Pre-Season Poll

With the season starting tomorrow; I want to see how good Turtle Soup readers are at predicting the Terps final win total for the 2008-09 regular season. I’m looking forward to revisiting this in March. Please weigh in with your thoughts.



  1. I see this season as a learning experience with many games being decided on inexperience. A .500 record in the ACC would be a success in my eyes. My thoughts are more like 5-6 wins in conference. Going into the ACC schedule the Terps should have a very good and misleading record. Ending the year with about 16-17 wins

  2. I can the Terps winning 20 -21 games this year. This team has a lot returning players with game experience who have something to prove. I look for Mosely to contribute right away. Gary does best when he’s counted out and doesn’t have the most talked about team. This crew will be motivated and play well on D!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Including the ACC and NCAA championships – 30 wins easy.


    Some fans like to keep their expectations low to avoid being disappointed. I like to keep my expectations high and enjoy the ride.

  4. We won games when our big men didn’t show last year, we’ll win games without them this year with better leadership and guard play. Atleast we’ll only have 1 guy in the middle who won’t show up to play on the bad days. I love Boom and Gist, but we can win without them just like we did last year. They were awesome when they did come to play though!

  5. Last season we had 19 wins. If you take the aberrations out (i.e. the AU and Ohio losses and the UNC win – I know, it is tough to call it an aberration when it was how our team SHOULD have played for the entire season, but an aberration it was) and leave all else the same, then we land at 20 wins. So I say we get at least 20, and probably take one more as retribution for last year (BC, I’m looking at you – no technicals this time), and we get to a dance-tastic 21 wins.

    That is, of course, if the number of scheduled games this year match up with last year, but I am currently not motivated enough to look that up. Not to mention the quality of opponents. Ah, whatever, 21 is my number and I’m sticking to it.

  6. Jordan Williams signs LOI today.

    Vaz and Mosley to play tomorrow.

    Hayes, Milbourne, Vasquez definite starters says Gary.

  7. That poll is pretty exact isn’t it? 19-20, 20-21….geeesh :)

    Like I have said repeatedly, Gary doesn’t do “bad” seasons. We don’t do double digit losses in conference. We just don’t do it!!!

    We are bubble boys again but this time we bubble in.

  8. I thought it was rumored earlier this week that GV would be sitting out tomorrow night? Source/Link attack!? GW’s press conference?

  9. Vasquez said that the last two days of practice were the best two practices he’s ever been in at UMD…ever.

    Players tell people that the chemistry on this team is very strong.

  10. Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!!! Hope the student section is packed!!

    GOOO TERPS!!!!!!!!

  11. DBR, thanks for the link. It’s great to hear that Dino is doing well. If Fred and Barney do their jobs too, this will be a great season…..pretty funny pop-culture reference, eh?

    Seriously, guard play wins games. The Terps are gonna be good….very good. If you don’t pick 23+ you’ll be sorry (not really, but it’s fun to say and I’m in a goofy mood now that college b-ball is back….I hate the off season).

  12. I’m excited about this season! Cautiously optimistic, but hoping our Terps pleasently surprise all of us! In my mind, I can’t make a prediction record-wise. This collection of players is very difificult to get a pre-season read on. Here’s some things I’m hoping to see:

    1) A maturing GV. If GV’s hoops IQ catches up with his talent, look out!

    2) Braxton-Burney-Gregory stepping up and surprising us. I’d like us all to be able to collectively say “Gus who?”

    3) Milbourne emerging as a big-time ACC talent. I’d like to see teams like Duke have no answer for his athleticism and talent.

    4) Mosely and JSK. It sure would be nice to have a recruiting class that produces two future star players. It could be the beginning of the turn aorund from the recruiting messes of the past few years.

    5) GW finding his coaching passion again. The last few years seeemed to drain it from him.

    6) EH finding his way. It would be cool if we could in all good conscience resurrect the “next Steve Blake” tag.

    Now for Bucknell. Go Terps! Let’s start climbing back to prominence once again!!!

  13. Does anyone know of any internet sites where we could watch tomorrow nights game? I did it quite a bit last year, but I don’t remember what the sites were.

