Best Halloween Costume

Despite bordering on child abuse; this has to be the funniest Halloween costume ever. I feel a kinship to Coach Mangino as he and Coach Friedgen are running neck and neck (or is turkey-neck and turkey-neck?) for most unhealthy Coach in all of sports.




  1. so wrong….I can’t imagine how much food you have to eat to get that fat!

  2. Mangina is so large that it looks like his hands can no longer reach his mouth. He looks like he has alligator arms.

    I know it’s terrible to say this, but how can this NOT effect recruiting? I wonder with this about Ralph, but I think Mangina looks so much worse. I know. I’m terrible.

  3. Just picture the parents of the kids that Mangino is recruiting……I bet he has some corn fed, salt-of-the-earth near twins in the heartland of America…..He’s a good coach regardless, but that Baby is a dead ringer!!!!

  4. That is one fat and happy baby rockin’ the KU gear.

  5. One last note on the V Tech game. That is the best entrance in college football. You have Enter Sandman blasting, the band and cheerleaders lined up jumping up and down, the whole stadium jumping up and down. That just has an epic feel.

    Here it is for anyone who has never seen it.

  6. Does anyone know of a way to hear or see the Northwood game online?

  7. 20 points from JSK? Maybe his late start won’t be that much of a problem after all. Yes I realize this was against Northwood, but still, he was tied for the team lead in points, not bad. Also, Cliff tucker 6-1 to/asst, and 5-1 for Hayes, in fact no one on the team, except braxton, had more than 1 TO, again, against Northwood, but I’ll take it.

    I remember someone mentioning a rolled ankle for mosley, is it bad or was this just a precautionary DNP?

  8. Mosley = LOW ankle sprain, which is usually a lot less serious than a high ankle sprain.

    Kim = 20 points. I hope conditioning and practice will help him.

    A lot of things to like today. Milbourne, Tucker, Bowie, Hayes. Goins did ok for 7 minutes & 4 points. Dupree got going some in the second half. Low turn-overs to assists. Nobody in foul trouble.

    All of this without Vasques and Mosley. The issue how are we going to get all of the scorers on the court. We may have to go to a five guard set. (Just kidding.)

  9. Yes, it was Northwood. But a great start for the Terps. Momentum can’t be overstated with this bunch.

  10. Stat of the day. 25 of 28 from the FT line. Not much you can judge against that talent as far as shooting and points, but the FT line is the FT line and if we can do well from there, that will be huge in close games.

    Also, only 11 turnovers. you see what happens when GV doesn’t play!!!

  11. I told you JSK can fill it up!!!

  12. The Box Score says it all.

    If the coaches can get 20 more lbs on JSK….he’ll be more than a scorer.

  13. Northwood is not a strong team, but to their credit the Terps controlled this game from the jump with good perimeter shooting (7-19 from 3-point range) and very good ball movement. This is how we should have played against AU and Ohio last season. Take out these inferior teams from the get-go so that they don’t start to think ‘hey maybe we can play with these guys’.

    EH & AB gave us terrific PG play with both shooting well. Landon was very aggressive on both ends of the court. Jin Soo is already a crowd favorte. Kid shot 6-13 and missed his first 5 shots. Took his game inside, made his FT’s. Clearly knows how to play the game. But defensively it’s gonna take some time and work with the coaches.

    The bigs are still a work in progress, Dupree had 8 pts/8 rebounds but was only 3-9 from the field and had 3 TO’s. Burney only took one shot, Dino struggled. Didn’t make a FG and only had 3 rebounds. Goins, meanwhile, had 4 points & 4 rebounds in 7 minutes. He definitely took advantage of his playing time.

    Obviously this game gives some reason for optimism. Perimeter players had very good games. Yet it’s clear this team isn’t going to dominate/overpower anyone. Great to see only 11 TO’s in a fast paced game.

    GW said Mosley could have played if it was a regular season game.

  14. Marcus Thornton (6-7/215 athletic SF) pops to Clemson. Thornton is a 2010 recruit from Jerome Burney’s HS in Atlanta. He also considered Maryland and Wake Forest. Thornton had not yet visited the Terps. In fact he had twice postponed visits to College Park. Now we know why.

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