Maryland Rolls Over Northwood in Tune Up

The score was 104-60 and it was over before it started. The Terps didn’t have the services of arguably their top two players (Greivis Vasquez and Sean Mosley); yet domintated throughout.

I missed the game; but clearly the Terps are not going to lead the NCAA in frontcourt scoring. The bigs didn’t give us much offensively, but if the skill players can shoot like this night in and night out; we will be fine.

Jin Soo Kim can fill it up. I realize that we are talking about inadequate competition but buckets are buckets. He started slow and caught fire. I don’t know about you but I think the Terps can use a steaky shooter or two.

The most remarkable aspect about the game was the balance. The Terps got 15+ points from five different players. They shared the ball well- dishing out 18 assists.

Perhaps the prettiest stat of all? Only 11 turnovers.

Maryland did not play well against inferior competition at any point last season. We should beat a team like Northwood by 44 points and we did.

I declare tonight’s game a success and remain cautiously optimistic about the season.



  1. Why did Greivis and Moseley not play? Impressive by JSK especially since he hasn’t had as much time with the team with the late acceptance.

  2. Vas – 1 game disciplinary suspension for team policy violation.
    Mosley – precautionay sit-out due to low ankle sprain. Could have played if it had been a “real” game.

  3. Will Regan will be taking an unofficial visit to UMD this weekend for the Bucknell game. I hope to have some info by mid-week on where the Terps stand with this 6-8/220 recruit (class of ’10).

  4. 11 TO’s still seems like a lot to me. Based on the box score, the only real culprit seemed to by Mr. Dupree, who had 3.

    It’s interesting – again based on the box – that Gregory appears to have gotten the start. Is that correct? Also, Neal only got 11 minutes.

  5. Dino did indeed start the game. Neal played 11 minutes and managed to grab 4 rebounds and one steal.

    On the 11 TO’s I’m not sure if they were all carelesness with the ball or some combo of that and offensive fouls. Anyway you look at it a TO is a TO. We had several guys playing more minutes than they’re used to logging.

    But it’s November let’s try not to get too carried away with anything that happened in that game.

  6. Love the smoke and mirrors in your prognostication. 11 turnovers without SPAZ should scare you. Beating a defenseless bunch of HS 13th graders should not be a success. This team with no middle is in trouble. Better find some bodies in the paint and see if you can get SPAZ to sit out more so that the turnovers are down and more shots available instead of SPAZ to the left then to the right and turnover. JSK will sour on playing with the black hole as will others. Just wait and see.

  7. Lighten up Francis…

  8. I don’t understand how someone with the second most assists per game in the ACC could be considered a “black hole.” If you add to that all of the bad passes that were intended to get the rock in the hands of his teammates, the “black hole” comment seems even further off the mark.

  9. Sorry about that, he was the leader in the ACC, not second. Not quite black hole material.

  10. Vasquez will be sitting out Friday’s game as part of his suspension for what I’m told was a mistake he made in the offseason. Mosley should be okay to play Friday against Bucknell.

  11. Judging from the box score (and not really taking into account the level of compeittion) Dupreee did quite well. In only 20 minutes of play he scored 8 points and had 8 rebounds. If he had the stamina to play 30 minutes he would have easily had a double-double. I would say Burney was far less productive. No offense to Gregory, but he looks like the odd man out. We can’t keep him on the court with all of this skill at the guard position. I sense our best lineup may be a with Kim and Milbourne playing the 3 & 4 spots and getting into a 2-3 zone. The other 16 guards we have are going to rotate between the 1 and 2 spot. I guess Mosley/Tucker/Greavis will get time at the 3 spot too. The thing I really like is that Gary can actually sit Greavis when he makes a mistake ala Profit and Francis. If you do something stupid you should be on the bench. I expect this turnover situation gets eliminated very quickly this year!

  12. We didn’t score 100 points all season last year, including exhibition. This is a good start.

    Villanova, ranked #23 preseason, scored only 75 against Northwood last week (turtlewaxing).

  13. The front court is the obvious concern here. The game has changed over the past few years and you just need a serviceable big man down there.

    Vaz also had the worst asst/TO rate of any ACC guard and had the most TOs in the ACC. We need GV in order to have a good season. We just need a better version. His days at the point are over but he will still have the ball in his hands quite a bit.

    I think this is going to be a fun season.

  14. Villanova had a quiet, but very solid win over Northwood. The Wildcats held Northwood to 37 total points (only 16 in the 2nd half) and held Northwood to 28.2% FG shooting.

