Terps v. Cal (Almost) Halftime Thread

I have to remove the “They Can’t Win” Thread off the top of the page; just for karma’s sake.

Today is my birthday. I can’t picture a better present than what the Terps gave us in the first half. The running game has stayed true and Turner has been able to make them pay when Cal stacks the box. He isn’t going down the field (except for that laser that Turner threw to Heyward-Bey); but the screen pass and short outs have been effective.

I’m still concerned about the complete lack of defensive pressure. Cal’s QB has all day back there and the Bears have been able to move the ball as a result. The good news is that the defense has stiffened in the red zone thus far.

Turner has not made any mistakes which has keyed our success. Let our athletes do what they do. Just get them the ball in open space and we will be fine.

I’m cautiously optimistic that the Terps can finish this big win off in the next 30 minutes. As Gregg alluded to in his post; a win would set the season up for success because the ACC is way down (as everyone and their brother keeps mentioning)



  1. THAT was a safety. How did the refs blow that? Not that I am complaining.

  2. Happy birthday…next touchdown wins this game. (21-6 right now with 10 minutes left in the 3rd).

  3. For the love of God don’t go into a prevent D or 3 man rush until the Terps are up by 40 with a minute left, that’s all I ask.

  4. Right on cue…DHB…28-6 MD. Only a catostrophic meltdown would cause MD to lose this game.

    I’ll know on the next series if that is going to happen. If Cosh calls the dogs off, well, prevent D prevents the win.

    Gas to the floor.

  5. Man I hope Scott is okay. Turner keeps under throwing Heyward-Bey even on that touchdown. Now let’s not go into our prevent tampa 2 defense. Cal is a good offensive team, you give them space and they will eat you up.

  6. Happy Birthday Jeremy! I hope they keep this up and make it a great birthday present for you! Go Terps! Keep taking it to Cal!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Lets hope the terps can put a bow on this thing and close it out. I dig the new logo, especially the incorporation of the “terps” p, The S in soup could use a tweak though.

  8. What happened to Scott? (I’m only able to follow the game online)

  9. Thanks BES- Scott injured his arm or shoulder on a running play in the 3Q. He is probably done for the day. It was hard to tell but my guess is he separated his shoulder.

  10. Is Andre Ware wearing a bullet proof vest?

  11. We are on the front page of ESPN right now. Pretty nice.

  12. Jesus. Good thing we called off the pass rush. Free points for Cal

  13. Guess I shouldn’t just reload the previous thread’s page.

    Happy brithday Jeremy…this has the making of a great birthday present.

  14. Way to respond after Cal’s TD…this is freakin’ great!

    The Golden Bears are going the way of the golden calf!

  15. That last TD should seal the deal! Way to go Terps! D-line is giving the CaL Quaterback all he can handle. I wish the announcers would shut up about the jet lag. Cals getting beat up, plain and simple. Its not jet lag doing them in, its the Terp Defense!

  16. Riley the magician has escaped and almost thrown 2 picks this half…some magician…

  17. Aw crap…stop with the prevent defense!

  18. In an unrelated note, that is one HELL of a nice new logo! God, what expert professional artist did that? It really ties the whole site together. -ibid The Dude

  19. I love the new look of the MD endzones. The Turtle Soup logo is nice but those end zones look sharp!

  20. I’m gonna apply for grad school at MD and walk-on as their new kicker…Egekant-make-a-kick-that’s-not-an-XP should be cut.

  21. Oh yeah – and does Nick Novak have any eligibility left? No? How about a younger brother. . . Sister? Anything? Our kicking game is puke. eff kickers anyway.

  22. I spoke too soon. Time to hold my breath and cross my fingers.

  23. Sorry to interrupt the FB thread but…

    Gary Williams was up here in Albany, NY for a coaches clinic at…wait for it…BISHOP MAGIN H.S. (home to Taran Buie). Paul Hewitt, Jim Boehiem was there along with the head coach from Rutgers and others. Somehow I got in without paying (don’t ask). I spent some time talking with a guy that calls himself “ONION”. Onion is part of the Albany City Rocks AAU program. He had a folder stuffed with recruiting material for 2010 recruit Taran Buie. I offered to take it off his hands since it looked heavy but he wasn’t giving it up. Here’s some of the tidbits Onion shared with me:

    Taran Buie can jump like Steve Francis. (With God as my witness that is what the man told me).

    If Buie commits to Maryland it’s almost a certainty that Will Regan will commit to Maryland. He said Regan is a “legit 6-9”.

    Tobias Harris is a nice player. (the way he said ‘nice’ I could tell he felt Harris has the goods)

    I got to speak with Buie, but only did so to say hello and that he’d look great in Red & White. I didn’t want to take a chance of violating any rules.

    When I showed up GW was putting a Div. III team thru the basics of the flex offense. A humorous moment came when GW looked at the crowd and said “that’s how we get open looks for threes…but what if you’re not making shots, what then”. All I could think was “yeah I saw that not making shots game all too often last season”.

    Gary posed for a pic with me and a friend. Gary was great to chat with until I mentioned Buie then he got this look on his face like I was a crazed stalker/booster. He waved and backed up to walk out of the gym to his waiting town car.

    All in all it was a fun way to kill a couple of hours. I can’t believe my luck. I havent’ lived here 60 days and I run into Gary Williams.


  24. What freaking planet are defensive coordinators from that go into the prevent when teams are down big? Seriously. This is retarded.

  25. Thanks for the update Russ, that sounds very cool.

    Big win for the Terps but that Prevent defense crap HAS to end.

