Jordan Williams Commits to Maryland

As has been widely reported; Jordan Williams verbally committed to Gary Williams today. It was also reported that Gary Williams had no idea what Jordan was committing to; as it had been that long since Gary had actually recruited anyone. OK, I made that up. I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, this is a huge win for Maryland and in particular Coach Williams. Everyone knows how much he hates to recruit, but Gary clearly put in the time with this kid. He made Jordan feel wanted and really sold the program.

Jordan Williams is a guy you build around. Maryland can place him alongside fellow recruit James Padgett and boom; there is Maryland’s froncourt for the next four years.

Now, I haven’t had the chance to see Jordan Williams play; I will defer to the more knowledgable on that front. I just know the following: He is a big-time recruit of the four-star variety. Can someone name me that last four-star big man that Gary Williams nabbed out of high school from a state other than Maryland? (for the record, James Gist was a four-star player out of Good Counsel in Wheaton, MD in 2004). My guess is Chris Wilcox, but that is going back to 2000. (Can someone verify this?)

So to recap, this is the first top quality big man THIS DECADE (Wilcox signed his LOI in 1999) that Gary Williams has recruited. The last sentence tells you everything you need to know about the last five years of Maryland Basketball.

As such, I’m excited for what the Jordan Williams saga symbolozes: a rededicated Gary Williams. He has seen the error of his ways and has put forth the necessary effort to bring home the bacon. The fact that he was rewarded with Jordan Williams saying “yes” proves that hard work pays off. I’m sure that Jordan Williams will be great and hopefully, his name will hang from the rafters one day. For now, I’m just going to celebrate the fact that a 63 year-old man still has the fight in him to succeed in the ACC.

Maybe the tide has turned for the Terps. The start of the season is a month away and there will be plenty of locker room material in the form of preseason predictions to motivate the team. One thing is for certain. The coach still has the desire to win.



  1. Quotes from Jordan “J-Dub” Williams (my nickname for him):

    “It was Maryland’s criminal justice system that really was the difference. They have the number one criminal justice program in the country, and that is the area which I have always been interested in.”

    “Maryland was a great fit basketball wise, but the academic side of it was what made the decision for me.”

    “”Maryland has received all my transcripts and are happy with my grades. I am doing very well in school. But it’s been tough to concentrate on school with all the recruiting going on.”

    “I want all the Maryland fans to know I am excited to be a Terp, and I consider it a great honor. I am going to go to a very good school to play for a great coach. Six months ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed this all could have happened.”

  2. Big ups to DBR for being all over this from the start. You are a huge asset to this site.

    This is what some of us have been saying over the last two plus years. Gary has earned a few down years. Has he not been recruiting as he should the last 4 plus year? Probably. He was a little slow to react to the new landscape in college bb. We no longer have an easy path to the 3-4 star athlete that the big boys pass up. We have to compete against the Davidson and Gonzagas of the world. Boom should have been a role player off the bench, not the starter he was last year.

    If we can get JSK for this season I feel good about our prospects. Even if we don’t I think we can have a really good season. Guard play is key and we have lots of them.

    Chuck D is looking more and more like the heir apparent to Gary when he steps down in a few years. I still remember that lay up he missed but i got over it about a month ago :)

  3. Yay! I’m glad that more and more players have been saying that their choice to attend Maryland has been because of academics. I hear it a lot on the football recruiting trail, and I’m glad that it seems to have carried over to Basketball as well.

    Considering all of the debacles that UMD has had in recruiting confirmation and reneging recently, we can assume that Jordan Williams is the real thing, right?

  4. Great News!,but does this mean we don’t have space for Arselan Kazemi(sp)? i’ve been wondering how many scholarships we have to give out…

    Also, the academic side is pretty cool as well! Taran Buie (a 2010 target) seemed to like that about UMD as well… maybe it will help us get Jelani Jenkins? (fingers crossed)

  5. I too am very happy about getting Jordan Williams. And also for the academic reasons he stated. Does anybody know anything about the red-white scrimmage this saturday. It is usually scheduled before the football game?

