A Note from DBR – 10/24/08

Before we get into DBR’s latest from the recruiting trail; the Terps need to care of business on Saturday. No excuses. If we aren’t 6-2 24 hours from now, I am giving up on the season (not really, but I am damn tired of the inconsistency).

As for the updae, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the Leek Leek era. I don’t care about the kid’s skills. This needs to happen.

The week started off great with the commitment of Jordan Williams (JW plans to sign a LOI with UMD on 11/12), and then we hit a speed bump with the news about Jin Soo Kim.
Lots was discussed yesterday about JSK’s status so I won’t rehash that only to say that “time keeps on tickin, tickin” into the future and I’m not feeling to confident this will work out in JSK/UMD’s favor. This underscores the Terps efforts with Arsalan Kazemi. He has taken the SAT’s and has an offer from UMD. Kazemi wants to sign early and from what I’m told Rice & UMD are his leaders. However Kazemi wants to play a lot as a freshman and that, along with his advisor living in Houston, could tip the scale in Rice’s favor. Kazemi is a 6-7 combo forward and is scheduled to visit College Park on 11/8.
No feedback from Roscoe Smith or anyone that tripped with him to Maryland Madness. I kinda got the feeling that the main reason he came was to show support for his friend Sean Mosley. Word is that Smith is VERY high on UNC and the Tar Heels are showing interest but have not yet offered. Everyone I talk to indicate that as soon as UNC offer’s Smith a schollie he’ll pop to them.
Meanwhile, the coaches continue to do a good job of identifying recruits EARLY and getting them on campus for visits. Today two recruits will be making unofficial visits along with their coach…someone named Keith Gatlin LOL.
The players are 7-0 freshman (class of 2012) Deng Leek, and his brother , 6-6 Leek Leek, a sophomore (class of 2011).
In other recruiting news, Junior forward Marcus Thornton, 6-8, is scheduled to make an unofficial visit on Monday. And, a kid DBR would love to see UMD get, junior forward/center Will Regan will be on campus on November 14 for the game against Bucknell, and will stay over for the football game against UNC.

Terps have an open practice at 12:15pm on Saturday.



  1. Congrats to Keith Booth UMD Hall of Fame Inductee Tonight.

  2. DBR,

    Thanks for the continued great reports.

    Let’s say JSK is not cleared for 2008. Considering JSK is enrolled in Maryland and presumably is interested in playing in 2009-2010, and considering the Terps’ interest in Kazemi, and also considering Pearman’s apparent one-year scholie that expires after this season, what scenario –considering all these things –would be in the Terps’ best interests to happen for 2009?

  3. Leek Leek?

    WTF? Talk about cruel parrents!

  4. What would the Cameron Crazies do w/ Leek Leek???

  5. What a great week this has been just to be discussing Maryland Hoops and it not being negative. Obviously, there has been a lot to be unhappy with within the past few years, but I’m hoping this week is the start of a new era in Terp Hoops and as much as Gary deserved the blame for lack of recruiting in the past, if these guys work out and if they continue to recruit big names, I think we all will be the first to commend him. (and celebrate some championships!)

  6. JohnE, Who cares? Knowing them, their cheat sheets would probably have something blatently obvious, painfully obscure, or “take the high road” and say nothing at all…Cameron Crazies live for the camera, not their team.


  8. 7’0″ freshman. Wow. Hopefully a Greg Oden in the making (and not a Will Bowers).

    Terps 169 NC State -3

  9. Unlike last year’s football season, MD’s offensive line has stayed healthy so far. At some point you have to figure that this O line will start to dominate opponents. Maybe last week was the start of that. We’ll see.

    If I were calling plays for MD’s offense, I would break from the routine of playing it safe against “inferior” opponents. Let Turner throw it 35 times and let him throw it from the start. Run trick plays. It will give future opponents something to account for during their preps. My take on MD’s two lethargic losses and two lethargic wins (Delaware and Clemson) is that they take too long to get going on O. In their comfortable wins, they throw caution to wind. Hopefully, we some of the latter not former.

    On D, same story as always. Is Cosh going to sit and spin? When MD gets to the QB, through the blitz at first and then through the 4 man rush at the end, they win. When MD sits back in that soft zone, they play, well, soft. At least this team creates more TOs than last year’s team.

    This game should be a replica of last season’s finale against NCST. That is, it should be no contest. With this team? Who knows. What should be a 34-10 win will just as likely become a 13-10 toss up. If MD is up by 2 scores at half, they win easily. Down at the half or tied at the half, say hello to MTSU/BooVa.

  10. It is being shown down here in Raleigh. We shall see which team shows up.

    Open it up Fridge!!!

    I have been on the JSK train early. I saw tape on him and he is just what the doctor ordered. Again, he isn’t a savior but he would add some much needed scoring off the bench. The kid has a great ability to get open and put the ball in the basket.

  11. I agree w/ Wheels. Ralph needs to let the offense open up more and stop playing this close to the vest stuff. I had a chance to see the Texas-Oklahoma game in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. Man, you talk about two offenses letting loose. I kinda of wish UMd would take a page out of the OU playbook and take a look at using a hurry up offense from time-to-time. OU uses it most of the game. I wouldn’t go that far with it; however, the hurry up does seem to energize the game quite a bit; especially for the offensive side of the ball. The defense runs around trying to keep up with it and keep on balance.

    Bottom line today, we need to avoid offensive lethargy at all costs. It may produce and extra turnover or two, but we should be able to overcome it. If I see the Terp O go sub 20 points again, I’ll know Ralphie kept the O in the cupboard–agian. I say the Terps need to put 35+ up on the board. To top the five touchdown figure, they’ve got to open things up offensively.

  12. I don’t expect a wide opened offense today. Weather is supposed to be bad in CP for the game today. In fact the Terps prepared for this game by practicing Thursday with wet balls (trust me that sounded better in my head) wet footballs.

    The offense worked heavy on the run game looking ahead to choppy weather for game day.

    GO TERPS! Get the “W” and keep it movin.

    Oh and remember, B-Ball practice at 12:15 if you’re in the area.

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