DBR Update – 10/31/08

Happy Halloween folks.

Not much going on this week with the football team on bye and basketball season yet to get underway.  I’ve been trying to write a basketball preview for weeks and I just can’t seem to a get a sense of this team.  I’m sure I’m not the only one. It will be a wild ride in College Park this year.  More to come on this later.  For now, here is the latest from DBR:

Lots of speculation about the Jin Soo Kim situation, but until we hear a final decision has been made , that’s all it is…speculation. It’s really an effin’ mess as JSK is already behind in terms of learning the system, practice time and conditioning (although he may have been slowed there by recovery from shoulder surgery). You’d have to think that the coaches have an 8-9 man rotation in mind by now.
JSK’s status affects recruiting, as the numbers are tight, and the Terps are still, pursuing Arsalan Kazemi, 6-7. However I’m told that Rice may be the leader for Kazemi as that school is in Houston and Houston is where Kazemi’s adviser lives. Also, Kazemi stands a better chance of stepping right in and getting major minutes as a freshman at Rice. Kazemi visits UMD in about a week.
Clearly a ‘ship would have to be available in order for UMD to sign Kazemi this fall. If JSK gets rejected by the NCAA, then we have a ‘ship. However you’d have to think that UMD would honor Kim’s commitment and he could sign with the Terps next fall, if all his academics are in order. Right now it’s ‘hurry up and wait’. A final decision should be coming in the next week or so, if not today, depending on yet another possible appeal.  It’s Halloween so lets hope the NCAA Clearinghouse gives UMD a treat today.
A new recruit has popped up on UMD’s radar for 2010 and it’s 6-6 SF Daryus Quarles. Word is that he’s terrific shooter.\


  1. One thing DBR, JSK has to go JUCO if he doesn’t get cleared by the Clearinghouse. He can’t come next season. This was reported by the Washington Times last week. They didn’t explain why but definitely said that was the situation.

  2. I saw that too. My comment about JSK signing with the Terps next fall came from a source at UMD after I asked about the Wash Times article.

    Anyway you look at it JSK is seriously between a rock and a hard place right now.

  3. Just found another Maryland basketball blog:


    Here are the others that I read regularly:

    Washington Post
    Baltimore Sun
    Washington Times (http://www.washingtontimes.com/weblogs/d1scourse/)
    Turtle Waxing
    It Never Rains in College Park
    Testudo Times
    Terrapins Insider (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/terrapins-insider/)

    Are there any other blogs dedicated to Maryland basketball?

  4. Update on Kazemi and Roscoe Smith…

    Barring the unexpected Kazemi plans to sign a LOI during the early signing period 11/12-11/19. He’s visiting Rice this weekend and UMD on 11/8.

    Roscoe Smith really wants an offer from UNC with Georgetown being his #2 school while there is interest in UMD. Today UNC offered a ‘ship to Harrison Barnes. Barnes plays the same position as Smith so we shall see.

  5. Let’s say JSK is doing well in all his classes at MD, making good grades, and proving himself academically in every way. So the Clearinghouse would say, “Leave the prestigious state university you are doing so well in, and start over in a community college so you can get a scholie later.”

    Does that make any sense at all? If MD lets him in, that should be a good sign since MD’s standards are consistently higher than NCAA’s standards.

  6. Jin Soo Kim lost his appeal but he will have one final appeal UMD will submit for him. So pray, cross fingers, toes, rub lucky artifacts etc.

  7. Do you have any idea of when that appeal will occur?

  8. Arsalan Kazemi commits to Rice. He will be near his American supporters, he will receive a great education, and he will get a chance to play a lot as a freshman.

  9. Hey DBR,

    Any more information on when that appeal will be heard and the chances of it being successful? I really hope it works out for JSK and the Terps, gosh it has been enough already with this and he should be allowed to play. No one did anything wrong it seems at all.

  10. Mike, it is thought that we’ll hear the result of JSK’s final appeal in a week at most.

  11. NYMets I have no clue on whether or not this final, final appeal will be successful. And I did write final two times on purpose. From what I’ve been told this next appeal that UMD will submit for him will be it.

    In a somewhat related situation…

    Lady Terps recruit Jackie Nared didn’t make it thru the Clearinghouse. She was admitted by UMD Admissions (just like JSK) Was on campus in the summer taking classes.(just like JSK). Got notified of a problem and left school to do what is necessary to enroll in January and redshirt.

    Thus far, the only difference I can determine between Nared’s situation and Kim’s is that she was notified by the Clearinghouse after the first week of Fall Semester classes. JSK’s situation dragged out into late October.

  12. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms the pre-requisites to get through the NCAA Clearinghouse? Are they looking at grades? Don’t the schools do that? Or are they looking at potential wrongdoing with grades and test scores?

    Why has this NCAA Clearinghouse become the Terps mortal enemy this season all of a sudden? I don’t see this problem going on nationally. A used car salesman like John Calipari can recruit kid after kid with no problems with this Clearinghouse.