  6. So recruiting is done till we win the National Championship and Vaz (the tourney MVP) goes pro……did I say that?

    Ricksterps, I have a hard time believing that JSK is any sort of lynchpin for the 2008-09 season. At best he’ll be a spot player for 8 minutes a game. I doubt he sees that much action.

  7. Keith,

    With Neal being a senior and leaving this year and GV probably going to the league, it will open up a schollie I believe. So we still could get Kazemi, but I have no idea what priority he is to the staff as of yet.

    One would believe that he would begin to consider playing elsewhere since we have two 4-star big men coming in next year. I think if Dupree and Burney have a great year the 4 and 5 spots might actually be crowded (yes I said it) in 2010 and beyond…

  8. It’s a start. I’m glad G-Dub realized he needed to get back in some living rooms and holla at these kids and the parents. That being said, let’s hope he can coach these dudes up. If this dude is all that he won’t be there 4 years but that’s cool.

    I hope the staff has a game plan for the 2010 class. If we get decent recruiting classes back to back we can get the program back to where it needs to be!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m told that Padgett & Williams are good/sincere kids and that their verbals are firm/solid. Fall signing period begins 11/10.

    Recruiting is not over…never over…could take a 3rd player for ’09 depending on somethings. Kazemi is scheduled to visit on 11/8 and there is another recruit the Terps have been evaluating. I’ve just never mentioned him.

  10. Excellent news. Feels good to see the staff putting in the work and being rewarded for it. Let’s hope the results show up on the court for these guys as well. Recruiting looks like it’s starting to take a swing up.

  11. […] the Terrapin fans are really happy about Coach Gary Williams’ newfound dedication to bringing in talent that tries to match the rest of the ACC. Possibly related posts: […]

  12. I didn’t phrase that very well Steve. I think JSK could be a good role player off the bench. I don’t think he will be in our top five. His skill set is something we could really use. Good shooting big man that can also get to the basket. He needs to bulk up but the kid can score.

  13. Like what I’m hearing about Epps, Buie and Regan. Need to lock them up now. Hopefully things go well and Terps can close most of these guys out. Barton a possibility too, especially since he left NCA.

    I hope the staff goes all out in getting Epps, Buie, Barton and Regan and close it down right then and there. Forget all the shuck and jive from the others.

  14. The frontcourt is not crowded. On the teams that went to the final four, we had four good frontcourt players – Baxter, Wilcox, Sleepy & Holden, and we rotated them in to keep them fresh and out of foul trouble throughout the game.

  15. Hey Keith Jelani Jenkins and family coming out to the NCST game this weekend. Now you can really keep ya fingers crossed :)

  16. In other news –

    Vikings bring back linebacker Erin Henderson

    2008-10-21 11:42

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) -The Minnesota Vikings re-signed linebacker Erin Henderson on Tuesday.

    To make room on the roster, linebacker Rufus Alexander was waived. Last week, the rookie Henderson was waived and Alexander was promoted from the practice squad. Alexander played briefly in Sunday’s game against Chicago.

    Henderson made the team as an undrafted rookie. Alexander was a sixth-round pick by the team in 2007.

  17. Props to GW on this one. I was hoping his competitiveness would spur him to lift his recruiting to another level, and it’s good to see that it has. Better that he steps down on a high note when he decides to hang them up. Thanks DBR for the field intelligence. Invaluable stuff.

    I’ve been out of pocket, so haven’t been following Terp FB as closely as I ordinarily would. But, in light of UVA’s play the last couple of games, I don’t think their shellacking of an uninspired MD team looks as shocking at it did at first blush two weeks past. They may be a team to reckon with down the line.

  18. Here is a link to an article about the injustice of Lefty not being in the B-Ball Hall of Fame. Written by none other than my favorite dookie, John Feinstein. Great article for all of us Terps who are Lefty fans.

  19. John Feinstein for President of the Sports Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Just got an email saying that Dino Gregory is doing showing more right now than last season/expected. So hopefully that’s the beginning of a new/improved Sophomore version of Dino, but he was observed doing some good work on the blocks.

    Also, I believe Jerry is correct, the Red-White hoops scrimmage will be noon on Saturday before the FB game, but will confirm later.