  14. Try (free IF they have the game) or ACC select (pay site).

  15. is pretty soccer-centric (and for that I love it), but they have plenty of other sports, too. There’s a chance that some college games will show up there.

  16. Just learned that in the scrimmage at Temple, Landon Milbourne led all scorers with 30 points Bowie had 25.

  17. I have to agree with Stevend on this one. The Terps are in always in a good position to win 20+games. Even if they land a spot in the NIT, their guard play should win them some games. I’m optimistic that the boys this year have caught the fire and I’m looking forward to 23+ heart wrenchingly close wins. I’m fully expecting someone to be quoted as saying after an especially close win, “we’ve knew that we’ve been there before, we knew we could win.”
    Also, weighing in on the comments by coach Knight about Gary Williams, its nice to hear someone with a lot of clout speak so highly of our coach. I’m paraphrasing when I say that Knight referenced the national championship and that many many good coaches never make it there. I think it should be kind of a wake up call to a lot of the media who constantly report about the negative fan opinion of the best coach we’ve ever had.
    Go Terps

  18. With Garyland on the sidelines, I think our Terps have a chance to win EVERY game they play against anyone. So my prediction is that we’ll go UNBEATEN. Then when we lose one, my prediction we’ll be that we’ll lose one game all year, and so on.

  19. Great posts. I”ve got them at 21 + wins. Doubt there will be any “huge letdowns”.

    How much longer do we have to wait unitl the Sultan of “Swat” aka AL V weighs in and gives us his official prognostication?

    IF anyone wants to broker a truce he needs to bring something positive to the table.

    Go terps.

  20. Saw the James Bond film last night and WOW…really WOW. LOTS OF ACTION! Strap yourselves in for this one. It takes place approximately one hour after the conclusion of Casino Royale…so a real legit Bond sequel.

  21. Is Steve Goins going to make any impact this year? I wasn’t expecting him to be ACC-ready as a freshman, and don’t think he’ll get quality minutes unless those ahead of him wilt (and I don’t mean chamberlain – bad jk sorry). But he hasn’t had the type of intense coaching that he’ll get at MD, and he seems to have the raw talent (based on one exhibition against no competition…).
    Whaddaya think this guy can bring, this year and beyond?

  22. Goins will get limited playing time unless there is foul trouble or injuries to Braxton and/or Jerome. But he has shown glimpses solid big man play in practies, scrimmages and the Northwood Exhibition. Has good hands.

  23. The Terps should win 15 games out of the box. What I mean is I believe there are 15 wins on the schedule right now. I can see 8 more possible with maturity and matchup. That is depending on the Michigans and the GW games. So 23 plausible with talent alone. Now if Vaz matured there are 1 or two more. So with my magic 8 ball I will call 21 wins, one in the ACC tournament, Number 8 seed and 1 NCAA win without too much thought. Of course meshing could add 1 to 2 tournament wins, disruption and bad chemistry could equal 17 wins and the NIT first round knockout again and GW fired. It is all up to the kids.

  24. Well looky there – Doomsday AlV just seeded the Terps #8 in the NCAAs…..and folks think he’s not a fan.

  25. Just got off the phone with someone that knows Taran Buie well. He says UMD leads, Notre Dame is a favorite of a relative. Ga Tech is still there but the concern with Ga Tech is that they’ve had so many recent kids with NBA on their minds that leads to selfish play and high turnover in the program.

    This person stressed 3 things to keep UMD as the lead school with Buie:
    NATIONAL TV EXPOSURE (in other words get games on TV)

    He said all the talk/reports of Gary being on the hot seat is causing lots of recuits to be a bit tentative with UMD. Gary is handling Taran Buie’s recruitment.

    I’ve before that kids like to go to hot programs. Yes UMD has won a NC but that was 2002…ancient history with teens. If you’re a 2010 recruit UMD won the NC when you were 10? 9?

    It’s what have you done lately baby. We need to get back to the dance!

  26. Taran Buie is going to Penn State today to show support for his brother who plays for the Nittnay Lions.

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