Terps Vs. Wake Thread

Great start boys. They actually got DHB involved early. Go figure. Gotta keep it up.


  1. GO TERPS! Get it done today.

    Meanwhile…I expect to get more B-Ball updates today. So as not to clog up the F-Ball game thread I’ll post them below in the DBR update thread. In fact, I just posted something :)

  2. Can Scott please learn to hold onto the football? What has happened to him today? So frustrating.

  3. Turner is really forcing the ball…locking onto receivers. That just won’t do against a team as solid on D as WF; it’s just asking for trouble.

  4. Let’s hope the Defense puts together 2 more quarters of good play/stays aggressive and doesn’t go into a prevent.

  5. Just found out that Barnes is out for the rest of the game with a shoulder injury.

  6. Egekeze seems to have regained form. 16-0 so far…let’s hope the D keeps it up

  7. Great game. That is the best the D has played in a very long time. Now we have to back it up with a NC State win.

    Great win with a wide open game plan on both sides of the ball.

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