Terps Adjust, Beat Clemson!!!!


I’m nearly speechless. For anyone who watched this team play in the first half, we had no business to be on the same field as Clemson. They ran it down our throats all day long in the first half. It was men against boys. The offense shot itself in the foot and settled for field goals.

But then…

It all turned around!

Chris Cosh has gotten his fair share of grief since he’s been running the defense, but he deserves all the credit for this win. Cosh made the necessary adjustments at the half and the defense took over the game, shutting the Tigers out and getting the offense back into the game emotionally.

The offense still needs work, but Darrius Heyward-Bey’s 76 yard reverse run woke everybody up as well. The team couldn’t play any worse in the first, yet was down just 11 points. That score in the 3rd quarter made the guys in white believe and this resurgent team just took over and came up with a huge, huge win.

Credit also needs to be given to Danny Oquendo. He came up with some huge catches and held onto the ball after some big hits. To have a secondary receiver make plays is a key to making this offense go. Great game Danny!

This team reminds me of the 2006 Terps. They never looked pretty, but somehow they won games. This was one of those games. Did they deserve to win? Hell yeah, but it was not pretty!

We need to give credit where credit is due. A lot of us (myself included) were ready to run the Fridge out of town after the loss to Middle Tennessee, but I want be the first to come out and say I was wrong. Sure, they have a maddening team sometimes that doesn’t play up to its potential, but the Fridge and his coaching staff deserve a ton of credit in how they have been able to get these kids to play hard and redeem themselves against Cal and now Clemson. This victory was even bigger than Cal because it was a road game and it was an ACC game. This should do wonders for the team’s confidence. Now they have to take the next step and go on the road against a pitiful Virginia team and pound them.

I’ll repeat what I said after Cal. The Middle Tennessee game was horrible, but this win over Clemson was a bigger win than that game was a brutal loss. Once again, the Terps will be seen all over ESPN for the rest of the day. They’ll be on the bottom line scoreboard and highlights a plenty for the rest of the day. You can’t buy that kind of press. This team may now be ranked in some polls, so it’s time for them to realize they can be buried again with one loss to UVA. Let’s go out there and make a run for the conference title. They’ve proven they can do it, now go do it!



  1. Big win but we got lots of help from Clemson in this. After a backwards pass recovery and a muffed punt, we were only down 17-6 at the half. We couldn’t do anything and should have been down about 24-0.

    Having said all of that, I’ll take it. Defense made some adjustments but we MUST get more aggressive on defense. The ACC is ripe for the picking but we need to take advantage.

    The offense is playing average right now but they are not turning the ball over. We have to get HB the ball more often. I know everyone is keying on him but we need to get him more touches. That guy is going to be a good player at the next level. All that speed and a good pair of hands.

    UVA next week, they suck this year but I am sure they are at least as good as Middle Tenn so we can lose to them.

  2. You are right Ricksterps. UVA is a classic trap game now. They can’t look ahead. They must take care of business down there.

    As for H-B, if Oquendo can continue to make big catches, that’ll help H-B immensely. Also, he did drop 2 balls today. So they did throw to him.

    For those who are Redskins fans, you can see how the west coast offense takes time to learn and if every week they can get a little better and still win, it makes for a great season. We’ll see if they can keep it up.

  3. Great game, and I completely agree with your take that this win goes to the defense. Shutting Clemson out in the second half in Death Valley was huge. I hope we can be ranked, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The voters might read this as another loss for an overrated ACC team versus a good win for a solid club that just happened to blow a game. The second half Terps certainly do deserve to be ranked.

  4. Thanks for the case of beer Terps! They kept me straight with my high school buddy from Clemson.

  5. Tommy Bowden…welcome back to the HOT SEAT! Can any team with such great talent have anymore let downs than Clemson?

    Just a gutty, gritty win for MD. It wasn’t about Xs and Os. They just hung in there, got that huge play on the reverse from DHB, and Clemson tightened up. To have 2 runners with basically 100 yards each in the first half and then to get nothing in the second half is totally remarkable.

    Gregg’s right about Oquendo. The kid has stones. Keep watching out for the Tyler kid. He had that defelction catch in the 1st half, but he has some shakes. He will make a play or two this year in a big game that make a difference.

    MD needs to get Scott back in tip top shape. Any game that he gets over 100 yards from here on out will mean a W for MD.

    The Happy Turtle Flag that my wife scored for me on Ebay will hang outside for another week. It stays up until the Terps lose! May it hang until January!