  26. Great info DBR. This is why Turtle Soup is such a great site. All kinds of nuggets. Great win.
    Oh yeah and since I live in California and my neighbor went to Cal, I was “stupid” enough to bet a 6 pack on the game with him. Whoops. No sure thing. Thanks for the tasty beverages Terps!

  27. One more thing. It is really funny that “Frustration” is the biggest word in the tag cloud for the site. Go Germ!

  28. Dan: If this was the Caps blog, it would be “Mass Hysertia” instead of frustration

    (Caps msg board readers know what I’m talking about)

  29. I have a vedry serious question. When can MD schedule Washington State?

    Awesome win. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    No what ifs the rest of the way. MD will roll next week and head into ACC play 3-1.

    See what happens when both sides of the ball play to win? They attacked almost the whole game (with the exception of the prevent D for the remaining 8 minutes of the game). Newsflash to Cosh: You have to horses, trust them, and let them loose.

    Great win. Great win. The “Happy Terp” flag hangs outside of my house until MD loses again.

  30. BITE ME LEE CORSO!!!!!


  32. Congrats Terps! Big, big win today. Put my heart in my throat the last five minutes but other than that, great effort guys! Going to the game next week. I’m really looking forward to it now!

  33. It is always great to have a big win on your b-day. Terps beat UNC in the Ghetto game on my b-day. I live on the west coast and nobody expected Md to be competitive let alone win. Cal made a mistake getting into College Park less than 24hr before kick off. A game ball should go to the guy who scheduled a noon start. Happy Birthday Jeremy

  34. I hope the site lets me post the YouTube clip of this:

  35. The best thing about that was it was a tackle, not just a big hit. They should play that for every kid learning how to tackle on D. Head on the side, shoulder in the chest..perfect. So many of those hits are just guys launching themselves. This was a text book tackle.

  36. Awesome Wheels. My wife and I were just talking about that again after dinner. She was feeling sorry for him.

  37. Whenever you can make a player puke on the field and say later that it was ” the hardest I’ve ever been hit”, you have made a statement!

    Oh, not sure if I was clear before, but LEE CORSO CAN EAT ME!

  38. Sorry to spoil the mood, but Dook has just landed two DC area standouts for their 2010 class; Tyler Thorton and Josh Hairston have been added to Andre Dawkins which means three DC players who should be Terrapins are going south.

    I’m glad someone ran into Gary somewhere in Albany, or wherever, when he should be home protecting the “south forty” — but as someone has said, if they are from around here, they won’t play for Gary — sad times

  39. Check out this post from the Terrapin Insider that Eric Prisbell does for the WaPost. He interviewed Antwine Perez, one of MD’s safeties who trasferred from USC.

    What are some keys against Cal, and what do you think of Jahvid Best?
    “We have to stop their run, shut their run down and make them throw the ball. He is electric. We have to keep hitting him and make him not run the ball anymore.”

    I counted 2 plays after Best got hit where he had alligator arms. Looks like Perez knew how to stop “Little Reggie Bush.”

  40. That hit on Best today was ridiculous. I’m thinking snot bubbles good. Also, Phillistin was running around great today, making plays sideline to sideline. This is the kind of game we needed. We gotta put forth this effort each week.

  41. That hit on Best made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of the hits Maryland put on Dantzler (is that how you spell the overrated name?) in Friedgen’s first Maryland-Clemson game.

  42. More like the hit that Leroy Ambush put on that running back from NC State that knocked hit out and caused the fumble. I never thought I’d see Maryland hit a player so hard that they threw-up on the field. That’s crazy.

  43. DAMNIT!

    According to the WaPo and Scout, 2010 recruits PF Josh Hariston and PG Tyler Thorton have verbally committed to Duke. This gives them three 2010 commits when you include SG Andre Dawkins.

    Back to happy news. One thing I left out on my earlier post was that “Onion” from Albany City Rocks AAU also had lots of praise for JSK’s shooting ability. Said the kid can really fill it up. “That kid can shoot his ass off” was the statement.

    Oh and this article may explain why GW reacted the way he did when I brought up Taran Buie. Evidently during this time of the year coaches can come to the kids school but can’t talk to him LOL


  44. Congrats to the Terp football program and to the Terp football fans. Good win.

    Regarding B-ball, Coach K gets much of the credit for the sucess of the Olympic team (anyone who can turn Kobe Bryant into a patriot deserves the credit). So dook is going to get any kid they want this year.

  45. Here’s something neat about the costs of college football. I hope the site lets me post it.


  46. Great win, especially on national TV. Does anyone have an update on Scott’s injury? He’s a solid RB and we need him healthy. Still need to have Heyward-Bey have at least 10 touches a game (either passes or runs) with his speed and skill. Freidgen tried his damndest to lose in the second half but thankfully ran out of time- just play football!!!

  47. Word is that the on campus visit by James Padgett of Brooklyn, NY went okay. He went to the FB game, hung out with players from the B-Ball team and met with coaches. I think Landon Milbourne was his host since he spent most of his time with Landon.

    I’m told Padgett only has one other official visit booked and that is to Pitt.next weekend. Ironic since Pitt already has a PF commitment from Dante Taylor. Clearly, playing time at Pitt would be an issue whereas at UMD he could step right in at PF and get prime minutes.

    Sources say Padgett plans to make a decision soon. He has no other official visits scheduled. Since he’s a Brooklyn kid, you’d have to think that St. Johns factors in his decision somewhere.

    A few weeks ago it appeared that this kid was definitely going to a Big East school, and that very well may still happen, but he is saying that UMD is definitely in the mix.

    I’m told Padgett is a legit 6-8…anyplace that lists him at 6-9 is reaching or has a defective tape measure. His listed weight is 220. PF appears to be his natural position at the college level.

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