Jin Soo Kim Declared Eligible by NCAA Clearinghouse!

The headline says it all folks: Here’s the press release:


Freshman earns clearance from NCAA

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The NCAA Clearinghouse has ruled Jin Soo Kim eligible for the 2008-09 men’s basketball season, head coach Gary Williams announced Monday.

The 6-foot-8 freshman forward from South Kent, Conn., will begin practice with the team on Wednesday.

““The Maryland basketball team is very happy for Jin Soo,” said Williams.

Doug Dull
Associate A.D.-Media Relations
University of Maryland


  1. This is great news for Kim and the Terps, if the kid is as good as I’ve read on this site.

  2. Even if he is not quite as good as the hype, he should bring a nice dimension to the team. It is nice to close out this roller coaster of an offseason with something breaking our way.


  4. Props to the UMD administration, Debbie Yow, Gary Williams and staff and to JSK the kid for hanging in there and getting this done. I’m very happy for JSK. Now, that we can all let out a collective sigh of relief, keep in mind that Kim has to play some catch up with his teammates. He wasn’t able to work out with them all summer due to shoulder rehab, then just when he started playing pickup games he had to stop due to the Clearinghouse issue. And playing pickup games is not the same as actual practice with the coaches.

  5. Relief is right DBR. I am just so happy for Gary, Jin Soo, and the team. I think Jin Soo will be a great help this year from the 3-point range and certaintly help with his size in the frontcourt. This team is now set to prove people wrong and get back to the tournament to the Sweet 16.

  6. Great news! Congrats JSK and the Terps! DBR, how’s JSKs shoulder? Completely healed? Care to speculate on what we might be able to realistically expect from this kid this year?

  7. I highly doubt JSK gets on the court very much this year. He’ll probably replace Milbourne wihch I think was the expectation all along after he graduates. He can’t play the 4 or 5 though. He’ll be competing with Mosley/Milbourne/Tucker/Hayes at the 2/3 spot this year. This is probably good news in the long term thought

  8. Even if Kim doesn’t see many playing minutes, if his three point shot is a good as everyone says it is, then his contributions on the practice squad will force the starters to pay attention to a legitimate outside threat (who else could play this role in years past?).

    The guys will practice against better competition and be ready for the sharp shooters when they come into town.

    Also, is the Clearinghouse decision open to the public now that its over with? I’d like to see what went on there.

  9. Could it be, with one week to go before an exhibition game in Comcast Center, that the topsy turvy roller coaster ride known as the Terps recruiting class of 2008 is over, with Mosley, Goins, and now Kim, are all cleared and ready to roll???

    JSK had been working out, going to practices to watch/observe, and was tested by teammates to diagram plays so that he can learn the offense and defense quickly. He’s been on campus since 2nd summer session getting to know teammates etc.

    JSK observations emailed to me from someone that saw him play in two pick up games with teammates in Comcast:

    He makes you defend the perimeter because he can launch it from almost anywhere. He also makes you box him out because he’s deceptively long and almost glides thru the lane to get rebounds. He blocked one of Jerome Burney’s turnaround jumpers in one pick up game. He’s always looking for the open man when he has the ball in his hands. He does lose his man on defense on occasion but the kid has a lot of talent.

    Obviously JSK has talent…but he also has a lot of catching up to do. Based on reports I see him gradually gaining playing time and could see him turning into 6-8 minute player by ACC Tournament time.

    Lastly…this story has been pretty big back in South Korea. JSK is sort of a hero in his homeland so the news the past few weeks was disappointing to many people there. This news came at about 6am Korean time so they’ve got all day to be happy.

    Perhaps UMD can sell some merchandise in Korea…like some #11 JSK jersey’s online LOL

  10. Good point DBR and others. Is Kim so late in getting started that he cannot realistically be expected to get game time and contribute? If not, can a redshirt still practice with the team, such as playing the role of the opposition?

    Also earlier today I saw Kim described as being 6’8″, whereas some months ago he was listed at 6’7″. Has Kim grown taller? How old is he? Is it likely that he is still growing?

    Lastly, my recollection of Gary’s description of Kim a week or so ago was “one of the better shooters on the team.” I hope we aren’t setting an expectation for Kim that he can’t meet. (Surely that has never happened befere.)

  11. Mike From what I’ve been told by people that have seen him play and by one of JSK’s AAU coaches…he can shoot. In fact one guy I asked rolled his eyes and said “that kid can really fill it up”.

    I’ve not seen the context of GW’s quote, but it is mentioned often. Perhaps what GW means is that JSK is the best ‘pure shooter’ on the team.

    I don’t see him redshirting UNLESS his shoulder starts to give him problems in the next few weeks that only more surgery could fix. I just don’t think UMD would encourage the kid to come a year early just to redshirt. He’d already committed to the school, so if they didn’t think he could help this year he could have just come in ’09.

  12. I believe JSK will turn 20 in May. He appears to be a legit 6-8 according to someone that observed pick up games and saw him standing between Milbourne and Burney on the court.