  6. Congratulations Terps! In my earlier post I mentioned the USC-OSU upset, I had a good feeling about this one…”if OSU can do it, we can.do it…” I agree with Gregg concerning UVA being a potential trap game. I sure hope the Terps use this game as a confidence builder, but keep it in perspective. This Terps team is not good enough to just show up and get a W, especially on the road. Surely Ralph and company know that by now. They are going to have to fight for every win from here out. They can do it! Here’s to hoping Wheels flag stays up the rest of the season!

  7. Stunning 2nd half comeback, wish I could have seen the game. Great job making adjustments by Cosh and the defense. I think we found out something about the character of the kids on this team. Clemson had their way with UMD in the first half but our kids grinded it out and found a way to get two TD’s while stopping Clemson and getting out of Death Valley with a “W”.

    Clemson had a total of two first downs, 26 yards rushing, 112 yards of offense and most importantly, no points in the second half.

    So let’s see. Padgett commits on Friday. UMD wins on Saturday. Jordan Williams commits on Sunday to complete the trifecta?

    I fan can hope can’t he LOL

  8. I hate Clemson more than I can put into words. Any time Clemson loses, I’m happy. When it’s Maryland that makes them suffer in South Carolina, I am overjoyed. Thank you, Terrapins.

    Fact: When I was little, pretending to be Boomer, Dave D’Addio, and Rick Badanjek, I thought that the team I hated (and that my imaginary Terps always destroyed) was called “Clempson”, and that misconception continued for a long time.

  9. The game win on the road was great. A Williams commitment on Sunday would top off a super week!

  10. Any world on Williams visit thus far?

  11. Another point deserving some mention is the kicker Egkeze seems to have righted the ship. I predict (hope) he will win a game this year on a last second FG.
    Also looking at the number of upsets in the latter range of the top 25, it looks good that we will be ranked. Specifically, Wake lost and Navy won’t move up, Illinois lost to Penn St, who is already ranked, East Car. lost and Houston won’t move up, TCU lost to soon to be #1 Oklahoma. So I see UM around #22-24.
    Other than ego, swagger, and recruiting rankings mean nothing.

  12. As soon as I get some info on Wiliams’ visit I’ll post it. I will say that in retrospect, it may have been better for Jordan Williams to wait until Maryland Madness. This weekend there was no home FB game, I’m told it rained all day yesterday in CP, and the kid has a sprained ankle that is limiting his mobility. So, no telling how much of our wonderful campus he got to see this weekend but I hope he and his mom enjoyed themselves.

    As for rankings, what a week. Six top 25 teams lose. I’m sure there will be some political/old boy network picks like Michigan getting in. Terps could wind up #23 or #24. Or be left as the top “other teams getting votes”. The coaches/players need to refocus and handle their business against UVA so we can shut their pie hole (shoulda beat them last season). Then use the off week to get some guys healthy and prep for WF (can’t believe they lost to Navy).

    Oh, word is that Sean Mosley will wear #14. Gary Williams’ old jersey number.

  13. Terps football, 11-1, ACC Champion, BCS Bowl on New Years Day.
    Terps hoops, 29-0, 16-0 ACC, ACC Tournament Champion, National Champion.

  14. Eddie is a true fan. GO TERPS!

  15. btw…Jordan Williams visit has ended and he’s on his way back to CT. I hope to have some info on how the visit went by middle of the day Monday.

  16. I wish I could get as fired up for Terp football as I do Terp basketball but it’s been nice to read all your inspiring comments. I have been keeping track however. Having read some earlier posts by the Soupers I had noticed the Fridge was getting as much heat from ya’ll as GW gets when Terp BB falters. You guys were as tough on Fridge after MId-Tenn game as you have ever been on GW. The tone, content and inuendo about the football team, individual players and coaches mirrors your feelings about Terp basketball. That’s not bad they are just strikiingly similar.

    Amazing what some really terrific wins do for both the team and the Soupers. I thought Gregg’s post was on the mark and his gracious apology about Fridge was well timed.

    Keep up the great chatter.

    I still am anxious for Terp BB but like what I see from our football team as well.

    This is really a t errific site.

    Congrats to Jeremy and Gregg for their creativity, efforts and insight.

  17. AP & USA Polls just released, and I was wrong about my prediction.
    UMD is top “Others Receiving Votes” getter in the AP and 6th in the “Others Receiving Votes” in the USA.
    Wake and VA Tch both still in so we can take care of business later.
    It would have been nice for ego to see them in, but the MTSU game really set them back. On to UVA, boy what a fall from grace that school has had.

