Eastern Michigan Preview and Game Thread

Now, this is exciting.  The Terps are playing a “Directional” Michigan University.  Wow.  Hold on to your hats. (Note: I get this same feeling of excitement every time I drive through Delaware).  Maryland’s goal tomorrow should be to prevent the classic Maryland letdown.

Given that this team has demonstrated an epic ability to underachieve; the Fridge should be threatening to demote starters if they sleepwalk through the first half tomorrow.  I just read through some stuff about Eastern Michigan and there really isn’t much to talk about it.  QB Andy Schmitt was sixth in the MAC in efficiency rating last year.  OK.  That tells me nothing.

EMU runs the spread offense.  Maryland plays poorly against the spread.  I’m still not concerned. Let’s face it.  This is a tune-up game that the Terps aren’t able to treat as one thanks to the defeat in Murfreesboro.  Specifically because of the MTSU defeat; a similar result won’t occur tomorrow.  Sure, everyone else Terpville is thinking about Clemson, but not the kids on the field.  There is too much to work do.

Turner needs to be crisper.  The backup RBs need more reps.  The defense needs to put in a full 60 minutes of 100% effort. And Lord knows that our FG kicker needs some confidence. Get that kid some reps for Pete’s sake!

I’m expecting a two to three TD victory margin.  Anything else will leave me with lingering doubts as we head into Death Valley.

Despite my confidence about a victory tomorrow; I’m still not sold on our Terps.  Even in the afterglow of the Cal victory, the MTSU loss is still on my mind. My eternal hope is that the Terps and their fans will not be kicking themselves at the end of the season over the Fridge’s stupid loyalty to Jordan Steffy.  With a weakened ACC, we will all be feeling the sting of the MTSU loss come bowl time.

For those planning to attend, enjoy the game tomorrow.  Otherwise, I’ll see you on the Soup.



  1. Until they popped up on the Terps schedule I didn’t know there was an Eastern Michigan. Central…yes…Eastern…No LOL


    A new recruit has popped up on the Terps radar. Iranian forward Arsalan Kazemi. Coaches visited Patterson School in North Carolina one day last week, and will return this coming Monday. Two visits by the staff in one week would seem indicate they liked what they saw. Kazemi is a 6-7 power forward that would probably settle in at the SF position. He shoots well, is a good ball handler and is an unselfish “team first” player. Kazemi is a Houston resident and has been working out with Nick Van Exel in Houston and also with John Lucas.

    An excellent student but he has not taken the SAT yet. That is scheduled for October 4th. Until he gets his score back, he cannot take official campus visits.

    How did UMD get in the mix with this kid? It’s common knowledge that the Terps are looking for help at the power forward position, and need someone who can score in the paint, as well as step outside, face the basket and shoot. And the head coach of Patterson School is a Maryland native.

    As his senior season unfolds at Patterson School more D-1 programs will become aware of Kazemi so his recruitment could change.

    Elsewhere…I read in the local paper that a 6-4 combo guard named Brandon Triche gave a verbal to Syracuse, which could have a minor effect on Taran Buie’s view of the Orangemen. Buie will be coming in for Maryland Madness next month.

    Still no word on Steve Goins and Jin Soo Kim, as to their clearance from the NCAA Clearinghouse. Goins has been working out with the team, Kim has not which is intriguing to say the least.

    Let’s all pray/hope/wish Maryland and the NCAA Clearinghouse- are not associated again anytime in the near future. It’s almost Maryland Madness and these kids don’t know if they are eligible to play this season? YEESH!


    Jordan Williams visiting next weekend 9/26 & 9/27.

  2. I am sure that they will love Kazemi at Hillel. Ah – the melting pot makes America great – until the government regulates that too I suppose. Either way, good info DBR.

    EMish (as they are known to anyone in Brighton) are a scrappy team. As we found out last week, no team is safe from the underdog.

  3. As long as RF doesn’t go into “we-are-the-favorites-so-we-should-play-super-conservative mode” we should win easily. I am excited to get to ACC play. It will be nice to measure ourselves against the rest of the league.

