Braxton Dupree Photos

Hey Folks, DBR was kind enough to email Braxton Dupree photos. You can judge for yourself, but I would describe him as “lean and mean”. He looks great. On a side note, it’s great to see that Braxton and Landon Milbourne added some much need “ink” to the Terps starting lineup. Now we have street cred. Which is nice.

I also added some photos of the Terps 2009 targeted BBall recruits.  Check out the page tabs at the top of the page above the logo.



  1. Check out those new under armour practice uniforms! If you haven’t heard, UMD recently made an exclusive contract with under armour and all Terps uniforms (for all sports I beleive) will be under armour now.

  2. Wow, he looks great. It will be nice if that translates to better post play for our Terps.

  3. If you look closely at the “fast break” pic you’ll see the difference between the new 3-point line and the 3-point line from previous seasons. The reason the old line is still on the court is because Women’s B-Ball will still use that line.

  4. Wow, that’s incredible. It’s great to see Dupree have that kind of work ethic. Can only mean great things in the coming years for him

  5. Although it can’t be said for sure from one photo, it looks to me like Landon added some muscle, too…..sort of has a brandon Mouton body in that shot.

    If he adds some toughness as well, PF might not be a stretch.

  6. Terrell Vinson comits to Loyla Marymount University.

  7. You see Vinson committed to Loyola Marymount. At least thats on Anybody got that from another site or sources too?


    Take a look at this recruit. Caleb Porzel is REALLY fast. Anyone else catch this on ESPN last night? Now he is really small but he can fly. Fridge was there and looked like a proud father.

    Good stuff for next year.

  9. Terp recruits looked good in that DeMatha/Good Counsel game.

    Meanwhile, look for a Terp B-Ball update shortly.

  10. DBR thinks Ron Jeremy looks “hot” in a speedo.

  11. Ricksterps, I youtubed Caleb Portzel, and wow, he really is fast. He is one of those players who always seems to be accelerating. He looks like hes got the right height to be a between the bodies kind of runner, but with speed and vision to be great in the open-field, too.

    He certainly made a lot of those high-schoolers look silly, and he even makes his lead blocker (#5) look good on the regular too. The plays where he stands still, and the offensive line recedes the pocket around him and the QB just long enough for the defense be literally be behind him by the time he gets the ball is pretty high on the genius-itude scale.
    It starts at 2:43 of this video:

    I like that the video shows that even when he gets hit, hes moving his legs, and getting that extra yard on the take-down.

    My favorite part though, is that he shows he can run both to the left and to the right.

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