  18. MD not getting any Poll Luv should be just the thing this team needs to get fired up for a very bad BooVA team next weekend. Can’t you hear Ralphie Boy now saying “They still think we’re losers because of the MTSU game. We beat Cal and Clemson and still they think we suck! They think we’re going to play down to BooVA. They still don’t believe that we’re good!”

    Okay, so I don’t do the Fat Man justice, but you know that his team will be pissed off heading to C’ville. Losing to them on a bogus 4th down call last year in CP and not getting Poll Luv this week…I sense a beat down!

  19. We lost to MTSU, tough to come back from that even with wins over Cal and Clemson (on the road). But I say rankings schmankings. Team/coaches need to focus on beating UVa. Like Gregg pointed out it’s setting up like a classic trap game. I’d like to see our offense come out and go no huddle on our 2nd possesion to change up the tempo and keep UVa’s defense off balance.

  20. Kenny Tate (elbow), Danny Oquendo (head injury), Da’Rel Scott (shoulder/non-contact again this week), and Travis Ivey with the sore foot are the only known injuries/issues coming out the game.

    UMD will nominate MLB Alex Wujciak, 8 solo tackles, and Oquendo for ACC Players of the Week honors.

  21. I’m not surprised that the Terps aren’t ranked in the top 25 in the nation. The media generally attribute good Terp wins to the collapse of the opponent, not superior play or coaching of anyone from College Park. I count four straight wins over ‘ranked’ opponents in the last two seasons, two of those wins were against teams ‘ranked’ in the top 10 in the Country. Maybe the Terrapins were just lucky to get each of those teams on a downward slide after the rankings. Maybe the media consider every ACC loss win a sign that the ACC is weak (disregarding the fact that in league play one team will ALWAYS lose). Maybe the Terrapins haven’t provided enough razzle dazzle for anyone with a vote to care.

    Anyway, looking forward, if the Terrapins don’t crack the top 25 by the beginning of next week, either there is a conspiracy against us, or we lost to Virginia.

    The week after, however looks to be an interesting game, depending on which of the “upset” (tigers or deacs) pulls out the win next week at Wake Forest. We can either face a twice upset Demon Deacon team, or another ranked opponent. Unfortunately, no matter which team wins the Wake/Clemson game, ACC stock will fall.

    p.s. did anyone notice that Duke got a vote in the USA Today poll? Apparently one win in their last 25 league contests is good enough to get recognized. I’m not sure what to think of that. To be fair, Notre Dame only got 3.

  22. Duke probably got a vote from their own coach, or maybe Phil Fulmer voted for Duke as a way of saying “atta boy” to his former OC David Cutcliffe.

  23. Jordan Williams Reviews Maryland Visit
    Highly sought CT big man thoroughly enjoys first visit to College Park.
    -by TurtleSportsReport.com Sep 28, 2008. Sounds good so far.

  24. Caught some clips of the Padgett kid on YouTube. Wow! The one of him dunking was Lenny Bias like. Looks like a true PF w/ agile moves around the basket. If the jumpshot isn’t a strong suit at this point in his development as has been reported, he can certainly develop it at CP. Looks like our recruiting efforts may be moving in the right direction.

  25. Congrats to the football team. Another good win!

  26. Whoa JohnE…”Lenny Bias like” hyperbole! I saw Lenny Bias play…Padgett is no Lenny Bias.

    We must all agree to retire any comparisons to Lenny Bias. LeBron James is about as close to Lenny as we’ve seen…

    Don’t mean to jump on you John…you’re a fresh breath of optimism on this site of mostly, myself included, pessimistic Terps!

    I wear my Terp pessimism like a Cubbies fan wears his! Nothing to see here, move along.

  27. Before we praise Cosh too much, let’s see him make the adjustments on the next set of downs, not the next half. We won’t be so lucky in the future like we did at Clemson where we were only down 11 pts. That’s why we are not ranked, not so much the MTSU loss but the inconsistency in quality of play.

  28. Just posted the info I got on Jordan Williams’ official visit to UMD in the new thread about the FB team being ranked #26.

  29. Wheels, granted it was only a clip of one dunk, however it was a GOOD LOOKING one at that! If Padgett can be our next Lonnie Baxter, I’d be happy. Is that a more appropriate wish? You do have a point. I saw Lenny too, and he and MJ (and maybe David Thompson) were the cream de la creme since I started watching ACC hoops yesteryear..

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