trying to get the Terps pumped for Cal. If we go away to lose to a team considered vastly inferior to us, then maybe Cal will too. Its up to the guys on the field.

    Okay, Basketball:
    Corroborating DBRs report that Braxton had lost weight: I saw him walking around campus the other day and he looked noticeably less ‘pillowy.’ Also, Eric Hayes looks much, much older than he did even a year ago.

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