  21. It appears the Terps may scrimmage Temple, possibly next Saturday in Philly. Scrimmage will be closed to the public.

  22. It appears the Terps may scrimmage Temple, possibly next Saturday in Philly. Scrimmage will be closed to the public.

  23. Ok, J-Dub and Padgett are in the fold! SUPER!!! DBR, any word on how this played with Buie and Epps?

  24. Jordan Williams signing is a great thing. But let’s not hang his number up in the rafters yet. He is ranked #99 in the class of 2009. Braxton Dupree was ranked higher than that by most publications. We have guys on the roster now ranked higher that than coming out of HS (Hayes, Vazquez, Milbourne) Is there something I’m missing out on? Please explain to me in more detail why this is such a big signing.

  25. For me, the signing of JW is a very big deal, even though he is ranked at 99 and 102 by the two major recruit trackers.

    First, he is a big scorer. As I recall he averaged 27 points a game in his junior year. We have guys like Burney, Padgett, Goins and others who were not big scorers in high school (at 10 or 12 points a game), and do not project as top scorers in the ACC (although Padgett might surprise). Even Dupree and Gregory barely got to 20 points in the senior years and struggled to score as juniors, as I recall. JW will get scoring opportunities in GW’s offense.

    Second, the Terps have lost out on some top post talent–guys who have committed but later fell away from the Terps. This guy will stay with us. The Terp program needs this dependability now.

    Third, JW helps with 2010 guys, some PG and wing players who need assurance that the rebounds and inside play will be there. The post guys do not have to be great, but they have to be there, or the Terps program would be down for a few more years.

    When you have a genuine big who can run the court, shoot, and make foul shots, JW is a big deal. At MD, look for JW to max out his skills and put up some nice numbers. At Duke or NC, he might have trouble getting into the mix for good playing time. But he could turn out to be better than several Dookies rated more highly than JW currently is.

    As JW puts up his senior numbers, I look for his ranking to go higher.

  26. I haven’t had any contact with Taran Buie or anyone from his Albany City Rocks AAU team since JW committed to the Terps. But anytime a school gets commitments from recruits that they made a priority, it can’t help but send a positive message to other recruits.

    As far as JW’s ranking/number of stars; that can be deceiving. The B-Ball “star system” and rankings is heavily weighted towards AAU play. In the summer of ’07 he was under the radar playing for a 16-under AAU team that didn’t get noticed much because coaches were watching the talent on the 17-Under team for his AAU organization (which was loaded with talent).

    Then in April he moved up a level (this is where the Terps 1st noticed him) and by JW’s own admission played “terribly” but continued to work hard. This summer (’08) he blew up during AAU play in Vegas and Cali (GW was there to watch his every game).

    Last night I watched about 10 minutes of video of JW’s HS games (league playoffs) and he does everything you’d want your big man to do. Not real flashy but gets it done. He’ll bring a solid skill set to UMD and much needed front court depth when you combine him with Padgett, Dupree and Burney.

    JW was a late bloomer that, fortunately for us, sailed under the radar.

  27. Another NFL Note:

    Nick Novak got cut from the KC Chiefs. Figured this was his big chance. He was 6 /10 on field goals this year. I think the big thing is that he was only 1/3 from 30-39 yards.

    Good luck to Nick in his future endeavors.

  28. Nick hasn’t proven that he can truly kick at the NFL level, which is very surprising. However, he is NOT the problem with the Chiefs…ask Tennessee what they think is the problem with the Chiefs :)

  29. Nick was also having trouble kicking off past the 10 yard line. I wonder if he’s got a minor injury that’s causing a loss in leg strength. I hope he catches on with some other team.

  30. I liked Nick a lot too, but he struggled with kickoffs with the Skins too which was one of the reasons they let him go.

  31. JohnE I’ll post something about Taran Buie in this thread later this evening. And yes, he has been paying attention to who the Terps are recruiting in 2009.

  32. Flipping through my Wizards tickets this year I noticed a game against Oklahoma City. Remembering that this was the Seattle team I looked at their roster and found none other than Terp great Joe Smith (along with Chris Wilcox). This is Joe’s ninth different team in 13 NBA seasons. In those seasons he has amassed over 10,700 points and a solid 11.8 ppg average. Kudos to the great Joe Smith.
    Also DJ is with the Rockets, I hope he gets into the rotation.

