Terps/NC State Thread

Today we’ll find out a lot about our Terps. Will they rise up and defeat an inferior foe, or will they once again play down to their competition and allow the Wolfpack to hang around to beat them in the end. I wish I had the answer, but I have no idea which Terps team will show up. And since the game is not televised except for ESPN 360, I won’t be watching. (Though if anyone can find a way to watch it elsewhere online, please let me know!)

I’ll be listening to Johnny Holiday and following the game online, so if anyone is able to see it out there, please chime in now and then with some comments so I can follow what is going on from the fan perspective!

The weather is not expected to be good, but I think a team with a good offensive line and solid running backs (and a QB who can run) can still have a good day. That is us, so there should be no excuses!

Go Terps!



  1. Gregg,

    If my phone had a better camera I’d try to set up a cameraphone stream with QIK (qik.com) for you to watch the game on. I have student ticket seats, so you know the view isn’t the best, but the atmosphere is superb!

    Go TERPS!

  2. FWIW…Red won the b-ball scrimmage today. I hear Cliff Tucker, Landon Milbourne and Greivis all had more than 20 points each. Tucker, Hayes and Bowie all made at least three 3-point shots. In fact, almost all of Hayes’ & Bowie’s points came off of 3-point shots. Dino may have been the leading rebounder and played a terrific game. Burney didn’t score, but had 5 blocks.

  3. Nice run DHB…nice drive for the offense. Glad they answered NCST’s touchdown.

  4. If Burney can play and get a lot of rebounds and blocks, I do not care about his scoring. His blocks and boards will get us a lot of fast breaks that will ultimately help us scoring. One of our BIG problems last year was how many off rbs we let the other team get, coupled with the miniscule about of def. rbds we got last year. Gist and Osby displayed fights at times to get the boards, but usually we were holding our hands wondering how a team like, oh, we’ll say UVA gets 3 off rbs on ONE POSSESSION!

  5. Just got an email that says the skies opened up and it is pouring down rain at the game. Terps lead 17-14. Gotta grind it out in awful wx.

  6. Oh you crazy hoops lovers!

    The Terps are in a big battle right now in the pouring rain. I’m not wild about the defense so far, though I have just been listening to the game. They did force a turnover, which was huge, but if they can just make some stops, we can take this game over on offense.

    Great kick by Obi in the rain for a 47 yard FG.

  7. Games that are not on TV always tear at my heart. I would be at the game but I wrecked my girlfriends car on Thursday and I’m on some good meds. (Lower back was pretty banged up). Docs order…no sitting too long = no game! I dislike her right about now

  8. Muddy field hurts us since we are much faster. Having said that, we should be rolling NC State. Our D is really starting show some holes with all the injuries.

  9. Lining up for this FG I think we should have at least tried to run it for the TD. You have a kicker that is up and down on a wet field.

    Make it please!!!!

  10. Ugly win but we hang on. I hope Scott isn’t really hurt.

  11. Nice win considering the conditions. Wut happened to Scott?

  12. Just got a chance to check the score out, 27-24! Congrats Terps! Anyone see the game and can fill the rest of us in?

  13. Yes it was wet, and yes a lot of people left at halftime (I don’t blame them). Despite the smaller crowd, it was as loud as it has been all year. The Terp offense really stepped it up in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter. Eventually some of the more consistent role players had catches (like Gronk) to keep the drive alive. Davin Meggit, who filled in for Scott after he went down had a few really nice runs and broke some tackles. He definitely has a bright future. Scott seemed to be holding his right leg, or his right abs but walked off the field.

    Obi got iced twice by the Wolfpack, once because they had too many guys on the field, and second by a timeout. He handidly made the kick with 8 seconds left. Baltz was handed the kickoff duties, and punched it into the endzone. NCState threw abotu 25/30 yards for incomplete and what was left of the stands went nuts.

    In other news, the Mighty Sound of Maryland is 100 years old this year, and they had a bunch of Alumni come back to play. A portion of the band was also dressed up in Civil War-era apparel to comprise the largest Maryland band ever at Byrd Stadium.

    Observations: NCState’s QB is fast and routinely made our defense look like a JV team by breaking tackles and running around guys in the open field. The Terp D only started putting pressure on the QB late in the game. Their O Line is big but probably not conditioned very well. Its terrible that they’ve lost so many close games this year, but credit to the Terps for pushing through the penalties and making big plays when it counted.

  14. Hey,
    Great win. but do we have to make at best average offensive teams look like offensive juggernauts. we let this team score more their average in a monsoon. of course I like all of us am happy, but damn it we have to start playing defense better against teams we should throttle.

  15. Nice win for the boys today! NC State played a solid game and we should be really happy with the W. Was half watching half listening but it seemed like our defense needed a bit of a wakeup call to get going. Fortunately, Scott and Meggette had a great game and Turner made plays when needed so the early lack of defense didn’t matter. This one can be attributed to all aspects of the game and even if it was a lowly NC State team on our homecoming field, I think it was an excellent win.

    Go Terps!!!

  16. I do believe Virginia is now the leader in the Coastal Division. Does that mean ou loss is officially not a “terrible loss” and just a disappointing one?

  17. Any word on Jelani Jenkins at the game today? It was probably pretty unfortunate he visited on a day with such awful weather.

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