Terps vs. Hokies Game Thread

It’s been a nice week of basketball talk here on the Soup, and I must say I’ve got some cautious optimism for the upcoming season.  Like most years, I expect the team to get better as the season goes on when roles are determined and we find out whether Vazquez has decided to be generous to our opponents once again.

But with our first exhibition game two days away, we have a more pressing game to worry about tonight.  The Terps head into enemy territory to face a team they have yet to beat.  This will not be an easy game, but because it has the feel of a big time game against a big time opponent, I’m confident the Terps will come out and play well.  Then again, I expected the Redskins to play well on Monday, so who the hell knows?!

The key for Maryland is simple.  Protect the ball.  We all remember the Thursday night games in the past against Va. Tech and WVU where we fumbled kickoffs and threw horrible interceptions.  Things will not always go our way, but the team must fight through the adversity that is likely to occur and do what they do best.  Run the ball and get it to Heyward-Bey.  There is no excuse not to get our best playmakers the ball tonight.  Those are the guys who will get it done. 

The defense is banged up and while the Hokies offense is not the juggernaut they have been in the past, the defense has to make some plays.  It doesn’t really matter who will play QB for Tech.  Whichever guy they go with will not be 100%.  If our front 4 can get a pass rush, we’ll be in great shape, but it makes sense to…. listening Chris Cosh…. BLITZ!!!   Not all the time, but enough to get some pressure.

In all but one of our wins (Clemson), the Terps scored early in the game to take a lead.  This would be huge tonight to not only take the crowd out of the game, but to give the team some confidence. 

Folks, I have no idea what to expect tonight.  I can see us win a close game or get blown out.  Let’s hope we can get Da’Rel Scott on the field, as the running game is probably the most important thing we need to have right in order to win.

Let the game begin.



  1. I don’t think anyone KNOWS what to expect. This is the first time we will play Tech and actually have better talent. In the past we were out manned.

    This game will be played from the neck up. If we go in with all these bad thoughts from years past we will struggle and possibly embarrass ourselves. If we go out with some confidence and play up to the level of our talent it should be a good win. I would be totally shocked if we blew them out. Beamer is a good coach and he just won’t let that happen.

    We HAVE to be aware on special teams. Beamer is the best coach in all of football (including the NFL) on ST. We can’t let them block a punt or return a kickoff.

    Our D wasn’t very good in the early season and now with the injuries we are just weak on that side of the ball. We are going to have to beat people with our O. A mix of the run and HB will do the trick. WE MUST HAVE GOOD BALL SECURITY.

    Go Terps.

  2. M
    -A-R-Y-L-A-N-D MARYLAND WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Da’Rel Scott is expected to play. Go Terps!

  4. I’m told that the weather is warm and dry in Blacksburg.

  5. MD has the longest streak of not getting a kick blocked in all of college football. In fact, I don’t think MD has had a kick of any kind blocked since Ralph took over the program.

    If I just jinxed it, sorry. That will be a key to this game. Keep the streak going.

  6. I thought it was a 7:30 start?

  7. A win in Blacksburg would be HUGE! Come on Terps, make us proud alum tonight!!!

  8. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MD!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nice opening drive moving the ball. They gotta get the ball to DHB.

  10. Horrible defense on the 3rd and goal. How can 4 players be around one receiver and still allow him to catch the ball. Not a good start folks.

  11. Terps MUST respond to that VT drive!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 or 3 Terps must answer!!!!!!!

  12. Not a good omen for the Terps allowing such a long punishing drive by VT. Looks like Cosh has the defense ready to play passive read and react football once again instead of stacking the line and being aggressive. Easy drive for VT with horrible defense on 3rd and goal against an injured QB. Great call to give him time to throw with no pressure…

  13. Let’s capitalize on that 3 and out!!!!!!!

  14. Cosh = pussy.

    He is the worst d coordinator in the country.

    Tech’s about to score. Game, set, match.

  15. You got it Wheels. If you aren’t going to blitz on 3rd and 5, then how does a guy stand so damn wide open 6 yards from the line????? It’s ridiculous.