  33. Hey fellow turtle lovers. Thanks dbr for your help i saw the red-white game is 12:15. I wonder if any of you go or can go? my wife have gone for the last 5 or 6 years. See if you don’t think this is sad. The fan turnout is horrible. I bet I could stand up and count the fans there and not miss it by much. One year the football opponent we were playing had more people watching then we had. I’m sure fans just wandering in to see the comcast center.when we left to go to the football game our parking lot was full of tail-gaters cooking and drinking. Hell i would have loved to be eating a burger and drinking a couple of beers, but we enjoyed clapping for our b-ballers for blocks, dunks steals and over-all just great hustle. any thoughts?

  34. Taran Buie has trimmed his list of schools but does not have a final list that he plans to take official visits to. Right now he plans to take two more unofficial visits (Ga. Tech this weekend & Notre Dame the following wknd) then he’s going to focus on his team’s season as they have a chance to win a second consecutive state championship.

    According to his HS coach Buie likes UMD a lot and UMD has done a great job of recruiting him (getting on him early and staying in constant touch), which is why he made the trip to Maryland Madness (his 2nd to College Park) and stayed for the F-ball game.

    Buie describes Isaiah Epps as “my boy” and think they complement each other well. They played together in the IS8 Tournament in NYC until Taran injured his ankle. Taran likes the possibility of playing with Isaiah. That injury is coming along and he expects to be back on the court in about two weeks.

    Taran has seen a lot of James Padgett and described him as a very good athlete who will battle, defend and rebound, not a big time scorer but a warrior, the kind of teammate you like to play with. Taran doesn’t know, nor has he seen Jordan Williams play. But he acknowledged that the UMD coaches explained to him that they were trying to shore up the inside game with this class and were concentrating on perimeter players in the class of 2010.

    So at this point the leaders for Taran appear to be Maryland, Ga. Tech, Notre Dame (there is some family love of ND) and possibly Penn State (Taran’s brother plays there). Rutgers and Va Tech are still in the mix. We should not expect a decision from Taran before spring.

    I plan to attend some of Taran’s HS games and have more updates during the season.

  35. DBR, thanks for the post with all the J-Dub insights. Since you watched 10 minutes of JW’s HS tape, who would you say his game reminds you of?

  36. Thanks for clearing up the Jordan Williams situation guys. If he’s a late bloomer, than the current rankings don’t do him justice I guess.

    As far as Buie and Epps, am I correct in assuming Buie is the off-guard and Epps the lead guard? I saw an article in an Edison, NJ local newspaper and they spoke of Epps with almost reverance. Man, getting those two would set us up nicely for some deep tourney runs for a couple of years.

    Any new word on JSK? I wish they would clear that up already. If he isn’t cleared until December, he won’t be a factor this season. Coming in as a freshman, with perhaps a language barrier, he won’t get into the rotation if he doesn’t get the practice time. Especially on Garyland’s teams, he considers practice holy time.

  37. Jordan appeared to be a faster, more versatile version of Braxton Dupree (well, Braxton as a Freshman). Can score the basketball. Physically resembles Sean May (UNC).

    UMD considers Taran Buie a “combo” guard and Isaiah Epps to be the Terps PG of the future.
    However, people I talk to say that when the two played on the same team in a tournament they were almost interchangeable really complimented each other well. They both have a good handle and they both look to score. Epps is quicker, but Buie has better hops. I’m told that Buie has Steve Francis-like hops.

  38. JSK did not make it past the NCAA clearinghouse. However, there is an appeal going on right now and the decision will be made October 30.

    If he does not get cleared to play, then he basically cannot play for MD for 2 years or something. I read this online somewhere and there was a lot of confusion surrounding the situation.

    Basically, if he does not make it past his appeal on the 30th, then we may have to say goodbye to JSK for good.

  39. I know of no NCAA rule that would preclude him from playing next year. He would just have to rectify whatever issue is stopping him from meeting their standards.

