A Recruiting Note From DBR

We are starting a new feature here at Turtle Soup. Approximately, once per week (or whenver he has something juicy), our very own Diamondback Russ (aka DBR) will be sending me his recruiting update. For those unfamiliar, DBR has routinely made comments under various Turtle Soup posts over the years. Those comments are chock full of information that comes from an “un-named source” who is close to the program.
Here is the first installment….
This could change but here is the current UMD scholarship availability:
2009- 2 (Neal plus one available)
2010- 3 (Hayes, Vasquez, Milbourne)
2011- 5 (Burney, Dupree, Gregory, Tucker, Bowie)
GW has been doing some traveling to evaluate players. He recently was in NY at Long Island Lutheran HS to watch 6-7 junior forward Tobias Harris. He also drove over to Montrose Christian to check out a junior swingman and a 6-5 freshman.

Class of 2010
Chuck Drisell and Robert Ehsan were in town (Albany, NY) yesterday to observe Taran Buie at a work out. I was unable to get down to Bishop Maginn HS to see the workout or talk to the coaches. My boss wouldn’t let me bounce early. He just doesn’t understand how important UMD B-Ball is to my well being :) Buie is headed to Notre Dame this weekend for an unofficial visit. Forward Will Regan from Buffalo will be tripping to Notre Dame with Buie. I’m told Regan can score down low, works his butt off, and has a nice touch. And is terrific in the classroom.

Buie will be at Maryland Madness. I believe Regan will be too, but my sources haven’t confirmed that with me yet.

Isaiah Epps has trimmed his list of schools. He currently lists Maryland, Pitt, and Rutgers as the leaders with Texas getting involved recently. Epps has already made one visit to College Park and will visit again for Maryland Madness. Pitt could pick up another 2010 guard in the next few weeks, something to watch for because that surely would not hurt our chances.
Epps and Taran Buie are friends and recently played on the same team in the Nike IS8 Fall League in NYC. They compliment each other very well on the court.
Epps would be a HUGE get in a class where we’ll need some guards. He doesn’t expect to decide on a school until spring so we’ll hear lots more about ‘Zeke’ over the coming months.

Class of 2009

With just two scholarships available for the 2009 class and one claimed by Padgett, getting JW or Arsalan Kazemi would be a successful recruiting class. Getting both, which could happen depending some other stuff, would be a bonus, and would allow the coaches to concentrate on perimeter players in 2010.
Jordan Williams is visiting St. John’s this weekend on his official visit. Hopefully on Monday I’ll have some follow up info on where St. John’s stand in his recruitment. JW has no other visits scheduled but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tripped to Marquette, Providence, and UMass. I look at it this way: if JW makes a quick decision, it will most likely be UMD. If it plays out past the fall signing period could be trouble BUT I wouldn’t necessarily panic because he blew up suddenly late in the summer and the recruiting process is new to him. Ultimately he may want to take more campus trips for comparisons. But UMD is in a good position with JW right now.



  1. Why would Vinson choose Loyola Marymount over all of the other schools recruiting him?!?

  2. Harris’ older brother graduated from Maryland and lives in the DC area. Harris will also be attending Maryland’s Midnight Madness

  3. Bill Bayno, LMU’s first year head coach worked hard in recruiting Vinson. Bayno has experience recruiting Baltimore, having done so as an UMass assistant coach during the nineties, nabbing Donta Bright in the process. In fact Bayno was in the Balto/DC area this week recruiting.

    Reportedly, an influx of not only new talent, but energy within the organization has changed many recuirts perspective of LMU.

    Several threads ago I mentioned that Vinson to LMU looked to be what was gonna happen. That’s the way the recruiting ball bounces.

  4. 2 weeks till Midnight (Maryland) madness!

  5. LMU has an awesome campus. When I heard he was thinking about that school I did some research….it is minutes from the beach and is rather nice. Plus being the BMOC taking the spotlight will get him a lot of attention that may cause NBA recruiters to take notice….