  16. I hope Taffe’s phone is ringing…………………This is NOT your father’s VT…….yet…….it seems hauntingly familiar thus far………

  17. This VT team is terrible! The blitz is working so Cosh takes it off both times on 3rd down near the goal line. Turner is throwing the ball great so Franklin calls 3 straight runs even on 3rd down.

    Playing in prime time the country really must be wondering how in the hell this team is ranked 23. Bowl officials must be salivating thinking of getting the Terps in their bowl game. It’s a good thing Fridge and his staff used the extra days to really get this team motivated to play tonight…

  18. This defense is like our “Lion of Caracas.” It wins games for the other teams as much as it wins games for MD.

    Notice the accolades from the ESPN crew for Tech’s offense, specifically it’s o-line. They keep saying “Wow, this is a team that looked terrible all season. Look how they have come together.”

    No, they’re just playing against MD.

    Gregg..let’s get 11 Soupers to play defense, you can call the d plays, and I bet The Soup d will look as good as Cosh’s d.

  19. Man, have we seen this script before or what? Thursday night de ja vu.

  20. You can blame it on Cosh, but there is a bigger problem, both literally and figuratively, in the background. It’s the Fat Bastard himself. He hired Cosh and he lets Cosh do what he wants. Fact is, Clemson looked like a good win at the time, but Clemson is having a terrible season. We beat Cal partially because their coach didn’t plan for the time zone change. Wake is not as good as everybody thought. Losing to UVa after they lost to Duke 31-3??? GW has at least won us a national championship, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt. The Fat Bastard does not. He has had mediocre teams since his recruits are in place. He has talent, but they don’t seem to produce consistently. They are playing against a hobbled QB and Cosh can’t stop him??????????????? Why doesn’t Portis play?
    Maybe he can redeem himself in the second half, but I doubt it will happen.

  21. Is it ever a good idea to have an interview about a topic unrelated to the action on the field in the middle of a game? The announcers interviewed the head coach of Texas Tech while the Terps were coming alive. It must have last 10 minutes. The Terps blocked a punt and on droned the Texas Tech coach. Give me a break!

  22. Huge plays on back to back punts. Need to capitalize…..

  23. We have a chance. After the first half, I think we would have jumped at the chance to be only down by 7. We need one more huge play and I think we can pull it out, but the defense has to hold them. No more points!

  24. how many 3rd an longs has this defense given up?

  25. So many chances to get off the field and save time and they just couldn’t do it. It’s going to take some good fortune now.

  26. Down 10 points with under 6 minutes to go and the Fridge punts? Please someone explain that call to me? That seems like giving up by the Fat Pig right there.

    Punting the ball when you can’t stop the run and knowing this is the teams last chance? Maybe the single worst call of the Fridge era. Can’t wait to see the press conference and how he explains this.

    Having one of the fastest receivers in the country and not throwing deep all game makes no sense. Throwing 3 yard screens and outs when down makes no sense. Huddling up and being passive when needing 2 scores makes no sense. It’s weird Chris Turner seemed so poised and ready to play early in the game, but in the 4th quarter he looked totally lost. Maybe he was tired of the play calling!

    Giving up 200 yards rushing to a back that hadn’t broken 100 all year. Allowing a team that can’t throw to run the ball all night and still complete passes when needed. Not pressuring an injured QB. The ESPN crew brought up several times during the game that they didn’t understand why Cosh wasn’t bringing any pressure.

    Oh well I am sure the Fridge will come up with some reason the Terps lost this game, can’t wait to hear it!

  27. This one goes on both coordinators. Cosh because it took him over a half to realize he had to get pressure on the QB and Franklin for completely abandoning the run when you are only dwon by 10 or 7. They made it too tough on Turner.

    As for the players, the offensive line was horrible most of the night and the linebackers were slow to adjust. Multiple times, including the 3rd and 6 with 4 minutes left, Va. Tech put two players in motion moving them to the left side of the line (indicating they’ll likely run that way), the linebackers all moved about one foot and completely missed the wide open lane that any of us could have run through. Come on guys. Maybe keep one guy still, but the others need to move with the linemen and tight ends. Basic football.