  4. Rick: I don’t think that will be an issue. At least I gotta believe it won’t be an issue after the MTSU debacle.

    Oh and Terelle Woody violated some NCAA rule that resulted in USF “self reporting” to the NCAA. Something about coaching summer league play that involved some USF players. LOL

  5. Interesting game so far. We actually hit a field goal, we blocked a punt. The offense has done enough but apparently the defense is still having issues stopping the spread offense. That’s not a good sign considering the rest of the ACC will likely change up their offense to take advantage of the Terps problems.

    Other than that, to be up 24-7 late in the first half is good.

  6. EMU has gained twice as many yards as the Terps in the first half. Embarassing.

  7. DHB has three touches for 70 yards, that’s about 23 yards per touch! HOW CAN HE NOT BE GETTING THE BALL MORE OFTEN!!!!!!

  8. From what I understand, the opponents have been doubling DHB nearly every play. We haven’t proved we have any other receivers that can be consistent, so it’s been easy for opposing teams to take him out of the play, which is why you see more reverses. I think we should use him more on screens though since the defenders are often backing off him due to his speed.

    Otherwise, defense has looked a bit better in the 2nd half. The offense is still doing pretty well. Obi hit another field goal! Even though they were really short, it’s still gotta help his confidence.

    Don’t worry Jer. It’s all about the scoreboard, not the stats.

  9. Great ACC win today. NC State over East Carolina in OT. The conference is looking a little bit better now.

  10. We did what we should have today. Could we have played better? Yes, but I will take it.

  11. WOW. Congrats to the kids on the win but I can’t help but worry about the Clemson game. Eastern Michigan, with a back-up QB racked up 453 yards and turned in enough big plays to give the Terrapin defense some sleepless nights as that unit contemplates the ACC opener at Clemson. We may have also lost another Defensive player with a torn ACL. Coach Cosh has his hands full. Hopefully DBs Skinner and Carroll, and defensive lineman Travis Ivey will be back for the Clemson game. Da’Rell Scott…need him too.

    Congrats to Obi Egekeze on getting it done today. I heard Novak called Obi 3-4 times this week.


  12. Hey,
    dumb question, midnight madness when? ideas on red- white scrimmage. left my mind at football game today. thanks

  13. Just a quick word about Jin Soo Kim and Arsalan Kazemi. I’m really glad that our University is actively pursuing players of international origin. As an institution that prides itself on diversity, having varsity athletic teams that accurately reflect the racial makeup of the student body is an important step in the right direction. The multicultural philosophy that is prevalent in the classroom must have found its way to the athletic department, and it will make Maryland all the better.

  14. I believe Maryland Madness is either 10/15 which is a Wednesday or it will be that Friday night into Saturday morning. Homecoming is the following week 10/25. Those two weekends will be HUGE recruiting weekends for FB and BB.

    Jacob, I feel ya on that but I don’t think UMD is pursuing international players for the sake of diversity. We need ballers NOW! Particularly guys who can score in the paint, as well as step outside, face the basket and shoot. I’ve yet to get an email or talk to someone who hasn’t said JSK is a great shooter (Lord knows we need that). Kazemi seems to have something the coaches are looking for too. They just happen to not be home grown talent.

  15. Thanks again DBR,
    All your updates recently (and always) have been greatly appreciated.


  16. i saw jin so kim walking with milbourne to his car at 530 in the morning I am almost certain they were heading to comcast hopefully to practice. I cant really imagine what else they would be doing.

  17. I was at the game yesterday. It was a decent one, but UMd was not overwhelming, espeically on the defensive side of the ball. It was also the “quietest” 50+ points I’ve ever seen put up on a scoreboard. With that said, the positives definitely outweighed the negatives. With ACC competition coming up, we’ll find out soon what kind of team we’ve really got.

  18. After 4 games including one against a I-AA and two other non-BCS schools, we are 85th in the nation and 11th in the ACC in total defense.

    “I was really surprised we were able to move the ball the way we did,” Eastern Michigan Coach Jeff Genyk said.

  19. Hey…MD’s “receiving” votes in the latest coaches poll! 6 votes, to be specific! How ya like us now?! Burn down Rt. 1…the Terps are receiving votes!

