Terps vs. MTSU Game Thread

The Chris Turner Era Part II is set to begin this evening at 7pm ET.  I don’t think we are going to learn very much regardless of his performance.  If the Terps put 40 points on the board, it was because they trampled an inferior opponent.  If the Terps win 21-14; it was because they were on the road with a QB who is just now taking snaps with the first offense.

The only thing that will be known for certain is that if Turner is consistently able to put drives together; then the Terps are far better with him at the helm than Steffy.  Everyone in Terps nation besides Ralph Friedgen already knows this; but our opinions don’t matter much.

Here’s to hoping that Turner is able to put this QB “controversy” to rest. With Steffy demoted to permanent third string, we can see what yin and yang can be developed between the decidedly unathletic Turner and the uber-talented Josh Portis.  Now that is a QB controversy I can get behind.

Due to the hideous start time (6pm CT); I probably won’t be able to give you my running diary of the game. Feel free to comment as the game unfolds under this thread.

As always, go Terps!



  1. Here’s what you need to know about the game so far. I am not not watching it live, just watching the game thread.

    MD is down 10-7 with about 6 minutes left in the first half. They have run 10 total plays (6 runs, 4 oasses…4 punts). MTSU has thrown 26 passes so far. MD has no sacks. I bet Cosh has them sitting back and they are getting picked apart.

    Disgraceful. If I know that MTSU will pass the ball, why doesn’t MD’s D coordinator? This whole load about not showing Cal anything for next week is a recipe for a 1-1 team hobbling back to CP for a home thumping against Cal. You run your offense. Let the other team figure out how to stop it.

  2. I am watching it on espn360.com which is pretty cool. Anyway, yea, the offense is just predictable right now. All sorts of little check down throws. Portis has put a spark in the offense when he is on the field. RF keeps taking him out after he has a couple good plays.

    MTSU is pullling out all the stops and we are playing it very close to the vest. We sure better open it up in the second half. Defense is playing just as wheels suggested. In that cover two looking D with no pressure on the QB.

  3. Cal at Washington State…at the half…42-3. Gulp.

  4. A decent opening drive ends with another missed FG. That needs to get straightened out quick. Offense is still running and check down routes.

  5. Wow, Turner just threw a Steffy type INT at our 10. Ug, this looks bad.

  6. Near pick-6 off of Turner. If MD can hold MTSU to a field goal, that would be a huge win. Opps. As I am typing, MD commits a penalty. Ist and goal for MTSU…TD. MD down 10 with about 8 minutes left in the 3rd.

    How does MD find itself in this position? MTSU has only 69 scholarship players for this game.

    No confidence. None. Who is coaching this team? WTF?!

    Who is going to step up on this team and get them going? Obviously, MD’s coaching staff can’t figure it out. Too much talent on this team to perform so poorly. There is no excuse for this.

  7. This is a bad performance thus far. Turner looks no better than Steffy. Missing open receivers, holding the ball too long…

    We need a TO on defense to get us going.

  8. Hmmm…MTSU’s LBs have 2 sacks. Gee, they must be blitzing. I wonder if Cosh knows what a blitz is. Rick…is MD even putting pressure on MTSU’s QB?

    How is it that MS starts like 5 seniors on the OL and MTSU starts a bunch of SO/FR but we can’t get to their QB? They’ve thrown the ball 35 times so far. You’d think that the law of averages would come into play here and we’d get at least 1 sack.

  9. Heywood-Bey to the rescue. A little WR screen and just like that it’s 80 yards to the house.

    17-14 MTSU

  10. Blink…DHB to the house on an 80 yard TD.

  11. Rick…if a Terrapin falls in a forest, are you and I the only ones who would know?

  12. Uhg…blink…MTSU 54 yard TD pass.

  13. Drive killing pick. Why am I still even watching the game thread?! What is wrong with me?

  14. Geeesh, wheels, this is painful to watch. I keep waiting for them to wake the %$#% up!

  15. 4th and 5 at the MTSU 31 yard line…instead of kicking the FG for the chance to be down 7, MD goes for it. With MD’s FG being a total waste so far this year, I guess they have no choise. At any rate, Portis loses 7 yards. MTSU ball. 7 minutes left in the game. Long flight back to CP.

    MD might as well start Portis next week. What do they have to lose? I am so freakin’ pissed.

  16. So let me recap. We get the ball down to around the 30. Third and 6 they bring in Portis. What do you think they did? QB draw, totally stuffed. So now it’s 4th and 6, Portis stays in the game. Same f’n play stuffed for no gain.

    Even the local announcers were shaking their head saying you can’t just always run with Portis in the game. Everyone knows what is coming.

  17. When the first Souper states “Well, at least midnight madness starts in 6 weeks,” just now that I will be crying.

  18. Ha, Wheels. Yea, with the ACC being so wide open this year it sure is sad to watch this. Still some time left, maybe they can get it going and pull it out.

  19. MD calls its last TO with 3 minutes left, after giving up its 3rd sack of the game. For those keeping track, MD still has no sacks THIS YEAR…against Delaware and MTSU. I am so freakin’ pissed. If Ralphie doesn’t fire Cosh, Debbie needs to tell him that she just purchased a 10ft diameter frying pan for him to sit in.

  20. 3rd and goal from the MTSU 6 yard line, Turner throws pick #3. Tell my wife and kids that I love them…

  21. And that’s the game. Turner had a very bad game. I know he can play better than that. For whatever reason, RF has no confidence in Portis at all. I don’t expect him to change QB’s next week. God help us….

  22. I haven’t watched a Terps football game since 2002 (when I still lived in the US), so maybe I’m just out of touch, but we all expect a new head coach next year, right?

    I have very happy memories of watching Fridge’s Terps, but this result is pathetic.

  23. ugh. I am looking forward to the Cal Game.

  24. FFN-sorry FIRE FRIEDGEN NOW and gary tooo. Am totally digusted

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Where’s all the smack talk now? Looks like the Raiders had some turtle soup last night. Just because we bring laptops to tailgate doesn’t mean we won’t whoop your @$$. See yah next year!

  26. Drove home yesterday from a weeklong evacuation occasioned by Gustav. Home is okay, team isn’t. Watching MD’s two revenue teams, Men’s FB and BB, get slapped down by mid-majors is hard to stomach.

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