  28. The Fat Bastard will whine about how he’s not reaching the kids…or he is reaching the kids and they are not responding….Maybe Fat Bastard should give back some of the bonuses he received after his first three years…all the times he hinted he would leave and Yow caved and offered him more money. Wait…most of that dough be in his belly.

  29. Well thought out post. Friedgen is fat. Good one.

  30. A couple defining moments on National TV for the Ralph Friedgen era —

    Punting on 4th down when your team needs 2 scores and under 6 minutes left.

    A defensive coordinator refusing to be aggressive and allowing a running back to gain over 250 yards.

    A team called out multiple times by the ESPN commentators for being passive, dispirited and seemingly not ready to play once again.

    I hope someone noticed these disturbing trends besides me and maybe this will bring on major changes to the coaching staff. PLEASE…

  31. damn, another ESPN Thursday Night Smackdown for the Terps. If I hadn’t seen a screening of the new movie “Role Models” earlier tonight I’d be totally depressed right now.

  32. I truly don’t believe this loss was the same as the UVA or MTSU games. I think the kids came to play, but I don’t tihnk they were put in the position to be successful for most of the game by their coaches. It’s human nature to be a little depressed when you fall behind and don’t play well early, but I didn’t see the same lackadasical play that I did in the earlier losses.

  33. How can Ralphie not see what we see about this D? Didn’t he watch MD games when Blackney coached the D? You can’t get pressure rushing 3 or 4 people. On Terrapin Insider in WaPost this past week, Prisbell had some stats about MD’s D. His conclusion was that MD’s D makes other teams look good. Well, it happened again.

    Every replay on ESPN looks the same. MD safeties 15 yards deep, 3 LBs about 4 yards back, and gaping holes through the D line. Every damn play.

    Evans…1st Team All American when playing against Cosh’s D. Again, how can Ralphie not see this pattern?

  34. As terrible as the D was, let’s not give Franklin and the offense a free pass.

    The line was horrible, the Terps had NEGATIVE rushing yards. The downfield passing game was nonexistent, think about it the Terps offense only had 2 good plays the entire game. The screen to DHB and a screen to Scott running out of the backfield. The only 2 good plays where basically line of scrimmage plays, absolutely nothing was done more than a few yards past the line of scrimmage. Turner looked so frustrated in the 2nd half he appeared to have almost given up. Fridge gave up the play calling to Franklin and really the offense hasn’t gotten any better.

  35. Here is my problem with the ‘west coast’ offense they are running. Number one, experts say it takes years to learn. Why would you use it in college, when it takes years to learn???!!!!! Two, when you get behind, you are toast because it’s a short pass offense. They need to find a hybrid or something to better utilize their weapons, but I’m afraid it’s too late this year. Franklin is the “super recruiter”, so he isn’t going anywhere. We need him.

  36. Like I said before the game, your D is just dreadful. It started out the being average at best and has gotten terrible with the injuries. Cosh just doesn’t like to play aggressive D. He likes the read and react D. I can’t stand that D because it basically relies on the offense making mistakes. If the O does what it is suppose to you are toast. You don’t dictate pace of play, they do.

    The O has to win us games right now, it’s that simple. We still have our own destiny in our hands but this doesn’t bode well for us. Every time we have had a chance to take that big step we have not done it.

  37. Awful…simply awful. On both sides of the ball. Fuck em all. I’ll be watching next week, but with 12 days to prepare, THIS is the bullshit we get?

  38. I only was able to watch the 2nd half of the game but Chris Turner seemed out of sorts to me. Did Portis play at all in the 1st half?

  39. Typical beg for respect and finally get some and blow it on a National stage. Turner stunk it up the second half. The defense folded and when Heyword-Bey got blasted and tried to rally the troops they looked like scared children. Embarrassing performance to say the least. Just one question how do you let an immobile QB hand off all night and a freshman RB beat you up the gut. How in world does that happen. That was the ugliest thing I have seen in a while.