    Can’t read minds but I’m guessing that Jay Dixon would have run the score up some more if Northwood wasn’t coached by Rollie. That would be like Gary running up the score on a small school that Lefty coached.

  15. The posts are starting to go all over the place about the Northwood game. Would someone who SAW the game please sum up what we learned about this year’s Terps, if anything. Thanks.

  16. I was at the game (sat in the student section luckily still look young enough to do that). Basically, without Vasquez on the court you can’t take too much out of the game because this is a totally different team, for better or for worse, with him out there. However Tucker and Milbourne were impressive, and the overall outside shooting of the team is much better than it was last year.

    The front court as expected didn’t do much but if the guards do the heavy lifting scoring wise then Dupree and Burney don’t need to do much more than rebound and do easy put backs. Goins was a pleasant surprise and in his usual post game talk was who Gary called out for playing well. Kim was the fan favorite (novelty?) and he ate it up, everyone here talked about his shooting, but I was surprised at his overall athleticism…the kid has pretty good ups.

    As DBR said, it was one game against a D III school who they dominated as they should have…lets see how they do against Bucknell before getting too excited.

  17. Here’s a link to a Patriot League preview. Bucknell have a new coach and lost their top defender to a knee injury in September.

  18. Apparently AL V -is back out of his cave again and he (and other Soupers) didn’t see my post #11 on November 7th. Please check it out.
    I simply am making a case against his “crass” tag on GV, suggesting he drop it (as other Soupers have also suggested) because he certainly wouldn’t call GV -Spazquez or Spaz, to his face. It’s not cute, it’s perjorative and we need not tprovide “fodder” for other ACC teams to pick up on the tag.
    Those of you that read the referenced post….I wud appreciate your comments as well.

    Clearly, I am one of the Soupers that find it difficult to believe AL V is actually a Terp fan. I see no “relevance” in most of his comments, nor am I lobbying for Sergeant of Arms on this site. However the above GV “tag” needs to go elsewhere as well as the reference to GV and the “black hole”. Thanks Badu Earl Star on your observation on this as well. We will win more games with GV and lose less.

    Al V – Do you really have to be so condescending.? A wise (er) man once said, “if you must criticize then begin with praise”. Try it, because GV and others are mostly deserving. Can we reserve the “trash talk” for our opponents? Let”s get off on the fight foot here. Be positive. It will only hurt for awhile.

    Ricksterps- With all due respect I am simply not convinced GV’s days at PG are over.
    They may be but the “replacements” need to get the ball over the half court line. We had real bad problems there last year. EH was “trapped” and had his pocket picked too many times. No one else (last year) could get the job done other than GV.

    Actually, I hope GV isn’t at PG and even he is….it’s out of necessity. Let’s hope it’s not.

  19. If Jeremy or Gregg actually want a Sergeant of Arms , or something like that…..I volunteer.

  20. ROTFLMAO…just watched Paulus go in for what he thought was an uncontested lay up only to have it blocked from behind by a Presbyterian player.

    The announcers on this ESPNU game suck tho.

  21. A multiple choice question to AL V’s real identity:

    A) Bob Wade
    B) Danny Miller
    C) Chris Collins and Steve Wojo sitting in front of computer together
    D) Just a “glass half-empty” Terps fan.

  22. Riddle me this: If last year’s squad had so many stone hands, why was GV’s turnover per minute rate statistically significantly higher than every other Terp player? If stone hands effect everyone the same, why didn’t EH or any other heavy ball handler have similar turnover per minute rates?

    I get the point that MD will go as far as GV takes them, and I tend to agree with that; however, let’s not make excuses for him. He does make more poor decisions than good decisions. That has to change from MD to make the NCAAs this year.

  23. I for one will not argue that GV is careless with the ball. That was a fact last season.

    But let’s give him some leeway cause of this point: When the opposing team was really locking down on D, the shot clock running down, it was GV that had to handle the ball most of the time. Those situations will cause some turnovers.

  24. I love college basketball but hate two things, kids who don’t take advantage of the education but complain about their plight and the second is the kid that forgets it is a team sport and puts himself above the team. I see that in Vaz and believe that if he would know his role better that the Terps could contend nightly with everyone this year except UNC who has a shot to be the best college team ever on paper. But with a kid showing his lack of respect for the game just baffles me. I love 5 good kids playing together over a supposed superstud who can play outside of the team whenever they see fit. If Vaz remembers that there are 4 other guys putting it on the line with him, he will be better as will the Terps. Sorry that I cannot be a butt kisser to one of the two violations that I hate. Vaz is not the only ACC kid like this but he is the only Terp right now.

