Duke Football Revisited

This is a story I first wrote about over the summer, but I found this on YouTube; and it I just had to share it.

I’ll recap for you: The University of Louisville sued Duke University for backing out of its obligation to travel to Louisville for a football game. In the clip, Duke’s lawyer argues that the contract stipulated that the agreement could be broken if a “suitable” replacement could be found. Her argument speaks for itself:



  1. Any chance we can get these audio bites played over the loudspeaker the next time Duke comes to Byrd?

  2. Terps played some pick up basketball games last night. I’m expecting a B-Ball update email this morning. When I get it I will share. Maryland Madness is 3 weeks away.


  3. DBR, I check you every morning before I check the Sun or the Post. Thanks for the updates.

  4. 3 WEEKS!!!

  5. 3 WEEKS indeed my friend. I posted the B-Ball Update in the thread about the Terps Surviving Death (Valley).

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