  40. Does the dreaded clearinghouse give a reason for a ‘rejected’ stamp?

  41. This must be quite an organization to keep a student from gaining a higher education scholarship! What a twisted goal to keep students from progressing. What’s the real purpose of this clearinghouse? Maryland’s own admissions goals are usually tougher than any clearinghouse or NCAA standards. How can this clearinghouse possibly know what is best for the kid or for Maryland?

    I’ll bet if this kid gets cleared, he gets a solid GPA.

  42. The NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse is the organization that determines whether prospective college athletes are eligible to play sports at NCAA Division I or Division II institutions. It does this by reviewing the student athlete’s academic record, SAT or ACT scores, and amateur status to ensure conformity with NCAA rules.

    Students must be cleared by the clearinghouse before they receive athletic scholarships or compete at a Division I or Division II school.

    Typically student-athletes request a final certification of their status three to four months before enrolling in college.

    Most of the students who fail to qualify to play NCAA sports fail because of lack of appropriate course work than for low test scores.

    For example, a student-athlete could have good grades, get good test scores but could be missing a core class. Students must complete a certain number of core courses for NCAA Division I and II eligibility.

    The Clearinghouse has absolutely nothing to do with academic qualifications to gain admission to a school. It’s sole purpose is eligible to play sports/receive athletic scholarships.

  43. What happened is that JSK wanted to play in ’08 instead of ’09. He took some NCAA online courses that were also approved by the UMD. Apparently these online courses, NCAA Approved, is what they are making the big fuss about. He took these online courses to graduate a year early from high school as well.

    No doubt he is a great student if he graduated a high school a year early IMO.

  44. Could JSK get admitted into Maryland, take courses (and I guess he is already doing all that), demonstrate that he can achieve at the college level by getting good grades, and get clearance for the scholarship that way? Could he play second semester of this season? Next season? Someone a few posts up said he might have to wait two years–seems far-fetched but is there any validity to that?

    Gary must be really frustrated after having JSK go through all this, after being bounced around on Gilchrist, after the Terrence Jennings fiasco and the Tyree Evans rejection (in anticipation of a refusal to admit him by Admissions). On the other end, he has the NBA to deal with. How do you please all these organizations and kids?

  45. How big are Buie and Epps? In all the discussion about them on this site, I don’t recall seeing a height and weight. mentioned. Are these guys small guards or do they have some size?

  46. Epps 6-2
    Buie 6-1 or 6-3 depending on what you read. When I met him Buie looked to be 6-1.

    Lute Olsen is retiring.

  47. Matt Bracken at the Balto Sun has a nice article on Jordan Williams including quotes from JW’s High School coach.

    Matt is a Michigan alum but does a terrific job covering Terps recruiting for all sports.

  48. So, it appears JSK won’t be playing this yr at all. Is this yet again another case of a Md commit flyin’ the coop? Please advise.

  49. Fred don’t jump to any firm conclusions regarding JSK just yet. As far as I’m concerned JSK’s status has not changed, he’s still not thru the NCAA Clearinghouse. Period. Once he decided to come to UMD this year instead of in ’09 there was always the possibility that he would not get thru the NCAA Clearinghouse. The process is just playing out awfully long.

    JSK is a good player and from all reports a terrific kid. Hopefully we will all be happy once this process plays itself out. We just have to wait and see.

  50. take it for what it is, but i did see JSK on campus today heading to classes…he was surrounded by a few other korean students in stamp, seemed to be enjoying himself…

    so if he doesnt get through, can he still play for us next year?

  51. He can play with us next year. You have to remember, if you don’t get through the Clearinghouse you can’t play at ANY division one college. He isn’t transferring like Gilchrist, this is an eligibility question not a Maryland eligibility question.

    He was suppose to be in next year’s class and tried to get in a year early. That’s all that is happening here. Worst case scenario is he plays in with the class he originally intended to play.

  52. JSK’s cousin went to MD and post on another site that I read regularly. He stated that we will know on Oct 30 for sure about his status for this season. His first try through the clearing house said he was not eligible to play. JSK and UMD appealed it and will get a decision on the 30th and we will know for sure. If he is turned down by the Clearinghouse, as per his cousin, he will not be eligible to play at all this year.

    Hopefully he is wrong, but that is what he said.