    Then again, maybe it is another OJ Mayo situation… ;) Just kidding!

  6. DB You’re right about Tobias Harris’ visit to UMD. Good lookin’ out. As the interest in Harris increases so does the number of visits that the junior phenom is taking. He’ll be visiting West Virginia this weekend on October 4th & 5th. Harris will also be visiting, Maryland for Midnight Madness as u posted. The next day Harris will visit Georgetown followed by Marquette’s Midnight Madness on October 24th and 25th.

    Harris will round out his visits by going to Georgia Tech on November 1st and Georgia on November 2nd.


  7. Busy kid…

  8. Turtle Soup featuring DBR……..not bad, not bad at all.

  9. On DBR’s desk at work, instead of pics of the family and kids, has a 5 x7 framed pic of Ron Jeremy in a gold Speedo.

  10. Nice work DBR. Finally getting your cred.

    I certainly hope you mountain bike. My bike (37 pounds, hydraulic disc brakes, 5 inches of travel front and rear – lovingly named “Marge”) is made by Diamond Back. Since it is somewhat of a downhill beast, it gets the special “DBR” branding. Not sure if they do this for all their bikes or just the ones who are HUGE basketball fans…

    Always like your tidbits. You should start making some up though. Just to keep us on our toes.

  11. Thanks for the update, DBR. First rate.

    Just wondering about JSK. Is he on campus? Is the clearinghouse process a little long for this guy–is there a reason for that? And does JSK change any of those scholie numbers?

    And most of all, the guy is pretty skinny and yet to emerge with a breakout year. Usually a senior HS year can work wonders for players like that. So I am wondering if you think he might be redshirted?

  12. JSK is on campus and taking classes. Still in the NCAA Clearinghouse. JSK can shoot “lights out” according to a source with the City Rocks AAU organization. The Terps need all the scoring they can get so I don’t expect him to redshirt. Plus, if the coaches wanted him to redshirt I doubt JSK would have done all the work necessary to come this season.

  13. Saw this from Sun blog. Interesting–I didn’t know they could award and then pull a scholie:

    “Right now the Terps have 12 scholarship players. David Pearman was also awarded a scholarship, so they’re at 13 for this season. Neal will graduate after this year, while Pearman will likely go back to being a walk-on, which gives UM two spots for the ’09 class.” Posted by: Matt Bracken | October 3, 2008 5:42 PM

    I also saw this from the Josh Barr blog at the Post on Padgett. I wonder if this guy, who says he saw Padgett play several times, is any judge of talent? Any view on this? Padgett is a 4 star guy over at Scout.

    Clearly you guys have not seen this play saying he is a good pickup. I watched him 6 or 7 times last year. He is an undersized big man, with limited quickness and ball skills. In the NYC PSAL he fails to be a dominating force even though he is bigger and longer than everyone on the court. Another sub-par recruit for the terps.

    Posted by: JP | October 2, 2008 9:15 AM

  14. EdDC the coaches from West Virginia (sweet 16), Tennessee (sweet 16), Pitt (made the NCAA’s), Florida and Kentucky all offered Padgett a scholarship so they all must disagree with that post on Josh Barr’s blog because they evidently felt Padgett would have been a good get. :)

    Padgett is a good pick up, not a game changing Savior, but a good pick up. Padgett himself has admitted in interviews that he needs to add 15 pounds of muscle and work on his face-up game. Now that his recruitment is over and he won’t be taking any more visits he can concentrate on improving weaknesses in his game and getting a qualifying SAT score (he’s on track to graduate).

    Don’t know about the posting on the WaPo blog (JP could be a Terps/GW hater) but according to NYCHoops.net, James Padgett is ranked the #4 NYC area recruit for the class of ’09. That’s good enough for me since the guys at NYCHoops.net are seeing these kids on the regular.

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