  20. thank you dbr for your info

  21. Glad to see the terps are on some coaches radar. Heck, wWe beat a team that was ranked in the top 25 (Cal) and we scored 51 in the very next game. If we can find a way to win at Clemson we’re in the top 25 for sure. One really interesting thing about the poll is the #25 team. When was the last time Vanderbilt was ranked and Tennessee wasn’t? Rut Ro

    Glad to contribute Jerry.


  22. Just learned that we can take another local hoop player off the board. DeMatha’s Josh Selby committed to Tennessee while on an unofficial visit to Knoxville this weekend during the loss to Florida.

    Selby is considered a five-star prospect and the No. 2 point guard in the class of 2010. He had narrowed his choices to UT and Indiana.

  23. Oh, and the other think about Jin Soo Kim: I watched a video of him playing (from TSR or something or other), and he seems to have good shooting and passing abilities but kind of a “non-traditional” shot form. It sort of reminds me of Ebekwe shooting a foul-shot. I hope that whatever the coaching staff does with JSK, they don’t put him in a funk while trying to ‘correct’ his form.

  24. The Terps-UVA game on Oct. 4th will be played at 7pm. Unfortunately for all of us, it will be broadcast either on ESPNU or ESPN360…. ug… it’s a shame UVA is so bad.

  25. If the Terps don’t start blitzing they will end up as the worst defensive team in the ACC. Cosh is going to cost us a bowl game. I just know it.

  26. Injuries are piling up for the Terps. Linebacker Moten is injured, to what extent I’m not sure, out for any time could be a blow to several of Maryland’s defensive packages. Skinner is also hurt and that impacts the LB situatin. If he’s healthy, Antwine Perez would take on some of Moten’s responsibilities. Another candidate, Dominique Herald was lost for the season with a knee injury Saturday.

    The traditional linebacker back-ups behind Moten are inexperienced senior Aaron Ball and undersized junior Femi Akinwande.

    Add that to the injuries the Terps have sustained in the defensive backfield and I’m not too optimistic about this Clemson game. Guys that, talent wise, probably should be coming off the bench for a play here/there may be logging lots of minutes.

    That could explain why the Terps opened as 11 1/2 point dogs. YEESH.

  27. Pittsburgh is out of the James Padgett sweepstakes. For those of you with a life, Padgett is a 6-7 PF who recently took an official visit to UMD and planned to visit Pitt this weekend. Back on 9/15 I posted that I thought his interest in Pitt was “ironic” since they already got a commitment from Donte Taylor at the PF position in the class of ’09. Padgett is from Brooklyn and methinks he’ll end up at St. John’s.

    As for Arsalan Kazemi, it appears that it’s us and Seton Hall leading for him. Terps hope to have him in for Maryland Madness after he visits Seton Hall.

  28. Any chance Jordan Williams gives us a commitment this weekend?

  29. Juan is coming back to the Washington area. Hopefully he will be able to get on the court. The Wizards are pretty thick with guards right now.


  30. washington post wizards insider is reporting juan dixon is coming back to the wizards with a partially guaranteed contract. good to see he will be back in the area once again.

  31. mdFan Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jordan Williams committed this weekend on his visit to UMD? It would dove tail nicely with Steve Goins successfully getting thru the NCAA Clearinghouse today.

    JSK is still in the clearing house :(

  32. I have a question — as far as I can see we have no basketball commitments for 2009 and 2010 — is this true?

  33. terpsfan that is correct. JSK was a 2009 commit but came to UMD early. Hopefully he’ll get thru Clearinghouse very shortly.

  34. I actually posted a link to all of the basketball commits in the first column on the right hand side of the page. The Terps could use JSK’s shooting this year. Let’s hope he gets through clearing.

  35. Evidently Steve Goins is going to wear Earnest Graham’s old number 25. Although I’m worried about his weight being listed at 260. I’d always seen his weight listed between 245 and 250. I don’t expect a big contribution from him this season, but if he can give us spot minutes at the four and at the five that will help. I’m expecting bigger things from him in his Soph season than this season. Congrats to Steve and his family and welcome to the Terrapin family.


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