  53. Can someone clarify the process for me? Isn’t his eligibility based on his completing his HS requirements along with an acceptable SAT or ACT score? I’ve heard his test scores are good which means the part holding this up is his HS record. If he’s not cleared doesn’t that mean the Clearinghouse doesn’t recognize his HS transcript? Following that, if he’s already enrolled at MD, how does he rectify the situation? Do they expect him to drop out of MD and go do a senior year of HS somewhere???

  54. Jeff the requirements to graduation from a HS and be academically qualified to enroll in classes at a University are not the same as the requirements to be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship to play at a division I & II school. Two different things.

    And when you factor in a prep school, things can get murky sometimes. Some prep schools have a reputation of being nothing more than a diploma mill.

    It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her school to file their paperwork with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

    One way or another there should be a ruling on JSK’s status by 10/30.

    If he doesn’t make it, we may not get an explanation on why. Privacy policies such that they are.

  55. The clearinghouse sucks.

  56. I agree with you dc. All student athletes have to go thru it. Let’s all hope that starting with 2009 we never need to hear “NCAA Clearinghouse” in connection with UMD recruits ever again.

  57. So if he doesn’t get cleared this year, how can he rectify the situation? Will he need to take some HS classes?

  58. Losing JSK would seem to have a bigger impact this year then next. If he is the outside shooter that he is advertised to be, this year’s squad would seem to REALLY need him, maybe even more so than next year’s group (assuming SM grows into the role btw freshman/sophomore years or sombody else does).

    Of course, JSK would be helpful next year as well, but who is going to provide us a three-point threat this year–EH, AB, SM, and/or GV? Unless one of those guys has come up with a three-point shot over the summer, they’ve really haven’t shown us one to-date in thier UMd careers Assuming a Dupree/Burney emergence (typed w/ fingers crossed), then I was hoping (and I’ll admit it may be misplaced hope) that Gregory and JSK might provide the talented, big man depth we’lll need to be competitive; Gregory on the inside, JSK on the perimeter.

    I know we’ve been talking up Milbourne as a possible 4 in a three guard line-up, but somewhere along the line we’re going to need some quality reserve play from back-up bigs (calling JSK a big might be a bit of a stretch, but an outside shot from a frontcourt player, even a reed-thin 3, could loosen things up quite a bit on the inside for D/B, Milbourne, etc).

    All this assumes we get quality minutes from Braxton and Jerome as the starters. That in my mind is question #1 for 2008-09 that requires an answer–will we, or won’t we? If the D/B combo does not emerge, I think its going to be a long year and somewhat of a moot point as far as back-up big play is concerned. If the starters can’t get the job done, no amount of quality reserve play will make up for it.

  59. It would be a blow to lose Jin Soo Kim. Based on pick up b-ball games he showed a knack for finding open spaces to get his shot off. Based on those around him, JSK appeared to be a legit 6-8, and fills the lanes fluidly with his long strides. Clearly lots of work in the weight room is needed, and on the defensive end he did lose his man on a few occasions, but the kid has lots of talent. If he doesn’t get thru the NCAA Clearinghouse it will definitely be a setback for this team.

  60. Clearly I don’t have a complete grasp on this whole NCAA Clearinghouse thing. Looking at dc1984us‘s post from October 23rd, it seems like the Clearinghouse is backtracking about what they will and will not accept. dc says that the online courses were NCAA approved, but now the Clearinghouse is saying something to the effect of, “Hey Jin, international student, HS graduate and UMD freshman; Hey man, you know those courses we let you take so that you could further your education? Yeah….. about those…… we took a second look at them, and it turns out that we decided to invalidate them. Don’t look so sad, its not you, really… its us, promise. We just need a better way to make sure that all student athletes meet our minimum academic requirements to play colegiate sports. Online courses that we previously approved no longer apply…. Better luck learning things the old fashion way next time. Yes, we know that by denying you this clearance we are basically negating any scholarship that the University of Maryland may have offered you. We don’t really care whether this affects your ability to attend that university to further an education you’ve worked hard for and excelled at. Just think of all the student athletes we are helping – you know, your peers who struggle to barely meet the very specific standards we seemingly arbitrarily set. “

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