Terps-UVA Thread

Letdown or no letdown?

Let’s hope the Terps learned from their earlier loss and realize this will not be an easy opponent tonight in Charlottesville. They can be an easy opponent if the Terps come in focused and ready to go, but with injuries in the defensive backfield, I can see the defense having some issues. We’ll see. I’ll be watching the game and posting some thoughts. For those who don’t get ESPNU or 360, feel free to hang out here and we’ll let you know what’s going on!



  1. Just read on Scout.com that our game has been added to channelsurfing.net, where you can stream the game for free.



  2. The local papers in Charlottesville are asking, ‘is this Groh’s last stand?’ it is pretty desperate around town, but Terps can’t overlook Cavs one bit, not one bit, they need to come out on fire and put in a convincing four quarters of football for the first time all year.

  3. I’m going to inject a bit of sober pessimism into this thread right from the get-go. Even if the Terps win today, I can just imagine some analyst making a snarky comment: “All of Terpnation is excited, but in reality the University of Maryland Terrapins just beat one of the worst teams in the struggling ACC this year. What’s there to be excited about?”

    A statement can only be made if we beat them by more than 60 points. With Virginia’s record this year, is 30 points really a statement? (Quick check, is there another team this year that beating by 30 points would only be average?)

    Here’s to hoping that all goes as planned.

  4. Jacob:

    I see your point, but I will be thrilled if MD can get out of Scott Stadium with a W. 5-1 heading into a bye week with Wake coming into town the week after. Just get the win.

  5. Bad play call on 4th down there. Terps had 4th and 2 at the 32 and decided to pass. We have an enormous offensive line. Gotta run the ball there. A toss to let Scott get going.

  6. Terps are not putting enough pressure on this QB making his 3rd career start. You gotta blitz this guy!!!!

  7. channelsurfing.net does not work. Click on the Terps game and you get the UNC game. Sucks!!!


  8. Is anybody able to watch this on channelsurfing.net? When I click on the Maryland game it is playing the UNC vs. Uconn game.

  9. Panic time? Defense needs to take advantage of inexperience. Offense needs to be a little more aggressive.

  10. The guy streaming the UNC game was going to play the Virginia game, but his TV service in VA (COX) doesn’t offer ESPNU. Believe me, I spent a half hour watching him change stations until he finally gave up and put UNC on.

  11. What an asshat the dude on channelsurfing.net is!!!!!!!! Come on MD!!!!! Take it to the HOOS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. All I can do is follow this on the ESPN gamecast, so I don’t really know what’s going on in the game. Still, aren’t we supposed to be trying to get Darius Heyward-Bey the ball? Is there a reason why he doesn’t show up on the stat sheet yet? And is there a reason that UVA seems to be moving the ball very well?

  13. This aint looking good folks. It looks like a carbon copy of last week’s first half. The defense is getting run over and can’t tackle. No pressure on the QB because we can’t stop the run. Come on Cosh!!! I actually praised you last week!

  14. I can’t even get audio, I’m just looking at Gametracker. This game is looking UGLY.

  15. On the Heyward-Bey front, they tried to pass the ball to him on the first play, but Turner’s pass was knocked down at the line.

  16. I think we are in for a long night everyone. This team looks like it has no idea what to expect from UVA. This team is bad, but now that they have confidence, we are in big trouble. We are being completely outcoached at this point. We need to hope for a Clemson-like adjustment or the doubters will be out in force once again.

  17. Terps MUST capitalize on that stop and good field position before the half. Who get’s the ball 1st in he 2nd half btw?

  18. Just checked the score for the first time, 14-0 to BooVa??? Case of getting a big-head or is the other team just taking it too us? Fill me in.

  19. Yet another 3 and out……………Come On MD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. UVA gets the ball first in the second half. Turner looks like the Turner from MTSU. The zone defense from UVA is totally confusing him. Panic time.

  21. I thought Puke beat UVA 31-3 lat week :)

  22. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I guess it looks like the terps are going to have to come back from a 21 point deficit to beat UVa this year.

  24. Horrid. Terrible on offense and defense. No passion. Play calling is horrendous. Getting dominated up front. No pressure on an inexperienced QB. Who is calling plays on offense and defense? I can’t watch the second half. Just horrible.

  25. In case anyone forgot, Maryland is a football school.

  26. 31-0 now. Typical Terps and Fridge. Bring you high one week and way back down the next. Very disappointing.

  27. CTLD

  28. I’d like to thank Comcast for its steadfast refusal to broadcast ESPNU and thus saving me from the horror of would have been had I watched the game. I will know light myself on fire.

  29. Get Blackney Back!!! Cosh must go…I am retiscent to mention another must go….? 31-0, what!?

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