Halftime – Wow. What a stinker.

I have to say I’m shocked. Sure, the terp fan in me could see this coming, but I did not want to believe that the team would come out and play like a bunch of bums, thinking this was going to be a romp. They have looked listless in offense, very little creativity in the play calling. No screens, no slants, nothing.

The defense looks horrendous. No tackling, confusion on what a QB making his THIRD START EVER is going to do.

Just getting beat from one end of the field to the other. Do I have faith in a second half comeback? After what happened last week, it’s possible, but the difference is UVA has cashed in on all of its scoring opportunities. We are not staring at an 11 poing deficit. We are 21 points down.

Who can we blame?! I’d love to blame somebody, but I have no idea why this team contiinues to do this to us and itself.



  1. I believe you blame first the coaching staff. Not just for plays called or def. schemes called. but getting out hit , out smarted, and out hustled, this team looks horrible. Even if come back and win the game, we should still be ashamed of the way we played.

  2. They will need a miracle, circa of two years ago to pull this thing off! The realist in me says that it aint gonna happen, we are being dominated on BOTH sides of the ball. Classic MD sports, playing up or playing down to the level of your competition, almost brings about a wry smile…………Come on Terps, show us Something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 1st downs to 15 of UVA……………..

  3. NIce kick Obi!
    why not start the second half with Portis? give him a couple of possessions. Bringing him in 3/4 plays a game for 3/4 qb keepers makes no sense. lets see what he can do. he looked good in trash time against EMich.

  4. To be consistent with my thoughts on GW and the hoops team’s inconsistencies, I have to agree with Jerry.

    When your team plays like a roller coaster AND you know it (as you keep stating in the press), the lack of consistency necessarily is due to poor coaching. There is no way around it. They’re about to go down 24-0.

    In my mind, this loss is worse than the MTSU game because MD had been playing so well and BooVA so poorly.

    I’d like to run my fucking head into a wall right now because I am so angry. Too bad I need my brain to function.

  5. 24-0. ugh.

  6. One frustrated fan emailed me and said “we’ve got 8-4, maybe 9-3 level talent but 6-6/5-7 level coaching”.

    I don’t know if I agree with that but one thing for sure is whoever is giving the Terps pre game speech is getting the wrong message across.

  7. I’m almost glad at this point that I don’t get ESPNU………this makes me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTFG Terps, this was your’s for the taking…….I’m well aware that the game isn’t over, but COME ON MAN!!!!!!!! warm up the bus at this point………DHB no touches at this point…………and we cough it up……..CLASSIC…………

  8. There are games where nothing goes your way, and there are games where your play makes it so nothing goes your way.

    Tonight, it’s the latter. A 3 yard onside kick and when they finally make a play, not protecting the ball.

    This team should be embarrassed and disgusted tonight. They will have 2 weeks to think about this game and will have nobody to blame but themselves.

  9. Our defense is going to be tired in the Fourth quarter. At this point, I don’t think that the offense can waste enough time getting the defense healthy while still scoring enough to win the game.

    I’m fully expecting this game to blow up even more.

  10. 31-0 against the worst team in the ACC? Ouch. We won’t sniff the top 25 for the rest of the year.

  11. I haven’t seen much of MD this season–until tonight. This isn’t a very good team, maybe because Turner isn’t much of a QB. Hard to understand the hand wringing inside the Terp nation when the Calif. flop top hinted he might transfer after the Fridge named Steffy the starter. Maybe MD should have given him his release, and rebuilt the team around Portis.

  12. Prediction: We beat WF in two weeks then lose to NCST.

  13. DBR, I wouldn’t be surprised. WARNING: crackpot theory:

    I blame Kevin Barnes. His big hit on Jhavid Best put fire in the eyes of the Cal Defense and they put some seriously unnessesarily hard and dangerous hits on DaRel Scott after Best went out of the game. Scott injured himself that game due to the excessiveness and has been playing at less than 100% ever since. Maryland couldn’t get a running game going this game, and VA shut us down. Let me repeat, shut. down.

    At least we have 2 weeks to sulk about it.

  14. Crackpot theory would work only if Scott also played defense which gave up 31 pts to the 118th ranked offense in Div 1. Still not out of the bowl picture but looks like another season of what could have been against a mediocre ACC. Of course most of the teams in the ACC are saying the same thing. On the positive side, we won’t lose to Duke this year in football.

  15. Do you think the Terps figured all they had to do was take the field tonight and UVa would simply roll over?

  16. From Eric Prisbell’s ‘Terrapin Insider” in the WaPo:

    “Just got back from the Maryland locker room. Ralph Friedgen, frankly, seemed out of answers. He said he is not reaching the players. He said they lacked focus.”

    Does he understand that saying something like this necessarily means that he should not be coaching? To admit that you cannot reach your players means that you cannot coach them. What is the point of being a head coach if you can’t reach your players?

    Paging Deborah Yow…your coach admits he can’t coach.

    Honestly, I am at a loss to explain this. Someone, anyone, please explain how a coach can continue to be a successful coach after admitting that he is not responsible for losses and by the same rationale not responsible for wins? That’s what he is saying. They win or lose without him. Astonishing.

  17. Hey wheels, I do not agree that it means fridge should give it up. We all know fridge is blunt and tough. I can see him saying that. Though I wish he hadn”t. Ralph paints himself as a big target. I mean no disrespect. That is his style. I actually like our coaches that don”t run and hide. But being ass kicked on the field by lesser talent, in all parts of the game is wrong. I also do not go along with just forget about it. Should we forget about m.s.u and clemson and our defense with e.m.u. And tonight. I yearn to watch a game when we pressure the qb. just venting

  18. […] no idea why this team contiinues [sic] to do this to us and itself.” – Terp blogger Gregg Kanner, after half time of Virginia’s blowout of the Terps last […]

  19. Now comes the tough part…how do they find a way to lose during the bye week?

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