  25. BIG football game this week. Being down here in Raleigh I have seen a lot of UNC. I don’t think they are for real. Not a very good offense, they live and die on making the opposing team turn the ball over. They will not let us run the football, we will have to put it up to move the ball.

    We match-up well against this squad. Having said that, we still don’t know which team we will get on this Clint Eastwood team…the good, the bad or the ugly.

  26. UNC is ranked, so the Terps will play well and win the game LOL

  27. Concerning the Vaz discussion, one thing I believe no one has mentioned is that he was a sophomore last year, now obviously a junior. We’ve discussed many times the leap players’ games make between their second and third years; might this be the case with our Vaz? He might just surprise everyone with not only his play, but his elevated hoops IQ as well. What might the Terps be like with a mature, thinking Vaz out there, instead of an “all-over-the-map” kind of player we experienced the first two years? Food for thought! Let’s see how he does the first few games.

  28. In defense of Vaz his high TO rate was because the others on the team would often disappear when the going got tough and he was forced to try to make things happen. When others were playing well his TO rate was low.

  29. Vaz put way too much responsibility on himself last season. He forced way too many passes because he was desperate for our seniors to assert themselves in the post. The team lacked reliable shooters so Vaz often had no choice but drive into traffic and hope to draw a foul or dish in traffic.

    When you combine the newcomers who I think are natural scorers (Mosley and Kim) with the returning players who are ready to step up (Milbourne and Tucker); I think that Vaz will have many more options in the halfcourt and this will translate into better decison making.

    The whole season depends on this scenario coming to fruition. If not, expect Vaz to lead the league in turnovers again.

    Personally, I think we will see a 10% improvement in 3PT% (even with the line moving back) and 25% reduction in turnovers per game. If that happens.; the Terps will be dancing. Mark my words.

  30. Changing the subject to football, looks MD will be a little bit shorthanded at linebacker, Costa is suspended for a while apparently there was a bar fight this past weekend at Cornerstone where he and a few other players were involved, no word yet if anyone else will be suspended. I remember a few years back when I was a student there was a huge brawl in Cornerstone ( I deftly ran to the fire escape to get out of there, good times) and Ralph banned the players from going to the bars…wonder if that ban was still in effect.

  31. Last season Greivis was our leading scorer, leading assist man and was third in rebounds (based on averages), and yes had quite a few turnovers. However, his motor was on every night. Unfortunately we could not say the same for all the Terps last year. Greivis also averaged 37 minutes a game. Given how early he had to leave the Boston College game, that means he had several 40 minute games. I wonder how many of his turnovers were the result of fatigue?

    It’s a new season/team, lets all exhale and let them play the games with the expectation that this team will improve as the season goes along and guys get used to their increased playing time/roles on the team. Tucker is the only sophomore that even averaged 15 minutes/game last year.

    The season has begun, games count now!


  32. Fine then it is reasonable to think that a young man could mature and be better. I hope so because I hate the crap when it is bad. I can’t take another NIT

  33. I don’t think I can take another NIT either. When I think of missing the tourney last year I think of the nonconference games against Ohio and AU. And the BC game that Greivis fouled out of and the game at Blacksburg and the home game against Clemson. All games that we should have won.

    We would have been 22-7 going into the game in Charlottesville. Oh well, BRING ON THE NEW SEASON! GO TERPS!

  34. Go Terps!

  35. Al V.,

    Usually I like your scepticism, but you’re off target in saying that Vaz does not respect the game. My take is that he respects the game greatly. Last year, there was just no one else who was stepping up. He HAD to take on more responsibility. Did that additional responsibility contribute to his TO totals? Perhaps. But regardless of that he simply did not take care of the B-ball well last season. Hayes at point should fix that.

  36. The fall signing period for Basketball begins tomorrow.

  37. More bad news for Georgia Tech. Guard Lewis Clinch will miss at least the first seven games of his senior season because he is academically ineligible. He will be eligible to play again once he regains his eligibility. They already lost their best defender (also a guard) to season-ending surgery to correct a spinal condition.