  40. Hey, terrible display of MD football. As already stated our defense make stars out of other offenses. With 3 down linemen, you better have 2 that are first rate hammers. We have only Navarre. The rest are below average way below. Our linebackers are our best group but are they that good. I like the group, but there is no Merriman, Hendersons, or Jackson. I believe our off. line is below average and was exposed last nite. And I am not a Turner fan. I believe he deserves to be our starter, but we need better, much better. The one thing i do not like about some of us as a group, We do not need to call the coach fat ass or fat pig. As i have cussed the coaches, like most of us, i do it in my home and my poor wife listens and says don’t worry honey they will blitz soon.

  41. The Hokies were last in total yards in the ACC and our defense was 11th in total defense. You would think that would be a push but they rolled up 400 yards on us.

    What do you think FSU is going to do to us? Like I said before, we are going to have to put up 30 a game to win. Our D is trash, the O has to carry us.

    The dagger was when Va Tech muffed that punt and we had the ball at their ten. You HAVE to get seven there. That screen on third down was just not smart. When you are that close to the goal line you don’t have the space for those to work. Too many people up at the line of scrimmage.

  42. Entering last night’s game, MD’s total defense was ranked 11th (out of 12) in the ACC. Entering last night’s game, VT’s total offense was ranked 12th in the ACC. Not exactly the immovable object meeting the irresistible force. Tech rolled up 400+ of total offense!

    Now we know the answer: Defense wins games. Did the offense leave points on the field? Without a doubt (at least 7…the missed field goal on the first drive and the field goal instead of the TD after recovering the muffed punt at the VT 11 yard line).

    Sitting back in soft zones, only rushing 3 or 4 people, waiting for their team to make a mistake, shackling your athletes…it makes no sense. How can Ralph not see it? What is he looking at?

    If he doesn’t fire Cosh at the end of the season, regardless of how this team finishes, Ralph just might end up fired himself. This might be like Bobby Bowden a couple of years back where the AD at FSU basically told him to fire his own son or lose his job. Yow might just tell Ralph “It’s you or Cosh. We hope you stay.”

    I agree with Gregg. At least MD didn’t quit. We just have a D Coordinator who coaches from a bygone era.

  43. – Ralph has landed some darn good recruits this yr. I would expect he will turn it around. Still last nights last is unacceptable – as they were playing a very beatable Vtech squad. Granted, Lane stadium is a tough environment… but as I cautioned … Md would lose.

    – I think we’ll continue to be a “Poulan Weedeater Bowl” perennial type of team.

  44. Lack of aggresiveness was the biggest problem I saw. Fridge teams are becoming more and more passive as the years go by. Where’s the emotion? Where is the aggresive play-calling on both sides of the ball? We were underdogs in the game. There was nothing to lose. If we’re gonna go down at least we should feel good about giving them our best shot. The game is called FOOTBALL where emotion, aggresiveness and momentum are big parts of the game.

  45. 12 days to prepare…’nuff said…

  46. Some friends went to Bleaksburg for the game. Aside from saying that Clemson’s entrance past Howard’s Rock is more intense than the ESPN created hype about Lane Stadium, all of the MD fans at the game kept saying the same thing to each other: “Everyone knows they’re going to run, why can’t they stop it?”

    Now, maybe VT just manned up and demolished the Terp front 7. That is possible. Question: Why didn’t Tech similarly demolish Western KY’s front 7? Or any one else’s front 7? Everyone in the ACC gets healthy against MD except for Wake.

    Tech’s now record setting RB said after the game that MD didn’t make any adjustments after halftime. At least in the Clemson game, they did make adjustments. Why not now?

    At the end of this season when Ralph fires Cosh, I will be left with a series of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” thoughts. MD still might win their half of the ACC. It is still in their control. Win out and play in Tampa. I’ll be at the BC game in Beantown, and I hope that game will be not the “win and in” game. I hope MD beats both FSU and UNC at home.

    Does anyone else think that if last night’s game was played either in CP or during the day at Lane that the outcome might have been different? I tend to think it might have. Who knows.

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