    Please someone bring me out of my ignorance. I feel cheated.

  13. The Washington Post is saying the issue with JSK is online courses he took last spring. The Clearinghouse questions whether it was actually Kim who took the courses. It also says if the final appeal is denied he has to go to junior college. I somehow doubt that would happen. If he was an American kid with nowhere else to go that’s what he’d do. But this guy already has a lucrative offer on the table from his native pro league. Looks like a good chance JSK never suits up for the Terps.

  14. From the comments above, it appears JSK may go the way of a number of the other prospective Terps we thought we were getting, but ended up losing. Of course, most of those were problem-children types while JSK seems to be a pretty good kid. Or maybe this whole thing fall under the category “wait until next year.” Maybe we’ll get him for 2009-10. DBR, any read on which way to interpret JSK’s future if he doesn’t make it through the clearinghouse this year?

  15. One other thought on this JSK fiasco. I can see the Clearinghouse questioning online courses as valid. I mean how do you REALLY prove who took the course?

    My question is who at Maryland told him to go this route? Apparently he took online courses because he had to get surgery back in his homeland due to his personal insurance policy. Those at Maryland advising JSK should’ve known that this would be a problem with the Clearinghouse. They should also have known that if he is rejected that he would have to go to junior college. JSK was a HS junior last year. He could’ve had surgery, come back for one last year of HS and enrolled for 2009. What I’m saying is, the basketball program should be more competent that this. They should know the rules inside/out. That’s part of their job.

    Let’s say JSK does go to junior college. Let’s say he dominates and becomes a real national recruit. Then he’s up for grabs no doubt. There is no guarantee he comes to UMD. And if he doesn’t become a star at the JC level, you can always question if Gary could’ve developed him better.

    In the big picture, I realize this is just one recruit who is not guaranteed to be a star player. My frustration is due to the fact that maybe this could’ve been avoided with better research and planning from the Maryland program.

  16. I don’t think we can blame the Terps for this. JSK’s insurance company told him he had to get surgery back home in Korea or they wouldn’t pay for it. So what’s the kid to do? Postpone getting his degree because the Terps told him that the Clearinghouse would distrust his online coursework? If academic progress and graduation mean anything at all compared to basketball, the Terps would have been wrong to advise him to do nothing except get surgery that semester.

    As to not being able to know whether JSK “really” took those online courses, maybe we should all go back to the pre-internet days where teachers looked over your shoulder at what your pencil wrote on the exam book.

    If the Clearinghouse doesn’t like contemporary society, then all degrees and online courses should be abolished for millions, and all results negated. Seriously, it does seem like JSK should be able to prove he indeed was the guy doing the coursework. This is actually a good thing, if it all comes down to jumping over that last hurdle.

  17. In a nutshell, the Clearinghouse makes sure all “I’s” are dotted and all “T’s” are crossed. Every student athlete that is offered a D-1 or D-2 schollie must submit transcripts, test scores etc to the Clearinghouse. The NCAA recommends that students begin submitting materials at the beginning of their Junior year of HS and submit each semester so that the NCAA can make sure that all the classes/test scores meet the NCAA requirement for a NCAA athletic scholarship. This week alone, Va Tech had a b-ball player denied by Clearinghouse. Seton Hall still has a kid in Clearinghouse too.

    Some of the early options JSK and his family are considering IF his final, final appeal is denied are a) 2 years at a JuCo, b) transferring to a school in a conference that will accept “non-qualifiers” (the ACC does not as a Va Tech student recently learned) and paying their own way while JSK sits out one year, c) challenging the NCAA Clearinghouse on this.

    Any challenge is solely up to the student athlete and his family. The University has no involvement there. Not the coach, AD or Admissions office.

    Meanwhile… The next scrimmage is at Temple and is closed. So I don’t expect to receive any info, stats etc.

  18. FWIW below is an article about the Va Tech kid. I mistakenly said it happened this week but the article is from Sept. 2007.


  19. Here is another tidbit I read this week. You cannot ask about scenarios ahead of time with the clearinghouse. Someone suggested UMD should have asked if taking this correspondence course would be allowed. They won’t do that. You do it then submit it and they tell you if it qualifies.

    The sad part is that JSK is a really good student. This kid will excel in college. This whole situation stinks for everyone involved. Just another reason to hate the NCAA.

  20. I wonder what basis the clearinghouse would have of Kim not being the one to actually take the course. I mean, they can claim that he didn’t take the course, but the same argument can be made that he did – no one really knows by him – how can they prove that he didn’t?

    Perhaps being an English-as-a-second-language student, they were surprised by how well he did in the class, and are basing their assertion that it was not really him on this. How ironic would it be if they denied him because he did too well in a course?

  21. So it looks like odds are that we have lost the services of JSK for this year and perhaps for good. With the recruits we have coming in next year, it seems like we’d require JSK’s abilities more this year than next year, and then the subsequent ones. Sad story, but one we have been unfortunately living with the past few years. Hopefully, the Padgett-Williams class will begin turning the corner on the lost recruits saga.

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