  38. Wow….ya’all got cranking in the last 24 hours. Here’s some quick quips.

    As to AL V”s identy:

    E. Phil Donahue- He hates everyone too
    F. Coach “k”
    G. Dick Vitale
    H. Will Bowers

    Wheels– re “EH and other ball handlers didn’ have the same (bad) TO to minutes ratio as GV” . Response – They didn’t play the minutes GV did. When we needed offense,
    GV (yes Jeremy) took the responsibility on himself and opponets realized no one on offense would step up. GV was as easy target. This year should be much differenct.

    Jonh E, Aroc, DBR, Jeremy – You’re posts make sense. You’re right by by for what’s it’s worth.

    Eddie your comments about GV ‘late in the game” are right on the mark.

    AL V – Thanks for dropping the “Spaz” tag. Are you really Coach K or Will Bower’s?
    C’mon…..we can take it. Once we know your real identity we can do a better job of understanding and handling your anti-terp diatribes. You’re like a left-fielder without a glove complaining no one hits the ball to you. Most of your remarks seem, to me, to be self-agrandizing. LIghten up a bit. Enjoy the team. Root for them……for a change.

    Maybe, you’re a frustrated high school principal in N. Carolina or a Georgtown Allumni?
    Honestly, I can’t remember the last time you had a positive, helpful, informative, or relevant comment about “our terps”.

    Show us the other side of AL V !!

  39. Let me just say I am proud to be a part of this community. Great site and really intelligent posts.

    I think we all love GV. We have some really protective momma bears out there when it comes to vaz. I don’t think he gets any more heat than the rest of the team from last season.

    I knew EH when he was a kid growing up (I know his dad. We have friends from the same circle. I am not a close family friend by any means). He ALWAYS wanted to be a terp. I have seen many posts on here killing his effort because he doesn’t pound his chest when he makes a lay-up. He is a laid back kid that plays the game as hard as GV.

    You can’t have a team full of GVs, it just won’t work. It takes all kinds to make a team click.

  40. Um Gerry…TOs per minute played standardizes the…um…TOs per minutes played. I guess Hayes didn’t play more than 30 minutes a game last year…oh wait…he did (33.4 minutes to GVs 37 minutes). Those 3.6 minutes REALLY made a HUGE difference, huh?

    GV had 93 more assists than EH (231-138) but had 76 more TOs than EH (149-73). If I’ve done my math correctly (and check me if I’m wrong), GV had roughly 67% more assists than EH but 104% more TOs. Yes, GV had the ball in his hands more than EH, but he did both more and less with the ball in his hands than anyone else. On the positive side, GV had 41% of MD’s total assists (231/562) and only 26% of the team’s total TOs (149/573).

    Shall we continue with this line of inquiry?

    Again, I think MD goes as far as GV takes them. I don’t think anyone on here will argue to the contrary. GV is the most talented player on the team. No arguments there. But…and I can’t remember who first said it on here last year…he creates fast breaks equally for MD and for the opponent. That’s gotta change. Any argument there?

  41. FWIW…Greivis and Jin Soo are good friends. The friendship goes back to when Jin Soo and his family were tryna get Jin Soo into Montrose Christian. The two players bonded over being from other countries, adjusting to life in America while their parents were thousands of miles away, language issues etc.

    Jin Soo was unable to transfer to Montrose and stayed at South Kent. And now he gets to play with Greivis for at least one year, hopefully two.

  42. yeah, DBR, we have to hope that Jin Soo Kim doesn’t go pro after this season.

  43. For those who have seen the early scrimmages and the Northwood game, can anyone sum up what we might be able to expect out of our bigs–Dupree, Burney, Gregory and Goins? It looks like we’ll have plenty of perimeter play this year, however are we going to have any in the middle? Are we looking at a really significant drop-off in production from Gist and Boom?

  44. Wheels….can’t argue with the math….just tired of the GV bashing and perjoratives
    manufactured by AL V.

    GV has to improve and so does everyone else. If he had grown up in Laurel or Silver Spring Md, maybe some would be more forgiving……and patient.

  45. Ricksterps- I really believe EH is “very important” to the teams “balance”. No doubt, he’s a real nice kid.

    Last year his “tentative” offensive play was nerve wracking. He would onlly get more aggressive when we were behind and it’s apparent we needed some production. Then, all too many times he telegraphed his intentions not to shoot. That may have been because his foot speed wasn’t there to create his shots. BTW we all heard he spent a week or 2 out West with Steve Blake. Anyone know if that helped? Are we seeing his improvement in scrimmages and the Northwood game?