  13. I have been on the JSK bandwagon from the start. I was sent a bunch of footage of him and he is a scorer. As I have said before, he won’t be our savior this season but he will get minutes. He can hit the three yes, but he also just knows how to score from anywhere on the court. He needs to bulk up and get in game shape.

    You will see his minutes grow as the season gets longer. One of the things we have not been lately is deep. He helps us get there.

    Great news from the evil NCAA.

  14. If only Shane Walker were still a Terp, the team would have three guys born on continents not called North America.

  15. A lot of us have watched and played the game long enough that we can immediately recognize a player when we see one. It is impossible to say how good JSK will turn out to be but just watch the few clips available on YouTube. He “moves” like a basketball player. He has basketball coordination and basketball athleticism. I think that’s much different than coordination or athleticism in general. I think his ceiling is very high. He might take a year longer than an American player because of adjustments, language, etc. I personally think unless he isn’t mentally strong, he will be a big contributor by his sophomore season.

    All in all, great news. How much better does our program look compared to about 3 months ago? Can’t wait for the Bucknell game.

  16. And JSK played with the Albany Rocks AAU organization. Same AAU organization as 2010 Terps recruits Will Regan and Taran Buie. Don’t think for a moment that those kids won’t take notice at how hard UMD worked to get JSK eligible and what it may mean to their on-going recruitment.

  17. Great news for the hoop program. Thanks for all the information. Hoping for a rebound year. My main concern is the front court. Looks like Gary will be pressing much more this year. Looking forward to the start of the season.

  18. Let’s hope this doesn’t Jin(x) the team……hee-hee….get it?

    Stepping away from my rapier-like wit, I am still much more excited about all those sophomores (Tucker, Bowie, Burney, Gregory, Dupree and Burnee) than any freshman. Remember how Wilcox blossomed as a sophomore? We probably have 3 or 4 players who will do the same thing this year.

    Regarding JSK himself, I temper my enthusiasm for two reasons. First, from what I’m hearing, JSK may add depth to the team’s stregnth at 2/3, but he does not answer the team’s glaring weakness at 4/5. Second, and more important, he’s a frosh. Don’t get too excited till we see him play at the Div 1 level. Even if he never missed a shot in HS, playing in front of 20,000 people is different. He’s got to learn to deal with that, too. If he dribbles the ball off his foot or can’t play good D, he can’t play……we’ll see.

  19. Try the link below.

    This is one of most popular site (like yahoo).
    And it put up the news about him on umterps.com.


  20. JSK news is definitely a boost to the program. In reading all the posts, it is hard to get a good fix on his potential to help this year. What can we legitimately expect? The posts describing his game run the spectrum. I’m beginning to get multiple images in my mind concerning his game.

    At one end his game is described in almost (to me) Larry Bird-like qualities. Note: I didn’t say he’s Larry Bird, or can play anywhere near Bird’s level (that would be an utterly ridiculous statement), I’m talking style of play–step out and hit the three, pass to the open big man, rebound a bit and run the floor. That’s a type of game this year’s team sorely needs to complement the rest of our team’s playing styles. At the other end of the spectrum, he sounds almost like a project-like player. Good shooter, maybe a year or two away from significantly contributing.

    What can we really expect from him this year–a couple of threes a game, a couple of nice passes, maybe a rebound or two a game? Just working on giving myself some sort of reality check. I think after what we’ve been through the last few years with the Terps, a reality check or two is not such a bad idea before heading into the season.

  21. Don’t overlook JSK’s experience playing for the South Korean National team. And the schedule that South Kent plays against isn’t some Class A High School schedule. They’re playing against schools with high major D-I talent. In fact Kim had a few D-I teammates that he practiced against every day. In fact, JSK had offers to play professionally from International Leagues but chose UMD and a college education over that opportunity. Had he played more AAU ball than he did he would have been elevated to 4-star status. Hell, if he’d committed to Duke he’d have been elevated to 5-star McDonald’s All American status LOL

    Keep in mind, Jin Soo came to Maryland Madness in 2007 and comitted to UMD the very next morning.

    He’s a good kid, the kind of kid we should all want to be a part of the UMD program.


  22. Excellent.

  23. I will welcome a pleasant surprise from JSK, but I can’t get excited about any freshman till I see him play in the ACC.

  24. I’ve seen video of JSK, perhaps like many of you. What I saw was a “player” that’s lean, smooth and can move in and around the bucket. He can follow his shot, rebound and of course drift outside to bang a 3 . Until we see the rest of the crew I’d say he and Hayes are legit 3pt shooters. I still remember GV bringing the ball downcourt last year and hitting 3 consecutive 3’s. That took guts and yet it showed he can hit the 3 ,,,,,under the right cnditions. We also know Milbourne, Tucker and Bowie can launch 3’s.

    I know some of you don’t want to hear this,,,,,, but we have got to use the 3 ptr more often to take some pressure off our new biggies until they get some real game experience.

    This team can be explosive..

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