Five Football Games Left

Can anyone figure this team out? Going back to last season, the Terps have won five straight contests against ranked opponents. They have also lost to Middle Tennessee State in that time.

At 5-2, the Terps are still positioned incredibly well to have a successful season. However, if history is any kind of indicator; being positioned well is exactly when the wheels start to come off for the Terps. For evidence, one need look no further than the UVA loss three weeks ago (Yes, I realize that UVA beating UNC this weekend means that UVA might not be that bad).

Nevertheless, if the shutout against Wake is going to serve as the spark to a spectacular finish, then the Terps will need to break with history.

There can be no more letdowns. The Terps have homecoming this coming week against NC State. The Wolfpack have played horribly (except for the win East Carolina). Maryland should kill them and get to 6-2. Note, the most important word in the previous sentence is “should”. With this team, are you willing to say that they will win for sure?

How many times in a season can a team get caught sleeping on an opponent? The Terps have done it twice (both times on the road). If they can’t beat NC State, then they are truly lost.

I believe that the domination of this past weekend vs. Wake was a turning point. They destroyed a Top 25 team. Maryland’s other big wins have not been so convincing. If indeed we have seen the turning point, then the Terps will still need to demonstrate their superiority against the ACC’s upper echelon.

The season ends with games at Va Tech (Thu. Night), followed by home games vs. FSU and UNC. The season ends at BC. None of those games will be easy but they will all be winnable. If Maryland has turned the corner; then they will win three of the final four. If not it’s another trip to the Emerald Bowl.



  1. I think you need to state “regular season” games :) We are well positioned for two games after the regular season, but we have to execute in order to make it to Tampa.

  2. Just noticed on the official ACC site that Chris Turner is ACC Player Of The Week for Offense. Great job, Chris!

  3. Terp Bruce Campbell also earned Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Week honors. Great job, Bruce!

  4. Amazing to me that the NC State game is not schedule to be televised. That damn ESPN 360 that almost nobody gets. Very disappointing.

  5. J-Dub,
    Holla @ your boys down here in CP. When you turn 21 you can even venture over to Love nightclub. It’s a short 15 minute drive from campus!


  6. I get ESPN360 on ATT UVERSE. UVERSE is aweseome and I highly suggest switching over from the cable company. I get the NFL network, ESPNU, ESPN360 and the price is approximately 30% lower. The DVR works on every cable box in the house! HD on every box in the house too.

  7. I’ll be at a wedding on Saturday so I won’t be able to watch at all.

    And to DC4life and his spam, Love is s ahitty club, I wouldn’t be caught dead there.

  8. Brian,
    No offense but your culture is probably different than J-Dub’s and mine. Love is the largest minority club in DC and should be a good reason for a young baller to hit up CP. Can you imagine being a minority in out the in middle of West Virginia or @ Virginia Tech? Cultural differences are great but you need to have some love and respect for you own culture, that’s my only point! Have you ever been to a Go-Go? Probably not…GO TERPS!

    Holla @ CP son!


  9. The Post is reporting Daring Drakeford a Senior LB for Theodore Roosevelt in DC pledged to the Terps over Illinois. Nice to get one who doesn’t head out there…..

    Here is an excerpt
    “The 6-foot-1, 220-pound Drakeford was a second-team All-Met last year, when he set a school record with 22 sacks. He is one of top all-around athletes in D.C. public schools, starring also on the Rough Riders’ basketball team that advanced to the City Title Game last March”

  10. Sounds like a good local catch for the f-ball program! I’ve always believed that if we could recruit better w/in a 50 mile radius of CP, we’d be a Top 20 team year in-year out without a doubt!

  11. While the Wake win was a beat down I would quibble with the fact that our other top 25 wins weren’t. That Cal game was never in doubt. Some camouflage scores at the end but we thrashed Cal.

    I may get to see the State game down here in Raleigh. Not sure if it will be the local game next week or not.

    You will be able to tell how next week goes in the first 10 minutes of the game. If you see us being aggressive on both sides of the ball then we will cruise. If we drop back in Tampa 2 on D and try to just run the ball down their throats on O we will struggle.

  12. Did we just pick up a commitment from JW?

  13. Dude, there’s a reason cabs won’t even go there. Not a good area at all, and definitely not somewhere I’d want our ball players hanging out. They can get in enough trouble at CP bars (see Exhibit A: Travis Garrison) There are much better and safer venues if you’re looking for predominantly minority clientele.



  15. Yo Baby!!! DBR, confirmation please!

  16. Turtlepower is correct. Jordan Williams verballed to GW earlier today. Solid confirmation was texted to me as I was in the deli section of Price Chopper LOL.

    Told ya I felt good about this.

    This is a great addition to the ’09 class, the ‘big’ we had been waiting for, a guy that can make an impact early on the blocks, just what UMD needs.

  17. Thank you GARY!

  18. Here’s how this went down…

    Jordan has been on/off the phone tonight with Chuck D (lead recruiter) and Gary Williams. He verballed to Chuck D who then contacted Gary and told him JW committed and would be calling right away.

    Based on scouting reports JW is THE guy we needed. If you go back and read some of my posts since July you’ll see I used words like “KEY, CRUCIAL, CRITICAL” in describing this kid. He’s a big that can move, can rebound and put it on the floor and shoot it, can face up and score or score down on the blocks with his back to the basket. Considered to have a high B-ball IQ, a good passer, lets the game come to him/doesn’t force things. Very cerebral. He averaged 27 ppg as a junior.

    The Terps first saw him in the Spring in Rhode Island. Then he blew up in the summer in Vegas while GW and Chuck D were on the road evaluating kids and California at AAU games. Terps were watching his every move, going to all his AAU games in the summer.

    Gary and his staff’s hard work paid off. Remember, Gary asked to be the first coach that came into JW’s home when the home visits resumed in September and he got the first visit.
    In a couple of weeks time, Gary scooped up a post player and a power forward to go with Burney and Dupree next year.

    These past three days were great days to be a TERP!

    I hope to have some quotes from Jordan Williams by morning.

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