    Expectations seem high….again. I got to believe that Bowie, Tucker and some of the newbie’s are going to see significant minutes and 1 or 2 of our “bigs” will be enough to keep us out of trouble down low. The absence of consistent and productive outside
    scoring hampered Boom and Gist (at times). UNC, Duke and VA. in particular have always had superior perimeter shooters and we need to get to that point. We may now be there.

  46. Eric Hayes was tentative last season primarily because he was playing a position that was foreign to him and because his sprained ankle never really healed.

    To my knowledge, Hayes has never told reporters any specifics about his visit with Steve Blake…and I hope he never does. Sometimes things should be “in-house”. The only thing I ever found out was that they worked out twice a day and Blake taught him things he did at Maryland and had learned in the NBA, mostly lessons in the mental approach to the game. Let’s hope Hayes’ visit with Steve Blake brings results that came out of Luke’s visits with Yoda. LOL

    Meanwhile, 2010 recruit Will Regan visits UMD this weekend.

    Currently Arizona State, Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, and Stanford lead for Will. He has visited all five schools and each has convinced Will and his parents that they are a great fit for him both academically and athletically.

    Regan is 6-8 and a legit 220. He can play inside or out and can shoot the three. This weekend’s unofficial visit will determine how serious the Terps are with Regan’s recruitment. Terps offered a ‘ship to Regan very early but reports are that Arizona State, Michigan and Stanford have been pushing hardest lately.

    He’ll be here for the Bucknell game and part of the football game against UNC before returning to Buffalo.

  47. Wheels, You are right in principal, but I’ll debate ya on nuances. Last year’s team became the GV show whenever Gist/Boom would disappear. Unfortunately, this happened too frequently – especially in the second half of games. I think there were three causes: (1) A big part of the Gist/Boom disappearing act was that they were playing too many minutes, and (2) no one beside GV was being aggressive with the B-ball, (3) Carelessness with the b-ball by too many (like Bowie, Neal, Tucker and Milbourne) limited opportunities….so GV tried to do it all (resulting in high point totals for GV, but too many TOs from GV).

    For this year’s team to be successful, I think it can’t be ‘just’ a GV show. True, GV needs to be a major contributor, but it’s too easy for a defense to shut down a one player team. For this year’s team to be successful, the Terps need to correct all three of the issues above: (1) GW should not have rotations that include 4 or 5 players with 38-40 minutes of floor time per game, (2) Milbourne, Tucker and others need to score points and someone needs to step up whenever GV is having an off night, (3) All players must focus to take care of the rock…..I know GV was statistically the worse TO culprit last year, but others were bad, too. (Boom, Gist, Bowie, Tucker, et al. were bad. Hayes, btw, seemed to be the only one who was consistently careful with not giving away possessions).

  48. We need points in the paint or it’s gonna be a long season.

    Jordan Williams will sign his LOI tomorrow. At a scheduled 3pm signing ceremony at his HS.

  49. Washington post has an article/blog that shows are various publications are trashing Md and indicate they are a non-entity…..

  50. Turtlewaxing says that in ACC games, Hayes had a worse assist to turnover ratio than Vasquez (1.53 to 1.56). Let’s hope that it was due to his bad ankle!

  51. Washington post has an article/blog that shows are various publications are trashing Md and indicate they are a non-entity…..

    Fred, didn’t you mean the Washington COMPOST?

  52. Joe Lunardi has the Terps as the last four out of his 64. I think that’s about right for the start of the season. They need to play their way into the field from here.

  53. Where the heck is AL V when you need him.

    I was just watching ESPN and they announced that “Md football player suspended indefinitely for punching police officer in the face”.

    You’d think that AL V would be jumping at the chance to bash,yet another Terp.

    Perhaps some of you might want to chastise me for “prodding” him…… please save it; I’m tryiing to reform AL V into a “legit terp fan”.

    Mike – Al V may want to take sides with the Washington Compost re trashing Terps for being a non-entity. Tell us (Al V too) more.

    Al V- I still have an open mind so tell us you have been reformed and will provide us with objective commentary (and criticism when necessary) of our beloved terps.
    I can’t promise how long the door will remain open though.

    Go Terps.

  54. I haven’t posted in some time, but the time has come.
    It’s time that someone speaks up for Al Vinchent
    In this closed universe of Terps Blogdom it becomes very easy to lose perspective.
    There is an innerworldness that can blot out reality and make some of us think that we’re actually going to be a real threat in the ACC this year.

    But the, a dose of Al brings a verbal ass thumping and smashes our futile hopes and aspirations.

    So, what do we do? We attack him; “he’s negative”, “he’s not really a Terp”, and some think he may be Lord K…. (which is worse than anything Al has said about GV);
    all this just because he says what he believes.

    I say, Al is just what we need to keep our feet on the ground, to help us from straying into the fantasy world of a winning ACC season.
    So, let’s not attack Al, let us embrace him and respect him as a brother-in-arms.
    He may be the Antichrist, but at least he’s not K

  55. While I do have an issue with cops moonlighting as bouncers, the kid can’t go around punching people if he thinks it is an officer or not. Unless we are missing something he needs to be done for the year.

  56. Ahhh the days off and fodder just falls. Big game coming up and an already weak run defense now hampered by another injury. This one to a cop. How stupid can a kid be. He is not a Terp he is a moron. I expect that from the basketball kids not the Fridges Boys. That is just embarrassing needless to say that just opened another hole for a UNC RB to go through an already decimated LB crew. I think he should be removed from school. Because of punching a cop, no, because he was at a bar during the season and punched a cop. Definitely not a good example for team nor school. On another note Duke did look good but not great. What does that mean, the ACC is open from 2 on down. UNC still looks very strong without Psycho T.

  57. In my latest AL V post I was remiss in not further saying – “The Terp FB player should be suspended for the rest of the year”.

    Having said that I wonder if I could have said the same if it had been GV, Tucker, Bowie or heaven forbid EH. I surely would be lobbying for “mercy”.

    Terpsfan – I don’t believe you will find any ACC or NCAA BB teams with the following
    sign in their locker room:

    “Let’s hope we win a few games this year and surprise the nay sayers”

    Sounds to me, of late, that our team is quietly going about business. GW seems to beliove they made good use of the off-season and have come prepared to make some noise.

    Last year I said, “We will win some we should lose (none bigger than beating NC, at home on National TV) and lose some we should win”

    Fast forward to 2008/9 – “We’ll win the ones we should win and win more of the ones we should lose”.

    I’m expecting no less than 4th place ACC finish and maybe in semi’s in ACC Tourney. I also believe we’ll be well ahead of the last 4 picks to the dance. All this despite “Darth AL Vader” watching over us. I guess that’s better than the Anti-Christ.

    Don’t let your “innerworldness blot out your reality”.

    Go Terps

  58. People on scout are hearing rumors that standout 2011 recruit Jordan Goodman may have already given us a “silent verbal.” Anyone have any light to shed on this?

  59. I don’t want to be one of “those” schools. One of those schools is FLA. There was an article about one of their defensive players who beat some kid so bad he was in a coma for months. He was off the team last year and then got popped for possession in the Spring. Guess what, back on the team this year because at FLA they believe in “redemption”.

    I do to but I also believe in consequences and character.

  60. Starting line up has not been announced for tomorrow’s game but could be today at GW’s press conference. Coming down to Tucker or Mosley for the last spot, though both will see lots of minutes so we’ll see.

  61. Not only did Costa punch a cop after being denied access to the Cornerstone (was that The Cellar or The Voux?), he was kicked off the team at Temple U for doing the same thing. He transferred to MD after leaving Philly to play with his brother at MD (I believe a starting OG this year).

    Regarding Al V, I like the guy…even with his garbled grammar and syntax. He was, by the way, totally correct in many of his posts last year about the hoops team. That’s not to say that he always right, but what pissed so many off last year was that he was out infront of the curve last year about the slow and painful demise of the 2007-2008 team.

    I hope that this latest thread does not begin our annual “Love MD or Leave MD” civil war. That’s so last year (and the year before, and the year before…).

  62. By the way, MD beats UNC on Saturday.

  63. Wise words from Wheels regarding Al V, et al. Gerry, we spent a lot of time last year while you and some no-name bashed each other’s credentials, team spirit, etc. Let’s get away from that, okay? We all have personalities (mine is humane and empathetic) and it’s really off the point to tell others how to be fans. Vampire got hounded out of here for awhile two or three years ago and the place wasn’t the same. Now he’s back, and that’s good. It’s a big tent, buddy.

  64. AL V is not a bad dude. It’s not what he says, it’s how he says it. And, hardly ever anything “promising”. If he wants to play “eternal pessimist” …’s a lonely job here.

    He could also qualify for guard duty at one of those “Lockdown” prisons on MSNBC.

    AL V – “ahead of the curve about….slow & painful demise of last years team”.

    Pleeeease…… we didn’t crash and burn till the Clemson game – 23 pt turnaround.
    Win that one and we were in.

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